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Jon "sweet" Snow

We all know that, Jon, is a sweet ball of fluff. So I’m just sitting here wondering, if he’s soooo in love with Miss D., where the hell is the sweetness and the tenderness he’s shown Sansa for the past 2 seasons? Where is the sweetness and tenderness and closeness with Miss D.?

NOWHERE to be bloody seen.

All of Sansa’s and Jon’s scenes, some of them even when they’re apart, had romantic tropes in them, all of them, so if Miss D. and Jon are supposed to be this big romance, where the hell are the romantic tropes, did they happen off screen, or something? 🤷‍♀️😂

They could’ve had Jon compliment Miss D’s dress, since she changed outfits pretty much every episode, but nope, they could’ve showed him jealous of Jorah, and possessive towards Miss D., but nope they didn’t, he didn’t laugh with Miss D., not even ONCE, he’s not triggered and is totally unbothered by Miss D. hugging Jorah, same thing when Jorah kissing her hands, like he is bothered by every man who mentions Sansa, they don’t even need to touch her, just say her name, and he goes in angry kitten mode, but for Miss D. who he is supposedly MADLY in love with, NOTHING. They could’ve had Miss D. give him/offer him a lighter cloak, since his furr one, from Sansa, is clearly way too heavy for Dragonstone, they could’ve shown him ditching Sansa’s cloak for the one Miss D. had given him but nope, they could’ve brought Miss D. up, in the conversation between Jon and Jorah in the wight hunt, but NOPE.

So many missed opportunities, I wonder why 🤔🙃

I asked a friend who doesn’t ship neither Jonsa nor J*nerys, and they said this:

 “The way they shot Jon’s and Sansa’s scenes, the sweet moments, the dialogue, the awkwardness between them, I can see why you ship them, I must admit they are, really cute together. (He ships Arya with Gendry and Brienne and Jaimie, thos are his only ships on GoT, the other ships are just meh to him 🙈🤷‍♀️😂)

Jon and Miss D. on the other hand? Dragonstone has been boring af, the scenes between J and D were pretty bland and dull, if you ask me. IF, I had to choose between the two ships, I’d definitely choose Jonsa, because the dynamic between them is amazing, they have a strong foundation, they have a strong bond, and they are happy around eachother, whilst Jon looked miserable in Dragonstone, and around Dany, who kept shoving “Bend the knee” down his throat at any chance, and he couldn’t wait to leave in episode 5.

Their scenes were boring and just, off, if they meant to show them fall in love, they failed miserably, they did such a great job with Jon abd Sansa, and I don’t even know if they mean to have them end up together, but Jon and Miss D. as a couple, have no depth at all, because the communication, at least to me seemed one sided. They should’ve shot their scenes, the same way they shot Jon’s and Sansa’s, had they done that, they might’ve convinced me, because I’m just not feeling it, at all. I still don’t ship neither, but yeah, Jonsa would be my choice, Jon and Miss D. feel way too forced, sudden and way too rushed, on Jon’s part at least, and that’s all I have to say about this.” 

100% agree with what he said. 👌🙃

Below I’ll list a few quotes and a few scenes, which should not have been in the show, if D&D meant to make us believe their relationship was platonic, and was meant to stay that way.

“New dress? […] Yeah, it’s… I like the wolf bit” 

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“I will never let him TOUCH you again, I’ll protect you, I promise.” 

“If I fall don’t bring me back.” (couldnt find a gif for this one sorry) which translates to, she’s the one who gave me purpose again, she’s the one I’m fighting for, I don’t want to come back into a world, where she is gone, where she killed herself, because I couldn’t keep her safe, because I lost, because I failed her. Let me stay dead, I couldn’t live with myself. 😢 And if, that, is not REAL, powerful LOVE, then I don’t know what is.

More under the cut. ☺️✌️💙

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GoT Afterthoughts 7x07 The Dragon and The Wolf (Jonsa Edition) SPOILERS

So here we are -the finale. I’d like to bitch about how badly we’ve been ripped off by D&D, but I don’t want to be repetitive. lol

We begin our episode outside the walls of Kings Landing. It looks like the Unsullied have abandoned Casterly Rock for a display of power and muscle, and are quickly joined by the Dothriaki -whooping and hollering in a most obnoxious way (I truly dislike them). Jamie and Bronn watch from atop the ramparts for some lively “cock banter”, ya know, since D&D are epic writers and such.

Side note: I love how they slowed down Dany’s theme song here. At least the musical score is never disappointing.

We get a nice aerial shot of Euron’s huge fleet, as what’s left of Dany’s sails towards KL. Jon, ever a Northerner, is NOT impressed with KL.  Stay true to your roots, Jonny boy. Suspiciously (not really), Dany is absent. Gee … I wonder if she’s planning on a flamboyant dragon-styled entrance?

The Hound goes below deck to check if Bones is resting comfortably. The box is quiet -must have been that Dramamine they gave him to counter his seasickness. Nope -he’s awake, and clearly feels their hospitality leaves something to be desired.

Side note: I wonder if Jon inquiring how many people live in KL is a foreshadowing of a future disaster there? Remember that there are casks of Dragon fire buried everywhere beneath the city. I’m almost positive that will come into play next season.

We jump quickly to Cersei in the Red Keep who’s been informed that Dany isn’t with her entourage. How much you wanna bet that Cersei’s thinking the same exact thing I wrote above? She informs Ser Gregor that if anything goes wrong, he’s to kill the silver haired bitch first, then her brother and then the bastard who calls himself King.

Now we’re back with the entourage, and we get a bit of a history lesson about the dragon pit ruins, and Jorah says something I perceived to be very important (as well as synonymous of Dany and her conquering Targ ancestors):

Jorah: Dragons don’t understand the difference between what’s theirs and what isn’t. Land, livestock, children.


We learn how over time, with entrapment, the dragons withered away to nothing, small as dogs.

This particular part didn’t serve any purpose, other than to reunite the original brotp3, Pod, Bronn and Tyrion. We see that they all still have a fondness for each other -and perhaps a foreshadowing that Bronn will be switching allegiance soon. The Hound and Brienne also have a surprisingly friendly reunion, as they bond over their adopted daughter, Arya. I’m glad they brought her up, and I’m so very excited to see a Hound/Stark girls reunion next season!

So, we’re in the Dragon Pit now, and truthfully -this entire 20 minute scene was utter garbage, and I’m pretty pissed that they wasted nearly the entire finale on this flaming dumpster, tbh.

Clegane bowl is coming. Cersei is annoyed with Dany’s theatrical entrance (and truthfully, the extra-ness of it all was kind of lame). I guess it was necessary to put Drogon in the dragon pit? But when he flew away, let’s be honest -his wings would have sent those canopies hurling away and knocked everyone on their asses, too.

Euron’s a dick. Tyrion attempts to open the floor for Jon, Cersei is her usual snarky, skeptical and extra self (I fucking love her), and finally Sandor releases Bones, and ……  the Dramamine must have kicked in? Time for a jump scare!

Bones charges Cersei and is yanked back just in time. The Hound cuts him in half, but he keeps on coming until Jon does his sales pitch demonstration (how sad do you think Kit was that they made him do this terrible scene?) of fire and dragon glass (thanks Davos, for your assistance).

Euron peaces out -all but throwing up deuces upon his hasty exit, but not before propositioning Dany. Cersei agrees to the truce -tell me honestly -did you all REALLY believe her? She suddenly became so reasonable, which is schiesty as hell, if you ask me. She throws some shade at Dany, and asks Jon to stay neutral. Cersei specifically evokes the honorable Ned Starks name, insinuating that she can trust the son to be as honorable as daddy dearest.

Did this jump out at any of you? Because of course Cersei does know that Ned was honorable -yet, she also knows that he had forsaken that very honor in the end, for his daughters -at the request of Sansa (per Cersei) to save his life (and probably hers) which was all for naught because Joffrey was a cunt, as Sandor would say -but you get the point to this clunky run-on sentence, right? And not only that, but he LIED to everyone, and especially the people he loved and cared about (his wife, best friend, family) to save the life of his nephew -and he went to his grave with that secret.

So what am I saying? Honorable Ned wasn’t above lying for the greater good, or to protect the ones he loved. Does that put some things in perspective for you?

Back to our story (however shitty it is for the time being) Jon declines. Choosing this moment to back Dany, and again “figuratively” bending the knee to her -this time publicly.  

Side note: Dany’s face in this moment. She’s so smitten with Jon.

Cersei basically tells everyone to fuck off, and exits stage left. Brienne attempts to slap some sense into Jamie, uttering two words that stop him dead in his tracks: FUCK LOYALTY. This isn’t about honor and following whomever you’re loyal to -it’s about humanity. Did she appeal to his better side? Methinks so.

Now everyone takes the time to belittle Jon for doing the very thing that they haggled him about for the entire season. But Tyrion the KING of bad ideas this season, has yet another -he’ll go talk to Cersei alone.

He magically warps to the Red Keep, somehow making it through the city and the castle without being murdered for the hefty price on his head, but …. that D&D logic, tho. He and Jamie say “goodbye” one idiot to another (hey, you guys said it -not me), and as foreboding music drones in the background, the standoff begins. But, so I guess that Jamie and Tyrion decided to let bygones be bygones?

And to one of my favorite scenes of the episode -my God, Lena and Peter SLAYED THIS SCENE! After the accusations fly, Tyrion tells Cersei to have him killed -the Mountain reaches for his sword and begins to unsheath it, but the order is never given. Cersei looks torn. Perhaps she isn’t as heartless as she tries to portray? Perhaps a tiny part of her does have affection for her little brother? Or maybe she just doesn’t want anymore Lannisters to die? I’m not entirely sure of her motivations, but she certainly looked gorgeous in this scene, though.

After Tyrion collects himself (and likely wishes for a clean pair of shorts), he downs a goblet of wine and pours his sister a cup. We know now that he does regret killing his father (despite deserving it), and that Tyrion really doesn’t want to see the end of his family. Is he lying? Doubtful. He loved her children as she did (except for Satan incarnate, Joffrey). He realizes that Cersei is once again pregnant, and somehow appeals to her better senses ….

And I’m just here SCREAMING at the TV: why do you all believe her??? This is Cersei -the son Tywin always wanted -but with a vagina (oh, the irony)!!

We jump back to the Dragon Pit where Jon is back to brooding as he shuffles through some dragon bones. He lets his disappointment in the turn of events known, as Dany decides to join him. She tells him she respects what he did (is that what we’re calling it now? did ya’ll see her face when he announced his allegiance with her? It’s cool Dany -I “respect” Jon snow sometimes when my hubby isn’t around, too 😂) and then begins telling him how the end of the Dragons is what really spelled the end of her house. The dragons made them extraordinary -without them, they are just like everyone else. (BINGO).

This leads to Jon complimenting her -she’s not like everyone else and her family hasn’t seen its end because she’s still here. Dany follows up that she can’t have children -in case you missed that last episode Jon, when she said the Dragons are the only children she’ll ever have, and then you nodded your understanding when she point blank asked you if you understood. Remember? Oh, are you just double checking? Okay my son, carry on ….

*So this is important:

J: Who told you that?

D: The witch that murdered my husband.

J: Did it occur to you she might not have been a reliable source of information? (Because clearly it’s occurring to Jon).

D: You were right from the beginning. If I’d had trusted you everything would be different.

J: So what now?

D: I can’t forget what I saw north of the wall, and I can’t pretend that Cersei won’t take back half the country the moment I march north.

So -let’s do a bit of reading between the lines here, shall we? What we know now: Dany fully trusts Jon, when she didn’t before. When Jon asks her “what now?” It’s pretty clear that he’s unsure whether or not he can trust her to prioritize the NK and his army over Cersei and the Iron Throne. And her answer lets him know that he’s in the right with his suspicions.

J: It appears Tyrion’s assessment was correct, we’re fucked.

You sure are, Jon. Better think of something quick -because apparently just “bending the knee” may not be sufficient -and you do need those dragons and army.

As if by cue, Tyrion returns -Cersei and her entourage in tow and she agrees to help and delivers one of the most epic lines of the evening: “perhaps you’ll remember that I chose to help with no promises or assurances from any of you.”


Now I want to ask if ANY of you caught the look that passed between Jon and Tyrion here? Admittedly, I didn’t on my first watch -but it’s plain as day. Remember it -I’ll return to it later, because I actually think it may be important.

Now we take a ravens POV, flying through the heavy snow towards Winterfell. Sansa sits irritatedly tapping her message from Jon on her desk. She’s not happy about the news she’s received. Seems like Jon finally decided to write home and let her know he bent the knee. You broke up with the North in a text message? Really Jon?  

Little Finger does what he’s always done -acts like he’s on everyone’s side while sewing his seeds of doubt and dissension. For those of you who were waiting for the crypt scene payoff: here it was …

While discussing Jon’s “reasons” for doing this, he drops the bomb that the Dragon Queen is rumored to be very beautiful. Why? My guess is he’s wondering if Sansa has the same subconscious affections for Jon that he displayed in the crypts.

S: what does that have to do with anything?

LF: Jon is young and unmarried, Daenerys is young and unmarried.

S: you think he wants to marry her?
(the thought obv never occurred to her, due to her reaction).

LF: An alliance makes sense. Together they’d be difficult to defeat. He was named KitN, he can be unnamed.

S: Even if I wanted to (she doesn’t) Arya would never go for it.

Shut down AGAIN, LF -Sansa isn’t going to turn on Jon. So, he switches gears back to Arya, thinking that’s the key to driving a wedge between her and Jon and setting the crown on Sansa’s head -get Arya out of the way.
He continues his little mind game, encouraging Sansa to play along, and by the scenes end, we’re made to believe she’s fallen for it and is on board. Really -unbeknownst to him, he just planted the solution to Jon’s birthright situation in her lap (when it’s revealed). Unite the North and South by marriage -together they’d be difficult to defeat …. hello Jonsa season 8!

And we’ve warped back to Dragonstone. They’re planning their strategy to head to Winterfell. Jon suggests that they sail together, and Jorah thinks Dany would be safer flying Drogon. Of course because she’s hot on Jon -she’ll take his suggestion -especially since we ALL KNOW the Northerners will NEVER see her as an ally. But she’s all: I’m going north to save them, not conquer them. 😏 So many nervous glances here amongst all the men …

The meetings over, and Theon catches Jon and Davos as they pass through the throne room (anyone else curious about what they may have been talking about?). Okay, and OMG, another important conversation with so much hidden in the narrative!

(I may paraphrase a bit here)

T: What you did in KL, you could have lied to Cersei about bending the knee to Daenerys. You risked everything to tell an enemy the truth.

But …did he?

J: We went down there to make peace, and it seems to me we need to be honest with each other, if we’re going to fight together.

See above.

T: You’ve always known what was right. Even when we were all young and stupid. Every step you take  …it was always the right step.

J: It’s not. It may seem that way from the outside, but I promise you it’s not true. I’ve done plenty things I regret.

T: Not compared to me you haven’t.

Clearly, he’s referring to betraying the Starks.

J: No. Not compared to you.

Clearly he has no intention of betraying his family like Theon did -although I do believe he intends to betray someone.

T: I always wanted to do the right thing. Yada yada. It always seemed like their was …an impossible choice I had to make. Stark or Greyjoy.

Confirmation here. Jon’s angry. He’s angry that Theon betrayed their father -who although may not have been his true father, he treated him like a son-better than Theon’s own father -sound familiar?

J: Our father was more a father to you than your own father ever was.

T: He was.

J: And you betrayed him, betrayed his memory.

T: I did.

J: But you never lost it. He’s a part of you, just like he’s a part of me.

Jon may as well be having this conversation with himself next season! Well - at least parts of it.

T: But the things I’ve done …

J: Its not my place to forgive you for all of it. But what I can forgive, I do. You don’t need to choose. You’re a Greyjoy and you’re a Stark.

*I love this little nugget, because I feel like it gives credence to my Wars of the Roses meta theory -that Jon will combine both sides of his heritage/houses into one. Although, the deeper meaning behind it, is he’s allowed to be both without betraying the other. And …. he will always be a Stark.

The conversation continues with Theon explaining that Yara tried to save him -she needs him now. And Jon gives Theon his blessing to go get his sister: “So why you still talking to me.”

This scene with Jon was truly beautiful, with true healing quality for Theon. A little bit of old Theon emerges when he doesn’t stand down to one of Yara’s men and takes a hell of a beating (damn, he really is a Stark -can’t keep my babies down!) and succeeds in rallying the men behind him. Not for him -for Yara!

We return to Winterfell where a very forlorn Sansa stands upon the ramparts in her and Jon’s “spot”. Is she thinking of him? I believe so -but that might just be my pesky shipping goggles. Sophie Turner has looked exceptionally beautiful this season -like bewitchingly so. She’s always been lovely -but damn. Shaking off her sadness: my skin has gone from porcelain, to ivory, to steel -she steels herself for what must be done, and orders the guard to have her sister brought to the Great Hall.

We flash to the Great Hall. Arya is escorted in, as Sansa and Bran sit like they’re about to judge her. Arya and LF share a “fuck you” stare, and Arya asks Sansa if she “really wants to do this?” Sansa replies that honor demands it, and after Arya’s “get on with it”, Sansa rattles off charges, and then flips the script on LF, leveling the charges on him.

Haha! He blinked so hard, I thought he was about to fall over! As Sansa annihilates him with charges, he stumbles with excuses, but all 3 Starklings gangbang his ass, and he’s done for.

Using his own lessons and words against him -the student has surpassed the teacher. “I am a slow learner, it’s true -but I learn.”


And with a nod of Sansa’s head, and despite his resorting to crying and begging, Arya slits his throat before he even realizes what hit him. For all his scheming, what was his legacy …? I would have liked to see him go out with a bit more fight -but maybe that’s the point.


To the Starks, who fought to make it back to Winterfell and each other -family is everything. They’re a united front.

We jump back to KL for the last time this season. Jamie is going over battle plans with the Lannister soldiers. Cersei dismisses them and asks Jamie what he’s doing- he tells her that he’s planning his expedition north. Cersei resorts to her usual cruelty: “you really are the stupidest Lannister.” She tells him it was all a ruse, and Jamie’s not happy about this. After accusing him of conspiring against her and telling him that Euron didn’t really tuck tail and run, but instead went to pick up the mercenaries she purchased with the help of the Iron Bank, Jamie finally grows a pair! He pledged to ride north and he intends to. Cersei’s last bit of treachery is FINALLY the straw that broke the camels back!

Cersei threatens his life -reminiscent of her earlier scene with Tyrion. Jamie calls her bluff, and again she doesn’t act on it. And as our hero leaves for the North, Winter has finally arrived at KL. (Told you better things were in store for my Golden boy … can he really be TPTWP?)!!

We head back to Winterfell -Sam and Gilly have arrived and Sam seeks out Bran. Not gonna lie -this part confused me a bit, because I thought Bran was all knowing ….yet, he asks Sam WHY he’s come to Winterfell. Also -it’s Sam who informs him that Jon isn’t a bastard. Also -why has Bran told this to Sam, and not his sisters? Unless he has? And we just haven’t seen it? Like the Starks conspiring against LF? Makes me wonder of the other things that may have happened offscreen this season, too ….

Bran does what he does and goes back in time to witness Lyanna and Rhaegar’s marriage -Roberts Rebellion was built on a lie. Jon’s real name is (barf) Aegon Targaryen, and he’s never been a bastard -he’s the TRUE heir to the Iron Throne -all of this over boatbang, sucking all the romance out of the coupling and painting it in an ominous light -just as I suspected. Remember when I told you all that CONTEXT was everything, and that there was a reason we found out about Jon’s parentage prior to boatbang -and the reasoning behind overlapping R/L’s wedding wasn’t to depict this EPIC romance, but to instead imply incestuous overtones and foreshadow the future Targbowl? Yep. That’s about it in a nutshell. But, more about boatbang towards the end -as well as my suspicions …

We return back to Winterfell, where our Starkling sisters are perched upon the ramparts. Here they confirm their bond, both understanding the true strength of the other, and that despite each others quirks -they love one another and will take care of each other ….just as their father would have wanted. “When the Snows fall and the White Winds Blow, the lone wolf dies, but the pack survives.”  Despite their losses, the Starks are a pack, and they will endure.

Lastly, we shoot to Eastwatch, where everyone’s favorite ginger is perched atop the lookout post -probably daydreaming of Brienne. A horn blows as the NK’s army has finally reached the wall. Viserion, gorgeous blue eyes shining soars through the air with the NK on his back, and shooting flames to match his eyes -the wall begins to crumble.

We see people getting caught up in the destruction -hopefully not Tormund, because I’ll fucking riot, as the wall falls and the dead march forward into Westeros.

Winter is here.

Okay, so back to boatbang. Aside from the basics I outlined above -let’s break the scene down.

Jon stands before Dany’s door. His expression is troubled. He heaves a heavy sigh, then he lifts his hand to knock on the door -yet he hesitates before actually knocking. Why?

After Dany bids him entrance, Jon closes the door and we see Tyrion emerge from around the corner. Unless he’s been stalking Jon -he has perfect timing. Why is this? Could it be that Jon was just with Tyrion? Could that look they shared at the Dragon Pit mean something? Could Jon be the means as to which  Varys suggested Tyrion find a way to make Dany listen? Tyrion’s expression doesn’t look like jealousy to me -he looks concerned, worried even. Has he conspired against his queen, knowing how smitten she is with Jon, to stay the course and maybe feels guilty because he knows she’s falling for Jon and he’s playing her? Have secret discussions been going on offscreen, like with the Starks, only to be revealed later? You’ve kind of gotta wonder this season …

Look, whether or not you subscribe to the undercover lover theory or not, you’ve got to admit that there’s been a lot of oddness surrounding this rushed romance. Two episodes ago, Jon was ready to hightail it out of Dragonstone and never look back (and he didn’t, although Jorah did), and we’re suddenly supposed to believe he’s smitten? I guess If I shipped them, I’d want to believe that -but what about Jon’s odd behavior? The fact that while Dany has literally poured her heart out to him, yet he’s managed to share absolutely NOTHING personal with her is a HUGE damn red flag to me.


Could he be attracted to her? Sure. She’s quite beautiful and he’s not blind, but it seems that D&D have been hiding little clues within the narrative -they’ve also managed to successfully sabotage this relationship before it even got off the ground -with the parent reveal last season. The way I see it, is we’ve got a strong case here, and a 50/50 chance that this is all for show and Jon’s actually LISTENED to Sansa -that he’s being smarter than father and Robb, that he’s NOT a Northern fool -and he REALLY does know how to play the game. All this talk of Ned, and honor?

OR, he is truly a damn fool and Jon Snow really does know nothing …. I just can’t stand by this. If I’m wrong, fine -but everything screams at me that that Jon knows Cersei was lying, or just doesn’t trust she’ll follow through. Jon knows that  once Dany figures that out, she’ll probably want to go back south with her dragons and armies -pledging himself to her clearly didn’t work (as witnessed by her words at the Dragon Pit) -but clearly she’s smitten with him …he’s seen her heart eyes. What’s a sure-fire way to get her to commit to the war and assisting the North in fighting? Why, committing to her man, of course.

So, back to analyzing the sex scene. There was no lead up -no first kiss, no tender caresses -just a closed door and then BAM two naked (damn Kit, daaayum!) people. Dany seems to have taken the aggressive stance on top. Jon  flips her into missionary, and before he thrusts, STOPS -again, like at the door, he’s hesitating as he looks down at Dany, regretful -like he’s not sure he should do this -NOT because he doesn’t want her (he IS a man, after all), but because he’s feeling guilty about what he’s about to do (to her), as she stares up at him all dreamy-eyed and awestruck, and he doesn’t feel the same way. Make no mistake that I do believe he likes her as a person, but love is not reciprocated here.

He heaves yet another heavy sigh, with this same haunted expression, and then pants as he steels himself to go on -seemingly forcing himself to continue, squeezing his eyes shut as he kisses her. All I heard in my head was Arya saying “get on with it”.

This was not romantic epic love. Jon didn’t look at Dany like she hung the moon. We’ve all seen the way he’s looked at Sansa -

Vs. a very intimate moment with the woman he “supposedly” has fallen for?


I may be wrong about undercover lover, but I think that there was so much more than meets the eye here.

Buckle up babies -we survived season 7 and boatbang.

Season 8 is ours and Jonsa is STILL endgame. It is known. 😘

Eastwatch | You only know you love him when you let him go

I’ll be damned if that quote doesn’t accurately fit this situation! I mean, really, to see Daenerys behaving like this lovesick teenage girl is truly something else, one of those things I never knew I needed until now 😂💖

Up till now, the focus has mainly been Jon’s attraction to her, and how they’re starting to mutually trust each other. And now, it shifts to Dany and just exactly how much she’s fallen for him without even realizing it! (I’m a sucker for ‘I didn’t think I was in love but I am’ stories apparently)

Their first scene here is the iconic ‘Jon touches Drogon and is overwhelmed with emotion’, and he’s so not alone! I was nearly in tears at this scene, and that’s majorly because of the score.

Honestly, there couldn’t have been a better theme for these star-crossed lovers. The melody is so.. hauntingly beautiful, there’s no other way to describe it. It is simultaneously romantic and sweet, and yet tragically sad, and that’s such a good portrayal of their (or anyone’s for that matter) relationship in GoT. Because there are no happy endings. That fact is so engrained in me (yet another side effect of the travesty that was the 💔 Red Wedding 💔), that nothing is ever going to end well for anyone, especially not for my favorite characters, that I can never get over it.

And I know I overthink a lot, but every time I hear their theme track, I remember all the tragic things that have happened in GoT over the years, everything that the people I love so much have gone through, and it just makes me root for Jonerys even more. It is precisely because I know how relationships work in this universe that I want happiness so badly for my precious babies. They’ve suffered enough, Jon has literally died man. Don’t they at least deserve to have happiness together? (See what I did there? Together 💖🤣)

Aaaand the parallels just keep coming and coming. 

What was important about this scene, what was ‘Jonerys’ about it, is the effect it has on Dany. 

She is used to people cowering in fear in front of her dragons, but when she looks down and sees Jon not only standing his ground, but also petting (petting!) Drogon, she’s instantly intrigued. Not only is Jon honest, noble, sincere and all the thousands of qualities she’s already discovered, but he’s fearless. And more than that, Drogon letting Jon touch him is definitely a big deal for her, because no one apart from her (and Tyrion, let’s never forget that 😎) has gotten so close to her dragons. And now she sees that her fiercest son is accepting Jon’s touch, and this is definitely one of the pivotal moments for her. Because where she had already begun to admire, respect and trust him, now she is attracted to him, and the way she’s looking at him like:


What I personally found interesting about this was a) Bronn is not alone in the ‘takes braveness to another level’ category. Imagine Drogon coming towards you and not jumping off the cliff like?

And b) his trust factor is too high. I mean man, he took the words ‘don’t judge a daughter by the sins of her father’ too much to heart if you ask me. Like imagine the level of trust he has in Dany now. All the countless times he’s heard the story about the Mad King burning his grandfather, the ringing warnings he’s received by nearly every Northerner against Targaryens, and yet a dragon is nearly inches from his face and he doesn’t even flick a glance towards Dany. This scene just gave off such strong ‘trust’ vibes from Jon that I just can’t. And yes, I know that everybody knows Dany wouldn’t kill Jon like that duh! But this was a man who has been specifically been told to be wary of the Targaryens and their propensity to burning stuff and he goes right up and pets the dragon. Respect!

My favorite Jonerys moment though was this:

#married! 😂

I’ve ranted quite a lot about it already, but this scene was the cutest because the way Jon realizes he’s messed up and then does a total 180° like ’Of course they’re beautiful!! What else could they possibly be!!!’ and then throws in the ’gorgeous beasts’ for good measure 😂👏🏻, like ’please don’t be mad wifey.’ Two seconds ago, he was inches from a dragon’s face, and here he goes all ’ohhhh shit.’ By far their cutest moment! 😂💖 

P. S. I read like actual posts along the lines of how Jon is so scared of her, he’s not able to speak his mind. All he’s concentrating on doing is telling her what she wants to hear to get back safely to the North (and Sansa?), and that she’s such a tyrant, and Jon hates her so much and you get the picture. All I want to say is, if that’s what you took away from this scene… 🤐 Of course, if all the above was true, then you can guess what Jon would have said when she told him about having fewer enemies. Something like ‘I’m glad to hear that, your Grace.’ But what does he do instead? Not only remain deliberately silent when she tells him that, but he bluntly tells her he’s not sure what he feels. Sooo.. If he is trying to tell her what she wants to hear to get back to Sansa 🙄, someone should tell him this is not what she wants to hear dude.

And this again! 😍💖 

Why does Jon have to do this to me! Every time I see him looking at her when she’s not, I just… 

What I also found really moving here was how hard he’s trying to not fall for her, the way he makes himself look away, like forcing himself to remember - 'There’s no time for that.’ 

They’re at war, he can’t allow himself to stray from his mission, he needs to focus only on defeating the damned Night King, and of course, it’s classic Jon. Duty before desire always. *sigh*   #preciousnoblepuppy 

And then we get Jealous!Jon 😂

He’s so cute when he’s grumpy/suspicious 

(the memes on this scene were hilarious! Jealous!Jon and Teenage!Dany are the best!) 

And of course, the jealousy continues in this scene:

Why do I say that? Not just because I’m a huge Jonerys shipper, but also Jon was so reluctant about addressing the whole Wight Mission before Ser Jorah volunteers, and the moment he does, there’s this look: 

And then all of a sudden, his reluctance flies outta the window and he’s all macho and in charge and who’s the boss? Me’s the boss, like look! 

Of course, that’s not the only reason he’s going, he knows he needs to get the wight if he’s to get Dany + Cersei’s help, but that definitely gives him the suicidal edge here, like damned if I’m going to sit here watching Dany worry about someone else, I’m the hero here. 

And then finally we get Dany realizing that she doesn’t want him to go, not him, not on a suicide mission.

She’s worried enough about Jorah going, but him! And I think it surprises her too, the moment she realizes that she not only respects, admires and trusts this man, but she has feelings for him. Like damn! After Daario, she had believed that she’s incapable of that attachment, that bond and here she’s just forged one with a stranger? 

And may I just add, their eye conversation is out of the world? Literally everyone can see you’ll guys?

Then the goodbye scene where Jon so blatantly fishes for compliments, my boy Jon is continuously upping his game man:

Imagine realizing you’ve fallen in love with someone who may never come back…


Jon’s thing for redheads
Ashford Tourney
Murder kitten whenever some man mentions Sansa
“I like the wolf bit”
Platonic matching cloaks
“You’re abandoning your people (you’re abandoning me)”
Ned/Catelyn parallels
Hand rub
Arm grab
The nuzzle hug
Fighting over the Lord’s Chambers
“You’re as far from Joffrey as anyone I’ve ever met”
Jon totally not looking at Sansa’s lips all the time
Their compliment spot on the battlements
Jon literally only smiling around Sansa at all these past two seasons
“Where will you go?” “Where will we go?”
“Winterfell is ours. It’s our home.”
“He’ll keep me safe, I trust him.”
“If Ramsey wins, I’m not going back there alive” “if I fall, don’t bring me back”
“I’m not a stark” “you are to me”
Sansa, anytime Jon isn’t around: “I wish Jon were here”
Balcony wave
“When you’re old enough, I’ll make you a match with someone who is worthy of you. Someone who is brave and gentle and strong.”

Add your own!


Okay I’m so excited that i’m sure that this post is going to be just a lot of rambling. But I am going to do it anyway. To begin with the scene with Arya Stark killing all the Freys was mind f****** blowing even though the minute I saw Walder Frey I knew what was going to happen. But it was satisfying!!

Okay straight away to Jon and Sansa. Though I did see Sansa’s view point, I’d have to go with Jon’s decision about the umbers and the karstarks. It was the right thing to do!!

JON: “You’re my sister but I am king now”

SANSA: Will you start wearing a crown??

(I’m pretty sure I’ve read this in a fic somewhere!! Please lemme know if someone can remember from which one it is)

Fast forward to the part where she says, Joffrey didn’t let anyone question his authority, was he a good king? AND JON STOPS WALKING!!

There right there at that very moment I got all the Jonsa feels in the world!!! With disgust etched on his face he ask her, “Do you think I’m Joffrey??”


Joffrey whom Sansa thought, Jon was jealous of, Joffrey who was Sansa’s dream prince, Joffrey who Jon did not like …

And hear Sansa’s Answer “You’re as far away from Joffrey as anyone I’ve ever met!” With that gentle affectionate look in her eyes. (Swoon)

I read this as: Jon is the EXACT OPPOSITE of Joffrey. Sansa thought Joffrey was the man of her dreams but she was so wrong. He was a monster and Jon. Well Jon is nothing like Joffrey. Jon is Jon. He is brave, gentle and strong. *wink wink* just saying.

Joffrey was in that conversation by design. Remember that!

Okay continuing ahead, Jon sighs and looks away. A pregnant pause, Sansa’s just paid him a compliment. And Jon Snow doesn’t really know how to deal with that.

Bonus: We do know that Jon Snow is being protective about Sansa Stark😉

The hand grab was okay but Jon LOOKS down at their joined hands for a second before looking back at her. THAT was important!!!

So about those Sansa StArk wants power theories: NOOOO! SANSA STARK DOESNT WANT POWER. She is just voicing her opinion and she’s genuinely trying to HELP JON SNOW!! Like genuinely. She’s telling him to be more careful, to be smarter than NED and ROBB. She ‘wants’ him to rule and she cares about him!!

If at all, I thought Jon was being a little stubborn.

Anyway did you guys notice the look that came into Sansa’s eyes when she says “Would that be so terrible?” And then Jon sighing while looking into her eyes!!!!!!!!!! Right before the maester comes and interrupts them with a news of a raven from kings landing mirroring the NeD/Cat scene from season 1e01. These parallels just keep on piling.

The next scene has Jon and Sansa standing facing each other in the same place where the forehead kiss happened discussing Cersei’s message. This to me was another important scene telling us about the future, of what these two are going to be involved in.

The way the scene was shot, Jon and Sansa facing each other, they represented two opposing view points, one pointing north and the other pointing south. Jon thinks the night king is more dangerous (Because that’s what he’s always dealt with) while Sansa thinks that Cersei is the bigger threat (Because she knows Cersei) and that Jon needs to pay more attention to the south. The thing is, both are right. And I personally feel while Jon will deal with the Great War, Sansa will defend the north from all their enemies. He’s a commander and she’s a queen. Also Jon’s journey south may make him understand Sansa’s concerns better. Bran coming back to winterfell will make Sansa see Jon’s view point better.

My two bits about JONSA in season 7 episode 1

thirteen-cypher  asked:

In lieu of your recent post with Jon wearing the original Robin suit, I wonder if we will get a short tale of said event.

Yeah, I kinda had that idea in my head for a while :p I’m surprised the comics themselves haven’t toyed with this concept already lol.

“This feels…snug,” Jon remarked. His fingers tugged at the strap of his new uniform’s bottom half. He winced at how little there was he could tug.

“Should I take that as an expression of comfort?” Damian asked smugly. He scrutinized Jon in the outfit, from his messy, dark-haired head, down to his bare legs and green pointed shoes.

“No, you shouldn’t,” Jon said grumpily. He heaved an irritated sigh as he stared at himself in the mirror once more.

After a disastrous bet, Jon found himself wearing Dick Grayson’s first Robin costume. The legendary uniform looked as dated as it was drafty between the legs. Jon’s eyes were masked by a visor, which had the sole ability to switch to night vision. His smart phone had dozens more filters than this, he thought glumly. On his shoulders rested a bright yellow cape—and while Damian swore it was fireproof, it wasn’t bulletproof, or anything-else-proof, and couldn’t even glide. The button-down top was firehouse red with short green sleeves, and while it seemed to be padded and armored somewhat, it was definitely not designed for comfort—Jon could already feel his armpits chafing. The shoes did not improve his opinion of the getup. At first glance, Jon had mistaken them for elf shoes. And despite Damian’s insistence that they were designed for agility, Jon still thought they were elf shoes.

Then of course, there were the briefs. They were not pants, or shorts, or even tights—there was really no other word for it other than ‘briefs’. Green and covered with a scale-like mesh, it was probably the main part of the costume that made Jon want to shout out one big giant ‘NOPE!’

“How can I even fight with these?” Jon asked incredulously as he twisted his waist.

“Nothing beats the classics,” Damian said with a smirk, as if that was enough of an explanation. “Besides, those green underpants are actually the most armored part of the uniform. They even protect your decency by hiding the outline of your scrawny behind.” Damian punctuated the sentence by nonchalantly slapping Jon’s rear.


“Ow! Hey!” Jon snapped indignantly. The briefs didn’t do much to protect Jon’s dignity.

“Grayson was just twelve years old when he wore that costume,” Damian continued. “He was already a prodigious acrobat, and his uniform was tailored to take advantage of that. The costume gave him maneuverability. Perhaps literally wearing his shoes will teach you to respect his skill.”

“Hey,” Jon chided. “I like Dick!—“

Damian snorted trying to stifle a laugh, causing Jon’s cheeks to flush.

“I mean I don’t need to wear his…briefs…to respect him because I already do!”

Damian waved him off and began walking away. “What I meant was that you should appreciate how skilled he was being able to assist my father despite wearing something like that. Also, you lost a bet, so you have no choice. Now, let’s ride!”


Jon made a mental list of all the things he hated doing wearing Dick Grayson’s costume.

First, there was riding Damian’s Robin Cycle. The feeling of his legs’ bare skin rubbing against the motor bike’s leather seat was uncomfortable enough, but the cool wind felt like it was cutting up his exposed limbs with tiny icy daggers. The draft crept up through his sleeves and leg holes, and the entire experience just made him thoroughly miserable.

Then, there were the bystanders. Everyone who saw him asked why he was wearing a Halloween costume in August. It pained Jon that, to these people, Dick’s uniform was already so iconic that it’s been relegated to party costume status. Even more than that, he felt like everyone saw him as even more of a little kid—which he technically was—but the costume made him feel a little less confident to talk to people. They also kept asking him if he was cold wearing it. With a smile and gritted teeth, he always replied, ‘yes, yes he was’.

He also couldn’t fly. He had no doubt that a flying boy wearing the classic Robin uniform would raise more than a few eyebrows. They’d start to ask some pretty awkward questions. Things like, ‘Since when did Robin fly?’, or, ‘Is that a new hero copying Robin?’, and even worse, ‘Is that Superboy wearing Robin’s underwear?’ If there was one thing Jon was grateful for, it was the mask, because at least some part of the costume protected his privacy—and all the times his eyes would twitch whenever cruel-looking teenagers would tease him for wearing green diapers.

Ironically enough, he was most embarrassed around criminals. Them laughing at him was actually the least embarrassing thing that’s happened. Damian mockingly complimented him for distracting the bad guys—which was totally not what he’d intended. More than a few thugs had called him ‘legs’—those guys ended up just a little more bruised than usual. Damian had said something along the lines of “It’s perfectly fine to be complimented on your shapely legs.” Jon was pretty sure that Damian hadn’t meant that as a compliment at all.

The most mortifying experience Jon had were with the bank robbers.

About half a dozen armed men with ski masks had decided to rob a local branch of the Metropolis Bank. Damian and Jon were on the scene, preparing to strike. Before they leapt up from the shadows, Damian had suggested they loudly announce their presence to unnerve the criminals. At the time, this sounded good to Jon. Of course, he’d assumed that Robin would be with him.

“Stop right there!” Jon bellowed. He stepped out of the shadows and onto the light, his short yellow cape billowing in the breeze. It took all of his willpower to stop his bare legs from shivering.

His appearance seemed to have had the intended effect—the three men loading bags of cash on a truck stopped abruptly to stare at him. The driver and two other lookouts came over to stare at him too. Despite their masks, their expressions were very obvious.

They were absolutely baffled.

“That’s right!” Jon declared. “You better stand down or my partner and I…” Jon glanced to his side and his voice died in his throat. Damian wasn’t beside him anymore. He was alone. He suddenly became very conscious of himself, and he tugged at the hem of his cape to cover his legs from the light.

Two of the thugs scratched their heads. One of them had his mouth open.

“Uh, I…I’m sorry I don’t know how to react to this,” said one of the robbers. He shook his head.

“Is that a kid in panties?” asked one of the men in confusion.

“What’s a cute little girl like you doing here?” asked the driver.

“I’m a boy!” Jon squeaked. His face flushed crimson.

“Oh geez, sorry. Well…shit, this is awkward,” the driver replied with utmost sincerity.

“Damn, boss, why’d you have to tease him? The little guy looks just about ready to cry,” one of the burlier men said. It annoyed Jon that the man sounded genuinely reproachful.

“I feel like I’m going to end up on some watchlist looking at him,” one of the men said.

“Idiot, we’re already wanted escapees from Blackgate,” chided another.

The thieves were at a loss—they awkwardly gaped at Jon with complete bewilderment. Somehow, that just amplified Jon’s irritation and embarrassment.

Suddenly, smokebombs erupted from the men’s feet, and Jon heard the unmistakable twang of metal wires coiling and snapping together. When the mist cleared, Damian was leaning on the van with a cocky grin, and every single robber was on the ground bound by tight metal wires—somehow, even the guy in the driver seat.

“What took you so long?” Jon snapped at Damian.

“I was waiting for the right time,” Damian shrugged. His cheeks were straining from the effort to contain his laughter. “Besides, your apparent cuteness was an effective ruse.”

Jon replied by elbowing Damian in the ribs.

“I don’t get it,” the robbers’ leader said from where he was bound on the floor. “Are exposed legs a new fad with the sidekicks these days?”

“Nooo! Gah, this sucks!” Jon huffed in frustration. He stormed off, looking more like a grumpy child than ever before.

“He lost a bet,” Damian explained.

The man nodded sympathetically.


An explosion roared in the eastern block of Metropolis’ Shuster District, and Damian and Jon raced to the scene. But when they got there, the battle was obviously over. They were met with a frantic scene of police officers scurrying around together with emergency crews. A few yards away, Superman was overseeing the police taking a man in green metallic armor inside a truck. Batman and Nightwing came over to the boys, and stopped dead in their tracks when they got a clear look at Jon’s clothes.

An awkward silence followed as the two men stared at the two boys. Dick broke the silence first.

“Hey, isn’t that mine…?”

Damian cleared his throat. “Father, we rushed here when we heard the explosion, is everything alright?”

Batman took a few seconds to find his voice—his glare was still alternating between Damian and Jon.

“A disturbance by Metallo—one of Clark’s old enemies. It’s been taken care of. Robin, why is Superboy—“

Bruce was interrupted by Clark’s arrival. He sensed that Clark was about to say something, but stopped mid-breath when he saw Jon in the green underpants and not much else. His expression radiated pure confusion, as if his face contorted to ask “Why?”

While Batman is known for never showing emotion, he was not above breathing an exasperated sigh. Jon, for his part, just about died from embarrassment. His cheeks were as red as his father’s cape, and his knees were shivering.

Damian suddenly sensed that all eyes were on him. He spread his arms apologetically.

“He lost a bet! He agreed to wear Grayson’s old outfit! I didn’t do anything wrong!”

Dick got behind the two boys and wrapped his arms around their shoulders.

“Don’t worry, super dads, I got this.”


Dick, Damian and Jon were perched on a rooftop. The previous evening’s chill gave way to a humid haze that settled over lower Gotham.

“This is stupid,” Damian grumbled.

“No it’s not, Robin,” Dick said gently. “Consider this as training on how to observe teamwork and respect for your partner.”

“How is this supposed to teach me anything?” Damian demanded as he gestured at his outfit. He was wearing a zipped jacket with Superman’s ‘S’ logo, just like Jon. He sported red sneakers, and he didn’t have a mask on. Most aggravating of all, he was forced to wear denim shorts that were cut off above the knee. Damian thought it was utterly ridiculous.

“This,” Dick began explaining, “is your punishment for making Jon go through wearing my costume without my permission. Besides, Damian looks cuter with shorts, doesn’t he, Jon?”

The skyline’s bright lights reflected on Jon’s suddenly-pink cheeks. He didn’t look at either Dick or Damian.

“Well, I wouldn’t say it like that…” Jon said timidly.

“I swear, Kent. Not. A. Word.”

Damian jumped off the roof. Before Dick followed him, Jon could’ve sworn Dick gave him a wink.

Jon jumped off after them. He was sure that laughing at Damian didn’t need any words.

I’m very happy with the Jonsa scenes we got.
The first scene in the great hall is a good illustration of how different they are when it comes to ruling:

One is pragmatic and tends to see the whole picture ( Sansa), the other rule with the heart and is forgiving. He believes in unity and loyalty. ( Jon).
That doesn’t mean that those different views cannot co-exist.
They compliment each other and could work together if put to good use.

So I didn’t see anything wrong with that scene.

Their scene on the balcony and on the battlement was very interesting to me for two reasons:

Their dynamic is different. It is nothing like what we saw last season.
And no, the tension is not gone nor diminished than what it was in season 6.

The tension is still there but the awkwardness is gone.

They act very naturally around each other now. It seems like there have been a lot of conversations between them since they took Winterfell back.

Sansa complimented Jon, teased him and tried to make him understand why she acted the way she did during the audience in the great hall.

There is still a little bit of awkwardness from Jon’s part but that is his natural state when he is around a lady, lol.

Sophie and Kit still play of each other very well. The scenes looked beautiful and the dialogues felt real.

I think people who are afraid to watch because of those bloody leaks should give this episode a try.

It was nothing like what the leaks made it sound.

The only way to enjoy the season and the ship is to stop linking everything back those leaks. Let’s just watch the show and enjoy whatever we will get from Jonsa.

anonymous asked:

Since I'm feeling happy and absurdly optimistic tonight (lol @ me), I feel like Aemon is a baby name Dany & Jon could settle on, yes?

I would love this. Maester Aemon is so underappreciated. Such a sweet and wise man who was so important to Jon’s life and who wanted so badly to be a part of Dany’s and help her. I love him so much and think it would be the ultimate compliment for Dany and Jon to name a son after him :’)

So like, Jon is really sweet and complements Sansa is dresses.

And like Sansa makes him super cute cloaks which he wears all the time even in the South.

And like Sansa compliments Jon as a ruler

While Jon validates Sansa’s potential as a ruler and entrust their home to her.

And like, I really need Jonsa

lull-at-stars  asked:

Hi turtle-paced! I love your blog and your valuable insights, I love your analytical spirit <3 i am really curious about how it will be explained in the books that Jon, being a Targaryen has no Targaryen typical features or Valyrian features.. is there a precedent in the books for this? thank you and hope to read many more metas from you!


Off the top of my head (my copy of TWoIaF is still in a box from when I moved house), Elia and Rhaegar’s daughter Rhaenys Targaryen favoured her mother. Over in the Tales of Dunk & Egg, Baelor Breakspear has dark hair from his mother, and Egg’s brother Daeron has brown hair and blond stubble. Jon taking after his mother is not out of the norm.

Thanks very much for the compliments!

anonymous asked:

Eh :) what do you mean Jon and Luke are(were?) back together. Like, as in a couple? (It wouldn't change my opinion on either of them or anything. But I thought Jon had a kid with god knows who haha). (Also, your blog is super cute <3)

Yeah! Jon and Luke dated a couple of years back:

(Ahhh Luke was wearing Jon’s beanie while he walked Jon’s dog)

And recently, it appears they’ve rekindled their romance :) 

So yeah! (Also thank you so much for the blog compliment! <3 <3)