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I’m sure there are people who will disagree with me, and that’s great. “Alone at Sea” explores a very complex fictional situation. And I personally think the writers handled it really well.

I mean, first of all, we see Steven once against striving to be more aware of how his actions affect people. Always awesome to see character development on that front. (Compare this episode to “Giant Woman,” for example.)

As far as Malachite goes – here are the morals I take away from this episode:

1) It’s okay to have complicated, messy feelings. Lapis takes a long time to articulate how she felt about Malachite. By the end of the episode, she still hadn’t figured out all of her feelings. That is okay. The narrative doesn’t pressure Lapis to figure them out quickly or explain them in easy terms.

2) What feels good to one person can feel bad to another. Jasper thinks Malachite was awesome. Lapis thinks Malachite was terrible. Neither of these feelings contradict each other. The narrative does not pressure either character to change her mind after listening to the other.

3) No means fucking no. This was the best part for me. You get to say “no” to uncomfortable situations, even if you still haven’t sorted out your feelings. And no means no, end of discussion. Jasper did not acknowledge that, and she was justifiably flung into the ocean.


Used this past days to rethink old (nearly forgotten) ocs.
I always loved all of them because they are all i used to draw back in the days, but was never happy because i could never portrait them as i saw them in my head (also didnt had the ability). So finally happy to see them all as i intented from the very begining.

i hope more in-depth posts come out explain why both lapis and jasper were framed as doing wrong in this episode. lapis realizes and admits she’s done bad things and jasper is not aware that malachite is bad for them. jasper craves power and wants it – and that misguidedness and fixation about what about Malachite/their relationship made her happy… still makes her hurt lapis and others like wanting to shatter steven. Jasper needs to be snapped out of this mindset. 

they have both done bad, they are both abusers. lapis is closer to overcoming this than jasper, but i think the Crewniverse is gonna return to her later. Definitely by the end of the season/this marathon. I really love what they’re doing at presenting a more complex situation of abuse where not only ONE person is to blame or the reason for it. cuz in reality, a lot of times abusive relationships are a two way street and it hurts both individuals. I know it might be hard to accept and to swallow, but both Lapis and Jasper have done wrong and I think they will be able to overcome it later.

I think the problem with Malachite is that some people wanna boil it down to “one person did nothing wrong” and “one person did everything wrong” when that’s really not the case… like many real life relationships it’s a complex situation

Lapis isn’t blameless but calling her “the real abuser” is a really reductive and inaccurate perspective in my opinion

personally i hate when people say that you should find it in your heart to love people even if they support things that you strongly disagree with; especially when those opinions attack a way of life that you participate in.. i don’t see any reason that i should spend my energy and love on someone who has no issue encouraging systems and structures that continually oppress marginalized groups. it’s ridiculous to expect people to love someone fully and somehow ignore those factors. i think someone advocating for this speaks from a position of privilege in that they aren’t directly affected by these opinions. anyhow obviously it’s a complex and situational topic n i’m just thinking broadly…

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"how bout a hug, hm?"/ladynoir (since it's ladynoir july ;D)

hun, you’re right i’ve been really off my game on ladynoir july. i will dedicate this one to day 11!

“Are you hurt?,” she asked, crouching down next to her partner as her Miraculous Ladybugs flew across the city under the moonlight. He was lying there on the cobbled stone street, beaten and battered from the last Akuma. She reached out to place a hand on his shoulder.


No response. Aside from his slow, slow breathing, he remained unmoving. Scanning his body, she noticed a decent sized cut under the side of his rib that was nonetheless bleeding. But it wasn’t drastic enough for him to…

“Chat, don’t do this to me,” she said, shaking his shoulders. She stood up and looked around at the citizens crowding nearby. Taking the hint, one man who probably lived in the apartment complex they were situated next to ran forward to bring her an extra white t-shirt.

She quickly thanked him before hurrying back to kneel next to Chat. She tore the shirt into strips and pulled him onto her lap so that she could wrap the cloth around his stomach to stop the bleeding. When she finished, she shook him again.

“Chat, say something. Please.”

She closed her eyes and held her breath, waiting for him to move, to speak, to do anything.

At long last, she heard it. His voice. It was a low murmur she could barely make out but nothing else had ever sounded sweeter to her ears. Her eyes shot open and she let out a heavy sigh of relief.

“What did you say?” she asked.

“I-I’ve had worse,” he mumbled. His eyes creaked open and stared up at her.

“Oh, thank God,” she said, clutching her heart. “Don’t scare me like that.”

Placing one of his arms around her, she helped him back up onto his feet as she supported his weight. “Can you manage on your own?”

“Will you leave me here if I say yes?” he asked, grinning weakly.

“Probably,” she teased.

“Cold, that’s cold,” he pouted.

“But seriously,” she said, making sure he could balance and then slipping out from under his arm. “We’re about to detransform so I really do have to leave you here.”

“Hey, now,” he said as she began running away and swinging her yo-yo, “I nearly could have died and you’re just going to depart like it was nothing?”

“Well, what did you expect, kitty?” she said, rolling her eyes.

“How about a hug, hm?” he suggested, opening his arms wide and beckoning her to him.

She had expected this. She had expected for him to take this opportunity to flirt because he wouldn’t be Chat Noir if he didn’t. What she did not expect was feeling the heat rise up in her cheeks, or her hand dropping her yo-yo by her side, and her mind thinking, he looks so damn adorable like that.

So turning back to face him, she ran headfirst into his chest and buried her nose in the crook of his neck. His arms snaked up to wrap around her and he squeezed tightly. Feeling his warmth enveloping her and his heart pounding to the rhythm of her own beat, she relished in how alive he felt. He was right here before her, not dead, and very real. It was a shame that her heart belonged to someone else.

“Thank you, Milady,” he whispered into her ear.

I like Adrien the most, but…

—but try as she might, she’d be a fool to deny the hair-raising shiver his breath sent down her spine, the swelling in the pit of her stomach when she looked up into his eyes, and the loud throbbing inside her chest that screamed for her to stay in his arms much, much longer than she’d like to admit.

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So I'm gay and in the closet, and I want to explore my sexuality;I really feel this desire to hook up with boys and just have some fun sexually because up to this point I've always buried my sexuality deep down;The thing is I've carried a lot of shame around and I feel guilty about my sexual desires, so even though I want to expand my sex life more I'm also scared that I'll feel super guilty about it;Do you have any advice for feeling more okay with sex and not feeling guilty about being sexual?

We live in a day and age where promiscuity and being in touch with your own sexual nature is “taboo” at times ( which is ridiculous i think you should embrace it ). I think a lot of other queer people can resonate with what you’re dealing with too because we dont have that privilege of being able to explore our own sexuality and /or gender with assurances and security thus it gets shamed when we do. Idk the complexity of your situation but i think if you’re just now starting to come out just take baby steps like dont jump into things so quick, you dont have to specifically go out and do sexual things but if thats what you wanna do to explore your sexuality then go for it ( obviously be safe though ) and do it without the mindset of being ashamed because its not the “cis het” norm. Because im sure thats whats holding you back and making you think it’s somethings to be ashamed of which you should never be! With coming out you do a whole bunch of things that seem scary like going to your first pride parade going to bars that are safe spaces for queer people, and making friends of other queer ppl, Dont be ashamed of confronting the fact that you’re gay, sexual nature isnt something to be ashamed of, take self-regard in yourself.

The older I get, the more refined my idea of pure happiness gets. I thank my complex situations for helping me understand it.

As a baby cub I was mighty

I’m still crying over Mr. Greg, beautiful songs, my favorite characters, the best bisexual/lesbian representation on TV, a complex emotional situation where both parties are allowed to be open about their feelings and validated for them and some of the best visuals of any animated series ever how did we get so lucky?

I keep playing ‘Talk To Each Other’ over and over it’s AMAZING.

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All of these people are coming to an 18 year old materialistic girl for advice on complex situations and relationships.. really there are better people to ask.


The lady was a walking evil, not just spreading it but also influencing the younger generation to think it’s OK to flaunt yourself in such a manner, especially in a Muslim country where the people are slowly becoming sexualised due to western influence.

The problem is, the brother who killed that lady (his sister) should and could have taken other routes in order to stop his sister but boy oh boy it’s a really complex situation and ofcourse the whole honour killings do not exist in Islam..

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hey old face! i recently told my friend who I've had the biggest crush on for over a year that I like him, and he turned me down and said he wants to stay friends. I'm still glad to be his friend but it seems like these past few days have just been me jumping from one mood to the next, and I cycle between getting mad at myself for being upset and feeling like garbage. any advice?

The Best Thing Is To Be Patient And Give Yourself Time To Work Through Those Feelings! It Makes Sense That You Would Feel Very Flustered, Because That’s A Very Complex Situation To Be In!

Things Will Be Okay, And I’m Sure Before You Know It Things Will Feel Stable And Alright Again!
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is it me or the new Steven universe episodes not as….. good…

I understand that they’re letting new people direct episodes so they’re obviously going to feel different, but the atmosphere of the show took a huge shift.

the post-Peridot arc is adorkable, but now they’re supposed to be dealing with more complex situations that are being taken too lightly…. The characters are less believable, and their struggles are not being given the depth they deserve, which was something Steven Universe was supposed to be characterized for.

Lapis was a huge let down, her dry attitude coping mechanism is not believable. This Marty episode was… either too fast or emotionally distant? Steven is trying too hard to be the a little angel and you can easily tell, it’s not like in season 1 where he was just being a kid minding his own business and now he’s trying to be the solution to every problem he runs into, even if he never has the answer.

Why are these big plots being taken too lightly? The episodes are good but they’re poorly executed, the punchlines and colors are too saturated, and it really disappoints me. I can only expect an episode where Steven has an identity crisis, like it has been promising since the first episode of Season 2, but I’m concerned it will be taken lightly the same way these past episodes have been.

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The sooner Sophia Device-Pulsifer becomes PM, the better.

…quite, quite right. I continue to watch the entirety of the situation from a distance; now that I’m definitely no longer moving back to Britain next month, instead of sadness, I feel I’ve dodged two bullets for the price of one. Which is a baffling statement for anyone who has no details re: one thread of my personal life since about March, but there you are. I’m trying to assimilate the complexities of this political situation as well as I can before any of it becomes fiction. It won’t be long now.

Why international intervention may be necessary to stabilize South Sudan

The world’s newest country has suffered a fresh bout of violence in the wake of its fifth birthday, celebrated July 9th, and an uneasy peace hangs over its capital city, Juba, after the two main belligerents called for a ceasefire Monday.

South Sudan was racked by a brutal civil war for the best part of two years, which ended in a peace agreement last August, but this recent spate of aggression, in which more than 270 have died, has sparked fears of a renewed descent into conflict. The situation is complex, but many analysts suggest the only way to take control of the volatility is to intensify international intervention.

“The war has already resumed, and if nothing is done, we will have an escalation,” says Alex de Waal, executive director of the World Peace Foundation at Tufts University in Medford, Mass. “What the last week has done is demonstrate that there is no option of pursuing the current strategy.”

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That current strategy already includes an international presence: the United Nations Mission in the Republic of South Sudan (UNMISS), established the same day the new nation was born. But that body of blue helmets has garnered criticism over the years, with some suggesting it has done too little to fulfill its mandate of protecting civilians.

What is needed, according to Dr. de Waal, whose research focuses on Sudan and the Horn of Africa, is an international intervention brigade willing to be more aggressive in its pursuit of peace. Such a brigade could be inserted into the wider UN mission, and it would need to be constituted of African Union (AU) troops.

Indeed, at a Monday meeting of the Council of Ministers – part of the Intergovernmental Authority on Development in Eastern Africa – representatives of six East African states called for “urgent revision of the UNMISS mandate to establish an intervention brigade.”

Moreover, Wednesday saw the opening stages of the 27th AU Summit, in Kigali, Rwanda, and the delegates have already made clear their intent to consider the situation in South Sudan as a matter of urgency.

“It is with grave concern that we start this Council, as over the past few days we see the resurgence of the conflict in South Sudan, after more than two years of talks,” said Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma, chairperson of the AU Commission in her opening remarks for the summit. “Hardly two months after the formation of the Government of National Unity, the belligerents seem to [be] back in the trenches, and the people of South Sudan, instead of celebrating five years of independence, once again are barricaded in their homes or must flee like sheep before the wolves.”

Yet even if an international brigade of AU troops does make its way to Juba, analysts say it is unlikely that the political situation can simply return to the status quo as governed by the peace agreement, which, in the words of de Waal, is now “just a piece of paper.”

The difficulty with the peace agreement was that it did little more than return South Sudan’s politics to the same fragile state they were in when the war broke out in December 2013, without addressing the undercurrents and rivalries that led to the hostilities in the first place.

Indeed, the struggle between the two key rivals, President Salva Kiir and Vice-President Riek Machar, reflects the wider ethnocultural tensions between Dinka and Nuer that have fueled many of the divisions roiling the country since its inception, and thus the violence, as John Mbaku, an economist and senior fellow with the Africa Growth Initiative of the Brookings Institution, explains.

Destabilized by these rivalries, the country has yet to build the infrastructure that enshrines and enforces the rule of law, says Mr. Mbaku, remaining saddled with “with weak, dysfunctional, and highly ineffective institutions.”

Another complication is the uncertainty over who is truly in control of the troops. The two key rivals, President Salva Kiir and Vice-President Riek Machar, were both at a press conference when fighting broke out on July 8th. Both seemed confused, with the president telling reporters that the violence was “something that we cannot explain to you.”

Some analysts suggest the explanation lies with President Kiir’s chief of general staff, Paul Malong, “a figure that many see as the true power behind the Salva Kiir’s presidential throne,” as Clémence Pinaud, an assistant professor at Indiana University’s Department of International Studies, has written.

Indeed, as de Waal says, Mr. Malong may simply have been biding his time, awaiting his opportunity to militarily wipe out the opposition. The eerie calm that has settled over Juba may be a reflection of his having attained that goal – at least in the capital.

But the situation is far from predictable, and foreign governments are taking no chances. The United States has sent 40 additional troops to bolster its embassy in South Sudan. Germany and Italy have been airlifting European citizens out of Juba. Uganda, India, and Japan have also been evacuating their nationals.

Whatever the short-term challenges facing Sudan, analysts argue that it has fundamental strengths that still hold the promise of a bright future, such as a rich array of natural resources and significant support among international partners, some of whom regard it as an important ally in the fight against transnational terrorism, while others see it more through the prism of trade.

Yet for these assets to be realized, the current state of conflict, and the underlying tensions, need to be addressed.

“While the international community can and must help, South Sudanese must take ownership of this problem and provide the necessary leadership for its resolution,” says Mbaku. “Those in leadership positions must consider the price that the country and the people are paying for these leaders’ search for personal power and wealth.”

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