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johannas-motivational-insults asked:

by all means, tell us.

all right. okay. thank you so much for allowing me to speak of this, my friend……….

we all know that johanna is like. completely blunt and even rude a lot of the time. and that’s a very important part of her character, how she uses her boldness as a defense mechanism and how she’s probably just a brutally honest person anyhow.

and that’s totally great. but!! also. also……..

she’s also like. a really good person. let me tell you why i’d trust johanna mason with my life. (i’m going to be digging into book canon and movie canon, because movie canon has certain visual stuff about jo’s behavior.)

johanna motherfucking mason, badass extraordinaire, gives a damn about the greater good. not to say that she’s constantly donating to charities and being everyone’s (or anyone’s) friend, but she’s still good. she gives a big fuck about freedom and justice and a super huge fuck about seeing the man who killed her family, and so many other people’s families, get taken down.

and she is willing to give her life for it.

i mean, really, before the quell, she essentially volunteers to give her life to the rebellion, ‘cause she’s obviously on their side, even if katniss doesn’t see that at first. johanna knows rebellion secrets, she knows the plot, and she goes into the arena knowing well that she’ll probably die. that alone is a huge risk, but look! there’s johanna, going into the fucking deathtrap for katniss everdeen and the rebellion.

another reason that she is a good person is, though it’s a bit rare and very subtle, she cares. she cares a lot. she cares about finnick, very likely her friend for years, when she asks him if he’s okay after the jabberjays. she cares about katniss, who she’s only known for a few days, who she still gathers water for after that same event. like, sure, she also (emptily) threatens to rip katniss’ throat out at some point, and she’s a violent lil fucker at times, but her amount of caring seems to be equal to her amount of anger.
&, of course, not too long before the jabberjays, after the whole spinning cornucopia thing, johanna also comforts katniss by giving her some pats on the back. very subtle but very cute and also very important to show that johanna is a caring person. you know, underneath all of those layers of sharpness and anger.

then, johanna again sacrifices herself for katniss & the rebellion when she gets that tracker out of katniss and gets picked up by the capitol, only to get literally tortured for her involvement in the rebellion. but johanna, badass motherfucking johanna mason, doesn’t tell the capitol anything. she holds in those secrets, those valuable, valuable secrets about the movement to bring the capitol down. she hides the truth to the point that she’s absolutely traumatized and terrified of water. even then, though, she doesn’t tell her torturers anything

she gives so much of a damn that she’s willing to sacrifice herself and get tortured for katniss, the rebellion, and the greater good.

she’s mean, yeah, because horrible experiences & trauma can do that to a person, and i imagine she wears hostility and anger like armor, but… at the same time, she tears up when katniss gives her something to remind her of home. she’s probably very tired and sad and homesick on the inside. and she probably has been for a long time. but she has still continued to fight for so long & protect what matters to her

johanna is wonderful and Extremely Dedicated and i would definitely trust her with my life. i would trust her with absolutely anything tbh

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Do you have more Harrison coming up?

Loads! This blog has become something along the lines of the Official Tom Cavanagh Trash Can

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