complicate yourself

Nct according to Auto correct

Taeil: Moon Tamil
Johnny: Johnny September
Taeyong: Lee tasting
Yuta: Nakano to yuta
Doyoung: Kim song young
Ten: Chitra phone leechaiyapornkul
Jaehyun: Jung Jaclyn
Winwin: Song so cheng
Mark: Market Lee
Renjun: Huang remain
Jeno: Lee Jenn
Haechan: Lee song yuck
Jaemin: MA Jasmin
Chenle: Zhongshan checked
Jisung: Park kissing 

~ Bonus ~


Hansol: Jim Hanson
Kun: Qiang Kung
Lucas: Word yum height
Jungwoo: Kim Jung wood

our gender identities do not exist on a binary and neither do our personalities. it’s okay if your personality, interests, and presentation don’t seem to 100% ‘go together’. people are complicated, we’re allowed to like and be many things. you don’t have to sacrifice or deny one aspect of yourself because it seems to be the opposite of another. let yourself be complicated and accept your own individuality. even though some parts of you may not seem to fit with others, they still manage to form something amazing–you.

it’s ok to start identifying as asexual later in life! it’s okay to stop identifying as asexual! it’s okay to be unsure of where you fall on the ace spectrum! sexuality can be complicated, be comfortable with yourself! ✨

Stereotypical (8) conclusion

Bucky Barnes x reader AU (short series)

Notes: swearing, flirting, smut, fluff, Bucky is a hopeless romantic.

A/N: this is the end guys! Hope you enjoyed it! :) xxxx

“Clint, you better be nice” you check your make-up in the mirror one last time before straightening imaginary wrinkles in your dress.

You’re not dressed overly chic, it’s a casual night after all. Just dinner at your place, something you cooked up yourself. Nothing complicated, honestly. Something that can’t really go wrong.

Still, you’re nervous. Clint has been clear about how he feels about the entire situation; he doesn’t trust Bucky.

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cobain-kurt  asked:

Hey! I've been studying a lot of Forensic Science on my own before I head into Uni, and I'm looking specifically at DNA, any advice or useful videos on DNA? If not it's g, not many people pursue a career so specific 😂

Hey @ cobain-kurt we will do our best here, but here are some resources I have used before for DNA.

Some advice: Become familiar with the MEGA 7 software as soon as possible, as it is free and lets you manipulate nucleotide sequences and can be handy in designing primers. Also BLAST will be your best friend in Uni, if your courses have been anything like ours.

My last piece of advice is to keep an open mind about DNA- it isn’t only in humans and there are numerous ways to collect, extract, examine and quantify DNA. Stick with it, DNA gets very complicated very quickly once you leave high school.

Useful Resources:

  • Crash Course Biology: Great for learning the basics, the DNA ones start at about 10 and will be useful for anyone pursuing DNA until 20 or so. Actually, just youtube DNA + educational and look at the vids that pop up.
  • ThermoFisher Youtube: Man the guy they got to talk you through the DNA specific products thermofisher has is great. We had to watch the “Taq Man” in class. Also, this is just a great youtube channel for any science undergrad student that has trouble understanding how automated machines work and why.
  • Primer Dimer Checker: Has literally saved me on assignments. Primer Dimerization is bad, but can be hard to spot yourself if you have no idea what you are doing (AKA me, the first time I was asked to come up with a primer. And the second time…. Also the third).
  • Fundamentals of Forensic DNA Typing - by John M. Butler, this is one of our 3rd year textbook, a bit dense, but covers the basics of DNA and genetics, how DNA is collected/stored, extracted, sequenced, profiled, troubleshooting, statistics, all the fun stuff. This is a more application approach to DNA. Surprisingly this was a textbook that was actually used in class too.
  • Molecular Biology of the Cell - by Bruce Alberts, this is another of our third year textbook for Molecular Biology (the one where the prof was a dick). To be honest we didn’t really use this textbook at all. It covers the intricacies of the makeup of DNA and that is not our interest. But useful if you want to see how DNA work as a molecule.
  • Wikipedia - surprisingly. Never to be used as a source, but it is a wonderful place as a starting point to figure out everything that is encompassed in a single topic. Downside is that it can get very technical with scary words if you’re not used to the vocabulary yet, and it can lead you down a rabbit whole really easily. A good place to see what you know/don’t know.
  • Too bad Watson can’t remember/don’t have the BioChem textbook. It goes into the chemistry of DNA/proteins/amino acids.

Hope this helps as you continue learning about DNA! 

Big Fucking Mess

Everything is just turning into a big fucking mess for Harry and Y/N. Things were supposed to be complication free, right?

This was requested: Can we have a FWB blurb? plot twist your a virgin and just want a FWB fling with harry and soon you two developed feelings for each other. 

It will also most definitely have a part two up soon-ish (: 

My Masterlist

   Drunk. You were incredibly drunk. The world was spinning but in that nice, floaty way that made you smile at everything. Harry wasn’t too far behind you, his words slurring and his head resting on your shoulder every few minutes or so. 

   The bride and groom had already shared their slow dance together, and now the dance floor was full of people grinding and laughing loudly. You watched as everyone squeezed together onto the small space. Usually, you would be out there bumping and grinding like the rest of your friends, celebrating the brand new bride and groom to the fullest. Tonight, for some reason, you were perfectly, drunkenly content with sitting next to Harry in the large booth that was now abandoned by everyone except for the two of you. 

   You looked over to see him watching the people dancing as well. His green eyes were glazed over, and there was a smile at the corner of his lips. You poked the dimple that was subtly showing and he turned his gaze to you. 

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Olivia's Spell Casting Basics

I have received a few messages from people who are just starting to practice and want some guidance. There are a million resources that are super helpful for beginners and I plowed through witchcraft books when I first started out. It took me a while to really get a feel for casting though so here are my basics that I use and would recommend to anyone looking for guidance with spell casting.

🌕– Raise your energy before you cast a spell. Personally I imagine myself tapping into my energetic core and then attaching it to the energy of the earth and drawing up energy from the earth. It doesn’t matter how you do it but make a conscious effort to raise your energy. Picture yourself filling with golden light or lighting or whatever image speaks to you. Listen to music that helps you trance into a powerful place. Dance or work out and feel your body humming. Whatever you do, raise that energy!

🌕– Repeat your incantation three times. This piece of advice helped me so much. This way you can pace yourself and find a rhythm to the spell and it doesn’t feel so abrupt when you finish.

🌕– Always phrase your intent in the present tense as if you already have it. (Ex: I am healed instead of I want to heal or I will heal)

🌕– Release the energy you built up into the spell. Sounds obvious and yet it isn’t. I used to feel antsy and excited after I did magick because I was building the energy but not releasing it. Before you end your spell consciously send as much of the energy you raised into your spell as you can manage. Imagine the energy flowing out of you and into the spell, filling and anchoring it, and use your final words to sever your connection to that energy, like tying off a ballon or breaking a bridge.

🌕– Once you’re done, be done. Try not to think about it. Don’t picture how your spell will happen or wonder if it worked. Go about your life and whenever something comes up related to it remind yourself you have it taken care of and let the thought pass.

🌕– Be specific but open to possibilities. If you are casting a spell for love and by love you mean a girlfriend say that! Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want. However, be open to possibilities. Life is random and sometimes unforeseen things are what we need. Try to really boil down what you want and then be open about it’s form. Using the girlfriend example I just gave maybe you are picturing this classic meet cute where your eyes lock and you know it’s her. It’s possible but it could also be that girl that just messaged you on Tinder or the friend you’re getting closer to, or the cute waitress you feel compelled to leave your number for. Idk man I’m single but you get my point, accept opportunities as they come.

🌕– Believe in yourself! Believe in your magick! At the end of the day this is all you and if you don’t trust yourself you’re getting in your own way. Magick is complicated but you know yourself and your needs and can listen to your intuition. Trust it, trust yourself, and know you are a kick ass witch. You’ve got this!

to fall in lust

“Noona, sleep with me.”

You startle at his words, the pen slipping out of your hands as you manage a feeble yelp. You turn to gawk at him. “What?

In which you really need to study for finals, but Jungkook really just wants to get laid and possibly get you as his girlfriend as well.

tags: college!au, oral sex

word count: 2,920

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The Cherokees resisted state and federal efforts to remove them from their Southeastern homelands during the 1820s and 1830s. During that time, most whites saw them as an inconvenient nuisance, an obstacle to colonial expansion. But after their removal, the tribe came to be viewed more romantically, especially in the antebellum South, where their determination to maintain their rights of self-government against the federal government took on new meaning. Throughout the South in the 1840s and 1850s, large numbers of whites began claiming they were descended from a Cherokee great-grandmother. That great-grandmother was often a “princess,” a not-inconsequential detail in a region obsessed with social status and suspicious of outsiders. By claiming a royal Cherokee ancestor, white Southerners were legitimating the antiquity of their native-born status as sons or daughters of the South, as well as establishing their determination to defend their rights against an aggressive federal government, as they imagined the Cherokees had done. These may have been self-serving historical delusions, but they have proven to be enduring.

The continuing popularity of claiming “Cherokee blood” and the ease with which millions of Americans inhabit a Cherokee identity speaks volumes about the enduring legacy of American colonialism. Shifting one’s identity to claim ownership of an imagined Cherokee past is at once a way to authenticate your American-ness and absolve yourself of complicity in the crimes Americans committed against the tribe across history.

nonpersone  asked:

hey are u still taking request for the prompts? could u please do an enjoltaire with “Don’t listen to them. Don’t you EVER listen to them.”? u write fantastically btw!!

Thank you!

“It’s been two days and I already feel exhausted and stayed back far later than I’m supposed to. I’ve got two massive deadlines due at the same time because Julien decided to up and quit on Monday with absolutely no notice-”

“Fucking Julien.”

“I know. So instead of just my work-”

“Which is a large amount of work as it is-”

“Thank you, yes it is- on top of my work I have to cover his workload too until they hire somebody else- which they haven’t even started the process of doing yet, and I’ll probably have to work through the weekend.”

Grantaire chuckled, his hands elbow deep in soapy water as he passed another dish to Enjolras to dry. “Yeah but when do you not do that?”

“I’m not talking about an email here or there or taking a few phone calls I mean I’m actually going to have to spend my entire weekend locked up in the bedroom writing.” Enjolras sighed as he put stacked the dry dishes away. “My mothers going to be so passive aggressively mad, She wanted me to come over for Sunday brunch as well. I’ll just have to tell her next weekend instead. That conversation is going to be fun.”

Grantaire merely nodded, his shoulders going slightly tense as he pressed his mouth into a thin line. He seemed to be thinking heavily before he spoke next. 

“So am I invited to brunch?” He said tersely.

“Please don’t start.” Enjolras pleaded with a sigh. “I don’t want to fight, this day has already been the worst.”

“Fine.” Grantaire said, his tone clearly implying that things were not fine, as he threw the remainder of the dishes back into the sink with a heavy clash and began to stomp towards the bedroom.

“Grantaire, please-”

“10 months, Enjolras! It’s been 10 months and I still haven’t even met your parents! People have grown and had babies in the span of our relationship and I still haven’t met your parents- who live 5 fucking streets away!”

“It’s more complicated than that!”

“Well then what is it? Are you ashamed of me?”

“What?! Of course not, how could you even think that?”

“Because not only will you not let me meet your parents, but it turns out you haven’t even told them about me!”

Enjolras suddenly became very quiet. His face grew clouded and sheepish and when he next spoke his tone was embarrassed. “How do you know about that?” He asked quietly.

“I wasn’t snooping.” Grantaire said crossing his arms and rolling his eyes. He’d dropped his volume, but the bitterness in his tone remained. “Last week you left yourself logged into your email on my laptop and a notification came up from your mother- asking if she could set you up with somebody because she was sick of her beautiful son wasting his youth on being single.”

Enjolras looked down to the floor. “I want to explain.”

“Please do.”

Enjolras gestured towards the couch, and Grantaire reluctantly followed him, his arms still firmly crossed as he took a seat.

“Look,” Enjolras paused, choosing his words carefully. “The person my mother wanted to set me up with is a woman.”

“What?” Grantaire asked, his surprise bypassing his anger as he uncrossed his arms. “Wait, are you not-”

“No, I am.” He shook his head with a short, sharp laugh. “In fact, I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve come out to my parents. It’s just- it’s like they go temporarily deaf whenever I bring it up. They talk about the weather or their friends and completely brush past it. When I remind them, they pretend not to hear. And it’s been fine- well not fine, it’s been hard, and hurtful and frustrating but I’ve learned to accept it and live with it.”

Enjolras took a deep breath before continuing, “They’ve always had plausible deniability. They can live in their little world of denial and still think of me as their perfect son, but if-when I bring someone- you, when I bring you to meet them, they can’t deny it anymore. And- and I don’t think it’s going to go well.”


“Look, I love you okay? You know that. I’m not ashamed of who I am either and I’m not ashamed of you. But as much as they hurt me, I still love my parents, and I don’t think I’m strong enough or ready to completely cut them out of my life just yet. And I know that the moment they can’t deny who I am anymore, that’s exactly what I’m going to have to do.”

Grantaire was quiet and looking at Enjolras intensely. He finally moved his hand over to Enjolras’ and clasped it tightly. “Okay.” He said.

“Okay?” Enjolras asked, strained.

“Yeah. I understand. Take all the time you need. When you’re ready, I’ll be here.”

“Thank you.” Enjolras said with relief.

“You really should have told me though. It would have avoided a lot of arguments.”

“I know,” Enjolras said with a sigh, “It’s just embarrassing though.I can stand up to strangers but not my own parents? People would say I’m a coward-”

“Don’t listen to them. Don’t you EVER listen to them. You’re not a coward, and the worlds not that black and white. Most importantly- you’re human, Enj. You’re allowed to be complicated. Don’t hold yourself to such a high standard.”

“Thank you.” Enjolras said sincerely, pulling him into a tight embrace.

“Question. When you are ready and I do meet them, am I allowed to wear my ‘Fuck you, you Fucking Fuck’ t-shirt?”

Enjolras laughed and wiped away a small tear. “Only if you wear a nice jacket, too.”

Why do I have the feeling that Mare is going to be more self-destructive than ever in RQ4?

After the epilogue in King’s Cage, Mare is heartbroken like never before. 

I know now, I didn’t know what love was. Or what even the echo of heartbreak felt like.

Meaning that whatever she felt after Maven’s first betrayal in Red Queen seems nothing compared to what she is suffering now. Point being that we know damn well what a wreckage she was after the first book’s events and how self-destructive she became in the second book, like when she told Shade - aka the brother she thought dead and for whom she deeply grieved and spiraled out of control - she didn’t trust his word. Literally five minutes after she found out he was still alive. She pushed aside Kilorn and didn’t talk to him for weeks, forced a 15 years old girl to join her fight and got even worse -  this, comprehensibly - after Shade’s death. So the question is: how can we expect her to react now that she is more desperate than ever, if she did very unpleasant things for less?

To stand in front of a person who is your whole world and be told you are not enough. You are not the choice. You are a shadow to the person who is your sun.

Another question that’s really bugging me is: is she really feeling like a shadow? Because that particular word / feeling draws a dangerous connection to another character… Maven. In Red Queen he said “ He’s strong, he’s talented, he’s powerful—and I’m his shadow. The shadow of the flame. ” We all remember that, of course, since it’s one of the main concepts about Maven that helps us understand his personality. In King’s Cage, Mare thinks “ You are only a shadow, and who looks at shadows when they have flame? Who would ever choose a monster over a god? “ In her mind she establishes a connection between being a shadow and being a monster. Is Mare going to follow in Maven’s footsteps? Can we expect her to be as destructive as he is?

I don’t want to become a monster. A shell with nothing but ghosts. Like Maven.

Is that what’s going to happen now that she feels a shadow herself? “ It would be easy to stay in the dark, to drown. Slowly, I lower my hands and force myself to look at the sunlight. It takes more effort than I thought possible. “ It would be so easy, huh. Near the end of King’s Cage we find the words “ The sun overhead is hatefully bright, a harsh contrast to the abyss inside me. “

Attend to your own fate, Mare Barrow. To rise. And rise alone. I see you as you could become, no longer the lightning, but the storm. The storm that will swallow the world entire.

I think that Victoria often hints at what’s still to come. We should have seen this coming. Mare herself after these words is despairing, she digs her nails into her palms, to chase away the sadness with the pain. Deep down, she knows the hidden meaning: alone, no Cal to stand by her side. Being in control is much more complicated than destructing, letting yourself go completely. I think we indeed can expect her to be a storm. It remains to be seen whether Mare in her spiral of destruction will wreck herself and her bonds to the people in her life too or not.

If a man doesn’t call you, it’s because he doesn’t want to call you. If he doesn’t invite you to go out, it’s because he doesn’t want to see you. If he treats you like shit, it’s because he doesn’t care. If he lets you go, it’s because he doesn’t want to be with you. When a man says “I’m not ready, but you are the love of my life and the only one I want, but now is not the right time.”, it’s simply because he doesn’t want you. Don’t keep playing his confusing games. Don’t justify him. When a man wants to be with a woman, he stays with her without lies, excuses and complications. Stop being genuine and naive, and stop justifying his every excuse and complication and put yourself FIRST. You DO NOT need someone that doesn’t know what they want, you do not need someone that doesn’t see your worth. You deserve a man that knows your worth and fights for you everyday. Stop breaking your own heart for someone who probably won’t even be as good as you expect and give yourself an opportunity to be happy and be with someone who actually deserves you.

Melting Magnets (M)

Requested by anon (thank you for your patience) ♥

→ Reader x Kai 

→ College AU; in which you and Kai don’t get along at all- or do you?

→ Warnings: Smut: rough sex.

Word count: 1,8K

Your relationship was complicated. 

“Hey there snow sock.” 

Very complicated. 

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isn’t enough time apart? Part II (Zach Dempsey x Reader)

I’ve finally ended the part two of this imagine. i thought that two parts was going to be enough but i couldn’t so im alredy working on part III, let me know if you liked it or i should just drop it. thank you for reading and I hope you like it. 

Resume: Zach and the reader found themselves working together after 10 years since their break up when they’re fully professionals - Part I 

Warnings: This is too long and i’m sorry I tried to cut it. And english is not my mother lenguage. ive spent so much time reading and re reading this but please let me know if you find some mistakes so I can fix them 

Words: 2674

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