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Iggy Stardust and the Recipehs from Insomnia

Bonus Prompto and Noct FreakingTheFuckOut™ now that they’ve discovered Iggy’s secret alter ego and corresponding double life.


//don’t you tell me classical composers aren’t attractive


wanna know why


TAKE A GOOD HARD LOOK AT THIS CUTIE PIE you see those big eyes and fluffy hair

don’t tell me he’s not fucking adorable you little shits



and he had gorgeous blue eyes just look at them and stare into them forever

now look at his nose oh i stg his fucKING N OSE

THERE’S A THING I WANNA DO TO THAT NOSE AND THAT IS SQUISH IT actually i want to do that to his face





One day, recently, I talked about starting an “event”. So here it is! ♥ ;;

I want to release Composer. But I need help. ~

I can’t seem to create clothes for him. All that’s decided is his face, hair, the “following” crystals and some colors. I keep drawing, sketching his outfit but nothing seems to please me. 

This won’t probably get many notes but I need to try this. I need creative people.


♦ You need to be an artist. No, you don’t have to be super famous with a super marvelous art style. But I need it to be drawn to me so I can understand.

♦ You need to at least know Elsword. The outfit has to match Ain’s scheme but be unique.

♦ You need to know that you will be credited in his release post, but not in every art I draw of him and in every fanart.

♦ He will not belong to you in any aspect. I only need help with his clothes. Everything else will be of my own. 

♦ I don’t need an entire outfit. I need tips and help to design it. 

♦ I can be picky… ;;

♦ I’m also accepting tips on how to improve Musici’s clothes.

What do I win?”:

♦ Sadly, not much. I can offer two pieces of art of anything if you come with a good idea of clothes for Composer. Everything will be decided in my IMs, so if you are interested, please talk to me and we will work it out! It’s basically an art raffle, but not an art raffle. You will win art of your OCs or anything you want if you help me~ 


♦ Help me design Pendulums and “effects” for them and you will win one piece of art of anything.

Updates on Lofty: Musician:

♦ His blue strands of hair now has pink mixed. Same goes for his right eye.

♦ Small changes on his shoes.

This post may get updates later.


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“Oh shit, a fandom that de-sexualizes teenage girls, that’s SO wrong ! If all the female characters are no longer considered like potential loves interest, where is the world going ?!”

This post made me laugh. I feel that you are really trying to give the impression that you care about women in the show.
I will explain to you why all this is wrong. You’ll be free to tell me where you think I’m wrong, but with arguments only. I think it’s a kind of open letter….

1-Women are constantly sexualized

In advertisements, movies, series, books, everywhere. Women are constantly sexualized, and that: from the youngest age (contest of mini-miss, always being the love interest in the kids show, etc). The Voltron fandom is composed mostly of young women, still adolescent. The average age must be between 15 and 17 years (Including my little sister. So i’m very protective). Your reproach of de-sexualizing female characters to which they are (necessarily) identified themselve is something that you shouldn’t do. It is even wrong to do so (and acephobe…). If they don’t want to sexualize them, if they want to consider them as female characters before potential love interest, that’s their choice, their sensitivity. You criticize something you can’t really understand. You are surely a man who isn’t used to seeing every single male characters turn into lovers before the end of a series or a movie. That’s the case of female character. Every single one is a love interest. From a very young age, the media put them in mind that a woman must be the sensitive person of the team with feelings for the hero (even if the hero doesn’t necessarily realize it). If nowadays, now that they are teenagers, they don’t want to see a sexualized female character. That is their choice.

Pidge is 15 and is more interested in computers than people. Where is the problem to not ship her with anyone (and please, she’s 15, don’t sexualise her) ? Allura IS the heroine, the choice to not sexualize her is the most ambitious because (all women know it from the start of the show) she’ll be the one that’ll become the love interest of a male character before the end of the show. To finish: the Lotor’s general… Is it wrong to not sexualize women with their boss ? For my part I’ll answer no, but maybe I’m too adult and professional to think that way ?

2- You use this argument to make believe that the fandom is invaded by yaoi fans and not because you’re interested in the female representation (time to be honnest)

And I’m sorry to announce that the fandom is not invaded by yaoi fan (sorry to break your dreams … in reality I’m not sorry, it’s time for someone to break your prejudices). I think you’re in a kind of personal war against Klance or Sheith, or any other homoromantic couple and I think you really should turn off your computer or just block the tag. I don’t ship either (before you start to make ideas), I am even rather adept of Allurance, their relationship is very good in the last season. But you, you are at a point where you seek at all costs to discredit the people who ship these homosexuals pairs by hypocrisy. You have to know that as a rule, heterosexual couples are as popular as homosexual couples. Maybe Kallura isn’t very popular (because of many reasons), but Shallura is much more popular (and despite all the ages discourses). Pance also has a good fan group and I’m not even talking about Allurance, which is gathering more and more followers after this season 3 (like me). To summarize, heterosexual couples are present through the Shallura community (who has tended to be discreet since Allura was officially announced as a teenager). And if they are present, the female characters are well sexualized in the sense that you wright it …
And this is where everything becomes funny and we realize that you have absolutely nothing to do with feminine representation.
Let’s talk about the Lotor’s generals. That’s true that few people ship the boss with the four Galra, on the other hand … The couple Ezor / Acxa is rather popular …. Well well, seen that they are sexualized between women and that’s a homosexual couple, it doesn’t count ? And Shayllura ? Alluridge ? No, we forget all of that, they are only de-sexualized anomalies. Or rather, de-sexualized in relation to men.

It is true that there are more fans of Klance than Kallura for example, but denying the presence of other ships that include women (all this to pretend that the fandom is invaded by fujoshi) is not a good thing. And that’s lying. They are present, and they have the right to be present. Many homosexual pairing shippers are multishippers, and they ship heterosexual pairing too (Allurance, Kallura, Shallura, Kidge, Pidgeance, Hidge, Hallura, ShayHunk… Ship what you want) What you think is not the great truth and stops trying to convince everyone that the Voltron’s fandom is invaded by fujoshi (a sexist term for that matter).

3-It’s time to make peace. All ships are canons in this reality or another. And in some realities, the characters are asexuals.

If people (male or female) ship a homosexual couple, you have to respect it and stop decrediting them. It brings nothing. You should respect, you can criticize the ship but always with real arguments and without hate (you have to be open to debate, accept that maybe you’re wrong, always thinks it’s only you’re point of view), not devaluing those who ship it. If you ever see them behaving ostraciously or hatefully you can react, and tell them to stop. Politely and explain to them why it’s wrong to act like that. I feel like repeating myself but the fandom is YOUNG. It’s mostly teenagers, you can’t blame them for loving what they want or feel the need to de-sexualize women. 

Sorry for my English, this is not my first language. I’m just trying to ask you to pay attention to what you say to young people, no offense. De-sexualizing women isn’t a bad thing, especially when we see that they are sexualized everywhere else, and actually, they’re not de-sexualised on the show so…. debates about fanon aren’t really interesting (because you know, it’s fanon, people thinks what they want to thinks).

Ship what you want, love what you want, be respectful with others and have a nice day everybody, and if you don’t want to ship and hope for platonic relationship everywhere, you’re totally free and right to thinks so. 

internalized misogyny within fandom

I’ve been seeing alot of hate against lea lately and I thought I’d mention why it’s been bothering me lately. First of all Henrik is not Even. So if he wants to post pictures of his girlfriend he very well can. You cannot control him. I don’t care what kind of ideas you’ve projected on him but he is an adult and if he wants to express his affections for her publicly then he can. That’s just how it is. 

“well when you’re in public you open yourself up to criticism” yes that is absolutely true. the more open you are online the more unwanted opinions you subject yourself to however this does not excuse the level of vitriol that many skam fans feel they can leave on lea’s posts. No one deserves to have their appearance critiqued so harshly or have their friends deal with judgement as well. No one deserves to be accused of using their significant other. 

Lea posting a picture of her and her boyfriend at 21:21, an important custom to many fans, probably pissed off alot of people but why? 21:21 is supposed to represent the things you love, things you are grateful for, things that make you happy. So why am I seeing so much hate from skam fans? Have you considered that maybe she’s happy? That they both are? I know many of you guys like to thirst over Henrik, and I do too, but you shouldn’t hate on someone else just because they’re dating them. That’s pathetic. And also misogynistic which leads me to my next point:

Unchecked misogyny within fandom. Many of the fandom is composed of straight girls. Or at least girls who like men. Attraction to men, especially good looking supposedly kind men, isn’t the problem. The problem lies with cracking jokes at the girlfriend’s expense. Judging her for superficial reasons and hating on her. Many fandoms do this to the girlfriends of the men they support, and the skam fandom is unfortunately no different. It’s strange to me though, considering how many of you claim to care about feminism and women’s rights but yet hate on a woman who posted a picture.  Do you realize how insane that is? It’s a picture. Lea, from my knowledge at least, hasn’t said or done anything too “problematic” but yet you hate on her over a picture. But you excuse men’s actions for much less. I strongly encourage you to reflect on yourself and question why you are willing to demonize women for no real reason but excuse men for actually being problematic. (I am of course talking about adam being antiblack and yousef being ableist but that is a different topic for another time) But yeah, I’ve seen more pointless hate thrown her way than men who actually perpetuate inequality. And that’s a problem.

“her post ruined her chances of her boyfriends’ gullruten chances” I’m sure they will live. I’m sure Henrik won’t be too pressed if he doesn’t win the awards tbh. He has friends, some supportive fans, a loving mom and girlfriend. I’m sure he’ll still be alright with or without the award. But it’s nice that you try to hold that over his head. No one asked you to “campaign” or vote excessively. Henrik said if you think him and Tarjei deserved to win you could vote, but you don’t have to. And maybe you shouldn’t if you’re going to be so negative. 

“I don’t mind them being together but don’t try dragging the fandom that got you here in the first place” Okay……first of all Henrik didn’t get success from the fandom. He got it from Julie Andem. And he earned his spot in the cast okay? He got the part of Even by being an exceptional actor. How toxic do you have to be to say something like that? This is getting ridiculous.

tldr: if you really don’t like lea or her dating henrik then don’t follow her on instagram. and don’t engage with her. don’t claim to care about feminism and “supporting women” if you’re going to throw all of that ideology under the bus just because you’re lowkey jealous that she’s dating him. 

anonymous asked:

I think you'll find the majority of the fandom is Sam-leaning. The reporting reflects what the majority wants. I'd bet there's a ton of people who positively respond to everything Lynette posts. There's no reason to change when they are getting hits, selling mags, etc. Also your previous anon mentioned marketing but RDM/Starz have no say in marketing - Sony does all paid media.

And what does that say about our community, that we have in Cait/Claire a strong, positive role model that carries herself with poise and dignity and class, is humble, funny and talented and is at the helm of this incredible story and this incredible journey, yet according to you the majority would rather Lynette’s style of shallow, cheapened coverage of Sam? Last I checked, he was more than just eye-candy for the thirsty.

And I just have to respectfully disagree. Sam may have a more… for lack of a better word, overzealous fanbase, but they are first and foremost Sam Heughan fans (regardless of the show). Those that are Outlander fans appreciate Cait/Claire just as much (if not more) than Sam/Jamie. And saying Lynette - who is there to cover OUTLANDER for her respective news outlet - is just giving the masses what they want. No, she isn’t. Just because the same 6-7 people keep replying her with “great job!” in every single tweet, doesn’t reflect where most of us are at right now.

Whoever is behind or has a say in PR/marketing this show is doing a disservice to fans and Cait and Sam. How will he ever be taken seriously in the eyes of the masses/critics if all anyone sees is this beefcake image? How will women in this industry ever be taken seriously if the lead of a show like Outlander isn’t given the time and respect she’s earned and deserves as the lead?

Fun, cute reporting has it’s place for sure! But it goes without saying that it should encompass the entire fandom not be directed to appease just one corner. It’s only that people are finally fed up with how this show is being peddled to audiences - established and new. What is being presented hardly ever reflects what these actors and show are about. Case in point: Last year’s EW cover. As beautiful and sexy as that cover was, it had nothing to do with what season 2 turned out to be.

Perception is a powerful thing. So are assumptions. Assuming the majority want this kind of coverage is simply false. But because most of us have kept silent for a long time, just letting things go, the perception out there now of this fandom is that it’s comprised of this skewed misconception of what we are/want. That now any legit critique/opinion going against that image is seen as unwarranted hate - which it is not.

Look guys, I don’t mean to be harsh or reduce one side’s fanning from another - I’m just tired of having to ask over and over again for something that already should be a given. This fandom is composed of a wide range of intelligent women from millions of different backgrounds, that appreciate the story and actors for millions of different reasons and ways. Promo should reflect that.

Listen shitheads and listen good.

I can see some people hating so much on Michimiya after she handed Daichi a good luck charm. Like what the actual fuck? It’s an obvious fact that the majority of this fandom is composed of fujoshi/fudanshi but that is no excuse to bash on the people who like the few straight ships.

Yui is just a girl. To her, Daichi is a person she admires and a precious friend and it’s cute how it is implied she might have have feelings for him. To be completely honest, no matter how you think it was depicted, Daichi platonically accepted her good feelings and well wishes and was pleased that his friend and his fellow captain made time to come and cheer the team on and even went as far as to give them a good luck charm. Do not call her a bitch. Do not hate on her for being a good friend. Do not hate on her for having a crush. Do not hate on her for just being a girl. If you don’t like her character in general, that is fine. That is you. But don’t pick on people who actually like her and her ship with Daichi.

Personally, I like Yui but I do not ship DaiYui. For me DaiSuga is OTP and I will sacrifice babies to Satan to make it happen. But I dislike conflict in general and I find it so stupid how people get so agitated and pick fights with each other. Yes, you are allowed to love a ship. Yes, you are allowed to absolutely hate a ship too. That is your opinion and you are entitled to one. But you are, by no means, allowed to force your ideals onto someone who has their own. You are not allowed to believe you are right and only your way works. You are not allowed to call someone out for having views that are different from yours. Stay true to what you believe in. Stay true to what you say and what you support but respect other people’s opinions too.

Haikyuu!! is a peaceful and colourful fandom. Come on, guys. We’re better than this.

Thoughts on Fandom and Fans

I have been talking with a friend (many friends actually) about the difference in Fandom and Fans, and the difference in how both are viewed depending on your position.

Let’s start with us.

From our perspective, we are fans and we are fandom.  We are in it, we are both fans and fandom.  We see each other, we are individuals in a group.  Separate.  Gathered together.

But step out one level…..move to the viewpoint of cast and crew.

For them Fandom is the thing.  There is Fandom, composed of fans, but we aren’t known, our individuality gets blurred.  There is the odd voice here and there, and those voices come to represent the larger group.  They know fan groups, and maybe one or two individual fans based on the things they have done, but by and large we are “fans”.  Faceless, but important.  We are many to their one.  

Take a much larger step out.  Imagine yourself as Albrecht, Malone, TPTB, PR.  To them, Fans and Fandom are the same thing.  We are an entity.  A means to an end.  We are not individuals.  We are a tool.  Fandom does things.  Fandom votes, fandom retweets, fandom trends. Fandom shares stories and gossip (even those groups that say they forbid it).

And for them (and it is actually true), fandom is a fluid and changing thing.  Fans cycle out.  They get bored, jaded, have seen it all.  They lose interest.  They start being fans of other shows.  The become the enthusiastic fans of the other show that they used to be for Outlander.   And as far as Outlander goes, new fans come in.  They want/need new blood in the Fandom.  New blood hasn’t been through the ringer.  New blood is fresh and raring to go.  Put me in Coach!

So, do they care if fans leave?  Not really.  Because they are less concerned about retention.  They are more concerned about getting new customers.

Like your internet provider.  If you sign up now for a 2 year contract you get a tv, or a tablet, or an xbox.  New people get the perks.  New people don’t see the poor service or the faulty equipment.

I know it seems hopeless, but that isn’t the case. It just means that we look after each other.  We need to care about each other.  We need to be inclusive, tolerant, and far less reactive.  and by “we” I mean every fan.  The whole fandom.

anonymous asked:

Why do ppl think piper has a "im not like the other girls" phase? Bc she doesnt like makeup and stylish clothes? It was clearly stated in tlh that she was made fun if bc of how she looked by girls like drew and theres this scene at the beggining of tlh where her classmates are just being racist and say shit on her native heritage. So like, she doesnt have a phase, its more like a coping mechanism bc shes insecure and gender non-conforming why is everyone changing that?

Bc girls have been force fed the narrative that other girls are shameful and something you should want distance from, so when you’ve got a fandom composed of primarily young people who are only beginning to unlearn that narrative they’re immediately sensitive to and offended by Piper’s dismissive comments about her airhead siblings (“gah, is that where supermodels go to die?”) bc it reminds them of sexist things that they’ve heard before (“I’m not like the other girls” “I only hang out with guys, girls are too much drama”) and they immediately recoil. And because they’re only beginning the process of learning to recognize and call out misogyny they don’t realize that what’s going on here is a lot more nuanced than Piper just trying to be edgy by hating on other girls who are “lesser” than her by mocking them (which, let’s just be realistic here, most female YA protagonists will do and so it makes sense that your guard should go up). You’re right, Piper’s narrative is more about defense than anything else, particularly because she’s a brown Cherokee girl, and so her perspective is automatically different from “Jane the white girl who isn’t like the other girls because she read the great gatsby but don’t worry she’s still white and skinny and conventionally attractive except not like a beautiful bombshell slut so most boys don’t like her”.

But you’re largely dealing with a fandom of kids who still need to be taught the difference, so that’s why. Not to mention that Rick absolutely falls back on some sexist tropes to give Piper’s narrative a boost (AHEM, drew tanaka), so there’s still room for criticism.

Alice is Dead
Alice is Dead

magic potions grinning fur
it’s all a blur, it’s all a blur
magic poisons royal tea
run screaming, run screaming to me.

i want you to know
(alice is dead)
i want you to know

let them into your mind
let them into
let me in you

“The Undertale fandom is toxic because of ship wars and-”



I cringe because you have the audacity to include these fools in this creative, wonderful, and inspiring community.

Listen. The Undertale fandom is full of creative people who have sets of preferences. Haters, people who start ship wars, close-minded idiots that think they’re superior and that only their opinions are correct. THEY DO NOT BELONG TO THE FANDOM. NEVER DID. NEVER WILL.

To rephrase Markiplier, if you’ve ever pulled down, berated, bullied, harmed, or even just talked shit to anyone here, YOU DO NOT BELONG IN THIS COMMUNITY.

I’m sick of people saying the Undertale fandom is toxic because of these horrible people. THEY ARE NOT A PART OF THE COMMUNITY. The fandom is composed of people who raise each other up. If you do the opposite (READ)