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Small worlds.


Hey friends!

Meg here for another TUTOR TUESDAY. Today we’re going to take a little look at some exercises in composition! 

if you have any recommendations for tutorials send ‘em on in here or to my personal blog here. Keep practicing, have fun, and I’ll see you next Tuesday!

rain tunes.


insp: Why Did You Kiss Me? by dance_tillyouredead

so dancetyd​ is making my dreams come true by writing this clexa Mummy!AU and I got so excited I made some character portraits of this badass quartet of ladies out to save the world from evil cursed mummies enjoy


The last 2D task for this semester in GOBELINS was the four-legged walk. I’m glad I chose a bear for a model. I have to admit, the task turned out to be a great challenge for me.

Every time I beat new odds, raising the bar of my skills higher and higher.  The results I achieved you can see below!

I’ve been seeing a lot of art of Steven and Connie as new and expecting parents, so I wanted to join in. :”)

I tried some shading, and I’m kinda on the fence for how it turned out, but I definitely need more practice! I’m too used to working with flat colors haha…