I know I shouldn’t, but I still miss the old you.

The way you’d cock your head and smile at me quizzically when you’d catch me staring. Your brown eyes and how they sparkled in the sunlight. The feel of you brushing up against, making me want to be even closer. That way you’d beg for my attention just by looking at me. Staring down at your empty hand hoping it would hold mine. The feeling of your arms wrapped around me even when I try to pull away. Your laughter and mine mixing together until it was all I could hear. The smell of your hoodies that I never wanted to let go of. Your terrible jokes that still made me grin. Your heart pounding almost as loud as mine. Peering through the darkness of the movie theatre just to meet your eyes. Not caring where I was or what we were doing as long as I was with you. The words “I love you” escaping from your lips.

—  please come back
What are you supposed to do when you are falling in love with someone, and your whole body is being drained. What are you supposed to do when you feel yourself losing your sanity because you feel so empty by the end of the day. How are you supposed to explain how you feel to someone who feels no where close to how you feel about them. I’m loosing myself trying to love him. I’m losing my sanity, because I’m so caught up with him. I wait by my phone, waiting for another text, and it’s never quite fast enough. I feel like I care more, I feel like I want this more, and I feel like he doesn’t give a fuck what happens to us. I feel like i bother him constantly, I feel like I annoy him every time I overreact. I feel like he’s soon going to get sick of my uncertainty of myself. Eventually he’s going to forget the reasons why he ever fell for me in the first place. I’m waiting for this heart break to come, just like our over due earth quake.