I used to always (and still do sometimes) take the modest “it’s not that great” answer, but it’s not really beneficial to either you or the person giving the compliment! They could feel like if you’re not that great, then they themselves are even worse. So that’s when you learn to just say thank you! I think the last option is the best for yourself because you also acknowledge your own positive attributes!

When you compliment the signs
  • Aries:tell me more...
  • Taurus:hahah what no
  • Gemini:yeah
  • Cancer:*blushes super hard* I don't know.. Tihi
  • Leo:thank you you're so nice I love you we should hang out more often maybe we could go on this concert together like that would be so much fun
  • Virgo:Um no Hahah you're kidding, right?
  • Libra:awwwwwwwwww you too!
  • Scorpio:(doesn't say anything just smiles sheepishly) hehe
  • Sagittarius:I know I know (tries to play it off but is actually really happy)
  • Capricorn:*looks down on the floor* (they make a weird noise and then laughs it's so cute)
  • Aquarius:mmhhahmm *turns and start to walk away but then comes back again* thank you
  • Pisces:ahh that's nice of you Hahah aw ;)
the signs when someone compliments them

Aries: duh…

Taurus: what no omg you are so amazing yourself ahhh

Gemini: you really think so??

Cancer: *uncontrollable blushing*

Leo: bitch please I know that

Virgo: *initiate sexy face* *everyone dies*

Libra: omg lol thx dude ily

Scorpio: ur not so bad urself ;-)

Sagittarius: oh thanks! *dramatic/scary hair flip*

Capricorn: …….and?

Aquarius: *suffocating hug*

Pisces: wow you are so sweet, thank you! *unintentionally poses like super model*