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The boys ( phantom thieves + mishima) around their crush 👄

Ohhhhh okay! I’m including Akechi as well~


  • I think he’s well composed around his crush, but he’s internally screaming the entire time.
  • Sometimes his crush will do cute shit and he won’t realize he’s staring at them and blushing.
  • He eventually gains the courage to ask them out to go see a romcom and dinner afterward
  • He’s literally a fucking gentleman around his crush and people around them find it so sweet, so cute.
  • Akira takes his crush home to the train stations and his crush says thanks for the date and kiss him on the check.
  • They established a relationship the next day, awwww.


  • Constantly trying his damn best to flirt with them but he ends up stuttering and shit, poor poor baby boy.
  • His crush knows what’s up though, THANK GOD! His crush does thinks it’s endearing how hard they try.
  • Eventually, Ryuji manages the spit out that he wants to go out on a date with them and his crush is so surprised.
  • But they agree and Ryuji is literally so pumped for this date, cause it’s with the cutest person ever!!!
  • They meet and both of them dressed up well but Ryuji can’t stop staring at his crush the entire time cause damn they’re so beautiful.
  • But they still enjoy themselves; they went to the park and the arcade (Ryuji is very pleased to find out his crush likes video games).
  • After a few more dates, Ryuji can finally flirt with them! But it takes awhile to like confess “I-I-I LIKE YOU GODDAMMIT JEEZ”


  • He tries to flirt with his muse but literally they get so confused cause Yusuke is super cheesy and old-fashioned with his confession.
  • Yusuke is very passionate when around their crush since it’s the same good feeling he gets when he sees the Sayuri painting.
  • But his crush is still not getting the hint, so the boys (Akira and Ryuji) literally explain to his crush that Yusuke likes them.
  • Even though Yusuke can be a bit eccentric, his crush still finds interest in them and eventually ask Yusuke on a date.
  • Yusuke is ecstatic!!! They go about their date and he literally is so cheesy: opening their doors for them, pulling the chair out for them, and even kissing their hand a couple times. A true gentleman!
  • Eventually, crush sees through their weirdness and really enjoys their date; thus they established a relationship a few days later.


  • I think around this time, Mishima is so caught up with the Phantom Thieves website but it’s a classmate that catches their attention.
  • During the early days when the Phantom Thieves weren’t as popular, his crush shared the same enthusiasm about them as he did.
  •  Eventually they start talking, and they talk less about the Phantom Thieves and have deeper conversations; Mishima told them about Kamoshido’s abuse/his bullies and his crush shared their dark past.
  • Both of them kind of realized they like each other but Mishima gained the courage to take them out for a date.
  • I feel like his crush would be able to make them shut up about the Phantom Thieves for a more than a minute tbh. 
  • Eventually, they become lovers without even realizing it until Akira ask if they’re dating or not. Akira’s happy to see him fawning over his crush rather than the Phantom Thieves.


  • With how busy he is, Akechi doesn’t feel like he had the time to be gaining crushes, going on dates, and finding a partner.
  • Not until his crush stepped into this boy’s life one day when they were getting harrassed and Akechi threatens to arrest them.
  • After the harasser left, he sees his crush’s face and they’re so beautiful; they keep in contact and Akechi enjoys the text they send to each other.
  • Akechi has some insecurity issues since he’s worried that his crush just enjoys him for his prince detective persona.
  • It comes up one day and his crush reassures him otherwise, saying that they like the real Akechi… after some more reassurances, they go out on a date when Akechi finds the time.
  • They go somewhere private since Akechi doesn’t want his fangirls and the media to follow him around but it was the best time the boy had in a long time; after a few more dates and some reassurances, they privately establish their relationship (since his crush doesn’t want media attention).

The amazing Kate Lindsey sings some soaring lines as the Composer in Richard Strauss’s Ariadne auf Naxos for the Seattle Opera. You can also see what a brilliant actress she is: simply irresistible.

        TWILIGHT VERSE.    wow  since i got quite a bit of interest from twilight blogs,  i think i should finally share the the ties rebekah would have in that verse. my rebekah is still very much canon to tvd / to  as far as her story is told. similar to my guidelines, the only arc in the aspect my rebekah will NOT acknowledge is tvd s4 /  cure plot.    also if anyone would to revise or approach me with any other details or ideas i’m so welcoming of this verse!

*please if we’re mutuals & you’re a twilight blog please do me a solid & give this post a like so that i know you have read this before interacting.

01.   BREED.  the mikaelsons would abide by the tvd vampire lore especially since it’s crucial to their character that they aren’t subjected to the sunlight whatsoever.  witches & daylight rings tend to be non-existent in the twilight verse but that would be turning the nose on rebekah’s origin, so that will have to stay put!

02.   HIERARCHY.  the mikaelsons are there own power hungry clan.  they’re not quite as superior as the volturi,  as they are truly the one’s maintaining order in regards to the vampire race as a whole.  but of course they have close ties to their kin,  perhaps at one point klaus & elijah have served side by side to them –  though that would only be presumed since i don’t actually play those characters .   rebekah wouldn’t have any interest maintaining an alliance with them,  meaning  she isn’t devoted to their cause but she isn’t as naive to go about challenging them either.   if that though ever came into discussion amongst her siblings she would be the first to diffuse that.

03.   GIFTS.  my rebekah would have a ability of pyrokinesis.  which by definition is the psychic ability to manipulate and speed up the atomic state to the point of combustion,  in other words,  wields fire.   typically users begin with manipulating a candle’s flame. which rebekah would have over a millennium to have mastered, meaning  this ability really isn’t to be trifled with.  furthermore,  it isn’t mentioned that fire alone is enough to execute a vampire,  not according to tvd’s vampire lore since vampires adapt the ability to heal as well.  m

04.  TURF.   mikaelsons tend to be a very nomadic coven,  sometimes throughout history they aren’t always seen united & have parted ways. though recently they have claimed New Orleans as their territory & have been in the works of rebuilding their vampire empire for some time.  they have a duty of managing the number of killings,  as too many in one area can definitely raise questions.  marcel gerard is klaus’s protege & has his own role & motives as well.  i’m not dismissing the series of conflicts between him & the mikaelsons as they don’t always share the same agenda.

05.  MIKAELSON RELATIONS.  within a thousand years the mikaelson have a pretty prestige knowledge of familiarity of the reputation of other vampires throughout their lifetimes.  as being nomads they’re bound to have frequent run in’s with said vampires.  please note, their reputation is mirrored from what we see on tvd,  they’re ruthless, ancient vampires that abided by ‘ i did what i have to do ‘  &  ‘ always & forever. ‘    particularly in regards to the cullens,  it will be acknowledge that elijah has arranged a peaceful alliance with carlisle long ago,   as they do happen to share what i think a great deal in common.  last thing the mikaelsons need is to create more enemies & this is an exercise of that.   

06.  REBEKAH RELATIONS.  personally I think rebekah has a fondness of the cullens. they’re not by any means blood related but can form together & have a picture perfect image of what family means.  something that she yearns that her family could somehow parallel to.   i also will assume at of all the cullen’s she get’s along with rosalie the most,  as their mannerisms & perspectives are uncanny.  the mikaelson also are informed of renesmee & have a massive interest & some level of compassion especially since now hope is brought into their lives. they could often view her as a distant family friend.


Finally finished this Grant request!
Yes, this is season 1, good-guy Ward.
I like HIVE, but good-guy Ward was gold.

Title: Mission
Pairing: Grant Ward x Reader
Summary: “Grant Ward’s reaction when the reader died protecting him”
Word Count: 1,649
Warnings: death, blood, guns, fighting, explosions, overall angst for good-guy Ward

Your name: submit What is this?

            "At your six,“ Grant warns before quickly turning and punching a guard.

           The guard falls on the floor as you duck, only narrowly missing the hit Grant warned you about. Per usual, he’s right and he saves your skin. You hold onto that "thank you” you owe him, knocking out the guard beside you.

           He falls the ground with a thud as Grant turns around to face you. There’s a few drops of blood on his face, and you’re not sure if it’s his or not, but you don’t have the time to ask. The two of you are back to sneaking through the halls before you know it.

           "We’ve got 2 minutes 33 seconds to grab that file and leave,“ you whispered to Grant.

           He quietly nods, smirking slightly. "Plenty of time.”

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Here, I’ll do both. Reactions to the Inquisitor getting flustered because they think Ser Barris, Rylen, or Krem is dreamy. And thanks! 

I’m doing a lot of requests at the moment because I start my next semester of school next week and I’m going to still try to update on a consistent basis, but just in case…

Cassandra: Cracks a smile to see the Inquisitor so flustered, and laughs when the Inquisitor notices her smiling at them and gets even more flustered. “Would you like to go talk to him privately?” she teases.

Blackwall: Awkwardly rubs the back of his neck, and doesn’t have a clue what to say to the Inquisitor. He leaves it be.

Iron Bull: Tries to get the Inquisitor to go talk to their crush. “Do you want me to go say something for you?” It only makes the Herald even more embarrassed. If it’s Krem, Bull’s efforts are doubled. He thinks it’s cute, and he keeps trying to hook them up.

Giggles madly. “Oooh, someone’s turning a proper shade of red! You liiike him!” She says all of this knowing it will easily fluster the Inquisitor even more. She’s cackling as she does it. “Want me to go tell him? I’ll go tell him.” she says, to which the Herald declares “Maker, NO!

Cole: Heart thumping, praying he can’t hear, heat in my cheeks, palms wet with fear. You don’t have to be scared. He likes you, too.” he says without being prompted or asked. It only serves to make the Inquisitor even more embarrassed.

Varric: He takes notice immediately, of course, and gets a shit-eating grin on his face. “Come on,” he begs, trying to nudge them in the direction of their crush, “just say ‘hello!’ You’re the Inquisitor, you’ve got to make the first move!” He also starts taking notes for his next book.

Dorian: The grin on his face almost stretches past his cheeks. “Oh. Oh, this is perfect. The Inquisitor has a crush!” he teases. The Inquisitor protests, and he just smirks at them, cocky as ever. “No? Then you have the brightest shade of blush I’ve ever seen. Go talk to him! Who in their right mind would turn down you?

Solas: He finds it a bit amusing, but he does not comment. The slight tug upward on his lips is noticed, however, and it only makes the Inquisitor more flustered.

Vivienne: “If your cheeks get any darker, someone will ask for what brand of make-up you’re using, dear.” she remarks dryly. It only makes the Inquisitor panic slightly more, to which Vivienne just calmly smiles at them. “Relax, Darling. Compose yourself. Your little crush is rather adorable, but you can’t make a face as though you’ve just gotten a scolding from the Maker himself forever.”

Leliana: She’s greatly amused by the whole affair, and can’t help but smile when she sees how embarrassed the Inquisitor is. “You’re not hiding it very well.” she says smoothly as the Inquisitor tries to deny anything. When they are out of earshot, she has an agent monitor the situation. She has to know how it works out.

Cullen: He chuckles to himself, but like Blackwall and Solas, he makes no effort to intervene. He knows very well what it’s like to have that sort of crush, and he won’t go making it more awkward than it needs to be.

Josephine: She drops into a fit of giggles when she sees how flustered the Inquisitor is. She apologizes when they give her a withering look, simply stating that she thinks it is rather adorable. She also asks the Inquisitor if they’d like to send their crush flowers or something, to which the Inquisitor hastily refuses out of mortification.

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can you help me? what songs have shinee members worked on like writing and composing and stuff? solo and group stuff?

group releases 

the shinee world / amigo
1) love like oxygen
rap making: minho
2) 사랑의 길 (love’s way)
rap making: minho
3) “그녀가 헤어졌다 (one for me)
rap making: minho
4) 화장을 하고 (graze)
rap making: minho
5) 내 곁에만 있어 (best place)
rap making: minho 

1) juliette
lyrics: jonghyun
rap making: minho 

2009: year of us
1) get down
rap making: key / minho 

lucifer / hello
1) up & down
lyrics: jonghyun (co-written with misfit)
rap making: minho
2) 욕 (obsession)
lyrics: jonghyun
rap making: minho
3) wowowow
rap making: minho
) your name
lyrics: onew
rap making: minho
) hello
rap making: minho
) get it
rap making: key / minho
) shout out
lyrics: all members

1) 알람시계 (alarm clock)
lyrics: jonghyun
rap making: minho
) 낯선자 (stranger)
rap making: minho
) 늘 그자리에 (honesty)
lyrics: jonghyun
rap making: minho 

misconceptions of you
1) spoiler
lyrics: jonghyun
) dream girl
rap making: minho
) girls girls girls
rap making: key / minho
) 방백 (aside)
rap making: minho
) 아름다워 (beautiful)
rap making: minho
) 다이너마이트 (dynamite)
rap making: minho 

misconceptions of me
1) shine (medusa i)
rap making: minho
) 오르골 (orgel)
lyrics: jonghyun
rap making: minho
) dangerous (medusa ii)
lyrics: jonghyun (co-written with jo yun kyeong)
) excuse me miss
rap making: minho
) 떠나지 못해 (sleepless night)
rap making: minho 

misconceptions of us
1) 버리고 가 (better off)
lyrics: jonghyun
2) 너와 나의 거리 (selene 6.23)
lyrics: jonghyun 

1) 상사병 (symptoms)
lyrics: jonghyun
2) destination
→ rap making: minho
3) 닫아줘 (close the door)
→ rap making: minho
4) colorful
rap making: key / minho 

odd / married to the music
) odd eye
composition: jonghyun
lyrics: jonghyun
) view
lyrics: jonghyun
) romance
rap making: minho
) 이별의 길 (farewell my love)
→ rap making: minho
) alive
rap making: key
) chocolate
lyrics: jonghyun (co-written with yankie)

1of1 / 1and1
1) prism
composition: jonghyun
[note: co-composed with jamil chammas, deez, etc.]
) 투명 우산 (don’t let me go)
rap making: key / minho
) lipstick
→ rap making: minho
) don’t stop
lyrics: jonghyun / key / minho
) u need me
→ rap making: minho
) so amazing
lyrics: onew
) 한마디 (beautiful life)
lyrics: onew


solo releases

ace (taemin)
1) pretty boy
lyrics: jonghyun 

base (jonghyun)
1) déjà-boo (co-composed with zion.t)
2) love belt
3) neon
4) 일인극 (monodrama)
) 시간이 늦었어 (beautiful tonight)
6) 포춘쿠키 (fortune cookie)
all composition: jonghyun
all lyrics: jonghyun

7) crazy (guilty pleasure)
) hallelujah (co-written with wheesung)
lyrics: jonghyun

story. op. 1 (jonghyun)
1) 하루의 끝 (end of a day)
2) u & i
3) like you
4) 산하엽 (skeleton flower)
5) happy birthday
6) 미안해 (i’m sorry)
7) 02:34am
8) 그래도 되지 않아? (fine)
9) 내일쯤 (around tomorrow)
all composition: jonghyun
all lyrics: jonghyun

press it (taemin)
1) press your number (co-written by tenzo and tasco)
2) soldier
lyrics: taemin

) 벌써 (already)
composition: jonghyun (co-composed with teddy riley)
lyrics: jonghyun

she is (jonghyun)
1) she is (co-composed with crush and philtre)
2) 우주가 있어 (orbit)
3) moon (co-composed with ldnnoise)
4) aurora (co-composed with deez)
5) dress up  (co-composed with ldnnoise)
6) cocktail (co-composed with bryan michael cox)
7) red
8) suit up
all composition: jonghyun
all lyrics: jonghyun

2) white t-shirt
lyrics: jonghyun



1) elevator
2) 가을이긴 한가 (it must be autumn)
(co-composed / written with go young bae.)
3) 애월 (愛月) (aewol)
(co-composed / written with jung joon young.)
4) 한마디 (your voice)
(co-composed / written with heritage.)
5) inspiration - jonghyun (co-composed with imlay)
all composition: jonghyun
all lyrics: jonghyun

6) 따뜻한 겨울 (warm winter)
7) 멍하니 있어 (staring into space)
8) my friend
9) love is so nice
10) 1000
all composition: jonghyun
all lyrics: jonghyun


songs for other artists

1) 우울시계 (a gloomy clock) - iu
2) red candle - son dam bi
3) playboy - exo
4) no more - lim kim
5) 한숨 (breathe) - lee hi
all composition: jonghyun
all lyrics: jonghyun

(*) unless otherwise specified jonghyun works on the majority of his compositions with his composition crew / group, wefreaky.


Full view for easy reading/If you don’t it’ll bout out of order omg.

Look at these dumb dorks ahh. In the wise words and prompting of kazethecursedone: “Oreshi with a major crush composing love poetry in the shared mindspace and just going on and on about how pretty and perfect his boyfriend is until Bokushi’s like, FINE, shut the fuck up! I’m going to see for myself how perfect and amazing this guy really is and taking over. [the body, and just]Fuck he’s hot.”

[INFO] MELTING Tracklisting and Song Info!

01. Pride of 1cm
Composed by: Kim Do Hoon
Lyrics: Kim Do Hoon, Moonbyul, Solar, Hwa Sa
Arranged By: Kim Do Hoon, Park Woo Sang

02. Between Us (Words Don’t Come Easy)*
Composed by: Kim Do Hoon, Park Woo Sang
Lyrics: Kim Do Hoon, Park Woo Sang, eSNa
Arranged By: Park Woo Sang

03. You’re Best at Everything - TITLE TRACK
Composed by: Kim Do Hoon, Duble Sidekick
Lyrics: Kim Do Hoon, Moonbyul, Solar
Arranged By: Kim Do Hoon, Park Woo Sang

04. Friday Night feat. Junggigo
Composed by: Park Woo Sang
Lyrics: Park Woo Sang, Moonbyul
Arranged By: Park Woo Sang

05. Hometown
Composed by: Kim Do Hoon, Solar
Lyrics: Kim Do Hoon, Solar, Moonbyul, Whee In, Hwa Sa
Arranged By: Kim Do Hoon

06. Emotion
Composed by: Cosmic Sound, Cosmos
Lyrics by: Cosmic Sound, Cosmos, Moonbyul
Arranged by: Cosmic Sound, Cosmos, Kang Min Hoon

07. I Miss You
Composed by: Kim Do Hoon,
Lyrics: Kim Do Hoon, Hwang Yoo Bin, Moonbyul
Arranged By: Lee Hyun Seung

07. Funky Boy
Composed by: Daniel Palm, Ellen Berg Tollbom
Lyrics: Yoon Hye Joo
Arranged By: Park Woo Sang

09. My Own Recipe
Composed by: Kim Do Hoon, Park Woo Sang, Solar, Hwa Sa
Lyrics: Kim Do Hoon, Moonbyul, Solar, Park Woo Sang
Arranged By: Kim Do Hoon, Park Woo Sang

10. Cat (Cat Fight)*
Composed by: Lee Hoo Sang, S2REN
Lyrics: Hwang Yoo Bin, Lee Hoo Sang, Moonbyul
Arranged By: Lee Hoo Sang

11. Just
Composed by: Park Woo Sang
Lyrics: Park Woo Sang
Arranged By: Park Woo Sang

12. Girl Crush
Composed by: Park Woo Sang
Lyrics: Jang Yoon Seo, Park Woo Sang
Arranged By: Park Woo Sang

* What’s in parenthesis are the official English titles. What comes before is the translated Korean.

I actually don’t anticipate much romantic action in B4, which isn’t a huge concern to me–there’s plenty of other stuff I’m interested in. But. If we’re playing the pretend game for a second:

What if Korra’s been gone long enough she does legitimately need to get re-acquainted with the Krew again, so it’s kind of like a “reset?” And we get to go back in a time to something kind of like Book 1 Makorra… but with the roles reversed?

i love npr

*turns on radio*

“…He also suffered one of the oddest deaths to befall a classical composer: Crushed By A Bookcase.”

*piano music begins*


CRUSH - 잊어버리지마 (Don’t Forget)

Lyrics : Crush , Zion.T
Composed : Crush , Zion.T , Stay Tuned
Arranged : Crush , Stay Tuned