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Is Strickler from Trollhunters the Next Snape?

So in the little Trollhunters fandom, I’ve heard some buzz about Strickler being compared to Snape from Harry Potter…and this I find very interesting indeed! So let’s talk about it!

Severus Snape is the most popular Harry Potter character. He was a rough teacher who bullied his students sometimes to the point of degrading them but (spoilers) in the end turned out to be constantly saving Harry’s life and acting as a double agent for Dumbledore. He puts his life in danger over and over to protect Harry out of love for his mother Lily. Basically he’s the jerk who turns out to be a hero out of love for the main hero’s mother. And despite all the horrible things he did, the fans love him for his deep romantic love, heroic deeds, and rich character complexity.

On the surface, Strickler seems to do the same thing. He is a villain going against the hero while also falling in love with his mother and ends up siding with the hero because of that. Heck, he’s even the hero’s school teacher. The similarities are apparent. And the fans have reacted similarly. Strickler is one of the most popular characters in the Trollhunters franchise, well-loved by fans. Fans ship Stricklake even harder than the canon ship Jlaire. (…I don’t get you people sometimes.)

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It seems like Strickler serves the exact same purpose as Snape: a jerk with a heart of gold changed by a woman’s love. He even cares for the hero as his teacher and initially puts the woman he loves in danger with his actions. (Strickler binds Barbara to him magically, and Snape is the one who told Voldemort the prophecy.) But are these two characters actually equivalent?

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Okay, Snape, be nice. It’s not absurd. But…I do think Snape and Strickler are not equivalent. In fact, I think the truth is much more interesting! I’d argue that Strickler is the exact opposite of Snape!

Let’s break it down:

As a teacher, Strickler is a gentleman, kind to his students, taking personal interest in them and wanting to see them succeed. His exterior that he shows the world is that little bit of good in him. And Jim was his favorite. It tugs your heartstrings.

Snape, meanwhile, was a bully. He was constantly unfair to his students, allowed them to suffer embarrassment by any means possible if he didn’t like them, and bullied and ridiculed a student so badly that he became that student’s worst fear. And he hated Harry.

While competent, Snape is a horrible teacher, cruel to his students and hating the hero he’s also protecting, while Strickler is the opposite; he seems like an almost ideal teacher who is fatherly toward the hero he ends up trying to kill. One has the worst of himself shown through his teaching while the other shows his good side with his students. And yet the bad teacher wants to protect the hero and the good teacher, while initially protecting hero, ends up wanting to kill him.

Then there’s their missions. Strickler’s initial mission is to free Gunmar, which would destroy humanity (Jim and Barbara included). Later he wants Jim dead and have Changelings (and himself) rise to power. Strickler’s missions are ultimately self-serving for himself and his kind, and he seems to care little for who is lost along the way. He kills two innocent people - a guard he fed to Bular and the principle he killed with his Antramonstrum - and, while he cares for Jim, he’s more than willing to get an assassin to off the boy when it becomes the most useful thing for his goals. (This assassin, we may recall, ended up killing numerous trolls, including Aaarrrgghh!!!. Yes, Aaarrrgghh!!! is dead because of Strickler’s arrogance and wish to kill. …Just thought I’d point that out.) And through it all, Strickler remains polite and genial to those he’s hiding from and those who are not in his way.

Meanwhile, Snape, for all his cruel and bullying nature, spends all of the Potter series trying to protect Harry. That’s not to say his motives a wholly good; he does completely ruin Lupin’s life by revealing he’s a werewolf just to get even for a childhood grudge. He’s as cruel to the people around him as he is his students. But the only person we see him kill in-series is Dumbledore, who asked him to do it, and he spends a good portion of his time trying to prevent others from dying. He’s cruel and never polite, but he’s not evil. It’s the complete opposite of how Strickler behaves.

And finally…there’s the love interest.

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And here we see the significant differences between these two: what a makes a hero vs. what makes a villain.

Let’s start with Snape this time. Because of his eternal love for Lily, Snape swore to protect her son. His love for her never died, never waned. It was a bit of a selfish love; when he first asked Dumbledore to protect her, he could care less if he also protected James and Harry until Dumbledore tells him off. But it’s still a love strong enough for Snape to give up his life and his happiness to protect and save a boy he hated and bring down his once Dark Lord. Lily’s love inspired Snape, a cruel and angered man, to be a hero.

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Then there’s Strickler. While there may have been genuine attraction there at one point, Strickler mainly starts dating Barbara to get to Jim, and it’s only in the process that he starts to fall in love with her. However, this love doesn’t stop him from binding their lives together, thereby putting her at great risk to save his own skin, nor does it stop him from getting a very deadly assassin to hunt down her son. In fact, he doesn’t turn to the hero’s side until they have a common enemy and his own life is in danger. And finally, when given the chance to be selfless and split his bond with Barbara, he won’t agree to it until Jim gives his word that he will be protected. He won’t risk his own life to save hers.

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Strickler’s greatest flaw and most villainous attribute is his own selfishness, which, despite caring for others, allows him to murder without remorse and put the lives of others at risk for his own sake.

Snape and Strickler are not parallels; if anything Strickler is Snape’s mirror. Snape was truly not a good human being, but he was a hero in the end who did the right thing out of love. Strickler has all the trappings of and a true potential to be a good person, but his selfishness was his limitation, and it made him a villain for most of the series and, even now, he’s at best a shaky ally you cannot fully trust if his life is on the line. Snape allowed love to make him self-sacrificing; Strickler is unwilling to ever give his life for another, even someone he loves.

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Yet regardless of how they compare, we love them both anyway…because morally grey characters are always the most fun. ;)


You definitely haven’t seen a pocket knife quite like this one. Discommon has teamed up with the James Brand to create a special edition of its signature Chapter knife. They’ve taken the handle and updated it with an incredibly complex surface of machined aluminum scales that mimic an ocean wave, hence the name, the Swell. Not only is it beautiful, but the scales double as a grippy, tactile surface to secure the knife in your hand. It’s definitely one of the finest examples of form and function to cross our desks in recent memory.

I want to share something that I think only you people on tumblr understand and that is that:
I am deeply and profoundly in love with Will and Hannibal. Something about their connection just touches me in a way that is almost too much to verbalize. I believe that Hannibal - by the use of symbolism - tells a much more complex story than the surface reveals. Hannibal is a cannibal and murderer on the show - but what series REALLY portrays is a man who decides, for the first time in his life, to show his darkest parts to someone else. And doing so actually is the boldest thing in the world. To be ,seen’ in all your most shameful and destructive flaws and to still be loved and accepted. I guess that’s the deepest wish we all share. I don’t know if I have ever seen anything more beautiful in my life - even though on the surface we see a sick, twisted relationship and two people fighting each other in agony. But what we see too is the true level of grief that comes with abandonment..and the sadness that can linger for years. We also see acts of vulnerability that are the only way to real intimacy - on both sides. The reality behind it is true connection and belonging and I don’t think I will ever find the words to describe what Hannibal has done to my soul. How it has enriched me, every part of me and taken a hold on my entire being. I love this show. I love the characters so so much. Yes I find it sexy and special and extremely desireful that they are portrayed by two men. But that is not the major point. The most important thing about Hannibal is that it has showed me again, that good storytelling can transcent real life - can be even more meaningful or powerful than a rel life experience and that in the very end it can even change the world by changing individual people. I thank the actors, the writers and the showrunner for this amazing gift. And I think at least some of you here will know what I mean and understand…


Afrofuturist Photos Transform Senegal’s Trash Into Haute Couture

There are certain depictions of African life we in the West are all too accustomed to seeing: Images of poverty, violence and corruption conjure a one-note vision of an abject space that fails to capture the complexity bubbling beneath the surface.

Photographer Fabrice Monteiro, however, captures up a very different vision of Africa, one in which beauty, debris, danger and hope are closely interwoven. His Afrofuturist images predict a post-Apocalyptic future, where garbage and rubble are transformed into intricate, brilliant garments, serving as warning to future generations.

“It is not only a political or economic problem, but an educational one.”

I get really grossed out when I think about the fact that there are some people in the Potter fandom that think that “Ron isn’t good enough for Hermione” or “she deserves better.”

It completely goes against the foundational themes of the book (love is the most important thing, people are more complex, friendship rocks, surface judgments can only go so far, etc.) and honestly reduces a thoroughly GOOD character to… well, nothing, while also exalting an imperfect character onto a pedestal.

So sorry, I’m not here for your Ron-shaming, but I am most definitely here for the fact that in every timeline in Cursed Child, they are still in love with each other, and we see how their relationship impacts BOTH of them.


Upside down at present whilst still being constructed, the base is coming along nicely and had its first coat of primer now half the parts have been put together and sculpted in place.  Will need other main paint coats/finishes before adding more parts to the form, same as before with gold structure. Given the complexity of surfaces its best to construct and touch up as you fabricate this piece. Also, the second half of the gold back structure is mid being glitter coated but so nearly done. #winning  


Coating Makes Steel Tougher, Keeps Microbes From Sticking

More and more objects are getting superhydrophobic coatings that make liquids bounce right off. Surfaces with complex nanoscopic structures that prevent wetting will soon be deployed on wind turbine blades and aircraft wings to prevent ice from sticking, and even concrete is being doped with superhydrophobic compounds to help it last decades longer.

Much still needs to be done, though, to strengthen these coatings because any damage can remove the ability to repel liquids. Such an advance is hugely important since there are potentially life-saving healthcare applications if this hurdle could be overcome with a stable, nontoxic coating for steel. Just imagine if implants, scalpels and other tools used on patients had a surface impossible for infection-causing microbes to cling to.

Now, Joanna Aizenberg and her colleagues at Harvard’s Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering have demonstrated a possible solution. They’ve been able to coat stainless steel with nanoporous tungsten oxide, which repels all liquids. What’s more, the surface is extremely tough, maintaining superhydrophobicity even after being scratched with sharp steel objects and diamond.

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James Cameron Smith creates remarkable classically inspired digital photographic images with a rich garnish of abstracted textures. Smith’s works are a digital homage to historic masterpieces composed by applying complex modifications to surface forms. These transformational photographs bridge the centuries and establish unique graphic and spatial relationships which are drawn from dynamic tonal transitions. 

Greatest Image of Pluto Ever Taken

As we’ve seen with Ceres, every new image of Pluto taken from now on will be the best image we’ve ever seen of Pluto… and this is true for the above.

NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft was only 75,000,000 km away (46.6 million miles) when this image was taken. Clear in the picture is that the Plutonian surface is complex and variable. It’s going to be exciting to find out what’s going on here…

In early July it’s going to make a much closer flyby of the dwarf planet where all these surface features will be brought out in sharp detail. Almost everything we know about Pluto will come from this flyby.

(Image credit: NASA/JHUAPL)

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Just stare into the complexity of the surface of the ocean at sunset for a while for me.

INFJ Confession #2492

Sometimes I wish that I saw less (introverted intuition), because maybe I’d be less anxious and less cynical if I viewed the world simplistically (and couldn’t feel what’s below the surface of complex issues). On the other hand though, I know if I were less aware and couldn’t understand what the complexities were, I’d constantly put myself down because I’d feel insensitive and oblivious. Being an empath really hurts sometimes…