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Hello I love your art and love the new kiribaku kids. I did research on mako sharks and it said "The shortfin mako is on record as the fastest-swimming shark, capable of bursts of speed up to 18.8 metres per second (42 mph)." Its jaw is powerful enough to eat swordfish and sea turtles. And "Like other lamnid sharks, the shortfin mako shark has a heat-exchange circulatory system that allows the shark to be 7-10 °F warmer than the surrounding water. ". So I think mako would be an excellent hero

Never said she won’t be! As I’ve already explained tho the concept is that she’s young and most of he quirk-related abilities just haven’t developed yet - if she’d been living with her biological parents (which means, other people with a shark quirk) they would have already known what to expect from the quirk/she would have knows watching them, but as things stand she’s being raised by two people who’ve never known anyone else with that quirk, so they’re going at it completely blind. As far as Bakugou and Kirishima know her quirk’s abilities could stop at what she has now, but that doesn’t change that they’ll do their best to help her become the best hero of her generation, if that’s what she wants

Anon said: I can’t believe the KiriBaku kids are literally Sharkgirl and Lavaboy, it’s very cute. I also wanna say that Mako looks very much like one of the student from Ketsubutsu Academy, Nakagame Tatami, who has a “turtle quirk”. Could it be that Mako is Tatami’s biological kid and that when Tatami died (presumably from battle) Mako got adopted? Their quirks are a little similar (water-animal based), and hero’s kids usually have very strong quirks even from a young age. Just a theory, love the kids tho!

I know you didn’t mean anything bad by this and I love how into them you are (thank you for liking them!) but please never, ever tell an artist that their OCs are literally some other characters, that’s the worst thing any creator can ever be told. Like, while I don’t exactly mind it since I knew this would happen even before posting them (as I said, I do know they remind of them - even though Tai’s quirk isn’t only about heating things up - and I’m still of the opinion that Kiri and Baku are pretty damn similar to Sharkboy and Lavagirl themselves so kids inspired by them were bound to remind of them, when coming from me) you might in the future find someone who’ll take it bad enough that they’ll just trash the characters and never work with them ever again, which I’m sure you don’t want

Just, mind your words next time you send this sort of asks, okay?

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NCT Mark, Renjun, Jeno, Haechan and Jaemin's ideal type (personality)


Anon: hi hi !! could you please do the next 5 members for the ideal type post? if you don’t want to that’s okay, too. Thank youuu!

Anon: Please please please do the ideal types of the next 5 members, personality and appearance. <3

Sorry that this has taken a while to come out! Hopefully it was worth the wait!  Please remember that these are all just assumptions. Tell me if you want the next 2 members (Chenle & Jisung)! Also thank you to everyone who sent in messages and helped me with this! It really helped!

Ideal type (appearance)

Ideal type (personality)


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Someone who likes to read would totally appeal to him; he’d love to hear them read and talk about their favourite books and debating about the author’s intentions behind certain parts. They wouldn’t have to be the intelligent type, overflowing with knowledge and facts, but someone who had common sense and could see sense in things would be very attractive to him. I don’t think he’d be able to deal with someone who asked questions that had obvious answers. He’d suit well with someone chill and laid back, who didn’t stress too much about life but was still very hard working and well organised. They should be quiet independent and be okay with the fact he might occasionally choose his career over them, even though it doesn’t mean he doesn’t love them anymore. Someone reliable and supportive, who can support not only him but the wrath of his members; they’d probably rely on his girlfriend for moral and mental support too. He wouldn’t have a preference for introverts nor extroverts, but might be put off by someone who is at an extreme end of the scale. They should be able to make a conversation flow well and always have something interesting to say, whether that was a story or fact. I think someone with a “normal” life would be perfect for him; he’d like the feeling of home and being around someone who could keep him grounded and sane. They wouldn’t have to have any specific talents or hobbies, but if they had a quirky or weird one, he’d be intrigued and find it fascinating, probably wanting to try it out too.


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I think he’d suit an ambivert; someone who could bring his energy up by being energetic and outgoing, but not overly excitable that he dreads doing anything or feels run down a lot of the time. Or someone who was quiet at first but then with time, opened up and grew in confidence; he’d like having someone to become more confident with. Age wouldn’t concern him too much, but at his age right now, someone who was either his age or a couple years younger/older than him, might suit him too. Someone who has a soft and sweet soul, but if someone messes with them, has good comebacks and knows how to catch people off guard. I also think he’d go well with an artsy and creative person. Or at least, someone who could share at least one of his main hobbies. They wouldn’t need to be good at art or like doing it, but someone who appreciates it and will admire his work and encourage him to keep practising. Someone who is easy to befriend and is observant; they can easily read people and always knows how to include people and make them feel comfortable naturally. Although he loves food, whether they can cook or not wouldn’t be a problem. If they can, he’d be sure to make the most of it, asking them to make things for him and the members and paying them back with affection and compliments. If they can’t, he’d be the one cooking and they’d be the one showering him with affection and compliments. Preferably someone who can speak Chinese (or Korean) so there is no language barrier. He’d be pretty relaxed about his ideal type, but being able to easily communicate is a must.


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Although I think he’d suit both loud and quiet kind of people, I think he’d suit someone whose quite gentle and calm and a little more on the shy side. I guess he’d want someone who has a life and personality that contrasts the hectic, tiring life he has an idol; they’d keep him sane and chill. Someone with an intelligent and clever mind, who has an unusual way of thinking and helps him develop into a well-informed and deep character. He’d totally be the type to want to have deep chats at 2AM and talk about everything and anything. Someone who always has something to say and will open their heart up to him; you wouldn’t need something “interesting” to tell him for him to listen to you; he’d like the conversations where you’d just tell each other about what you had for dinner or what you saw on the bus on your way to school. As well as having someone who opened up to him, they’d need to be able to listen to him too, and hear all about his troubles and anxieties. He’d definitely be one of them members in NCT who’d think communication in a relationship is crucial, despite his young age. Someone more mature than immature but can still be playful and a tease when necessary. Someone who has dedicated their life to a passion or talent of their’s instead of something educational. Like Renjun, he’d like it if they could draw, paint, sing, or anything else like that; he’d find it admirable and cool. Doesn’t necessarily have to be something he can do or has an interest it, but he’d defiantly be willing to pursue a hobby in it if you inspired him that much.


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He’d like someone with wit and charm, who’d always leave an impressionable mark on people and a good one. Someone who knew a lot about a lot would really impress him and, I see him developing and maturing into someone who was very socially aware, as a result of dating them. Someone who has a genuine and sensitive heart, but not overly sensitive that they’d be offended by any teasing or playful instead from him. He’d need someone who literally worshiped him and loved him with all their heart, and wouldn’t be afraid to express this whether it was physically or verbally. Obviously, someone who can match him well and keep up, so they’ve got to be sarcastic, like pranking people and be an energetic, active person. Someone whose the mum friend, not to him but to other people. He’d like how caring and sweet their heart could be, and this’d be very reassuring to him - knowing that if he was to ever feel insecure or upset, you’d be there to pick him up. Doesn’t necessarily mind an introvert or an extrovert, although an extrovert might feel more comfortable around him (an introvert would eventually feel more comfortable around him, it’d just take some time) As long as they knew when to listen and when to talk, and showed genuine interest in him and his life, he’d easily fall for them and showing as much love back too.


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Jaemin would probably suit someone quite extroverted and adventurous, but not to the extent that they literally cannot calm down and always enjoy the limelight and attention. He’d like them to be quite loud but still very modest and a good listener. He’d want to be able to go on dates that were unusual and different, ones that lasted the entire day so meant you had to wake up at 5AM and end up going to sleep at 11PM. Someone either very, very feminine or someone quite boisterous and a little bit like a tom-boy. I literally don’t think there’d be an in-between either lol. Someone who loves to be around others and wouldn’t mind having casual dates, where another member might tag along with the pair of you. Perhaps someone who’s the “mum” friend and will smother and look after him. He’d like the attention and affection, so he’d need a S/O who didn’t really have any limits and doesn’t mind the physical attention.Someone he can dance with and teach. They don’t even have to be good or have ever danced before. He’d love to have the opportunity and responsibility of teaching someone how to dance and then reaching the stage where you both can dance together. I think he’d be a really good teacher and very patient and adoring with you. A dog person over a cat person! Not sure why, but I think maybe when he’s older, he’d like to buy a dog with his partner and just go on long treks with you (and the dog) Someone who wouldn’t mind him showering you in little gifts; nothing that expensive, and sometimes they’d be homemade, but they’d be often and his way of telling you how much you mean to him.

  • Straightie™: I ALWAYS FALL FOR THE GAY GUYS 😩😩👏🏼👏🏼💦💦😍
  • Straightie™: GAY GUYS ARE SO FABULOUS!!💖✨✨✨💫😘
  • Me: 🙃
Just Jiwon Things

His name might as well just be Bobby cause for some reason…he looks like a bobby. TALENTED RAPPER WITH THE LOOKS OF A BUNNY. THIS MAN CAN GO FROM 0 TO 100 REAL QUICK. I love how instead of being called handsome, he loves when someone compliments his rapping (Kony’s wintertime) BUT WHEN SOMEONE DOES COMPLIMENT HIS LOOKS, THIS CUTIE GETS SO SHY, I CAN’T. He has put so much hard work in his rapping skills. Bless your heart Kim Jiwon, you deserve so much. (gifs are obviously not mine)

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Even though he is one hard ass rapper, he is a sweetheart and a very humble person. Especially towards his Pooh bear, he never lets it go no matter what (given to him by his brother since birth). IT’S ADORABLE WHEN HE GOES ALL SOFT CAUSE HE REALLY DOES LOOK LIKE A HARD ASS RAPPER BUT HE’S THE OPPOSITE OFF STAGE…on stage is a different story ;-; *eye smile* AND I FREAKIN QUOTE 

MC to Hanbin: Who would you save first from water? Obang or Bobby?

Bobby: Even if Pooh was in the water, I would save you first.


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Jiwon is the mood maker of iKon. He is either being VERY AWKWARD WITH JUNHOE (I still don’t get why they are like this…) or JUST BEING EXTRA AS HELL WITH HIMSELF AND OTHER MEMBERS. THERE IS NO IN BETWEEN AND IKONICS JUST HAVE TO DEAL WITH IT.

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No matter what he says, he’s always confident and like I said before, a very humble person. He respects so much in life. Even though he was lonely when he moved to Korea, he grew up into the man we know today and he’s had his members by his side to help him at all times <3.

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AND THEN HIS DUO WITH MINO OF WINNER?! WHY DID YG TAKE THAT AWAY?! TWO AMAZING RAPPERS WITH TWO AMAZING SKILLSETS AKA MOBB. Jiwon also has a certain growl to his voice when rapping but when he isn’t rapping….yup giant fluffball who sometimes mumbles his Korean (It’s so cute how the other members tease him about it as well) I WANT MOBB BACK AND I WANT MORE SOLO TRACKS FROM YOU JIWON WOO.

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The amazing most well-known person of iKon aka Bobby aka Kim Jiwon is a very talented rapper and a very respectful person. iKon suits him and so do iKonics, LOVING FAMILY. Like Hanbin, going through Mix & Match, WIN, and Show Me The Money 3 (which he won), he too has been through many hardships but has taken life by the hand. Jiwon, you are such an inspiration as a person and as a rapper. You continue to inspire through your music each and every day and I cannot wait to hear new songs from you. STAY RESTED AND EAT WELL.

(iKonics ADD MORE :D)

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Just Yunhyeong Things

Just Donghyuk Things

Just Junhoe Things

Just Chanwoo Things

Just iKon Things

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I think it's kinda funny and sad how I can handle the worst customers with a blank slate for a face now, but when one sincerely compliments something I've done or me in general, I tear up. It's kinda screwed up how accustomed we become to being treated like dirt in retail and food.

Omg I can always tell when someone I compliment is so used to abuse that they can’t handle kindness. It’s so sad and makes me want to protect them so damn much. Fucking hate what this world can do to people. No matter what you experience personally, know there are people out there that relate and care! -Abby

Angela having a crush on a girl

- she has classes (PE and biology) w her

- she’s always trying to look good

- wears semi-revealing clothes

- she’s constantly flirting

- stares at her lips so much

- invites her to go to the movie house or to get ice cream after school

- she gets so many mixed signs, she gets f u s s t r a t e d

- gives her so many compliments

- gets annoyed when she sees someone flirting w her

- can’t stop thinking about her

- always hopes she runs into her

- she changes in the locker room restrooms for gym bc like, its hard for her to not let eyes wander

- and then one day, Angela invites her over to her house to study and she just,,,, kisses her

It’s amazing how complimenting someone ELSE can make your own soul so happy. And it goes to show, that the 1st house/7th house is very much connected, as we as people are interconnected to everyone else. We feel happy and accomplished to love someone else’s beauty because that goes to show we appreciate our OWN enough to acknowledge someone else’s without being jealous. When we can see someone else’s beauty, we are showing ourselves that if we can see it in someone else then we can see it inside ourselves

There are so many ways to compliment the way someone looks. So many words that can stand on their own.

But when it comes to complimenting a person on who they are… there is never one word. You’d need to come up with a whole string of words. Sentence upon sentence. And just because you feel like telling someone what you like and appreciate about them doesn’t mean you can find the words.

And that sucks because even though their looks are not what matters most, it ends up being what you compliment on. And it will never be enough.

I could write hundreds of pages of fantasy, but when it comes to telling someone just how much they mean to me, words will always fall short.

“You’re beautiful” will always be too shallow, but most of the time it’s all I have.

Words could never express how much you mean to me, so I sit in silence and hope my feelings somehow reach you.

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Okay so I might have developed a crush on you °\\\° but! To be honest you are an awesome person with an amazing personality and? Your drawings??? They're fantastic!!! You make me smile every day :) you are a beautiful sunshine ☀️❤️❤️❤️

Nonnie oh my god, I don’t even know what to say frkjbvjfvbfvfjvfkvnfg 

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oh my gosh i really love your theme! i cant stop clicking his eyes!!!! its so beautiful

me @ me: turn anon on again, … but what is when i get hate, then you can finally find out how you would handle it. *coughs* Yeh a few hours I turned that thing on again AND AASDFG DIDN’T THOUGHT I would get so fast an anon already AND THEN EVEN POSITIVE … that was the first thing which came to my mind, before the second one came, where i thought to add the button next time on his crotch (when i use a full body pic of him), so you can say I CAN’T STOP CLICKING ON HIS D*CK. jk jk, tempting though.

Anyway!!! Thank you so much!! Glad you like it! THOUGH I Still wish I could change some things, well i could, just no ideas atm. That eye thing I added, because I couldn’t pick a color for my theme, white or red? Both looked good, SO … needed a solution, so this was it!!!! <3333 

the intense and sadistic joy i get when someone skinny compliments an article of clothing i got from a plus sized line or brand and wants to know where i got it so they can buy one and i’m like, “oh it only comes in plus sizes i don’t think they’ll have it in your size!” like yeah that’s right. i look good and i’m fat. suck it

Zoophobia fan art of Viv’s adorable, cat-loving character Makenzie…

…I know what it’s like to be that one quiet girl no one bothers to get to know, and who feels like nothing she does ever goes right…so she’s become one of my favorite characters in that comic. 

Here’s to hoping that someone notices and compliments something she does some day, so she can step back and say “I did that” with pride.

Here’s to hoping she realizes that she can do more than just make mistakes.^^

Inked with brown pen, colored with marker.


(sorry it may be late…)


the most DISHEARTENING thing a roleplayer can ever feel is when they play a male muse and get semi-popular on this blog then get messages like “you’re such an amazing writer, I want to rp with you everywhere!” on a weekly basis

and then when this mun of a male muse has a FEMALE muse, it’s completely ignored and you’re treated like a SHIT writer…and that’s not the disheartening part, the disheartening part is when you feel like compliments are only given so someone can play with your ale muse and that the compliment was all a lie in hopes of getting a ship  with a male muse.

Fic: Sweet Dreams

Sometimes what you really need in life is Kurt and Blaine being sleepy and snuggling up against their fiances in front of all their friends. ~1300 words, no spo-ilers, shameless fluff.

“Wait, wait, shh, this is the best part,” Blaine said to Rachel, flapping a hand at her to pause their conversation and turning back to the TV. They were marathoning old Disney Channel movies with Dani, Santana, and Kurt, and the callback scenes in High School Musical were just about to start.

“Of course you think Sharpay and Ryan’s weird pseudo-incestuous feathered and sequined dance number is the best part of this movie,” Santana snarked from her spot across the room where she was snuggled up with Dani in an impressive blanket nest on the floor. “How people think you’re straight is literally so far beyond me it’s on another continent.”

Before Blaine could even begin to formulate a retort, Kurt came wandering back from the kitchen, a big bowl of popcorn in his hands. He set the bowl down carefully on the coffee table before almost falling into Blaine’s lap and cuddling into his chest. “Mmmm, hi, B,” he said contently.

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I never really understood why dudes got so freaked out by gay dudes. Like just because someone finds guys attractive doesn’t mean they’re gonna think your dumb ass is attractive! And even if they do, that’s a compliment to you! Congrats! You’re so attractive someone can actually see past your shitty personality and still think you’re cute.
—  My dad laying it down