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It was probably Elise who made Leo wear the flowers - Takumi is very much amused


Abby Griffin is the best doctor in town, and the wife of the man who owns the most lucrative ranch in the county. Life is good - until a tragic accident takes her husband’s life, and the ranch is left solely in her care. She makes a strong effort to keep it alive, but can’t help feeling desperately unqualified; something that Marcus Kane, Jake’s childhood best friend, is also a little too convinced of. Determined not to see his friend’s legacy ruined, he leaves his cushy job at a law firm in the city and makes himself right at home on the ranch… whether Abby likes it or not. 

Outraged and suspicious of his intentions, Abby challenges his efforts to “help” at every opportunity, urging the city slicker to go back where he belongs and leave her be. But after weeks of childish arguments, she finds (with a degree of reluctant pride) that the fruits of her stubborn determination to prove him wrong are bountiful - and goddamnit the asshole has a way with the horses. And that asshole? He can’t help but notice that without the busy haze of the city, there’s nowhere for him to hide… but for some mysterious reason (that he insists has nothing to do with her) he no longer feels the need to. 

Slowly, the two nemeses find themselves unwittingly beginning to play for the same team, his intellect and her intuition combining to create an unstoppable force. Sooner than she could have ever thought possible, the ranch then begins to thrive in a way it hasn’t done in years, even while Jake was alive. But as they come to better understand the horses, the land, and each other - both Abby and Marcus will become painfully, exquisitely aware that there might be something else beginning, too.

Something that feels a lot like hope. 

This AU comes with music! Click here for a mix of songs for drinks on the porch, nights of cool country air - and, of course, romps in the hay.

Hubble Sees the Force Awakening in a Newborn Star

This celestial lightsaber does not lie in a galaxy far, far away, but rather inside our home galaxy, the Milky Way. It’s inside a turbulent birthing ground for new stars known as the Orion B molecular cloud complex, located 1,350 light-years away.

In the center of the image, partially obscured by a dark, Jedi-like cloak of dust, a newborn star shoots twin jets out into space as a sort of birth announcement to the universe

Credit: NASA/ESA

anonymous asked:

A Hanzo x Reader where some guys try to hit on the reader and Hanzo gets all jealous and protective of them? I love your blog so so much and it's inspired me to try making one of my own, so thank you! :D

Originally posted by lookinggrim

Hanzo is such a beautiful man fuck me dude Honestly, I got excited for this ask cause I live for protective Hanzo hc. Thank you so much for requesting it and for liking my blog!<3 I’m so sorry this took a while to post.

Send your requests here. (Requests are currently closed as I’m getting through the ones I have.)

“I’m a bit surprised you agreed to come out with me.” You sip from your cup, marveling at the cherry blossoms Hanamura had to offer. He looks a bit taken back by the statement but brushes it off quickly.

“And why is that?” He asks crossing his arms over his chest. You turn to him, taking another sip of your tea. This time, however, it is loud and more of a slurp. You giggle as you note a small twitch of irritation in his eye.

“I don’t know if you’ve noticed but your rather reserved.” You titter while placing the cup down.

“It was how I was raised.” He points out, fingers reaching for his own cup. “A tough habit to grow out of really.” He looks at you as he drinks. A loud slurp emanating over the rim of the cup. You shake your head laughing at his silliness.  The sound of your laugh shakes his bones while a warmth fills his stomach. His smile is full of pride. There’s some sort of gratification from being the one to make you laugh.

“You’re really something, Hanzo.”

“I shall take that as a compliment.” He tips his cup in your direction like a toast. You laugher dies down, a comfortable silence fills the air around you. The smell of tea and sweets sweeps through the breeze, the small shop buzzing with business inside.

“I was speaking with Genji the other day.” You speak calmly, eyes trained on how the flowers sway with the wind. “I wanted to learn more about Hanamura.”

He frowns, a bit insulted. Why had you not come to him? He would have gladly told you everything there was to know. The sights, the sounds, and everything you could imagine to question.

“He told me about this arcade place not too far from here.” You look at him, expectantly. He knows which one you speak of immediately. It was a place where Genji often went to waste his time instead of working on his duties. “I wondered if you wanted to go?”

Hanzo frowns. “Why did you not ask him to take you?” There’s more malice in his voice than he meant. He did not mean to let his jealousy spill. He clears his throat in an attempt to mask his slip up.

You, however, seem unfazed. “Because I want to go with you.”

Suddenly, he feels a bit childish.

“Ah,” He pauses, toying with the rim of his teacup. He finds himself at a loss for words. Rummaging his head for something say. Should he apologize? Should he simple ignore his sudden spite of words and continue.

You look him over, his face stoic but his eyes show his internal struggle. “Something the matter?”

Hanzo shakes his head before giving you a small smile. “No,” He tries his will at hiding his excitement. It’s a bit hard but he manages for his sake. “I would like that. You wish to go today?”

You nod at him with a smile.

“Very well,” He moved to stand, grabbing his jacket while doing so. “I will go pay for our meal. Then we can head over.” He sees the way your face lights up, a smile pulling onto his lips much more prominently.

It takes him but a moment to reach the counter and pay for the two of you. He thanks the cashier and waiter as he exits back to meet you outside. However, what he sees before him has his boiling. There is a group of three men surrounding you. The leader had moved to place his arms around you as his friends stalk you like vultures. You laugh awkwardly as they continue to pester you with questions and comments.

He takes a deep breath to compose himself. Something within him festers but he moves to swallows his anger. He cannot- will not- stand still as these men pester at you with hungry looks and wandering hands. In an instant, he is at your side. The grace of his footsteps fall silent to their ears but his presence is loud enough to demand their attention away from you. He takes your hand in his, intertwining his fingers with yours effortlessly.

“My dearest,” The roughness of his facial hair prickles your skin. “Forgive for taking long. There was a line to pay.”

You’re a bit baffled by his actions. Hanzo never having been so forward and affectionate with you even during your back and forth flirtations. That is when the reality of the what he is doing it hits you and you decide to play along.

“Oh Babe, don’t worry these men were keeping me company while I waited for you.” You motion over to the men with feigned smile. “See fellas, I told you my boyfriend would be back.”

Hanzo looks over to the men with a look of malice clear in his eyes. They are much larger than him in stature and in height. He, of course, does not falter. His hand grips at your hip pulling you into him protectively. His action causes you to be pulled away from one of the man’s intrusive arm and into Hanzo’s embrace.

“Hah, this is your boyfriend?” One of the men pipes in, looking Hanzo over rather unimpressed. Hanzo simply smiles. It is not gentle nor sweet. It is not a smile he gives you when you joke and play around. It is full of impatience and irritation as they all laugh at him.

“You find that funny?” Hanzo raises a brow, and the man stops to stare at him. The stranger scoffs. He moves closer to the two of you. Hanzo eyes him carefully, instinctively moving to unravel the hand on your hip. He brings it in front of you, gently herding you to stand behind him and away from the approaching offender.

“And if I do?” He asks while straightening his stance. You almost laugh as the leader of the three men tries to make himself more intimidating. His buddies do little but look a bit lost. “What are you going to do about it?”

“Hanzo,” You place a hand on his shoulder as you notice a crowd begin to form. “Let’s just go.”

He looks over his shoulder at as you shoot him a pleading glance. A wave of wretch and regret flushing him as he sees the emotion on your face. Has he taken this too far?

He nods, not sparing glance at the man before him as he turns to walk away. “You really going to leave with this guy, baby?” The man calls after you. “Come on now, I can show you a much better time.” For the second time, the man reaches out to grab at you.

In an instant, Hanzo has him bent over backwards. The strangers offending arm held at an odd and uncomfortable angle as he cries out in pain. Hanzo leans in, looming over him with a dangerous aura. Though, the crowd of people watching are a bit scared at the action, you can’t help but notice how striking his features are.

He looks handsome as is, even gorgeous when he smiles. However, now as his face is hardened, eyes trained with danger, something about it fills the pit of your stomach with excitement.

Damn, he really is something.

“Leave us.” He pushes the man in front of him before letting go of his arm. His friends jerk a few steps back trying to avoid being toppled. The two accomplices go to assist their leader regain himself while nursing his strained arm. He glares a them once last time before taking your hand in his once more. “Come, let us go.”

You’re a bit shocked at the display that just occurred before you. You follow not too far behind him as he guides you through the crowds with ease.

“Hanzo.” You call to him, but he makes no notion to stop. He’s walking much faster than you can keep up with. “Hanzo!”

The way he suddenly stops has you almost colliding into him.

You’re a bit out of breath by how fast he had been pulling him along but give him a reassuring smile. His face looks a bit heartbroken by the gesture and before you know it he pulls you along once more. It’s not long before you’re in an alley between what looks like a ramen shop and an apartment complex. The light of a vending machine illuminating the small space as the sun begins to set. He pulls you to stand in front of him, his hand never leaving yours as he begins to speak.

“Forgive me.” He starts, you cannot hear it but his heart beats rapidly in his chest. “I could not control myself. The way those men looked at you, with such lingering eyes.” He huffs, not realizing he is fuming. The light of his tattoo glowing while he speaks. “He even grabbed at you! I should have done more than just twist his arm. I should have broken it.”

You watch as he seethes to himself, his eyes everywhere but you. Your hand is still in his as you raise it to lightly place a kiss on his knuckles. Immediately, he stops. A blush forms on his cheeks as he finally turns his attention to you very suddenly.

“Thank you, Hanzo.” You smile sweetly at him, his face warms even more by the sight of it. “Come on, let’s go to the arcade.” You lead him out of the alley, before motioning him to continue the rest of the way. He does so silently. You walk a good block or so, still hand in hand, before you speak up once more.

“Jealousy looks good on you, by the way. Your face does this thing that’s kinda attractive.” He scowls, you almost break into laughter when you notice how it’s more of a pout.

“I was not jealous.” He quips back as you swing his and your hand back and forth as you both walk together.

You giggle, his face flushing red at the compliment. “If you say so.”

An odd lil' AU concept:

Someone’s probably already thought of this before somewhere, but I’ve never seen any content on it. So Dipper fails to save Ford in DaMvtF. The prison droid leaves the Earth’s atmosphere, flinging Ford off-planet once more.

Luckily, Dipper has the adhesive and manages to use it to… make a fairly sturdy patch job on the rift. He was never told exactly how to go about patching the cracks, but he figures it can’t be any more difficult than fixing a ceramic mug with super glue. In this AU, then, Bill Cipher would cease to be an immediate threat. The rift is enclosed and in a secure place, and unless Bill possessed Dipper himself it ain’t going anywhere since he and Ford were the only ones who knew about it at the time. And you can sure as hell bet Dipper ain’t making any deals with him.

Meanwhile, the prison droid is sending Ford to some prison complex light years away. I have this awful image in my head of the bubble thing he’s trapped in transforming into a cryogenic stasis pod once it leaves atmosphere, Ford thrashing about in panic as one of those cord things that grabbed him in the episode pricks him with a hypodermic needle that fills his veins with a special fluid that will keep his blood from freezing while in stasis. It’ll probably take hundreds of years for this small ship to actually reach the prison.

On Earth, Dipper rushes home in an absolute meltdown, babbling almost incoherently to Stan and Mabel about how Ford was caught by the droid. He fears that Stan hates him now because he couldn’t save Ford and he’s gone again JUST AFTER Stan spent all those years working to get him back. Stan could never be angry at the kid, though. He hugs him tightly, whispering how it’s not his fault and he tried the best he could. They begin to go over their options for how they might save him, which admittedly, are very few.

Eventually, Mabel mentions Blendin, and they end up doing something to contact him for help thousands of years away. (Hmm how to attract a time traveller…) In the book Dipper and Mabel and the Curse of the Time Pirate’s Treasure, it’s established that Blendin’s time tape can take him through both time AND space. So there’s how they’re gonna reach Ford, eventually. The only issue now is how to find him. Where was he actually sent? And how many years would it take for Ford to get there?

Hundreds of years into the future, Ford wakes up at his destination. But rather than wake in an operational prison facility, he finds himself wandering alone. The place is abandoned. Rusting. Falling apart. As if civilization as a whole on this planet has ceased to be altogether. It’s not a surprising conclusion to him- after all, the craft that collided into the Gravity Falls had been there for millions of years. Whatever alien civilization once existed here must have died long ago. HIS goal is to become acclimated to his current surroundings and the reality of being homeless among the stars again. He doubts rescue is possible at this point, because his family hasn’t been alive for hundreds of years.

But his family is coming for him. They’re crossing time and space just to save him, and nothing can stand in their way.

Why You Can't Just Get Over Depression

If you have ever said to a depressed person “just try to be happy” or “get over it” “It’s just life” then you should read this.

Put yourself in this situation:

Say you are in a room, and you cannot leave, people can come in and out, but you cannot leave. There’s a window, 1 window, and the sun is setting. Obviously it’s about to get dark so you turn the light on.

99% of the time the light will turn on when you flick the switch or pull the chain.

Let’s say the light didn’t turn on this time. 99% of the time, it’s because the light bulb has blown. So you’ll get a new light bulb and tada the light is back on.

But let’s say it’s more complex than that. The light bulb hasn’t blown, the actual light fixture has broken. This is something more complex, you need tools, skills and experience to fix this problem.

Don’t forget, you are in the dark now.

So you get a torch. But the torch only lasts so long, and is therefore only a temporary fix to the problem. If you can’t fix the problem before the torch runs out, you’ll need another torch. And what if you had dismantled the light fixture, but hadn’t yet fixed it, and then the torch runs out. Now its more broken then before, you’re still in the dark, your torch has run out, you need to find a new torch, but you can’t see anything because it’s dark and now you are stressing out.

Maybe at this point you snap, or you yell for help.

You are still in the dark.

So you turn to your phone, the Internet is a fun place to reside and forget about your real life problems. Maybe you could ring for help while you’re there.

They tell you the light fixture is going to need looking at by an expert to fix. So the expert comes round and they say they need to break down the walls to fiddle with the internal electrics.

It becomes broken further.

You are still in the dark.

You try to make friends, but the more stressed out you get the more you snap, and the more friends leave you. The only friends you have left are those with torches.

And what if their torches run out? They give up on you. Now you have no friends (or at least none that you can see), you are still in the dark, your walls are being smashed into, you light fixture is needing so much work it’s almost as if it isn’t worth it anymore.

And eventually the walls might be fixed, and the light might work again. But you’ve changed now. The walls are not the same walls, they are a man made sense of security that don’t belong to you. You still can’t leave your room, but the walls holding you in aren’t yours anymore. And the light fixture, it is now more fragile than it was before, and everytime a light bulb blows you are going to panic, because you remember what happened before, so you are slower to change that light bulb and you still feel like everything is just a temporary fix.

You are still trapped in this room, and it is still broken, the problem is just hiding behind the light, waiting for the setting sun to disappear, so it can strike again and again and again.

Sometimes, the fault is not in the light at all, but in the very core of the electrics. Sometimes this cannot be fixed. The darkness is the ever looming dominant thing in the situation, and all the phones, all the torches, none of them shine bright enough. This is the darkest depression, where there is no way out that can be seen, and this is when ropes, blades, pills, and drinks are the only thing left in sight.

Or perhaps you went down a different path, you spend the rest of your life searching for the next torch, and then the next and the next. All the light in your life is made of hundreds of temporary fixes, while you’ve trodden miles off course on this aimless tangent and eventually when you run out of torches you are too lost to fix the broken light, you have run away from your problems and now it has hit you five times harder than before.

This is what depression is like, you are constantly trapped in the dark, and if you finally feel like you’ve beaten it, you’ve fixed yourself and you are ready to move on with life, it is still there, hiding, waiting to strike when you are at your weakest. We can’t just “deal with it” it isn’t something that can just go away.

Don’t be the friend who gives up and walks out of that room. Be the friend that stays there the whole time, even if your torch runs out of power, waiting for the light to be fixed, to pull them back up on the other side.

Don’t let your loved ones lights go out, don’t let it go unnoticed, don’t let the issue worsen to a dangerous level, and never EVER wave it away and tell them to deal with it alone. You might be the little bit of light they need to survive.

An Unconventional Hiveswap Dev Team Interview

Hey, it’s Cohen. Ash, our Associate Producer who usually runs these, is at E3 this week, so I’m doing the introduction. There was also a weird Affable Karkat vibe when he was answering this own questions, so I rewrote them a little. Here goes:

Obviously people sorta know you if they’ve been reading these interviews, but for the sake of the thing: What’s your name, and what do you do on the Hiveswap team?

Hello there! My name is Ash Paulsen, and I’m the Associate Producer on Hiveswap. As a producer, my basic role on the project is to help organize and sync up each department’s workflow while also facilitating effective interdepartmental communication. In layman’s terms: it’s my job to make everyone else’s jobs easier and do all the “in-between” stuff to help bring the game to the finish line, and that means I do whatever needs doing – which can vary from day to day!

How’d you get your start on Hiveswap?

This is actually a surprisingly straightforward story. Basically, What Pumpkin was looking to fill a producer position on Hiveswap, and luckily they were pointed in my direction by a mutual friend and colleague. So What Pumpkin then reached out to me via email, and I happened to be looking to take the next step in my career at the time. I then began a brief trial period as a part-time producer on Hiveswap to ascertain if the position would be an ideal fit for me. After a while, I was very graciously welcomed into the What Pumpkin family as a full-time producer – I must have impressed them somewhere along the way, and I’m happy I did!

Yeah, absolutely. Having a dedicated person for the work you’ve been doing has made my life easier. You’ve got some experience in 2D animation and video game production specifically, right?

My first production-related job came by way of Nickelodeon Animation several years ago, where I worked for about a year and a half as a Production Assistant on the Butch Hartman cartoons The Fairly OddParents! and T.U.F.F. Puppy. (Prior to that, I’d been working as a Game Master at Nexon – the developer of MapleStory – so this was a huge jump!) I later left Nickelodeon for a full-time position as the Senior Editor at UDON Entertainment, a publisher and art collective specializing in video game and anime art books. Somewhere along the way, I ended up taking on a second gig as an Associate Producer at ShiftyLook, where I got to help make super cool webcomics and web cartoons out of old-school, dormant Bandai Namco Games IPs, such as Bravoman and Wonder Momo.

It was that ShiftyLook job that reminded me just how much I loved producing and wanted to get back into it, so I put some feelers out there and when I was lucky enough to have What Pumpkin come knocking, I was ready to seize the opportunity!

Do you have any advice for someone looking to get into production? I don’t mean me, of course–it wasn’t until we brought you on that I realized how much production work I’d been doing as a matter of necessity, and I don’t want to go back to that life–but just, y’know. Tips and tricks for any aspiring producers.

In terms of advice for launching into a production career, I would say that a self-starter mentality and an honest willingness to take on pretty much any task – no matter how boring or menial – are key. I find that’s the best way to let people know you’re a team player and, in turn, get noticed! If something needs doing, just step up and do it! If you don’t know how to do it, ask questions, but do it nonetheless.

Yeah, including, when you’re not at E3, running these interviews. Speaking of, do you have any favorite games?

For someone who plays as many video games as I do – I’ve been an avid gamer since the original Super Mario Bros. captured my heart when I was just five years old – this is a surprisingly easy answer! My favorite game of all time is Chrono Trigger, a Super Nintendo JRPG you’ve probably heard of once or twice. That game is the total package: a gripping story, memorable characters, killer battle system, legendary soundtrack, and some of the Super Nintendo’s very best graphics. I think my favorite thing about Chrono Trigger is that the narrative can be as complex or as light as you want it to be; if you want to enjoy it as a simple time-traveling romp, you can do that and it’s great. But if you want to read between the lines and really dive into the lore where things get pretty dark and sophisticated, you can play it that way too and it’s even better in my opinion. It’s a game you can enjoy on your own terms, and for that reason and so many more, I just adore CT. My second and third favorites behind that are Okami and The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker.

I just recently finished the Switch versions of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Blaster Master Zero, and Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap, and right now I’m playing Horizon: Zero Dawn and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Looking ahead, I am unbelievably, ridiculously hyped for Sonic Mania and Kingdom Hearts III!

Do you pull any inspiration from those for your production work on Hiveswap?

Not in particular… I can’t think of much crossover between gaming and production work, either in terms of the skills required or really at all. I suppose there’s some tenuous connection between, like, turn-based strategy RPGs and project management, but even that’s reaching a bit.

Besides, working on Hiveswap is its own form of inspiration: I have the privilege of working with a team of wildly talented, creative folks on a daily basis, and when you’re surrounded by that much awesome every day, it’s hard not to be inspired to work harder and smarter!

Since this is a remote team, we’ve had people describe their workstations, which has been fun. What’s yours like?

I don’t really have a particular workstation, if that makes sense. Mine is mostly the kind of work that can be done anywhere as long as I have my laptop (I run with a MacBook Pro) and an Internet connection, so my workstation is generally wherever I want or need to be that day. Oftentimes that means a local coffee shop because I don’t fancy staying cooped up in my apartment alone every day, but if I have a full day of meetings I’ll usually stay home. The same ambient noise I go to coffee shops to enjoy tends to become a major liability when people are trying to hear you in a Google Hangout or Skype meeting!

Yeah, I can confirm that, having been in those meetings before you started staying home for them. What about music? Do you like to listen to anything while you’re working?

I constantly listen to music while I work – lots and lots of video game music! Game music has been my jam since I started burning line-out recordings of sound test menus to CDRs as a kid. (Not even kidding. The ‘90s, baby!) Usually it’s upbeat, driving chiptune anthems like the sort you hear in Mega Man games and other retro platformers like Shovel Knight, but I also love orchestral VGM like Final Fantasy  soundtracks. In fact, Yoko Shimomura – composer of the Kingdom Hearts games, among so many others – is my favorite musician of all time! I also listen to original chip music and a ton of EDM (electronic dance music, which encompasses so many other sub-genres) as well. I’ll give anything a chance, really!

Anything else you want to say to fans?

I’m genuinely appreciative of and humbled by the opportunity to leave my stamp on a universe as singularly compelling and bizarre as Homestuck. Despite my being a relative newcomer to the project and the wider Homestuck community, bringing Hiveswap to the finish line in a form that delivers on your expectations means the world to me and I take my role in that process very seriously. I’m really, really happy to be here!

Is there anywhere people can see more of your work?

As I touched on briefly earlier, I’m one of the GameXplain crew! If you’ve not heard of us, we’re a Nintendo-focused YouTube channel closing in on 800,000 (!) subscribers, though we also cover PlayStation and Xbox titles when time allows. You can find a link to our channel right here, where you’ll hear me yapping away in all sorts of discussions, previews, reviews, news updates, and more!

We’ll have Ash and the regular format back next week.

so we got some new info about the wolf 359 alternate timeline from jacobi’s spite-fueled cooperation:

  • solar power has been in widespread use since the 60s. and goddard futuristics got big by investing in it, specifically for space travel.
    • we know the wolfverse (yes i’m calling it that) is much more technologically advanced than ours (complex artificial intelligence, space stations light-years away from earth, etc.). goddard’s energy revolution (???) was probably the point where the wolfverse split off.
    • also space stations were established in deep space by the late 70s, given that the tiamat mission was in 1978, and it was one of the early ones.
  • in the fifty years since goddard adopted solar power, coal has apparently become a dying industry or even obsolete, which suggests that there’s a wide reliance on green or nuclear energy instead.
  • and goddard is apparently doing good in the world?? jacobi talks about “water purification, eco-friendly fertilizers, global internet access".

we don’t really have hard evidence about anything else from the wolfverse earth, although it does seem like history and pop culture proceeded much like ours. but the tech stuff is pretty interesting on its own. here’s a world with clean energy and clean water (both from the purification and the better fertilizers). there’s global connectivity. robots do dangerous jobs for us (although some of them are ai people and then that’s a different story).

so here’s my conclusion: in some ways, the wolfverse might actually be the best version of our timeline. and that’s because of goddard futuristics.

which is a terrifying thought.

((and secondary conclusion: goddard only looks horrific from the inside. because of all its green power/tech development/public welfare projects, its public image is more benign, even beneficial. and of course it has enough power to maintain that image. so maybe nobody’s ever publicly questioned all the disasters and disappearances in its space program.))

soundwave-and-cassettes  asked:

Are Soundwave+the cassettes and Shockwave in the apartment AU?


Soundwave is loving single father

his twins Rumble and Frenzy go out of their way to make trouble and piss everyone off

Soundwave frequently has to go down to Megatron’s apartment because ‘give my cat back’

soundwave knows exactly when the twins are plotting trouble

they can never sneak out because he catches them every time

rumble and frenzy are in high school. maybe freshmen

baby bro Ratbat is cute lil toddler baby

will pull down the curtains and rumble and frenzy get the blame

laserbeak is serious older sister

gets shit done

great grades

megatron loves her

soundwave is so serious and quiet but most loving father

great at cooking

makes them all homemade lunches

has a baby sling for Ratbat

probably use to have child leashes for rumble and frenzy

though he mostly just lets the cause trouble

they get into fights at school

suspended so much

so many detention slips

Indian family 

Soundwave wears a turban

no one knows his hair is actually dyed dark blue

their apartment looks like it came straight from the 80s

boom boxes and cassettes tapes everywhere




Tailgate and he cassettes call him a pirate

everyone is slightly intimidated by him

has lived there for ages

once upon a time years and years ago he used to be nice and friendly

and then the next day he was crazy scientist man with no emotions

sends Tailgates Christmas cards back with a message ‘this is illogical’

is a serious science man

facial expression never changes

his one eye looks dead

receding hair line

wears expensive black business suits

with a purple tie

entire apartment is purple

purple underpants too

can science but can not cook

burns everything

sets off the fire alarm

*fire starts* “that is illogical’

probably has a special sock drawer

rumble and frenzy dyed his hair bright neon purple as a joke

reminds everyone of hannibal 

What I love most about The Goldberg Variations is when Richie’s mom hands Mulder the wrench. Dana Scully, all around badass with med school loans, knows perfectly well how to fix that sink. But, for her own amusement, she’s like Yes, by all means, give the wrench to my white-bread boyfriend who hires people to do anything more complex than changing a light bulb while my three-siblinged Navy brat ass grew up thinking only millionaires paid people to cut the grass.