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Charles Mingus Jr. (April 22, 1922 – January 5, 1979) 

American jazz double bassist, composer and bandleader. (Wikipedia)

Portrait of Charles Mingus, playing the double bass. Typed on back: “Charles Mingus.”

  • Courtesy of the E. Azalia Hackley Collection of African Americans in the Performing Arts, Detroit Public Library
Composer Dog Names

Bela Barktok

Ludwig Baythoven

WOLFgang Amadeus Mozart

Percy Arfridge Growlger

Clara and Dogbert Schudogg

Igor Stabyhoun-sky

Giacomo Poodlini

Charles Alkitan

Johann Sebastion Bark

Alexander ScraiBayn

Anton Barkner 

Rebarka Barke

Vladimir Rebarkov

John Stoutland

Antonio Salierian Husky  

Claude Debasset

George Frideric Handeler

Alexander Boroder Collie

Ottorino Respughi 

John Dog Cage

Sergei Pointer-kiev

Hildegard von Beagle

Arnold Schnauzerberg

Franz Schepard

Sergei Rachmastiff

Gustav Mahltese

Frederick Chow-Chowpin

Dmitri Shar Pei-kovich

Felix Malamutelssohn-Barktholdy

Anatolian Shepard Dvorak

Antonio Vizsla-di

Camille Saint-Bernard

Nikolai Rimsky-Komondor-ov

Arcangelo Corgielli


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Unfit (M)

Genre: smut + Everything else

Pairing: Yoongi X Reader

Fandom: BTS

Request:  can I have a yoongi smut where the condom breaks and he only notices it after he came so it turns into angst but then into fluff again 

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It was one of those days were you painfully missed your boyfriend. He wouldn’t be home until next month and you couldn’t stop thinking about him. As you check the calendar on your phone you realize it he would be in a meeting right now so you couldn’t call him to hear his voice. Suddenly you were awoken by a new idea, pulling out your earphones and putting them in. You scrolled through your sound-cloud until you found his mix-tape, listening to the song as well as the voice you loved so much. You starred up at the ceiling trying to figure out if this was working or if it was only making you miss him even more. You honestly should have been used to this now since you’ve been dating him for 2 years already. With a sigh, you closed your eyes. The more you thought about him you thought that maybe you were losing your mind. It felt as if he was right next to you in the bed. 

A hand moved up and pulled the earphone out. 

“How can you listen to music that loud? I could hear my own voice walking in through the door.”

Your eyes snapped open and you looked next to you to find your smiling boyfriend. 

“Y-you’re home? But you weren’t supposed to come back for another month-”

Yoongi shrugged. 

“I told them I couldn’t stand to be away from you so I came back to visit you. I can only be here for the weekend though so don’t get too excited..”

You sat up and hugged him so tightly you wondered if it was hurting him but the chuckle in his voice made it seem otherwise. 

“God I missed you so much..” You mumbled into his shoulder, not wanting to let him go.

“Is that why you were listening to my song?”

You gave him a nod. 

“You’re so cute.” Yoongi smiled, finally giving you a kiss. 

You wouldn’t even want to admit to how embarrassingly needy you felt just at the thought of feeling his lips against yours. You had waited so long to feel his arms around you, his gaze only on you, his voice only talking to you, and more importantly, just seeing him in front of you. When the light make-out started getting heavier the small moan that came from your mouth definitely initiated something more. His strong hands held you up onto his lap, occasionally grazing your ass.

“Do I ever tell you how much I love your body?” He groaned.

“Pretty often, actually.”

A look of trouble overcame his face with a smirk. “Good.”

Before you knew it, you were already back at it with him, trying to clumsily take your clothes off without pulling your lips away. He gladly helped, pulling your shirt off and over your head to leave you only in your underwear. You could hear the sound of your own heart beating in your chest. It was the same guy you’d been with for years but every time it got down to it, you felt the same rush in your chest as always. Maybe that was a good thing but you felt like you could live without the slight nervousness. 

The feeling of his hands placing themselves on your bare sides snapped you out of the thoughts you were having. He lazily gave you a smile, making your face feel warm. Oddly enough, you just then realized just how much you loved him. Seeing his messy hair but still thinking that he was absolutely perfect in this moment. 

“What is it?” He asked. 

You shook your head. “I’ll tell you about it later.”

Without a warning you felt his hands move down lower until his fingers played with the sides of your underwear. You gave a light smile and a nod to tell him it was okay and he proceed to pull them down your thighs. His lips pressed themselves against your skin, giving you goosebumps. Your bare core was sitting ontop of his clothed, but not absently hard, member under you. 

“Do you really have to tease me? It’s already been 3 months….” You whined. 

He let out a hoarse laugh. “Fine, get one of the condoms out of the drawer and I won’t tease you anymore.”

You helped him out by removing his boxers for him, rushing him due to your neediness. A hand reached over to grab the condom and the other to help tear it open. Yoongi took control for you as he slid the condom on himself and aligned himself directly up with you. His eyes glanced over to you. 

“Alright. Go ahead, babe.”

“Y-you want me to do it?”

He gave a nod. “It’s nice to watch you ride me.”

Being blunt when it came to sex wasn’t a surprise because honestly, he was just a blunt person overall. You do as you’re told, slowly moving yourself down him. You watched him bit his lip, knowing he was enjoying the view. Maybe that’s why he was always under you, you thought to yourself. As your hips start move, his facial expression doesn’t change much. The way you could tell he was getting into it was his pace. He liked to watch you move against him but occasionally you’d feel him thrust up himself or he’d tighten his grip on your sides. 

The more and more you felt him fucking you the harder it became to hold yourself up. Your hands fell next to him, holding your body up. Yoongi’s lips were brought back to your chest and neck once more, helping you strangle out more moans of his name. To which he was definitely not complaining. He knew convincing you to get a house instead of an apartment would be quite beneficial due to his hidden kink. His thumbs pressed down on the right spot on yours hips to keep you in place. Yoongi mercilessly pounded into you from underneath despite you supposed to be riding him. Sometimes he’d get impatient and take things into his own hands but you weren’t complaining. When he became in charge it was only a bigger turn on. 

What really did it though was the small curse words that fell out of his mouth and his usually composed face changing. It was hard to focus on as his hips messily kept going. You knew your boyfriend’s patterns well enough to know he was close. Your chest now pressed up against his as you kissed him roughly in between sharing moans. 

“Fuck, I love you…” He moaned.

In the heat of the moment you barely had time to react and you were unsure if he was just saying it or not. He thrusted into you once more before finally reaching his own climax. As you got off of his chest, panting, you hear him curse once more.

“Oh shit.”

You look over to see what he was referring to and you felt as if your heart was going to stop. 

“Wait, Yoongi. Tell me that just broke.”

He looked up at you. “Y/N, It’s not a big deal.”


He watched as you stood up from the bed in panic. 

“We can not have a kid! What if this gets me pregnant? Huh? Then what are we going to do?”

Yoongi sat up and grabbed your hand. 

“Then we figure things out together. Maybe having a kid isn’t a bad idea?”

You couldn’t believe the words coming out of his mouth. 

“Are you insane? This is the busiest work as ever been for you! I’ll have to do everything alone and I don’t have the money for a kid. I’m unfit to be a mom Yoongi! I can’t do this and I don’t want to do this…not without you.”

He reached out and pulled you back on the bed.

“This isn’t even really’re getting ahead of yourself. It may not even happen. BUT if by some chance it does I will work everything out. I’ll move you out to Seoul and I’ll come home every night. We can have our small family of 3 to come home to after work. I have enough money to take care of them and I’m not going to let you do a single thing alone. I love you, okay? I’m not going anywhere and whatever happens we do this together.”

You teared up. “I’m just scared..”

He nodded, rubbing your back gently. 

“I know. It’s not that I’m not scared, I just believe that you’ll be a good parent if it came down to it. You’re the person I love the most and this isn’t going to change that.”

“Yeah…I love you too.”

Yoongi let out a sigh of relief. “Well at least that’s a good start.”

You laughed lightly, wiping the tears off your cheeks. 

“I guess it won’t be too bad since it’s you.”

“That’s my girl….Now that, that’s over with. Since we can’t really do anything now that it’s already done. How about you come back over here so I can help you out a little more, hmm?”

He kissed on your thighs, looking up at you. 

“Round 2? You’re on.”

lesson of the day: don’t make a kpop twitter, people there are problematic af.. they’ll stan a group but then trash one of its own members smh.


[Trans] 170421 Pianist Song Siheng Weibo update (Song Siheng is the pianist credited as the performer in the piano version MV for Yixing’s self-composed, self-arranged song 祈愿/Wish for Operation Love): “I really like this song. Yixing is indeed endowed with both “talent and looks” as the legend says. From this song, I hear a hard working person’s simple yet persistent type of goodness. The person who works hard wouldn’t ever have bad luck! Isn’t that right? 😊”

170421 Yixing’s reply: “Thank you teacher Song for such high praises. To be able to collaborate with you in this is manner is my honor and my fate. On the path of music, I will also work hard, work hard and work even harder.”

a Twenty One Pilots poem

Columbus, Ohio is where the story will start
A young boy with big dreams and a passionate heart
A basketball in one hand and a pen in the other
As well as an encouraging kind older brother
Whether singing about tacos or rapping about birds
His brother quickly realized this boy had a talent with words
Recording songs in his basement and thinking about death in his bed
Throwing out a rubber band and confronting demons in his head
While not a fancy singer or a skillful soprano
He continued to work hard composing tunes at his piano
Gave up the hoop and threw away the free throws
Set out for the road and began to play shows
Created a band, wanted to see who would listen
But along the years he realized something was missing
Before a concert, one of the drummers disappeared
A substitute came, quit his job, and all the worry had cleared
They played a great show, bowed together in stage light
Decided to become a duo, kept the name, it felt right
Twenty One Pilots: Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun
A whole new adventure of their life had begun
They were amazing, had potential, but didn’t want to exaggerate
So these two humble friends began to work and collaborate
Dedicated their lives and made music their choice
Drums, ukulele, bass, and an unusual voice
Made an awesome record, put their grandpas on the cover
Word was spread on Twitter of Laura, a proud mother
Soon they were playing festivals, a song on the radio too
Their first hit single titled Holding On To You
Josh’s nose ring, hair dye, and gages make him look strong
But it wasn’t but a couple years before anxiety came along
Tyler’s tattoos and ego might make him look okay
But on the inside he was battling depression every day
These two boys came to realize they’re not the only ones with this infection
And this is what helped inspire their music’s strange direction
The melodies were always happy, the lyrics were always dark
But the relatability of the music is what helped create the spark
People of all ages heard Tyler’s message and Josh’s rhythm
And it didn’t take very long before people sang along with them
Ski masks, skeletons, Mexican food, and more
People were anxiously waiting for what else was in store
From working on a farm to a political top debate
These boys started gaining reputation in every state
With hilarious interviews and discovery of Vine
Their music career without genre was doing pretty fine
Soon mysterious messages began to surface
People created theories and searched for its purpose
A stellar new album that hit the top of the chart
Featuring Stressed Out, Ride, and Tear in my Heart
With a unique sound and message called Blurryface
They soared towards fame and the duo found their place
Fans spotted with red beanies, kimonos, and a logo on their hand
While the boys took weird photoshoots and joked “You’re out of the band!”
Their live shows were astounding, they blew everyone away
Rolling around in a hamster ball and climbing stuff on tour all day
They almost caused an earthquake, as well as almost got sued
One of their festival shows was canceled, and leaked Heathens started a feud
However, they kept their heads up, continuing to play Mario Kart 8
And after shows they’d drink Red Bull and eat cereal staying up late
Spooky Jim Christmas would watch Stranger Things or eat Reese’s Puffs
And although filming heavydirtysoul was freezing, they both skipped out on earmuffs
They played Madison Square Garden and sold out hundreds of shows
Their names quickly became trending like #JoshDunsLegs or #TylersNose
They took off their pants at the Grammy’s and won the APMA’s
And we’ve got plenty of fanfics and fanart to last the clique for days
If you go to a show stay hydrated, nobody in the pit wants to faint
And if you’re lucky you’ll see Josh’s red eyeshadow and Tyler’s iconic black paint
But if you see Joshler kissing pictures, shut up, we all know they’re fake
Although we can find them hugging or doing their legendary handshake
Whether creating awesome remixes or performing the Hometown magic trick
These two happy boys will always be absolutely sick as frick
So while I probably most likely left a couple things out
The most important thing is to stay alive, because that’s what this band is about

BTS react to you singing/dancing to their song

A/N: Sure thing! thank you for requesting and im sorry if this took too long ~


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He’d probably be embarrassed at first, shy and blushing at the fact that you memorised the moves/lyrics so well but he wont be able to help the smile on his face when he watches you enjoy the song.

“How many times did you listen to it? you memorised it so well~”


Originally posted by exo-chanyeollie

When he saw what you were doing, it’d only be a matter of seconds until he drops his bags and runs to join in the fun. You’d both be screaming out the lyrics and making a mess out of the room to all of his songs and at the end of it all he’d have fallen from exhaustion with a big square smile on his face, happy at the thought of you enjoying his songs.


Originally posted by itschiminie

similar to Jungkook, Jimin would be extremely shy about this at first. Giving you awkward shy laughs when he saw you dancing to his song but will ultimately give up and end up joining and even teaching you his dance moves.

“ahh, you’re so cute”


Originally posted by namjoonsgurl

Depending on what song you were singing/dancing to, Namjoon would either find this extremely cute or extremely sexy. Either way, he would enjoy leaning against the door frame and watching while you blissfully continued performing. unaware of his presence. After the song was over he’d laugh and clap, slightly teasing you about it.

“You do it so much better than me you know”


Originally posted by dragonskateroffabulousness

Hoseok would be so in love with the effort that you had put into memorising his songs, even if you weren’t very good at performing it. He’d compliment your every move and give you encouraging cheers, maybe even teach you his own moves or two before giving you a standing applause.


Originally posted by minsecretsoul

i swear i’m not as much of a pervert as i tend to write

Yoongi would low-key be so turned on, he’d love watching you for hours attempting to rap to his songs. He’d have a simple smirk on his face but inside, his heart would be overflowing with joy at the fact that you loved the songs that he worked so hard composing.

“I don’t know whether to be amused or turned on…”


Originally posted by kimjongah

Seokjin would be SO extra. When he saw you, whether it be in public or in the privacy of your home, he’d start screaming, clapping and cheering you on. He wouldn’t really join you, afraid he would ruin the show, instead just happy to see your efforts.

“That’s my jagi! you’re doing so well!~” 

                                                  -bangtan angels-

I am tall. I have a long neck and thick eyebrows. I cover up my lack of talent with effort. I have an eco-friendly mindset. I am full of sense.
—  NakTa (Shin YoonCheol), Topp Dogg (question: What are your charms?)

This was a self description, the others added: Whether it’s an older or younger member, he treats them equally. Unchanging. Very hard-working. Composes songs like he is preparing for an entrance exam. Has his own style whatever he wears because of his tall figure. Good at variety.
source trans credit: @toppdoggintl
Dating the houses
  • Ravenclaw:
  • They breathe deep conversations. They drink coffee at 4am trying to come up with the perfect advice for you. They improvise and tell you stories as you fall asleep. The glimmer of passion as they talk to you about random facts of the world. They yearn to impress you. They want to educate you, to open up your mind. They accept you for who you are. You're their muse. Songs, artwork, everything they create, an aspect of you is their centre. They memorise and study everything about you, your face your hair, you. They're fascinated by you. You're their favourite project.
  • Griffindor:
  • they'll do anything to impress you. They open doors for you, always. They hand you their jacket if it's raining so you don't get cold. They'd give you their jacket in summer so you wouldn't freeze. They're charming, rebellious, it draws you in. They defend you and your honour. Always. They'd fight for you. You're their weakness and their strength. You sit on the roof with them watching the stars. They spend hours watching your chest rise and fall. They push you out of your comfort zone. They encourage you to live. Climb trees, bruised knuckles. You're alive. You're their favourite trophy of honour.
  • Slytherin:
  • Cold to the world, warm to you. They're calm and composed, they squeeze your hand hard underneath the table. They're possessive. They're vulnerable with you. Their laughter is a hidden source of sunlight. You've broken their defences. Their honest, their eyes burn into your soul; they look so youthful. They're articulate, they pull you in extra close in the middle of the night. They count the rises and falls of your chest. They spend months making something for you, and pretend it's no big deal. They admire you from afar. They're confidence attracts you. They encourage you to break the rules. Power is attractive. You're not perfect and they love that. You accept your flaws and learn to use them. You're inseparable. You're their favourite accomplice.
  • Hufflepuff:
  • Laughter, there's so much joy. You walk through fields together. They pick flowers for you. They're so true and honest. They make you smile. You feel valued and equal, they're loyalty is freely given. Cuddles are endless. They brush your hair and tell you you're beautiful. They mouth 'I love you ' across a room. They eyes shine bright when they see you. They show you the beauty in the world and within you. Their kindness heals you. They teach you how to be the better person. You are their favourite reminder that love concours all.

sensicalabsurdities  asked:

❝ Look, you tell a couple jokes as a dad and suddenly everyone’s like ‘you’re making dad jokes.’ ❞ - Batcat

“Well, it was a pun.” Selina replied, moving over to sit next to Bruce. “It wasn’t at all funny, though.”

“Alfred thought it was good. Am I not funny?” He turned his head to look at her, completely serious.

She bit her lip, trying not to laugh. “You…uh..yeah, Dark Knight, you’re the next Bo Burnham”

“Who the hell is Bo Burnham?”

“Oh, sweetie…” Selina rested her elbow on the back of the couch, and leaned her head on her fist. “Maybe let one of the kids make the joke next time. Or Alfred. Or me. Or literally anyone else.”

“You said I should try new things. Well, this is me trying.” He shrugged, almost pouting.

“Are you seriously upset about this?” She sighed and climbed on top of his lap, grabbing his face in her hands to make him look at her. “It’s a loving phrase. They all see you as this stoic and they’re surprised when you come up with something funny and actually say it out loud.”

“…I didn’t come up with it.”


Bruce took a deep breath, then averted his eyes. “…I heard…Clark made the same joke to the League last week.”

Now there was no way she could keep herself composed. She busted out laughing, hard enough that tears were coming to her eyes.

“Alright, I’m going down to the Batcave.” Bruce said, trying to remove Selina he could get up, but she wouldn’t budge.

“Sorry, sorry.” She said, coming down. Taking his hand, she locked their fingers together. “You know, you’re incredibly sexy when you’re flustered.”

He sighed. “You’re trying to distract me with sex, Selina, it’s not going to work.”

“Oh please, it always works.” She pressed her forehead against his. “Let’s go upstairs, and make you a dad again.”

He let out a groan of annoyance, then stood up, this time lacing his arms around her legs so he could take her with him.

“You know I’m going to have to tell Lois and Steve about this when I see them tomorrow.” She said as he walked them up the stairs

“You know I hate your little gossip circle.”

“Then you shouldn’t have introduced me to Iris. Us League spouses have to stick together.”

He rolled his eyes, then smiled. It was nice hearing Selina refer to herself as his spouse. Again.

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