A group of Chartreuse Sapphires,all of them from the Delta Kindergarten!

Also,meet ‘’Eyeball’’,one of Serpentine’s components.She is smart,caring and has the power to see the fate!

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Past life Recollection Oil

An oil to aid in past life recollection! (Inspired by @shinto-witch but I lacked a lot of ingredients, so I made a different combination).


  • Rose petals
  • Rosemary
  • Celery salt
  • Basil
  • Bay leaves
  • Sage
  • Orange peel
  • Crushed mint

All of the above are combined **over heat (I used my stove top on medium)** in canola oil (any carrier oil is fine, that’s just what I had on hand). Let to cool, and filtered into a jar.

**The oil should only be on heat long enough to combine the ingredients cohesively without frying/burning any of them, 2 minutes max. If you’re uncomfortable using heat, other ways of creating oils (like tinctures if you’d rather use a different carrier, or longer steeping in the oil) would work just fine. Heat is simply my go to for combining Ingredients. :)**

I floated rose petals and bay leaves for an extra kick and also aesthetic.

To use, dip fingers in the oil and trace full circles on each wrist and on the third eye. Best used during a full moon, and if you are new to past life regression I would advise doing this around the time you would normally start to fall asleep, so that the meditation is easier.

For me, this was a budget mix that I felt was just as potent as other recipes I’ve seen, but didn’t require the harder to find ingredients.

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**Edited for clarity**

Last night was the last ever time Krupp made an entrance during AC/DC as the character has now been cut from the Bochum Production. Jared Thompson is the last ever Krupp (currently, unless they bring the character back) Took this video from Tom NHill instagram story

1984 - 2017

Cast: Jared Thompson


Next five components for Blue Andara!

Lapis Lazulis
·Homeworld wouldn’t allow them to express their sisterly love so they fled

·Fortune teller that worked along side Winza
·Fled after hearing news of Winza’s disappearance and left in search for her

·Ship guard/pilot
·her ship was hijacked by Epidote and at first hated her, but eventually fell in love with Epidote and helped her find Winza

·Homeworld entertainer/dancer
·misstepped during a performance and ended up poofing two aristocrats, so she fled

Feel free to ask questions about any of them!✨


Zambian Emerald & Greenish Aquamarine

Serpentine’s components 2/8

I wanted to give them more love and say what they bring to Serp!

Zambian Emerald brings the conection of the group,making sure everyone keeps the peace and put everything in order

Greenish Aquamarine brings the confident side of Serp,making her happy with herself

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