complex sculpture


Layers of Painted Glass Form Three-Dimensional Trees 

Artist Ardan Ozmenoglu redefines everyday objects in her visually complex sculptures. In the tree sculptures above, the Turkish artist breaks the object down into rows of hand-painted glass. 

A single sheet of glass appears to be completely abstract, however, by combining the fragmented parts into repetitive rows, she gives new life to the tree which changes appearance based on the position of the viewer.


From top to bottom:
Sech(z), real part purple, imaginary part yellow.
ArcTan(z^4)+ArcSech(z^2), real part purple, imaginary part green. 
Csc(z^2)+ArcCot(z^2), real part teal, imaginary part pink. In memory of Dave Grimes.
ArcSech(z), real part blue, imaginary part pink.
ArcSinh (z^4)+ArcTan (z^2), real part blue, imaginary part yellow.
Csch(z^4)+ArcSech(z^2), real part purple, imaginary part teal.


Re[arctan(z)] and Im[arctanh(z)]

The angle shown in the first photo corresponds with the front view of one branch of Im[arctanh(z)] while the angle in the last photo corresponds with the front view of one of Re[arctanh(z)]; in other words, the two functions only differ by a 90° rotation. The flat edges of the painted areas in the center of the top and bottom Plexiglass plates are the location of two branch cuts, where there is a discontinuity. We could make the functions continuous by stacking countably many more copies of the sculpture (or branches, mathematically speaking) on top of each other to construct their Riemann surfaces, as these branch cuts correspond with where one [-π, π] iteration of these multivalued functions ends and another begins, which is easy to see in the middle photo.

s y n d r o m e s - pt.9

Group : BTS

Members : All seven (Park Jimin is main, tho)

Genre : Criminal!BTS, psychology themes, smut, fluff, angst

Words Count : 4,332

Description :  “Lima syndrome is the result of the abductor / kidnapper sympathizing with his hostages”. And Park Jimin had never heard of it before, when he took you as his hostage.

A/N : I’m sorry that it took so long. I was kinda unmotivated to write in the last few days, because I was kinda down, kinda lonely, BUT NEVERMIND ME IM JUST BEING DRAMATIC I GUESS. Enjoy part 9 :) 

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EQUILIBRIO COMPLEJO-V. Escultura en latón 45x10x10 cmts. Por(jrG).

BALANCING COMPLEX-V. Sculpture in brass 45x10x10 cm. By (jrG).

EQUILIBRAGE COMPLEX V. Sculpture en laiton 45x10x10 cm. Par (jrG).


Les gens ordinaires attendent que la vie leur révèle ses secrets, mais aux rares, aux élus, les mystères de la vie se révèlent avant que le voile n'en soit tiré. Quelquefois c'est là l'effet de l'art et surtout de l'art littéraire qui traire directement les passions et l'intellect. Mais il arrive qu'une personnalité complexe prenne la place et exerce la fonction de l'art, qu'elle devienne par elle-même, à sa façon, une œuvre d'art, puisque la Vie produit ses chefs-d’œuvre de raffinement au même titre que la poésie, la sculpture ou la peinture.
—  Oscar Wilde
For the ones we love, we must sacrifice..

Based on the imagine: Imagine dating one of Elronds twins and him pleading with you to break up with his son because he saw your death in the future and doesn’t want his son to be heart broken on Imaginexhobbit

Characters: Elladan. Elrond. minor Elrohir and Arwen ( But arwen is a kick ass lil sis!).

Words: 3303

Authors note: Sad ending; if you are like me and don’t like to read them, then avoid this like a person with the plague.

The breezy halls of Imladris were erupting with activity as the midday sun cast its rays upon the happy house. School children had been released to cause chaos and ran about the grassy knolls without a care. Elves and Elleths alike could be seen slacking from their duties . Some read books under the trees, some picnicked with their friends. Even the ever working Lindir could be seen dragging his feet and lingering, but no one would believe of such an occurrence if they were told. 

The guards and warriors not on duty could be heard fighting on one of the performance platforms. A few of the fatigued and defeated guards sat with feet dangling over the edge of the raised platform, water goblets in hand and shirts unbuttoned or discarded. The few pairs fighting seemed to quickly lose their vigor and motivation and gave into a stalemate. The lazy day atmosphere seemed to be hitting them too.

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Jay’s commissions

Here is a list of my commission prices and info

I also do take donations for my top surgery cause. I need to make $6,000

Goal is September 2017

PayPal -

If you have additional questions just ask <3

YES I do make things besides YGO. I’ll do any series any character


Prices vary depending on the complexity of the sculpture or design

The GX medal pictured below I sell for $25


Prices- $30


Prices- Simple sketches are $15

Shading and complex design $25

Digital simple sketch-

Prices- $5

Computer chibi Icon-

Prices- $7

Digital complex drawings-

Prices- Range from $25-50 depending on complexity


See how we installed Cai Guo-Qiang’s complex sculpture Borrowing Your Enemy’s Arrows, one arrow at a time. 

This work is now on view in Scenes for a New Heritage: Contemporary Art from the Collection through April 10, 2016.