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An Analysis of Bakugou’s Superiority Complex

I think you’re at least kind of right. Bakugou knows Midoriya has something that he lacks, and that causes him to feel bitterness towards Midoriya. It’s also hard for Bakugou to deal with the idea that Midoriya is more like All Might than he is. Although, I don’t Bakugou ever admired Midoriya back when Midoriya was Quirkless. I think he hated Midoriya because Midoriya makes him feel weak.

I think Bakugou’s hatred of Midoriya comes from him having a textbook case of superiority complex.

A superiority complex is “a psychological defense mechanism in which feelings of superiority counter or conceal feelings of inferiority.” In other words, Bakugou’s narcissism and feelings of superiority are due to him trying to cover for his inferior feelings. When Bakugou is feeling weaker than Midoriya in some cases, he’ll lash out against Midoriya and treat him as inferior in order to protect his feelings of weakness. Whether Midoriya realizes it or not, he picks on Bakugou’s insecurities, and, in order to protect his ego, Bakugou bullies Midoriya and tries to make himself feel superior.

I don’t think Bakugou’s superiority complex has always existed. I think Midoriya simply triggered it.

From when he was a young child, Bakugou has always been praised.

As his mom points out, all that praise for his talents has made him narcissistic.

Bakugou’s feelings of superiority come from all the praises during his childhood. That much is self-explanatory. Because of those praises, he has high expectations for himself.

Because Bakugou was praised for his Quirk and Midoriya had no Quirk, it was easy for Bakugou to come to the conclusion that Midoriya is inferior.

As a result, when Midoriya, someone who’s supposed to be beneath him, tries to help him, it’s a huge blow to Bakugou’s ego. Midoriya is supposed to be a Quirkless loser. Bakugou isn’t supposed to need his help.

Any time Midoriya tries to help Bakugou, it makes Bakugou feel weak. In order to feel less weak and to prove his superiority, he bullies Midoriya and brings him down. A superiority complex exists to cover for an inferiority complex. In Bakugou’s case, his inferiority complex comes from Midoriya making him feel weak and like he has lower self-worth. His superiority complex kicks in when he bullies and brings Midoriya down in order to feel stronger. If Bakugou can keep convincing himself that Midoriya is weak and that he’s superior, then Bakugou can feel strong. The weaker Midoriya is, the stronger Bakugou feels. It’s a vicious mindset that Bakugou develops over the years, and he can’t get over this mindset and acknowledge Midoriya’s strength easily.

Bakugou’s superiority complex is so bad that he even considers losing if it means not having to work with Midoriya. Working with Midoriya is just that big of a bruise to his ego, and it makes him feel stronger thinking Midoriya is not good enough to work with him.

He still has to mentally think Midoriya is a piece of shit even while working with him.

Bakugou has gotten into this mindset where he has to prove he’s better than Midoriya in order to make himself stronger. Midoriya makes him feel weak. In order to combat those feelings, Bakugou has to put Midoriya down.

Midoriya getting a Quirk from All Might and catching up to Bakugou in terms of ability makes Bakugou feel weak. That’s why he can’t accept Midoriya’s strength so easily. Midoriya is supposed to always be beneath Bakugou. When he catches up to Bakugou, that only pisses Bakugou off because that’s not the way it’s supposed to be. It’s a failure on Bakugou’s part to allow Midoriya to catch up to him.

Once Bakugou realizes Midoriya received All Might’s power, he thinks that means there must be something Midoriya has that Bakugou doesn’t. Midoriya did something right while Bakugou did something wrong. Since All Might chose Midoriya, a kid who was always weaker than Bakugou, it makes Bakugou feel weak. This aggravates his inferiority complex. Bakugou feels so weak that he blames himself for getting captured by the villains and leading to All Might’s downfall.

It doesn’t help Bakugou’s inferiority complex when he feels like Midoriya is always looking down on him. He hates it when people do that.

Just a reminder, if people feel weak or incompetent and they let that consume themselves, then they have an inferior complex.

An inferior complex isn’t always conscious. In Bakugou’s case, it was initially subconscious and then became more conscious after All Might lost his powers. His inferiority complex is aggravated by anyone who makes him feel weak. Midoriya especially makes it worse. However, other people have aggravated Bakugou’s inferiority complex as well.  

If someone stands against Bakugou, Bakugou wants that person to give it his or her all. If that person doesn’t, to Bakugou, that person is looking down on him and making him feel weak.

Todoroki does just that during the Sport’s Festival.

Bakugou’s superiority complex isn’t the only defense mechanism for his inferiority complex. Often he just gets REALLY PISSED OFF against the people who make him feel weak. For instance, this is what he’s like after his fight with Todoroki.

Bakugou also shuns anyone who makes him feel weak, like Todoroki for example.

There are other smaller examples of other students picking on Bakugou’s inferiority complex. Midoriya and Todoroki are just the big examples.

Not everyone with a superiority complex is as destructive as Bakugou. In fact, out of all the students with an inferiority complex, Bakugou seems to cope with it the worst since he hurts others in the process.

Aoyama is a milder example someone with of a superiority complex. Remember, a superiority complex is simply a defense mechanism for an inferiority complex.

People, like Aoyama, who feel insecure about themselves and let that insecurity consume them have an inferiority complex.

To cope with the inferiority complex, they act more superior. Although, in Aoyama’s case, instead of tearing people down like Bakugou, he simply boasts himself, tries to get attention, and acts like he’s amazing.

Aoyama acts like he loves himself, and he loves the attention. There could be an argument to be made that Aoyama doesn’t have a superiority complex since he doesn’t bring others down in order to make himself feel superior. However, he boasts how amazing he is, gets dramatic, and seeks attention as a way to cope with his feelings of inferiority.

Right now, Bakugou and Aoyama are the only students I can think of who have developed a superiority complex from their inferiority complex.

There are certainly other students who have an inferiority complex. It’s inevitable given the nature of being a hero. Being a hero is very competitive. In order to be successful, students need to stand out from their peers, and their peers in turn will will use their weaknesses against them. Villains also take advantage of any weakness students may have. It makes sense for students to feel like they’re inadequate compared to the amazing talent of their peers or to feel like they’re not as strong as they should be.

Interestingly enough, it doesn’t really look like Midoriya has an inferiority complex. An inferiority complex occurs when people become too focused on their deficiencies and start to feel intense lower self-worth. Midoriya doesn’t have that. Midoriya has usually been pretty pragmatic about his weaknesses and doesn’t let them make him think he’s inadequate or worth less.

Bakugou’s bullying never caused Midoriya to give up or feel worth less. Midoriya has always thought Bakugou is amazing. As a result, Bakugou became a role model for Midoriya instead of someone who pushes him down.

Hearing that Togata could have been the successor for One for All and that Nighteye thinks Togata would make a better successor doesn’t make Midoriya think he is unworthy of One for All. Midoriya still thinks he’s worthy of One for All and will push himself to prove it.

Keep in mind, Midoriya not having an inferiority complex does not mean he isn’t sometimes humble or hard on himself. He’s not cocky. He will have moments where he doesn’t take credit for his achievements or is disappointed in himself. That’s part of human nature. 

Here, Midoriya is giving others credit for his achievements. 

When he says this, he’s not saying he doesn’t deserve to be where he is or that he’s not deserving of his Quirk. He’s simply giving people who have helped him throughout is life credit. He wants to be the number one hero for their sake as well as his own. That’s not an inferiority complex. 

During the moments Midoriya is hard on himself, it’s usually because it’s the rational conclusion, such as in the example shown below. 

All Might tells Midoriya that he can only use to five percent of his power. Midoriya reasonably thinks that doesn’t sound like a lot. Midoriya isn’t being unreasonably hard on himself or thinks he’s weak. He’s just coming to the rational conclusion based on what he knows. Midoriya knows he needs to work on controlling his Quirk without breaking his bones. Midoriya feeling like he has a lot to work on doesn’t mean he thinks he’s a lesser being or has low self-esteem. 

People having moments where they’re hard on themselves or think they can do better is normal. An inferiority complex is when those inferior feelings happen all the time whether subconsciously or not. Bakugou often feels weak, and this manifests into the angry and mean-spirited behavior we know. Bakugou always subconsciously or consciously thinks he’s weak. It’s a more general feeling rather than one that happens occasionally. Midoriya doesn’t always think he’s not good enough or not deserving. If he’s not good enough in a certain area, then he’ll come to the rational conclusion for that particular area. An inferiority complex is a general feeling of inferiority rather than the occasional moments of feeling inferior. It makes people feel like they’re worth less overall. It’s a neurotic condition, meaning people with an inferiority complex worry frequently about their inferiority, even when it’s irrational or not important. The negative attitudes at times are irrational. 

Take Momo’s inferiority complex for example. She is very sensitive to her shortcomings from the Sports Festival. She is very hard on herself for not living up to her high expectations. She even goes as far as saying she “hasn’t left behind any noteworthy results.” Even though Momo is a very rational thinker, this is a VERY harsh criticism on her part and has affected her attitude since then. 

Momo’s negative feelings about herself occur when she compares herself to Todoroki. She starts feeling not good enough and loses confidence in herself. An inferiority complex affects the general perception and behavior one has towards himself or herself. 

Her inferiority complex prevents her from speaking up about a plan because she thinks she’s not good enough to share her idea. 

She thinks so little of herself that she comes to the conclusion that if Todoroki’s plan didn’t work, then hers can’t work either. 

An inferiority complex affects the behavior of individuals. In Momo’s case, hers makes her more passive because she feels like she’s not good enough to voice her opinion. In Aoyama’s case, it makes him more self-centered in order to compensate for his inferior feelings. In Bakugou’s case, it makes him become a bully because bringing people down makes him feel more superior. 

Midoriya not having an inferior complex makes sense. Midoriya is supposed to be Bakugou’s foil. Bakugou’s weaknesses are supposed to be Midoriya’s strengths.

If both boys have an inferiority complex, then they don’t make that good of foils. While Bakugou has feelings of weakness that he lets consume him. Midoriya doesn’t let his flaws make him feel weak or insecure and tries to push himself to be number one anyway because he believes he’s worthy of being number one.

Keep in mind, not everyone with an inferiority complex lets it hold them back or has harmful ways to cope with the inferiority complex like Bakugou does. An inferiority complex is simply a constant feeling of being inadequate and not measuring up. Some people with an inferiority complex use it to improve the skills they think they lack. It can be a driving force to improve. Bakugou, in a way, has also used his inferiority complex to improve himself. Unfortunately, he also tries to handle his feelings of weakness by lashing out and bringing others down.

The worst way to cope with an inferiority complex is to develop a superiority complex from it. People with a superiority complex still have low self-esteem like others with an inferiority complex. However, they also bring down others in order to cope with their low self-esteem and end up being isolated from people as a result.

reasons why tumblr should start reading Maximum Ride:

  • strong, flawed, and emotionally complex female lead who kicks ass as a mom but also literally kicks ass
  • brooding sarcastic love interest who is saved by the girl way more often than he saves her (and is totally okay with it)
  • misfit group of orphans who come together as a family and who love and protect each other no matter what
  • fun family road trips running from people trying to kill them
  • human experimentation and really cool sci-fi plots
  • presents teenagers as smart and strong individuals instead of silly or toxic
  • main character of color
  • blind main character

you’re the shit and i’m knee-deep in it

Summary: After Even has already rejected him once, after Isak is aware of Even’s reputation for meaningless one-night stands, the last thing Isak should be doing is sleeping with the guy. But it keeps happening, and there’s no way Isak is getting out of this with his heart intact. (Shoutout to @westiris for beta-ing through an injury? This girl is superhuman.)

Pairing: Isak/Even

Words: 11,430

Isak’s always been a man of science. Ever since his parents had bought him his first chemistry kit at age three—far younger that he could comprehend anything beyond making pretty colors happen—he’s been fascinated by natural phenomena and processes, how they seem to function together to create this beautiful, complex world. He kicks ass in all his labs, if the sheer number of people begging to copy his pre-labs is any indication. His brain tends to overanalyze and dissect, which is kind of a shitshow for his personal life, but great for his classes. Even at his most cynical, Isak’s never doubted that everything has an explanation, whether it’s been discovered or not.


Nest Moot

A continuation of something I didn’t actually think anyone would read. Enjoy, nerds.

The sol had come. Plans for travel were set, dates agreed upon, alternate sleep spaces arranged for in case of an…unfavorable outcome. The meeting was upon us, and I had never been more afraid in all of my zir-cycles, Tormund-mine. I could only hope that upon our imminent and violent ends that we would find ourselves together once more in the dead lands of the tenth realm.

“Rex, sweetheart, you’re white. Like, my lily-white ass white. I’ve gotta say, I find myself worried when my big, bad-ass, warrior-raised, significant other is worried.”
“I am not-”
“Listen here, asshole, you don’t lie to me! And you had better not try, you big fucking mood ring!”

I had chosen not to respond to your, colorful, exclamations. You were visibly tense, and excitable in your fear. The only color you seemed to possess were the faint outlines of the inked replica of my personal markings atop your shoulders and neck, which were also white in that moment.

“Tormund-mine. Nearest my hearts, I am worried yes, but you should not concern yourself with my own misgivings.”
“Misgivings? That’s the word you’re going with? Riddle me this, R’Xniir, are the misgivings towards me, or the reactions your parents will have to me? When were you going to share these ‘misgivings’, before or after your daddy-boy complex kicked in and their disapproval meant you breaking up with me?!”

“Only six cycles and you have already caused your partner to be so angered? To have such doubts in you? I had thought we had raised you better, R’Xniir.”
“Warm winters, Duir’nt, Dair’nt.”
“Warm winters, errant-egg. Bring your other inside, he appears frozen stiff. Did you not counsel him on the climate, or think to prepare him at all?”

I was scolded by Dair’nt as Duir’nt led you inside with a firm grip on your shoulder. You were dwarfed by his four meter stature, large even among our kind. You had looked backwards to me, angry and pleading both. I could do nothing, with Dair’nt demanding to know how they had made such a mistake in my raising that they had produced a Glortarn capable of such neglect. I assure you, my future desires for communication and openness stemmed solely from this event.

“Be seated here, please. The rocks are heated most centrally in this den by the subterranean hot springs.”
“Thanking you kindly, Sir. It was a mite bit chilly outside.”
“I will speak with R’Xniir on this matter. His oversight will not be repeated.”
“I don’t think that’s necessary, Sir. Your husband seems to have him well in hand at the moment.”
“You may address us as our hatchlings do. I am Duir’nt and my other is Dair’nt. Second and first sire, respectively.”
“Are you sure? It seems a bit like jumping the gun, don’t you think?”
“I do not, think of us as your own sires henceforth. In all of his zir-cycles, R’Xniir has never brought a partner home to us. Never. You are special to him, and therefore to us, and we want to acknowledge and encourage the trust and faith he has shown in us.”
“You have to realize how rare it is to find parents so accepting, even now-a-days.”
“T’Xrein and myself have always strived for an open and safe home to raise our clutch in, especially after their Beir’nl left.”
“I didn’t think Glortarn left bindings? Something about souls and changes in hormones and base physiology?”
“If the bind is even, equal, and loving, then such a thing is impossible. Unfortunately, Y’meir faded from our bond of her own choosing. T’Xrein and I have tried to fill the void left by their brood-bearer, but we can never really know how well a job we have done as ‘Nt.”
“…I think you’ve done a wonderful job.”
“Thank you, Tormund, that warms my hearts to hear. Now! Do you require nourishment? We do not usually receive human guests, unless Slaa’rn has returned with a bedmate.”

By this moment, I had escaped Dair’nt and his disapppointed ranting. I stood for a moment in the archway between dens while you two conversed, glad to see you comfortable and warm and open with someone besides myself. Duir’nt was charmed even then, and you would never lose his regard, of this I felt assured. You had not even noticed that by this point in our visit that he had covered you in a homespun blanket, placed a mug of warm spiced aitle milk in your hand, and had nested you closer into his glittering side. Truly, there was no end to his sire-fussing.

“Duir’nt, I love you with all of my three hearts.”
“The pot is on the warming stone. Prepare it yourself.”
“You cannot be angered with me still, Duir’nt?”
“Permit me to recall, then, the past eleven cycle’s worth of transmissions to ourselves, and their contents. Tormund, Tormund, and Tormund. When the much anticipated meet was to come, I discover that my nestling has been negligent in preparations for his more susceptible partner. Reproachful in itself, I am also made aware that my nestling does not even trust his Dair’nt or his Duir’nt to be civil, much less welcoming and genial, towards him and his chosen. Have we failed you that dearly, that you have lost your faith in us? Were we so wrong in teaching you of expected patterns of behavior when dealing with a partner that you did not even offer him a coat when the subject of temperature reached you space-addled brain?!”

“Do not pout, R’Xniir. Your Duir’nt is only hurt that you believed him unable to accept you unconditionally. Make your drink and make your peace with him.”
“Dair’nt? I did not truly believe that, of either of you. I was scared, irrationally so. I do love you. You are assured of this?”
“Of course, R’Xniir. Everything will be fine. Let us warm ourselves in the gathering den, yes?”

With my Dair’nt beside me, standing with his own head yet above my own, and with one strong limb around my shoulders, I was safe. Yet a hatchling. Duir’nt would not be upset forever, and no irreparable harm had been done to our own partnership. Yourself and Duir’nt had progressed to discussing my clutch-mates. Slaa’rn and his escapades amused you greatly, the mood reflectant ink of your tattoos a vibrant green and gold as you spoke. I had hastened to nestle into Duir’nt on his unoccupied side. He did not turn to face me, but his outer casing softened as I leaned into his body and his hand toyed gently with the lines of frills atop my head. Much the same as he had in my youth. I was forgiven.

Duir’nt loved you, even then, Tormund-mine. He loved you and yearned fiercely for you to love him as well. To come to him as any hatchling would in need of support and comfort and security. I had not spoken much of my ‘Nt to you by that point, but they knew much of you. They knew that my Georgia-love of Earth did not have sires or bearers who loved beyond reason and doubt. They knew that your own had given you up after kissing Jimmy-once-yours in first grade.

You had not known it then, but Dair’nt had already seen to their ruin by your first meeting. Duir’nt could not comprehend a conditional sire. He grieved for you, then, and I believe that he had decided to love you and make you his own hatchling as soon as he knew of what had passed.

We spoke for some time in the gathering den that first evening. I stayed curled near Duir’nt, you attempted to spend time bonding physically equally between Duir’nt and Dair’nt. They were amused and charmed by your attempt, you are not an especially gregarious person by nature, outspoken only when truly comfortable with a person, always willing to listen and enter in a conversation when prompted. You soon fell asleep against me, your own 2.13 meter frame nestled completely into my own 3.4. Curled entirely into my lap, warm and full from the evening meal, Dair’nt and Duir’nt left for their own den soon after, whispering well wishes and warm nights.

The remainder of our sojourn to Glortar passed much as we had hoped for. Slaa’rn was accepting, cavalier, and brought home a different bedmate for each of the fourteen sol of our stay. Lir’nuu terrified and inspired you. I assure you, this is most everyone’s reaction to her. I am positive it stems from her position as chief interrogator for the Glortar Intergalactic Intelligence Agency. I was struck with dread upon realizing that you and Tir’lt should never have met. Two dangerously experimental engineers, too smart for anyone’s peace of mind, with no thought to whether something should be done, only whether it could be? Lix’tt, the only other Glortarn with personal experience concerning your personal projects, cried upon your first collaboration. Salt and liquid leaked from all four of his eyes, Tormund-mine.

Regardless, my clutch-mates accepted you, Dair’nt and Duir’nt adored you, and we had survived the visitation unscathed.

“Do you remember this, Rex?”
“What is ‘this’. Tormund-heart. I am preparing our luggage for our journey to Slaa’rn and Natalia’s binding.”
“The three page journal entry you wrote after our first visit to Da and Du.”
“Ah. That. Yes.”
“Yes, that. You did remember to pack my coat from HotH.4.2, right?”
“I am going to bury you in the thrice damned thing if you continue to speak of that incident, Tormund-mine.”

|| American Dreams ||

{summary: “you’ll always be my american dream.”}

american dreams by cartel is a+++++

dedicated to @siqnificances

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Countdown to Wolf 359: Day Four.

I originally had something slightly different planned for today – you’ll get that tomorrow, dear listeners – but I also was not planning on getting to spend two hours with the Lovelace Administration tonight, either. Or, subsequently finishing this major part of this project. So, let’s hear it for some of the most wonderfully rendered, maddeningly complex, space-loving, ass-kicking women I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know for the past three seasons.  It’s been a privilege ✨