#hubby’ll be home soon  #i can’t wait until he walks in and hears this music with absolutely no warning whatsoever

Hubby: *coming over to give me a kiss hello*

Hubby: *pausing at the TEETH BEES*

Hubby: What is that?

Me: My game.

Hubby: Well I love its soundtrack.

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  • gifted kid burnout™
  • has not done laundry in 3 months
  • orders water at starbucks
  • LoVEs tO tYPe LIkE ThIS
  • watches vines during AP Calc but somehow aced the final


  • loves turkey and always eats the most on thanksgiving 
  • “get off my lawn!”
  • grandpa friend
  • has a dog named Spot
  • Hetero™


  • Poland stan
  • loves van gogh 
  • art bro
  • has no shame in crying on the subway
  • #PunchANazi
  • quotes Voltaire 


  • basic white girl
  • loves Pinterest
  • “Lol i just don’t want the lesbains to hit on me”
  • has one (1) black friend and therefore can’t possibly be racist 
  • got married on a beach
  • think positive uwu  


  • still uses “in soviet russia,” memes
  • has a communist tumblr
  • inexplicably loves Martin Freeman 
  • lowkey violent
  • ready to be carried away by the fae or adopted by the nymphs
  • loves greek mythology


  • e m o
  • brendon urie 2kForever
  • loves halloween
  • bleached their hair 17 times this month alone
  • no friends


  • “i’m not emo, i’m goth”
  • once tried to hire a darkweb hitman but had no money
  • #cripple punk
  • unrequited love
  • really loves Game of Thrones 
  • social anxiety

compose-myself  asked:

I know you get a lot of crap about the Wesley character, but I've recently introduced my 9yo niece to TNG, and he's one of her favorite characters. We just started S2 and she keeps bubbling about how excited she is to see him go to the Academy and get his uniform. She's disappointed if he's not in an episode. Her enthusiasm reminds me how much I adored him as a little girl. People use the term "kid-appeal character" as a pejorative, but you were *good* at it. Just wanted to let you know 😊

I really love this. Thank you for sharing it with me. 

Please tell your niece that I talked with Wesley, and he wanted me to tell her: “You can be anything you want, do anything you want, and don’t ever let someone tell you what you can’t do in your life. Don’t give up when things get hard, because everything worth doing is hard! If I can drive the Enterprise, so can you.”

I want a sitcom like The Office/Parks & Rec following classical musicians so that every episode, someone says something relatable then says "Can I get an Amen Cadence" and then it pans to someone at the piano, who plays a plagal cadence and no one questions this.

Voltron Klance twewy au doods from tweeter!! I bought the game for the ipad again and thought; why naut coconaut 👀💦💦

Keith is ofc the amnesiac emoass psych genius with a heckton of Imagination. Monsters suddenly start attacking him where he begrudgingly forms a pact with Lance. Can they survive a whole week of The Reaper’s Game together? Will Keith ever get over Lance’s pew pew phone? Will Lance ever stop calling Keith mullet? *maaassive shruggot*

(Also yeah Lance is secretly the Composer; basically the god of the city. Gg keith 🌸✨)

hands down, this seems to be the most meaningful comeback they have ever made. the songs they composed, the lit choreography, the concept of the whole album, rapper line singing, everyone improved tremendously. truly, a comeback to celebrate for the upcoming months. truly, seven for seven prevails.


170810 - OP overheard Jihan’s conversation

HJS: yesterday i saw a cockroach
YJH: did u catch it?
HJS: yea 띵호 (myungho) did..

#MinghaotheHero #SaveShuafromcockroach 

cr: takemeifyoudare

photo: Vernona 

trans: royallyhoon


You like ‘Goodbye Moonmen’? This guy wrote it.