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So I saw this response Steph (Hotladypants) gave and it got me really thinking. Now just dealing with things from season 2 I want to talk about some of things we see in this web series.

So Laura is a journalist so there are a lot of things that we see in the web series that are clearly part of her telling the story of the issues on the Silas Campus, even things that may not exactly be supernatural in nature are added because they show a clear cause and effect for the story line. But there are some things that are added that are not exactly journalistic in nature and could be simply cut out or explained in a quick solo clip from Laura instead of her showing us the original footage. (Also this is assuming we are essentially acting as the member of Silas Campus, not a third party watching it as fans)

Exhibit A:

Obviously you could make an argument that these scenes are included to show how loving their relationship is and how that motivates their future actions, but aren’t we suppose to assume that we are watching Laura’s videos as they happen? Aren’t we suppose to assume that she doesn’t know what happens in the future so she doesn’t know what these scenes mean later on in the series? I like this theory better: This relationship is important to Laura and she wants to share it. She wants to revel in how caring this relationship is. She wants to show off and shout to the world how much they love each other. That’s why she added scenes of Carmilla and her being so lovey even though they didn’t always have a true journalistic nature.

Exhibit B:

These parts of 2x10 did not add fully to the plot line of this episode. Assuming she doesn’t know the future, there’s no exact reason to add this. She could have just said in her interlude that she heard what was said between Carmilla and Mattie but they decided to handle the lead first. But she didn’t, she showed the original footage. She showed Carmilla’s sad demeanor reacting to Laura walking in causing Laura to have to add a clip giving a regretful response for her actions. Laura didn’t need to add this unless she felt guilty and this was her way of dealing with the guilt. It’s an unhealthy, immature way of handling guilt, but it seems to be Laura’s way nonetheless.

Exhibit C:

Now these scenes caused major outcry in the fandom. A lot of people used these scenes, and some other scenes, to defend Carmilla and hate on Laura. Think about this. These scenes could have easily been cut. Laura could have cut straight to Perry walking in with blood on her stomach in 2x13. Laura could have also simply just told us Carmilla walked out after refusing to help with her with saving the campus. Laura had the ability time and time again to villainize Carmilla but she never did. She had multiple opportunities to make us hate Carmilla and sway the story but she never did! In fact, she villainized herself more than anything else. I think Laura has a strong level of internal self-hatred that causes her to commit suicide missions and destroy positive relationships in her life because subconsciously she feels like she doesn’t deserve it. What happened with her mom to cause this much damage?

Exhibit D:

Then these four scenes. Oooooooooooh these four scenes. Not only are they not exactly necessary to the story of saving Silas, they are personal and slightly embarrassing. Honestly, the only reason I can think of as to why Laura added these clips is to show Carmilla. Show her that she still loves her. I mean we don’t know if Carmilla is even watching the videos but who knows. It’s that or Laura just wanting to put herself through more pain. I’m hoping for the former though.

Exhibit E:

Annnnnnnnnnnnnnd this scene. Laura once again did not need to add this scene. She could have so easily just started it with the curtain closed but she didn’t. She included a clip of Carmilla trying to save the day – of Carmilla trying to save Larua – even though the end of the episode shows Laura helping the board set up to kill all the vampires on campus. She once again makes Carmilla a lovable hero and villainizes herself. Laura punishes herself by showing the world why she feels guilty. REALLY THINK ABOUT THAT!

My final conclusion, the fact that we know about Laura and Carmilla’s relationship at all truly shows how much Laura loves Carmilla.

High blood levels of growth factor correlate with smaller brain areas in patients with schizophrenia

High blood levels of a growth factor known to enable new blood vessel development and brain cell protection correlate with a smaller size of brain areas key to complex thought, emotion and behavior in patients with schizophrenia, researchers report in the journal Molecular Psychiatry.

Higher blood levels of vascular endothelial growth factor, or VEGF, also correlate with high blood levels of interleukin 6, a cytokine that can cross the protective blood-brain barrier and typically promotes inflammation, said Dr. Anilkumar Pillai, neuroscientist in the Department of Psychiatry and Health Behavior at the Medical College of Georgia at Georgia Regents University. As with many disease types, inflammation is increasingly associated with schizophrenia, and high blood levels of IL-6 already have been found in these patients.

The new findings appear to point toward a blood test as an easier way to confirm the diagnosis of schizophrenia, rather than complicated and expensive imaging studies of the brain, and, ultimately, better disease understanding and treatment, said Pillai, the study’s corresponding author. “We are talking about a molecule where you can just draw blood and look at the lab profile,” he said.

A smaller prefrontal cortex is one of the brain abnormalities identified through brain scans of living patients as well as autopsies. Pillai’s lab had earlier shown low brain levels of VEGF, which could help explain lower blood flow and brain volumes in these patients. “Decreased blood flow leads to decreased brain tissue volume,” he said. Inflammation also can reduce brain size.

While findings of higher blood levels may sound counterintuitive to low VEGF levels in the brain, they likely indicate a “feedback inhibition” with the brain recognizing high circulating levels and deciding to produce less VEGF itself, Pillai said. In fact, high blood levels of VEGF may contribute to the disease process, the researchers write.

More patients need to be studied to see if the correlations hold up, Pillai said, and work also is needed to determine which comes first: high blood levels or low brain levels of VEGF.

The study, in collaboration with scientists at the School of Psychiatry at the University of New South Wales in Australia, looked at 96 people with schizophrenia as well as 83 healthy individuals. Brain scans were available on 59 of the patients and 65 healthy controls. Patients were recruited to Neuroscience Research Australia, a not-for-profit research institution based in Sydney that focuses on the brain and nervous system, as well as Lyell McEwin Hospital, a teaching hospital in South Australia affiliated with the University of Adelaide and the University of South Australia.

While likely best known for its role in making new blood vessels, VEGF also is key to the brain’s ability to adapt to change, such as respond to an injury, and protect against brain cell loss.

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Hi! *waves like a dork* New follower & semi-new to the TW fandom. I have to say I love your ideas about Peter & most of all I love how you love Derek. I miss him lots & we're not even that far into s5! *slinks back into oblivion*

Hi follower! :D

Welcome to the obsession, and especially to my blog!

I’m missing Derek almost as much as Stiles is, just hanging onto fandom and the small Derek references people are finding in the eps. <3

I have such complex and conflicted thoughts on Peter, and I love chatting about them. :) Stop by my inbox any time!

So I’m really bad at waking up in the morning, and usually I have alarms going on about an hour or so before I need to wake up in order to actually wake up–sometimes people kind of act skeptical about that, like really I’d be better off just waking up quickly, but my brain just doesn’t do that. It just doesn’t bridge the sleep/wake threshold in any way that makes sense. An interesting example is this morning, for about a half hour prior to Full Consciousness, I had this convincing thought that I was actually very awake due to a system devised by tumblr user toastyhat involving some sort of weird, scientific splintering and then re-assembly of yourself, and it was all very infomercial-esque…then I woke up and was like “wait a second…” 

i think the reason why i love paper towns so much is because of the raw truth in it. see, the entire story is based around a boy who’s in love with a girl because this girl is “different.” the adventurous, intelligent, mysterious margo roth spiegelman who lives her life in the moment, the girl people talk about endlessly.

and q is so infatuated with her that when she disappears, he just knows he has to find her. he gets so convinced that those clues were left for him, that he’s supposed to find her and impress her and be with her; but along the way the people around him realize they’re missing something, and that something is that margo roth spiegelman is not the person they thought she was. that once they get up close and see her, she’s a different girl.

like when radar says, “I never knew you until I got to know you through the clues. I like the clues more than I like you.”

but q doesn’t even realize that until the end, when he finds her in this abandoned barn and thinks she’s just being margo- mysterious, adventurous margo- and then she breaks down and tells him that no, she was not being margo, she was running away from margo. that having everyone see her as someone she isn’t has worn her down to the point where the only thing she could do was run away. that she hadn’t meant for him to find her because she wanted to tear her life off like a bandaid.

and suddenly, everything’s changed. this girl was the catalyst for all the events that had taken place, she’s the reason why the story exists; and she isn’t margo roth spiegelman.

because margo realizes she is a paper girl, so she runs off to a paper town.

and in the end, they take margo’s journal about young and heroic quentin, and young and fearless margo, and bury it; and with it they bury the ideas of themselves that are nothing more than ideas.

my favorite quote is this:

“I don’t know why, but I always thought she would look different. Older. That I would barely recognize her when I saw her again. But there she is, and I am watching her through the Plexiglas, and she looks like Margo Roth Spiegelman, this girl I have known since I was two- this girl who was an idea that I loved.

And it is only now, when she closes her notebook and places it inside a backpack next to her and then stands up and walks toward us, that I realize that the idea is not only wrong but dangerous. What a treacherous thing is it to believe that a person is more than a person.”

this is why paper towns is such a fantastic book. and all these people who think it’s boring and depthless and a “chick flick” are not seeing what’s more to it, just seeing what they think they see- what they want to see. because this novel, it may only use words, but it screams the truth: we are margo, we know ourselves but virtually nobody else does. we are quentin, we have our whole lives planned out, but that’s not what we want to be happy, that’s what we have been taught to think will make us happy.

and we are paper people. but we don’t have to be.

Astrological Blends: Earth Venus + Air Mars

Needs in a relationship: Thought stimulation & sharing, mutual understanding
Is attracted to people who are: Witty, classy, funny, detached, people who can hold interesting conversations, patient, mysterious
Way of seduction: Complex, well thought of, doing and talking, quirky
Date Idea: Going to a museum/ to the observatory

Guide: Earth Signs- Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn /Air- Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
How to calculate the Venus sign:
How to calculate the Mars sign:

How do birds build their nests?

Scientists have discovered that a bird’s choice of nest material is much more complex than first thought. 

There is a massive diversity of nests in the natural world. Some birds stitch leaves together, others create structural masterpieces. 

Itwas originally believed that a bird’s choice of nest material was built into their genes. However scientists have discovered that birds learn to choose nest materials based on their physical properties, requiring a higher level of cognition.

By giving zebra finches stiff or floppy string, Dr Ida Bailey and team found that birds chose the best building material - stiff string allowing them to build strong nests in less time. 

This research funded by BBSRC helps to provide insight into how complex cognition evolved in animals.

Image credit: Dr Ida Bailey, University of St Andrews

I don’t understand how to post selfies it just feels weird for me?? A photo of me right there I would rather see photos of cool things?? I like seeing other people’s though because it’s they usually look good so maybe I should get into it

"Things Change and Friends Leave."

People are not perfect
They come into our lives
And they love us
Until we trust them

Only then do they choose to leave
As everyone else already has
Or one day will

No, People are not perfect
They come into our lives
And they heal us
Only to brake us yet again


or maybe the soul and the body are two different things. The body could possibly have a mind of it’s own. But it’s very faint and simple and incapable of complex thoughts and curiosity. It simply functions in order to control the body who is housing the great being, the spirit. It’s simple purpose is to please the spirit and give it a place to rest. And that’s why you’re always at war with yourself. Because your spirit is intelligent and curious and wants to roam, but the body can only do so much. And the soul is constantly pushing for more and the body is constantly feeling incapable and like it’s a disappointment. And that’s why we get down on ourselves. We aren’t pleasing our spirit.

6/4/15: My thoughts today have been very deep and very complex. So many answerless questions have been popping through my mind and it’s driving me crazy. Questions like “Why do I put so much effort into caring about what other people think about me, when their opinions won’t change my life at all?” or “Why do people strive to be so successful or so rich and famous when all they’re going to do is die like the rest of us?”. A lot of my thoughts and ways of thinking can be traced back to my love for sociology and psychology. What stops us from doing what we really want to do? Is it just the thought of other people’s opinions or is it something in our own mind afraid of consequences, or afraid of hearing no for an answer? Why do so many people conform to society’s standards when they know they will continue to be judged? Why do so many people believe in this unseen entity that may or may not exist and spend so much time worshipping it when they could be spending that time making lasting memories? Why do people pay so much of their hard-earned money just to meet another human being? Makes no sense. Why do people seek a meaning or purpose in life? Can’t they just live on this beautiful earth and make wonderful memories without having a purpose? Why are there so many unanswered questions that have so much meaning in them? What is stopping us, intelligent beings, from answering these questions? I’m trying to put my thoughts into words, but my mind stops me to think of new thoughts that I then also want to write down but the annoying process repeats itself. Thinking about such deep and complex questions is hard work. Being an open-minded person, it’s incredibly difficult to try to comprehend the thinking of a close-minded person. What is stopping their mind from accepting this new concept or way of life? What is stopping their mind from breaking the barriers that are holding their thoughts back from creating new ideas and new ways of doing something? Why are there people that think about deep and complex questions daily, and people that almost never think about them unless they are forced to? How are you not thinking about this stuff any chance you get? Is thinking in a deeper level a curse or a gift?

My heart goes out to the people of Paris who are living in fear right now. For the people who’ve lost their lives, for the people who have lost loved ones, for the people who are being held hostage right now. 

But… I still don’t give my blanket support to the content being published by the magazine in question. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not condoning the actions of the extremists at all. 

I can sympathize with the victims, which is a sadly growing number,  and Paris as a whole, but not support the gross content of the magazine.