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An Analysis of Bakugou’s Superiority Complex

I think you’re at least kind of right. Bakugou knows Midoriya has something that he lacks, and that causes him to feel bitterness towards Midoriya. It’s also hard for Bakugou to deal with the idea that Midoriya is more like All Might than he is. Although, I don’t Bakugou ever admired Midoriya back when Midoriya was Quirkless. I think he hated Midoriya because Midoriya makes him feel weak.

I think Bakugou’s hatred of Midoriya comes from him having a textbook case of superiority complex.

A superiority complex is “a psychological defense mechanism in which feelings of superiority counter or conceal feelings of inferiority.” In other words, Bakugou’s narcissism and feelings of superiority are due to him trying to cover for his inferior feelings. When Bakugou is feeling weaker than Midoriya in some cases, he’ll lash out against Midoriya and treat him as inferior in order to protect his feelings of weakness. Whether Midoriya realizes it or not, he picks on Bakugou’s insecurities, and, in order to protect his ego, Bakugou bullies Midoriya and tries to make himself feel superior.

I don’t think Bakugou’s superiority complex has always existed. I think Midoriya simply triggered it.

From when he was a young child, Bakugou has always been praised.

As his mom points out, all that praise for his talents has made him narcissistic.

Bakugou’s feelings of superiority come from all the praises during his childhood. That much is self-explanatory. Because of those praises, he has high expectations for himself.

Because Bakugou was praised for his Quirk and Midoriya had no Quirk, it was easy for Bakugou to come to the conclusion that Midoriya is inferior.

As a result, when Midoriya, someone who’s supposed to be beneath him, tries to help him, it’s a huge blow to Bakugou’s ego. Midoriya is supposed to be a Quirkless loser. Bakugou isn’t supposed to need his help.

Any time Midoriya tries to help Bakugou, it makes Bakugou feel weak. In order to feel less weak and to prove his superiority, he bullies Midoriya and brings him down. A superiority complex exists to cover for an inferiority complex. In Bakugou’s case, his inferiority complex comes from Midoriya making him feel weak and like he has lower self-worth. His superiority complex kicks in when he bullies and brings Midoriya down in order to feel stronger. If Bakugou can keep convincing himself that Midoriya is weak and that he’s superior, then Bakugou can feel strong. The weaker Midoriya is, the stronger Bakugou feels. It’s a vicious mindset that Bakugou develops over the years, and he can’t get over this mindset and acknowledge Midoriya’s strength easily.

Bakugou’s superiority complex is so bad that he even considers losing if it means not having to work with Midoriya. Working with Midoriya is just that big of a bruise to his ego, and it makes him feel stronger thinking Midoriya is not good enough to work with him.

He still has to mentally think Midoriya is a piece of shit even while working with him.

Bakugou has gotten into this mindset where he has to prove he’s better than Midoriya in order to make himself stronger. Midoriya makes him feel weak. In order to combat those feelings, Bakugou has to put Midoriya down.

Midoriya getting a Quirk from All Might and catching up to Bakugou in terms of ability makes Bakugou feel weak. That’s why he can’t accept Midoriya’s strength so easily. Midoriya is supposed to always be beneath Bakugou. When he catches up to Bakugou, that only pisses Bakugou off because that’s not the way it’s supposed to be. It’s a failure on Bakugou’s part to allow Midoriya to catch up to him.

Once Bakugou realizes Midoriya received All Might’s power, he thinks that means there must be something Midoriya has that Bakugou doesn’t. Midoriya did something right while Bakugou did something wrong. Since All Might chose Midoriya, a kid who was always weaker than Bakugou, it makes Bakugou feel weak. This aggravates his inferiority complex. Bakugou feels so weak that he blames himself for getting captured by the villains and leading to All Might’s downfall.

It doesn’t help Bakugou’s inferiority complex when he feels like Midoriya is always looking down on him. He hates it when people do that.

Just a reminder, if people feel weak or incompetent and they let that consume themselves, then they have an inferior complex.

An inferior complex isn’t always conscious. In Bakugou’s case, it was initially subconscious and then became more conscious after All Might lost his powers. His inferiority complex is aggravated by anyone who makes him feel weak. Midoriya especially makes it worse. However, other people have aggravated Bakugou’s inferiority complex as well.  

If someone stands against Bakugou, Bakugou wants that person to give it his or her all. If that person doesn’t, to Bakugou, that person is looking down on him and making him feel weak.

Todoroki does just that during the Sport’s Festival.

Bakugou’s superiority complex isn’t the only defense mechanism for his inferiority complex. Often he just gets REALLY PISSED OFF against the people who make him feel weak. For instance, this is what he’s like after his fight with Todoroki.

Bakugou also shuns anyone who makes him feel weak, like Todoroki for example.

There are other smaller examples of other students picking on Bakugou’s inferiority complex. Midoriya and Todoroki are just the big examples.

Not everyone with a superiority complex is as destructive as Bakugou. In fact, out of all the students with an inferiority complex, Bakugou seems to cope with it the worst since he hurts others in the process.

Aoyama is a milder example someone with of a superiority complex. Remember, a superiority complex is simply a defense mechanism for an inferiority complex.

People, like Aoyama, who feel insecure about themselves and let that insecurity consume them have an inferiority complex.

To cope with the inferiority complex, they act more superior. Although, in Aoyama’s case, instead of tearing people down like Bakugou, he simply boasts himself, tries to get attention, and acts like he’s amazing.

Aoyama acts like he loves himself, and he loves the attention. There could be an argument to be made that Aoyama doesn’t have a superiority complex since he doesn’t bring others down in order to make himself feel superior. However, he boasts how amazing he is, gets dramatic, and seeks attention as a way to cope with his feelings of inferiority.

Right now, Bakugou and Aoyama are the only students I can think of who have developed a superiority complex from their inferiority complex.

There are certainly other students who have an inferiority complex. It’s inevitable given the nature of being a hero. Being a hero is very competitive. In order to be successful, students need to stand out from their peers, and their peers in turn will will use their weaknesses against them. Villains also take advantage of any weakness students may have. It makes sense for students to feel like they’re inadequate compared to the amazing talent of their peers or to feel like they’re not as strong as they should be.

Interestingly enough, it doesn’t really look like Midoriya has an inferiority complex. An inferiority complex occurs when people become too focused on their deficiencies and start to feel intense lower self-worth. Midoriya doesn’t have that. Midoriya has usually been pretty pragmatic about his weaknesses and doesn’t let them make him think he’s inadequate or worth less.

Bakugou’s bullying never caused Midoriya to give up or feel worth less. Midoriya has always thought Bakugou is amazing. As a result, Bakugou became a role model for Midoriya instead of someone who pushes him down.

Hearing that Togata could have been the successor for One for All and that Nighteye thinks Togata would make a better successor doesn’t make Midoriya think he is unworthy of One for All. Midoriya still thinks he’s worthy of One for All and will push himself to prove it.

Keep in mind, Midoriya not having an inferiority complex does not mean he isn’t sometimes humble or hard on himself. He’s not cocky. He will have moments where he doesn’t take credit for his achievements or is disappointed in himself. That’s part of human nature. 

Here, Midoriya is giving others credit for his achievements. 

When he says this, he’s not saying he doesn’t deserve to be where he is or that he’s not deserving of his Quirk. He’s simply giving people who have helped him throughout is life credit. He wants to be the number one hero for their sake as well as his own. That’s not an inferiority complex. 

During the moments Midoriya is hard on himself, it’s usually because it’s the rational conclusion, such as in the example shown below. 

All Might tells Midoriya that he can only use to five percent of his power. Midoriya reasonably thinks that doesn’t sound like a lot. Midoriya isn’t being unreasonably hard on himself or thinks he’s weak. He’s just coming to the rational conclusion based on what he knows. Midoriya knows he needs to work on controlling his Quirk without breaking his bones. Midoriya feeling like he has a lot to work on doesn’t mean he thinks he’s a lesser being or has low self-esteem. 

People having moments where they’re hard on themselves or think they can do better is normal. An inferiority complex is when those inferior feelings happen all the time whether subconsciously or not. Bakugou often feels weak, and this manifests into the angry and mean-spirited behavior we know. Bakugou always subconsciously or consciously thinks he’s weak. It’s a more general feeling rather than one that happens occasionally. Midoriya doesn’t always think he’s not good enough or not deserving. If he’s not good enough in a certain area, then he’ll come to the rational conclusion for that particular area. An inferiority complex is a general feeling of inferiority rather than the occasional moments of feeling inferior. It makes people feel like they’re worth less overall. It’s a neurotic condition, meaning people with an inferiority complex worry frequently about their inferiority, even when it’s irrational or not important. The negative attitudes at times are irrational. 

Take Momo’s inferiority complex for example. She is very sensitive to her shortcomings from the Sports Festival. She is very hard on herself for not living up to her high expectations. She even goes as far as saying she “hasn’t left behind any noteworthy results.” Even though Momo is a very rational thinker, this is a VERY harsh criticism on her part and has affected her attitude since then. 

Momo’s negative feelings about herself occur when she compares herself to Todoroki. She starts feeling not good enough and loses confidence in herself. An inferiority complex affects the general perception and behavior one has towards himself or herself. 

Her inferiority complex prevents her from speaking up about a plan because she thinks she’s not good enough to share her idea. 

She thinks so little of herself that she comes to the conclusion that if Todoroki’s plan didn’t work, then hers can’t work either. 

An inferiority complex affects the behavior of individuals. In Momo’s case, hers makes her more passive because she feels like she’s not good enough to voice her opinion. In Aoyama’s case, it makes him more self-centered in order to compensate for his inferior feelings. In Bakugou’s case, it makes him become a bully because bringing people down makes him feel more superior. 

Midoriya not having an inferior complex makes sense. Midoriya is supposed to be Bakugou’s foil. Bakugou’s weaknesses are supposed to be Midoriya’s strengths.

If both boys have an inferiority complex, then they don’t make that good of foils. While Bakugou has feelings of weakness that he lets consume him. Midoriya doesn’t let his flaws make him feel weak or insecure and tries to push himself to be number one anyway because he believes he’s worthy of being number one.

Keep in mind, not everyone with an inferiority complex lets it hold them back or has harmful ways to cope with the inferiority complex like Bakugou does. An inferiority complex is simply a constant feeling of being inadequate and not measuring up. Some people with an inferiority complex use it to improve the skills they think they lack. It can be a driving force to improve. Bakugou, in a way, has also used his inferiority complex to improve himself. Unfortunately, he also tries to handle his feelings of weakness by lashing out and bringing others down.

The worst way to cope with an inferiority complex is to develop a superiority complex from it. People with a superiority complex still have low self-esteem like others with an inferiority complex. However, they also bring down others in order to cope with their low self-esteem and end up being isolated from people as a result.

reasons why tumblr should start reading Maximum Ride:

  • strong, flawed, and emotionally complex female lead who kicks ass as a mom but also literally kicks ass
  • brooding sarcastic love interest who is saved by the girl way more often than he saves her (and is totally okay with it)
  • misfit group of orphans who come together as a family and who love and protect each other no matter what
  • fun family road trips running from people trying to kill them
  • human experimentation and really cool sci-fi plots
  • presents teenagers as smart and strong individuals instead of silly or toxic
  • main character of color
  • blind main character

Countdown to Wolf 359: Day Four.

I originally had something slightly different planned for today – you’ll get that tomorrow, dear listeners – but I also was not planning on getting to spend two hours with the Lovelace Administration tonight, either. Or, subsequently finishing this major part of this project. So, let’s hear it for some of the most wonderfully rendered, maddeningly complex, space-loving, ass-kicking women I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know for the past three seasons.  It’s been a privilege ✨

|| American Dreams ||

{summary: “you’ll always be my american dream.”}

american dreams by cartel is a+++++

dedicated to @siqnificances

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maramaja06 replied to your photoset: Codex Files, Issue #30, part 3 **Warning. This…

So Archie doesn’t know what he wants! He makes helping very hard. As for the blond lady… she is the same as in the cover, isn’t she? So, they will have to fight not only against demons but against crazy cientists too? Your plot is turning more and more nteresting, if possible!

Well spotted! She is the lady in the cover! and also the lady in that black and red poster that went up a week or so ago!

Archimedes knows what he wants. He’s conflicted for other reasons – most of them revolving feeling unworthy of love, his own time as a dark adept, etc.

and just another little reminder that he’s been this way all along…have another look at his moodboard. There’s a whole square there devoted to his dark past along with a generally dark sort of feel…

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semi general hcs? show me watchu got

- He’s a rocker at heart. His casual clothes consist of bandanas, leather jackets, frayed jeans and mud caked combat boots. Personally, Semi thinks he looks pretty metal, but still gets picked on by Tendou. Tendou though, wears anime t-shirts and sweatpants, so Semi’s always quick to call him out for being quite the hypocrite.

- Semi, in general, is pretty self conscious on how he looks. He’s always preening with his hair, adjusting his collar and checking himself in mirrors. To anyone who doesn’t know him, it might come off as vanity, but he’s always on edge on whether or not he looks presentable.

- He has a soft spot for small dogs. He found himself sitting in his neighbor’s driveway for thirty minutes cuddling with their elderly Shih Tzu one summer. He scared himself once he realized exactly what he was doing, but to his luck, nobody caught him in the act.

- Him and Ushijima have an inside joke where, anytime someone on the team does something either, obnoxious, pretentious or ridiculous, they’ll stare up at a lonesome volleyball lodged in the gym ceiling. They refer to it is as the “Office Camera”, based off of an American sitcom they both like.

- Every month or so, he’ll recolor his dip-dye. Black is his most reliable color, but every so often he’ll dye it dark blue or purple. Sometimes, if he’s in a good mood, he’ll let his s/o pick out the color dye. Nine times out of ten, it’s usually something obscure, like pink or mint green, so his s/o’s opinion is disregarded anyways.

- He’s always wanted to date a pastel. He likes the way their aesthetic would contrast against his.

- He’s existential to the point where it’s obnoxious. Heaven forbid he ever utter the words “oblivion” or “death”, because from there, he just spirals downwards. Sometimes he finds himself writing poetry at one in the morning, thinking it’s the deepest, most profound thing his mind has ever conjured up, but wakes up the next morning to read it and find that it’s complete and utter garbage.

- Foreign rock from the 80’s is Semi’s go-to. He has no idea what any of them are saying, but he finds Queen, Guns n’ Roses, Bon Jovi and Black Sabbath to be incredible. One time, he hit his head against his desk whilst headbanging and gave himself a nosebleed to “We Will Rock You”. Whoops.

- His masculinity is either hyper or non existent, and nowhere in between. He refuses to drink Fiji water because it has a flower on the bottle, but has taken up more than several dares to wear lingerie or a skirt… or both.

- He always seems to be putting himself down in one way or another. Every since Shirabu replaced him as Shiratorizawa’s official setter, his inferiority complex started kicking in. At this point, every time he messes up on something, even if it’s the most insignificant thing in the world, he finds himself saying something along the lines of, “figures I can’t do this right… just like everything else.” He always sees himself lesser than everyone, and needs to figure out that even if he isn’t the best person, he needs to be the best Semi he can be.

- He’s the type of person who never gets cold. He once walked outside in nothing but a t-shirt and jeans in °15 F weather, and wound up being fine. Tendou, however, gets very cold very easily, and finds himself dying inside every time he catches Semi outside in summer clothes during the winter.

- He’s tried to pick up an instrument in the past, but never found himself understanding any of the concepts. Although, he’s pretty decent on the drums.

- He got into Shiratorizawa due to a sports scholarship, and if it werent for that, he wouldn’t be in Shiratorizawa at all. He’s realized at this point that he’s not all that smart, but he doesn’t really let that get him down. Shiratorizawa is insanely strict, and being in class one at Shiratorizawa is the equivalent to being in class three or four in any other school. Lucky for him, though, he has a few good friends in class five who always help him out in exchange for access to watch their volleyball practices. (Not everyone’s allowed to come and watch them, the gym doors are always locked. Although, the coach is rather indifferent if one of the boys brings along a couple of friends to watch them practice. As long as they’re quiet, that is.)

- He puts so much salt on his food to the point where it’s definitely not healthy. His mother used to nag to him about high blood pressure all the time, but now that he lives in a dorm he ignores it.

- He’s good at keeping everyone in line, but himself. When it comes to his friends, he knows exactly what to say to get them out of a slump, or encourage them. Although, when Semi finds himself in any negative situation, he just thinks, “Oh well. Time to die now.” and books.

Power Rangers Relationship Headcanons - Jason and Zack

Headcanons for the ultimate bromance/romance in the film. Once again from Jason’s perspective!

  • Like Trini, he didn’t really know who Zack was?
  • Actually thought he was a myth from all the crazy ass daredevil stories kids at Angel Grove High School would pass around.
  • But when he actually meets Zack it’s almost an out of body experience. How can someone this cool exist? Jason needs to be friends with this man.
  • And oh my god, Jason and Zack are literally the best bros to ever bro.
  • They’re literally each other’s wingmen??? Even though Jason is dating Kimberly, Zack still chats her up about how awesome Jason is??
  • People think that Jason has a crush on Zack.
  • People would not be surprised if Jason really did have a crush on Zack.
  • Like a good bro too, Jason is always there to help Zack through the tough times, especially when Zack’s inferiority complex begins to kick in from time to time. 
  • They’re so physically similar it’s crazy???? They match up perfectly and Zack would’ve been perfect for the Track & Field Team. 
  • Jason actually manages to convince Zack to join T&F with him???? It only took loads of begging over the summer break to finally convince him to at least give the 100m sprint a shot.
  • Zack ends up breaking the record by 30 seconds. 
  • He also ends up setting the high jump, long jump and marathon records for Angel Grove.
  • Jason’s mom thinks that Zack is a handsome boy and Pearl thinks he’s the best babysitter ever??? But his dad doesn’t get a good vibe from him, unlike the others. In the end Jason’s dad trusts him though.
  • Out of the team, Jason and Zack spar and train together the most, setting challenges and dares for each other and getting all on vine.
  • Their relationship is the embodiment of the ‘Two Bros sittin’ in a hot tub 5-feet apart cause they’re not gay’ only Zack has his arm on Jason’s shoulder and literally like 5-inches away from kissing him. 
  • Jason’s had friends like Zack before not they were never well… Zack? Like they never had that true charisma and pizazz that Zack has and Jason hopes that Zack knows he does bring something to the team and to the community. 
  • He really hopes that Zack will someday be able to see his own value and grow as a person.

Power Rangers 2017 Relationship Headcanons (4/40)

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There are little to none awkward love confessions and first kisses fics in the prideshipping tag!

What is this travesty we must rectify it

(I hope I do it justice)

Awkward Love Confession

Or, read it under the cut!

Leave it to Atem to get bored without something to fight.

Leave it to Seto Kaiba to be stubborn―and prideful―enough to say he can and he will find a way to drag him back into his rightful dimension. Also leave it to him to actually fulfill his word. Then make the occasion the biggest spectacle this side of the world.

Now that Atem has an established identity courtesy of Kaiba, he is taking part in an exhibition duel for the new tournament. He claims to want to participate as a regular duelist with Yugi and their friends, but he agrees to it without hesitation.

So here they are, back in the living world, once again standing across from each other. The sun shines over Kaiba Dome’s opened roof, highlighting the gold of Atem’s hair and the red tint of his eyes. The shadows under his lips as he grins his confident grin and turns to draw with as much flair as his rival.

The year without him has taught Seto one important thing: just as Atem finds the stagnant nature of the afterlife boring, he finds life without Atem unbearably boring. This right here, this is what he’s been waiting for.

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Fandom: The Flash

Pairing: E-2 Harrison Wells x Reader

Words: 836

As requested by @a-hero-complex : Ahem… Lemme just kick you off with a quick prompt for Harrison if you’re uber serious about it: “What you’re contemplating is vengeance, not justice, and we don’t need vengeance.” Andddd GO! And if you choose to do this, please tag me :)

Ever since Harrison Wells from Earth-2 aka Harry, came to your Earth, things have become so much crazier. You weren’t aware of the existence of multiple earths in addition to having dopplegangers. Your earth’s Harrison Wells aka Eobard Thawne turned out to be evil. So, of course, you were a bit wary of Harry. He was a mystery, yet an open book. There was something that you thought he was hiding, something he wasn’t telling you. It made you uneasy. However, you can tell how genuine he was about getting his daughter, Jesse, back from Zoom. Despite his stubbornness and being an overall dick, he really was just a desperate father wanting his daughter back.

“Allen,” Harrison gritted through his teeth, “What don’t you understand? You need to get faster to beat Zoom. And not just to beat him, you need to kill him. Destroy him. We need justice for my daughter as well as my home.”

Although you understood that Zoom was a monster, you weren’t entirely on board with killing him. You shook your head at him, “What you’re contemplating is vengeance, not justice, and we don’t need vengeance.” You spoke to the back of Harrison.

“Yes we do!” He slammed hard on the desk he was working at alarming Barry, Caitlin, and Cisco, “He’s taken the two people that I cared most about! You’re too compassionate L/N! Compassion won’t sway a monster like Zoom,” He slowly turned towards you and began to walk up to you menacingly, “You need to get your childish head out of the clouds and come back to the real world. Enough with your dreams of peace and happily ever afters. I may come from a different world, but I can tell you no matter where you go, happy endings don’t exist.”

You glared at him and whispered, “Everyone deserves compassion, Wells. Even a dick like you.” You stood up from your chair and walked out of the Cortex. 

Caitlin sighed, “You didn’t need to yell at her.”

Barry looked at Harrison a bit disappointed, “Yeah, Wells, really? I get that you’re frustrated at me but-”

“She wasn’t understanding.”

“Then explain to her. Calmly. Don’t yell at her."Caitlin said to him.

"Dude, you gotta apologize to her,” Cisco said, “Y/N, she can’t take someone yelling at her. It reminds her of some pretty bad times she’s gone through.”

“Fine. Where is she?”

“Probably on the roof,” Barry answered. He watched as Harrison made his way to your location.

You sat on a chair towards the ledge of the building. You loved coming up to the roof because it overlooked the city perfectly. You closed your eyes and listened to the city. Tears fell from your eyes and thoughts about Harrison yelling at you flooded your mind.

You heard the roof door open and you suddenly wiped your tears away. You looked behind you to see Harrison walking towards you. You turned away, “Here to yell at me more?”

In your peripherals, you see Harrison sit in the chair next to you, “No, I want to apologize.”

“They made you come up here, didn’t they?” You asked still refusing to look at him.

“Yes, but I’ve been wanting to apologize to you for a while.” He paused to see if you would say anything. You didn’t, so he continued you, “I’m aware that ever since I came here I’ve been treating you poorly. I’ve been avoiding you as much as I can. Distancing myself from you.”

“Yeah, ‘cause you hate me.”

He shook his head, “No, I don’t.” Silence.

You cautiously looked at him, “Y-You said that Zoom took away two people you cared about. I thought he just took Jesse.”

He shook his head and sighed, “No, he took you. Well, my earth’s version of you, Y/N. Zoom killed her. She was my fiancee.”

“Oh,” that’s all that you managed to say because you honestly didn’t know what to say.

“See, the reason I’ve been avoiding you was because you’re exactly like my Y/N. Always so optimistic and happy. That’s what got her killed. She tried to reason with Zoom saying that there’s still good in him and that she could help him. He laughed at her and killed her right there in front of me.”

“So what? Was this all a way to protect me?”

“In a way, I guess, but also to protect myself. And I’m failing terribly.”

“What do you mean?” You leaned closer to him in your chair.

Harrison refused to meet your curious gaze, “I’ve found myself falling for you…again.”

“Harrison, I’m not-”

“I know you’re not Y/N. You look like her, yes. Do you share some of the same qualities? Yes, but you’re still different. And that difference is making me fall for you. But I know I can’t have you.” He stood up from his chair and began to walk away.

“I really don’t know what to say to that.”

He sadly smiled at you, “It’s okay. You don’t need to say anything.”