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This is very important! I wish I had more time to feed my own blog but my main mistake is there : I realised that I never told my fav tumblr writers how much I love them and their work. Or too few. So here I’m, to tell you that : Your amazing, and I love your blog! Please, keep spreading more Chibs love on my dash. Keep writing your awesome fics, preference and “would include”. Bless you ♡♡♡

Thanks a million, my dearest!🖤🖤🖤 I’m truly speechless right now and very grateful for reading your lovely message!!!💞 I hope I can improve my blog and make you swoon over Chibby and Samcro even more!🍀🤞🏻💚 I hope you’ll have an amazing day, deary!😙😙😙 Lots of love&God bless you!🖤🖤🖤

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rb if you’re a boy and you think boys casually telling each other they look handsome/cute/beautiful should be normalized ✨✨✨ trying to prove a point that there is no shame in telling another boy he looks nice whether he’s your friend or your boyfriend or a stranger you meet in starbucks, and that us boys appreicate hearing that stuff from each other

Words of Honey Glamour Spell

A spell to help your compliments sound as sincere and honest as they are; help others take them to heart and to brighten their day.

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You Will Need:

🐝 Honey
🐝 Mirror
🐝 Warm Water

(Warning this spell may be a bit messy due to sticky honey)

Time of Day: best to be performed first thing in the morning


🐝 Mix your honey in a bowl with your warm water until it is a consistency in the middle of honey and water.

🐝 While looking in the mirror apply some of the honey-water to your lips (I recommend using a popsicle stick or spoon, something other than fingers)

🐝 “My words are as sweet as honey, to those who hear, let them soak into their hearts, and make their day sunny”

🐝 Lick your lips after saying this and taste the honey and sweetness, desiring it to be like the words you speak for the day

🐝 Once you have finished your spell you may was your lips of any sticky honey left over and then may begin getting ready for the day