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For @timepetalsprompts drabble prompt “relief”. I also drew inspiration from this prompt on @otpisms:

OTP Idea #526
Imagine your OTP meeting because Person A has a panic attack on the train that Person B is on.

I changed it a bit, making it happen on the Zeppelin ride home from Norway.
Also, it isn’t anywhere near drabble length. (I’m sorry, so so sorry.)

Objectively, the Doctor knows exactly what is happening to him. His one heart beats rapidly, his breaths are shallow. Apparently even a complicated event in time and space isn’t immune to a panic attack.

The knowledge doesn’t make it any easier.

He’s on the Zeppelin, heading to an uncertain future. Jackie won’t stop talking and Rose isn’t talking much at all.

The Doctor’s one heart seems to be seizing in his chest, his breaths coming faster and faster, and he feels a bit dizzy. No respiratory bypass to help that out. It’s as if he’s still on the beach, only too close to the shoreline because waves are lapping at his feet.

First they’re small waves (Rose isn’t holding my hand), then they grow. (Rose isn’t talking to me.) Then they threaten to overwhelm him. (Rose doesn’t want me.)

And now it’s just like a tsunami (No TARDIS, only silence in my mind), and he feels as if he will surely pass out. A tiny part of his mind wonders if he should bother waking back up. He squeezes his eyes shut.

Then, there are hands holding his hands. They’re small, soft, and they fit perfectly in his. The vice grip on his heart eases slightly.

“Doctor. Doctor, are you okay? You’re having a panic attack. Listen to me, love, just focus on my voice.”

He focuses on the endearment. Already it feels better. He nods his head, still unable to speak.

“Take a deep breath, hold it, then slowly breathe it out. It’s okay. Talk to me when you can.”

As long as he focuses on Rose’s voice, he can do this. He takes the deep breaths because he knows she’s right. If he could think straight, he could have thought up the solution all on his own. It takes a bit, but the breathing helps.

“Is he okay? Is he sick?”

He really didn’t want to hear Jackie’s voice. It makes him remember that long ago Christmas when she was shouting her version of help at him.

“S'okay, Mum. He’s not sick. Did the breathin’, help, Doctor?”

He finds that his voice has returned, but he still doesn’t want to open his eyes. “Yes, thank you,” he whispers. Rose’s hands squeeze his and it’s the best thing he’s felt so far (other than that brilliant kiss).

“Oh,” Jackie breathes, like she’s in on some secret.

The Doctor’s face reddens. He can feel the heat on his ears. The last thing he wants is pity from both of them. Especially not from Jackie. He expelled a noisy breath and finally opens his eyes.

What he sees from both Tyler women floors him. No pity, just
understanding. And as he dares to hope, love. He can feel tears stinging his eyes. “I’m sorry, so sorry,” he murmurs in a rush.

“Oh, s'fine, Doctor. I’ve had a fair few panic attacks. They’re terrifyin’. If it hadn’t been for Mum when I first got here…..” Rose trails off, giving Jackie a grateful smile.

“Had ‘em when my first Pete died,” Jackie added. “Thought I was havin’ a heart attack that first time.”

“Mum taught me the breathin’ exercises,” Rose explained.

“Oh,” is all the Doctor can manage. It’s painful to think of what both women had to go through to cause those attacks. Surely they didn’t
need to be burdened with him. “You didn’t sign up for this, Rose. You didn’t expect to get stuck with me, in this universe, burdened with taking care of me because I can’t deal with it all.”

Before Rose can even speak, Jackie interjects, “Oh, don’t be stupid. Of course we’ll take care of you. S'called bein’ a family. You two need to do a lot of talkin’, but not tonight. You two need rest. Just relax, Doctor, we’ll figure it out.”

Then she’s heading back to her seat, and the Doctor is left with an unexpected feeling of lightness. If Jackie’s calling him stupid and speaking to him like that, she isn’t pitying him. She’s treating him like always. In a weird way, it’s comforting.

Rose sits beside him, letting his hands go, but putting her arms around him. “I’m sorry,” she whispers.

“Why? What do you have….” He’s truly baffled.

“….to be sorry for?” she finished, “other than ignoring your distress? I’m apologizing for being a right cow.”

“Don’t call yourself that. You’ve been asked…forced to accept something that you had not planned.” He hung his head.

She nodded. “Things turned out differently than I had expected. When has our life together ever been predictable? We’ll figure this out. Together. We’re stuck with each other, and…”

“Not so bad?” he sighed with a small smile.

“No, not at all. You promised me your forever, Doctor. And I want that.”

The Doctor feels another immense wave of emotion, but this time it’s relief. His knotted muscles finally begin to relax.

“Mum’s right, we have a lot to talk about but I think, right now…. I just want…need to hold you. Is that okay?”

“I think that’s brilliant,” he breathes, smiling as the tears shine in his eyes.

The Doctor opened his arms to Rose, and she seats herself on his lap. She snuggles against him, nuzzling against his neck. He chuckles when her hair tickles his cheek. As soon as she relaxes against him he can feel the tension leaving his body, and he thinks it’s left hers as well. He kisses her hair and she murmurs, “Feeling better?”

“Yeah. It’s better.” He is surprised that he really feels better, and he’s not telling her he’s always alright.

“Better with two, remember?” She kisses his lips softly.

He beams at her. “Always better with two, Rose Tyler.”

Call Me Monster Part 5 (A/F)

Summary: After events have left y/n with confusion, but as things get even more complicated, dark hidden truth begin to be revealed…

Word Count: 2.3k

Author: Admin B- I really don’t want to end the story here so let’s see how it does and I’ll let you know if there will be another part!

Warnings: language, vampire AU

Involving; Baekhyun ft. Chanyeol, Sehun

Exo Masterlist ~ Previous Part

Originally posted by pedonoonaswag

As the breath was stripped from your lungs the cold winter night became a cold memory once again. You had become tired with the constant battle you were in. You felt not just mentally broken but it was showing physically, the bruises that covered your skin described who you believed to be your lover perfectly. In one instance he was the most perfect human you had ever laid your eyes on, his touch felt heavenly, his scent intriguing, these moments represented in the warm purple bruises that were laced along your neck. However, his recent actions set all your previous thoughts on fire. No matter what he made you feel he was a monster. A monster. The cuts and rips of your legs and arms showed the danger he put you in, the pain you experienced by simply wanting to involve him in your life. You stopped running similar to how your thoughts instantly stopped due to the word that wreaked havoc inside of your own mind. One side of you begged yourself to deny it, protest against the thought but you knew the truth. He was. As much as you didn’t want him to be, he was one. He had to hurt people in order to survive, your selfishness begged him to stay with you. Why? You questioned yourself yet again, what had he done that made you want to stay with him? You didn’t know him, you didn’t…did you?

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Hey so, fellow spirit workers and/or spirit-aware people who blog about what you do and your experiences with spirits and deities, do you ever get creepy/annoying messages sent to you because wackos out there think you’re:

  • The proper person to relay messages from Satan to
  • A high-ranking agent in The Multidimensional Spirit War
  • Deeply involved in their complicated astral lives even though you’ve never talked to this person before
  • Showing up in their dreams, even though you’ve never talked to this person before
  • The Chosen One who must lead them to enlightenment
  • Unaware of what your own spirits/deities are trying to tell you, so this random person must relay AN IMPORTANT VISION they received
  • This person’s long-lost spirit twin
  • The appropriate person to tell in detail about their supposed sexual experiences with the spirits and deities in your life

I get these sorts of messages on a semi-regular basis and by now usually I just delete or privately respond expressing my disinterest. Sometimes I block. When I was new to blogging, I took these messages a bit more seriously and tried to be sensitive and a shoulder to lean on, but by now it’s become obvious that most or all of these messages are at worst manipulative and at best inappropriate oversharing. Most of the time they’re overexcited conclusion-jumping from someone who doesn’t take time to think about the fact that I have my own spirit life and there’s no reason I’d have anything to do with theirs.

Nowadays I set and maintain my boundaries, often deleting the stuff outright so as not to reward the senders with attention or bother my followers with the stuff, which means people at large often never see or know that I get these messages semi-often and that I deal with this. (Turning off anon has certainly decreased their rate, btw.) And I’m pretty sure plenty of other people with similar blogging topics to mine get messages like this too. So i just want to post this in open commiseration with anyone else who deals with this phenomena. Whether you’re amused by the weird messages that hit your inbox, indifferent, or horrified, you probably don’t publish it all. I just wanted to let you know that you’re not alone.

Day two of a Thrawn-a-day in celebration of my fave being recognized as canon again. And back in his old uniform because better. 

Hux is not enjoying Thrawn’s return NEARLY as much as I am. Millicent seems happy though. 

Trial and Error

It’s the trial of the century in Beach City when Mr. Smiley is accused of rigging the arcade games at Funland to make it even more difficult to win. Garnet is summoned for jury duty and it seems to be an open and shut case — until Pearl uncovers evidence suggesting Mr. Smiley may have been framed. Making things even more complicated, Garnet’s vote is literally split when Ruby and Sapphire disagree. Onion is the only witness that can definitively clear Smiley’s name, but he isn’t talking.

Friends after all (AU) - Masterpost link

And now, after so long we’ve come to this. Friends after all and the countdown will start soon again. But this doesn’t mean that it is going to be easy. No it’s not, for any of our characters. Chapters full of angst and pain, plot twists and decisions that need to be made. Because it will be more than one. Life-changing decisions, for everybody. And situations that nobody, especially the Reader, cannot avoid.

Fate has mysterious ways of working things out but when it’s so complicated can there even be a solution to all of it? There is only one big yet so small question to all of it. The answer, not easy to be given.


Lemme know your thoughts on the small hint I am giving you with both the photo and description!

I kind of have the feeling that Rize and Furuta are half-siblings (paternal half-brother and half-sister = they share the same father). However, Rize’s is a full-blooded Washuu and her biological mother is also a ghoul which is why she’s a ghoul herself. Furuta’s biological mother is a human and that’s why he’s half-human.

And if the father is indeed Yoshitoki (the most obvious choice) then things get even more complicated because it means that Matsuri is their half-brother, too.

That’s how I imagine it. Don’t take this too seriously. These are just my private musings but if anyone wants to add something, I would be happy to hear other opinions.

*softly screaming* Why are lizard diets so complicated i need tips and opinions for a uromastyx diet

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64 for Scaretress ~ ;)

Their interactions didn’t have to be direct, no, that didn’t matter to her. Sometimes just being within his presence was enough. Their schedules didn’t always flow seamlessly together, in fact it’s a lie to say they even had schedules in the first place. The two of them could never catch up on their sleep, much less catch up on it together.

At least, that’s what she wanted.

Not that she complained, mind you. Any interaction with him was worth it’s weight in toxin. When they first met, daily toxin injects where a horrible experience, but as time passed they became sometime of a treasure…or perhaps pleasure? To the same note, any interaction with Jonathan meant the world, though her face may not show it, her heart grew affections quickly.

On the nights when they were lucky enough to be found experimenting together, they find themselves silently brushed up beside each other, sharing an rotting oak desk that had seen better days. Stained with the toxic aroma of experiments gone bad.

“It hasn’t disintegrated yet” - His only defense for not throwing it out.

It was hearing his voice. A sound that echoed into her subconscious, something that resonated deep within. The cry of a once tortured boy, and the hesitation to speak in his true dialect. All of these things, she’d experienced, and been for persecuted for. Without hesitation, she accepted this broken voice, she loved it, and wished he could too.

His sarcastic and often cruel remarks always somehow made her smile. She’d never destroy his belongings, obviously. That would violate the small amount of trust she gained from him, and she would be foolish to ruin this. If only she could prove to him how much he mattered. How much his life had changed her.

It’ll take time and patience. Something she has plenty of

For now, the small touches and indirect observations will be enough. Until she can show him how alike they truly are. The fact that she can find safety and contentment with the image of Scarecrow’s golden eyes glowing in the darkness?

Pure bliss

SPN J2 Big Bang 2016: Bright Lights and Whiskey Kisses

Read on AO3 here
Art Masterpost Check out all of mangacat’s amazing art here.
Relationships: Jensen Ackles/Jared Padalecki
Rating: Explicit
Tags: Alternate Universe, Prohibition Era, Gangsters and Speakeasies, Violence, Blow Jobs, Hand Jobs, Alcohol, Angst, Protective Jensen, Hurt Jared

Summary: When alcohol is outlawed during Prohibition, speakeasies crop up all over New York City and people can’t get enough of drinking, dancing and live music. Jared’s editor at the newspaper assigns the naive young reporter to write reviews of the popular but illegal nightclubs, but he has no idea what he’s in for. Meeting Jensen, a bootlegger with a secret, only complicates the situation even more as Jared learns that underneath all the glitter and fun of the speakeasies lies the stink and violence of organized crime.

Betaed by @anotherwinchesterfangirl with additional comments and input from @castielsstarr. Thanks for all their time and help with this fic! Without Liz’s unflagging support and being an amazing cheerleader, I wouldn’t have gotten through this <3  I wanted the feel of the fic to be like an classic Hollywood movie and mangacat’s art was perfect.


So Saionji gets a letter from End of the World that shocks him, but what’s most interesting is that he keeps a framed picture of him and Touga from their childhood. 

On the one hand, this is because the insistence of holding onto memories, particularly those of ‘easier’ or ‘happier’ times, is one of the sites of investigation the show wants to tease out. Is Saionji in denial about things by continuing to look back fondly on his past with Touga? Is he hopeful for a better future for the two of them? Is he secretly all talk and knows that Touga is indeed his only and truest friend?

Different characters would have different responses to this, and the narrative of the show itself would likely offer a different answer still. It’s worth ruminating on it here, and setting it in contrast to memories and photographs we know are associated with Miki and Kozue or Juri and Shiori.

Brock Lesnar earns decision over Mark Hunt.

Outside of the 2nd round, Brock dominated Hunt from top position. Nothing even remotely complicated: double legs and short GnP. Hunt had no idea how to get up and was physically overpowered every time Lesnar could get below his hips.

Brock Lesnar - 5 years removed from his last fight - is still a top ten heavyweight.

anonymous asked:

i'm gay but i'm also transgender but i dont wanna be known as a transgender gay guy, i just wanna be known as a gay guy. i just wanna be an average guy. is that bad?

listen man, you can’t say cis gay guys are the average. if you want to be known as just a gay guy, that’s fine and your being trans doesn’t have to interfere with that.

here have a small section from a 5,500 word klance fic wip. angst, lonely gay aliens, galra!keith, snow planet. nice.


Keith was the best pilot in his class not because he worked for it––he didn’t––but because, for a while, he thought he loved it. It wasn’t complicated. Even the simulations in training did it for him: the pull of gravity from all sides, the adrenaline pumping through his ears, the sensory overload. The numbing, the burst of ecstasy that flows through his veins after he realizes all he’s feeling is the spacecraft under his feet. The feeling of being absolutely in control but not at the same time.

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Shadowcast AU - Have any of the cast's family come to see the play? (ie. Kaylee, Sildor, Kohren (Keyleth's dad)

  • No.
  • Never.
  • Absolutely not.
  • Under no circumstances.
  • The twins don’t talk to their dad anymore. (They left home as soon as the cops couldn’t legally drag them back for “running away” and they haven’t looked back since.) So, when they got involved with the shadowcast, they didn’t tell him. The same way they don’t tell him anything anymore.
  • So, no, Sildor’s never bothered to come see his daughter perform in something she loves, because she and her brother never bothered to invite him.
  • Kohren’s never come either.
  • Keyleth still regularly talks to her dad - they’re both kind of tree-hugging hippies and they’ve got a pretty good relationship - but she never tells him about the shadowcast. It’s not that she’s hiding it from him exactly, it’s just never come up in conversation. (And she desperately hopes it never does, because she really doesn’t think she can handle the possibility of her father sitting next her as her boyfriend’s sister stands onstage in a mini skirt while a theatre full of people shouts sex jokes at her.)
  • Cass is the only cast family member who ever really comes to the show. As embarrassing as Percy initially found it - “Welcome, little sister, to the wonderful world of me using an actual person as a puppet while an entire audience sings along to a song about murdering people and taking their organs.” - he’s happy she’s a part of it with him.
  • They’re both the only family the other’s got left, so it’s nice to share something fun like this.

I think there’s actually sort of a realism to my new approach to relationships, which is a little more fatalistic than anything I used to think about them. I used to think that, you know, you find “the one.” And it’s happily ever after, and it’s never a struggle after that. You have a few experiences with love and relationships, and you learn that that’s not the case at all. Lots of things are gray areas and complicated situations, and even if you find the right situation relationship-wise, it’s always going to be a daily struggle to make it work.