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A lot of people are trying to get into musical theatre but they don’t know where to start or what shows are out there. So, I’d like to start something. Reblog this post and add three of your favorite musicals and check out what everyone else has said before you, you might find a new show or two!

I’ll start, my three are:

  • Next to Normal
  • Ragtime
  • Sunday in the Park with George
Serenade for Two (Soprano's Cover)
Serenade for Two (Soprano's Cover)

THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone for your positive response to my covers of Stammi Vicino this past week!  It really made my heart swell to read many of your comments, and to find that I’ve hit 100+ followers on my music blog!  I want to do something special to commemorate this, because for me this feels like a milestone for a starter music blog as a performer and growing composer.
For now, I wanted to share with you another cover form Yuri!!! On Ice ( possibly my second favourite song from the series), Serenade for Two. Thank you again to Rui for allowing me to collaborate with her lovely piano rendition.  I really hope you enjoy this cover as well, and stay tuned for more upcoming music! 

I may be in the USA, but I know it’s January 8th in the UK at the time I’m posting this, soooo... Happy 75th birthday, Stephen Hawking!

Stephen Hawking is not autistic, BUT…

If you took his computer away, he would fit into the category of a nonverbal person who needs lots of daily help and can’t make his communications understood*. He started out able-bodied and slowly became disabled as his ALS progressed. That means he was able to prove his competence long before he needed a wheelchair or AAC device.

Communication is a very slow process (one or two words a minute) for him because he has to compose what he wants to say letter by letter using the sensor on his glasses, which reads his cheek movements. Interviewers often send him their questions in advance so he can prepare his responses before the interview. Otherwise, it would take him all day. “Unscripted” things often edit the long periods between someone saying something and him responding.

A fun aside: Stephen’s cheek switch makes beeping noises when he’s typing. He spends a lot of time typing while being wheeled from place to place.

One of Stephen’s frustrations is he notices people are afraid to talk to him, or if they do they go off to something else while he’s trying to compose a response. Rude! I swear, if I ever met this man and someone tried to engage me when I’m waiting for him to compose a response, I will put my hand up and say “Excuse me, I’m talking to him right now” and return my attention to Stephen. I’m willing to be patient for him because I understand the frustration of feeling pressured to say something and not being able to say it fast enough.

Also, he has admitted that he’s shy and finds it hard to talk to people he doesn’t know. That’s gotta be hard when a lot of people ‘know’ him!

It’s kind of ironic that he popped up on the world’s radar because of his book A Brief History of Time. Suddenly the world knew the face of the really smart guy in the wheelchair with the robot voice. He’s as much of a pop culture icon as he is a physicist. He been in Star Trek: the Next Generation, The Simpsons and The Big Bang Theory. He even mentioned that he would love to play the big bad villain in a James Bond movie because he thinks the wheelchair and robot voice would fit the part XD!!

But consider this: what if Stephen Hawking was just a factory worker or store cashier? What if he was born disabled and unable to speak? Totally different picture, especially since he grew up in an era where disabled people were often institutionalized. 

Stephen’s visibility has done something else: it’s normalized his very visible disability. I don’t think a lot of people see him as “other” or “lesser”. His wheelchair and speech synthesizer voice are part of his persona, part of him. He’s adamant about keeping the voice he’s been using since the 80′s because it’s so distinctly him.

I dare you to try and picture modern-day Stephen Hawking without the wheelchair. It’s impossible, isn’t it? Seeing him sitting in his wheelchair with his computer screen mounted in front of him has become so normal that he looks tiny and vulnerable without it. 

Interestingly, one of the only occasions I’ve ever seen him photographed without his wheelchair (and sans glasses, too!) was when he experienced zero gravity. He absolutely did not need his AAC device to tell anyone he was having fun, it’s obvious by his expression.

(Above photos were before he started using a ventilator. The tube coming from his pantleg contained all the leads that monitored his vital signs. The apple was a nod to Isaac Newton. :D )

Stephen Hawking is probably one of the most famous disabled people in the world. Not everyone knows his name, but they know “that science guy in the wheelchair with the robot voice”. He is able to shine and show his knowledge because people worked with him to help him communicate effectively again when an emergency tracheostomy rendered him unable to speak. 

He can’t drive his wheelchair anymore due to his ALS. His current chair has two joysticks. One in the usual place and one behind his headrest. He currently uses a ventilator, but I don’t know for sure if it’s breathing for him or just assisting his natural breathing. He needs other people to do literally every physical task involved with taking care of himself. 

And you know what? You don’t see videos of Stephen Hawking’s caregivers helping him on or off the toilet. The man could be wearing a diaper for all we know. He might have a catheter and colostomy for all we know. But we don’t know because his caregivers don’t tell the entire internet about it. You don’t see videos of him being bathed or having his clothes put on. People respect his dignity and privacy for the most part.

While I am curious about how he gets taken care of in day to day situations, I understand that it’s none of my business unless he wants it to be.

So what’s the point of this post besides acknowledging Stephen Hawking’s birthday?

Why can’t the caregivers of nonverbal autistic people who need lots of daily help and can’t make their communications understood treat autistic people with the same amount of dignity offered to Stephen Hawking?

Stop making disabled people mere spectators in their own stories. Give us autism documentaries by autistic people.

Once again, Stephen Hawking shows us how it’s done. Here’s a documentary about his life, narrated by him. It was made in 2013.

* * * WARNING: Video has some flashing that may trigger seizures or migraines. 

* * * TW: Needles, food, alcohol and abortion mention.

*He has some facial gestures that he uses to communicate with his closest caregivers, but I haven’t been able to see them clear enough to pick them out.


these looks they give… I swear it was like a new sexual awakening for me tbh

Basically Yuko was me


14/  kim wonsik feat. collarbone tattoo

Miraculous Medley Chapter 5: Something New

Marinette, a Vocal Performance and Composition Music Major at a local community college, is secretly Ladybug, the lead singer and songwriter for Paris’ most famous band, The AKs. Adrien, a Cello Performance Major at the most elite Music Conservatory, joins them under the guise of Chat Noir to play Bass. Adrien grew up believing that music was all about following exactly what the composer wanted, but Marinette teaches him that there is so much that can be communicated through music - everyone has someting to say through this universal language. Marinette is closed off to the world after being burned from a recent breakup, and Adrien helps her break down the walls she built up arround her. Based off of gittana’s Musicans AU

Rating: T - swearing and some adult content

Also on: AO3 | Fanfiction

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5

Thank you guys for your patience! I got married on New Year’s Eve, so I’ve been a brief hiatus. I had an amazing wedding and adored every minute of it!! My husband is so amazing. 

That being said, this was a hard chapter to write because it is a lot of exposition. The next few chapters will be bonding between the two and the actual plot will kick in ;) Love you all! 

Open your eyes and make your entrance, your first step into this world
Take my hand I will embrace you, know you’ll never be alone
Open your eyes and see the splendor of all the beauty all around
Step by step you’ll reach the summit, and I will help you on your road

“Something New” - Noctilucent (Click for song)

Marinette nursed a cup of hot tea between her hands, perched on a stool in the kitchen as commotion swirled around her. Normally she would be bustling around with the rest of her band, but Nino had planted her in a seat, Alya had given her said of black tea, and they had scolded her to stay put.

I guess that’s what I get after composing a song in one night.

She shrugged to herself. Sure, she didn’t get a lot of sleep, okay, any sleep, but she did that all the time during the school session. Marinette rolled her eyes at their fussing, because they both pulled all-nighters before, and it wasn’t like she had to work that evening. She just currently felt groggy and like crap, but that would be remedied with sleep after their impromptu practice.

Normally, the AKs didn’t have a rehearsal the day after their concert, but it was around one in the afternoon; everyone had slept enough. She had composed late into the night, inspired by Adrien’s words and the melodies flowing around in her head, and then had taken time to put it all on paper for the instruments. A phone call had woken Nino up at 8:00 AM, asking him to get his butt outta Alya’s bed and come help her with the fine details. Nino had taken one look at the full song she had laid out, as well as the pieces of two more, and promptly called a rehearsal to work out the fine details of the songs.

“You have another song already?” A voice startled her out of her half-asleep daze.

She turned to face Adrien, who had sat on the stool next to her, a grin on his face and his green eyes sparkling at her.

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“VocaloP ni naritai!” Vol.23 cover! Check out #vocaloid_Rana summer outfit:) Vol.23 will be released in 7/21!


It should have been me. It was all my fault. No, it wasn’t. It was an accident– No, it wasn’t. And now Haley’s in surgery and even if she makes it, the baby could– She could still lose the baby. 

Sun x Moon combinations: Special Edition [3/3]

Aquarius Sun & Cancer Moon: Acceptance. Perception. Making people feel comfortable with you. Talking about common interests and goals. Turquoise. Appreciating people’s differences. Suppressing feelings of distress. Guilt. Masking your pain. Trying to understand people. Genuine reactions. Wearing your (stone) heart on your sleeve. The color blue. Electric guitar.

Taurus Sun & Leo Moon: Privacy matters. Composed elegance. Jealousy. Wanting attention, but the good kind. Encouraging people to be better. Fixed opinions. Established goals. Self-image issues. Attractiveness. Comfort. Being completely honest. Having to recharge after too much social interaction. Gregariousness. 

Leo Sun & Virgo Moon: Friendliness. Being praised. Pleasantries. Mild manners. Homework. Doing your best. Loyalty. The BFF concept. Quick minds. Writing creatively. Reserved yet warm smiles. Interpreting your surroundings. Emotional caution. Helping everyone. The Sun. Being well-liked. Silent grudges. Lowkey social manipulation.

Gemini Sun & Scorpio Moon: Impulsiveness. Flirting but knowing it’s just that. Awareness. Boldness. Being incredibly magnetic. Drama Queen. Observational and analytical skills. Noticing everything around you. Laughing the pain away. Attracted to mystery. Horror-suspense movies with bloody scenes. Crime books. Letting your feelings distort reality. Emotional receptivity.

Pisces Sun & Virgo Moon: Inhibitions. Psychic intuition. Painstaking. Being able to adapt to anyone. Perfectionism. Delusional desires. The feeling of never achieving ‘total’ happiness. Creative purposes. Helping people finding themselves when you can’t find yourself. Numbness. Meditation. Forgiving the wrong people. Vague energy. Clouded thoughts. Crafting abilities.

“What’s a Sun or a Moon Sign?”