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Comic Poison Ivy in the last 15 years: Hey you know, the whole man-hating evil seductress trope is kinda old and disrespectful and it’s time to recognize the potential of this complex and interesting character. We’ll focus on making her more sympathetic and less crazy. We’ll show she has a deep, real, and profound connection to the earth. We’ll show that she is struggling to maintain her humanity in light of a darkening situation and that she still feels compassion for human life, as it is also part of the earth. She will only apathetically kill people who are 100% irredeemable. She will have many moments in which she spares human life. She will have many complicated relationships with other women in the Universe, including Batgirl, Catwoman, Harley Quinn, Wonder Woman, Black Canary, the Birds of Prey, and many others. These relationships will range from uneasy trust or anger to understanding and love. She will not show romantic interest in men and will not be a sexually driven character. She will be a member of many hero teams, including the Birds of Prey and the Justice League, even if there are missteps in the writing of the character. Most of the Bat-family will recognize Ivy as a grey-area case that must be handled on an individual basis and will acknowledge that her situation is centered around tragedy and loss of self. They will recognize that Ivy could very well be the thing the saves the entire planet. They will recognize that Arkham is making her worse, and will do what they can to reason with her. 

Wonder Woman will acknowledge that the Green and Mother Gaia chose Ivy as her protector and that she was wise to do so. (Sensation Comics #31)

Batgirl will show numerous moments of concern and understanding and will even acknowledge that if they were in another world, their relationship would be very different. She will value Ivy’s powers as a source of good and believes Ivy’s struggle stems from the flawed nature of humanity. (Batgirl Annual #2, various)

Batman will return to Ivy to ask her for help, knowing that when the world is at stake, she is a trustworthy ally to the Earth. (Swamp Thing) (Sensation Comics) (Detective Comics, various) (Justice League United) (Animal Man)

There will be many moments where the relationship between the part of Ivy that is still human and the part that is the Green struggle to cooperate or have complexities in their natures. (Cycle of Life and Death) (No Man’s Land) (Birds of Prey)

Harley Quinn will express implicit love for Ivy and in certain series, they will be in a canon loving relationship. This will not be subtext as it has been in the past. We will show an actual relationship between two women that isn’t just for eyecandy. (Harley Quinn series) (Bombshells)

Yes, there will be missteps in the canon as many different hands are working between many different series, but overall the character will have undergone a complete transformation that far exceeds the previous incarnations.

Every Media Outside of Comics, obsessed with an Ivy that hasn’t existed prominently in 15 years: u know, the slutty evil plant lady?

My “high fantasy” setting was essentially in a very Tolkien-like world, only the Mideavel battles and the infamous war with the Orcs a thing of the distant past. The world is in modern day with machines and computers. Magic, a sort of wave-particle radiation, permeates the Earth which much technology and organisms depend on (notable exception of humans…).

Humans were Homo Sapiens as we know them. The most populous of all sapient species which most forms of magic. like fibre, is unabsorbable and goes right though our bodies. 

Dwarves are our closest relatives, a light magic using decendant of Neanderthals and the Denisovan hominins. Ranging from 4′6″-5′4″, Dwarves ate a diet heavy in meat and tubers and often lived in underground cmplexes, tho many now use “human-style” architecture. Humans and Dwarves could interbreed easily and produce fertile young.

Halflings” were a critically endangered species descendent of Homo floresiensis who prefers to stay out of global politics. Originally of no “use” there has been a boom of “interest” in them from Humans and Dwarves due to their possible connection with their mysterious extinct “progenitors” (Homo erectus)

Elves were high magic using decendants of Ardipithecus. Extremely lithe and vaguely gibbon-like, their high intelligence and extended lifespan of the elves is due to their heavy dependance on magic. Like the relation of Humans and Dwarves and Hobbits, Elves are actually a genus consisting of several species, notibly the High elves, Drow, and Wood elves (as humans call them). Elves were resistant to use modern technology and in general the tech of other people, older elves are still more likely to use cervine as transport then own a car, tho the hip younger generation of Elves take far more interest in other species.

Orcs were a sapient offshoot of Australopithicus. While often portrayed to be 8 foot tall, in life Male Orcs are only a bit larger then the average man (tho considerably stronger). Orcs hate how the Human-Orc conflicts are taught  and treated, wars that had a incredibly diminishing impact on their people and ended up driving them to poverty for decades.

Trolls had no relation to other species, instead being a mysterious race of sapient terrestrial echidnoderms. Going though highly complex life cycles, Troll larva start off as mouse size bilaterally symmetrical creatures, to the squat “lopsideders” and eventually becoming their 8 foot tall sexually mature adult form. Trolls are nocturnal, and make a thick mucus “cast” around their bodies when they rest that hardens during the day.

The “High Ones” are somewhat the equivalent to the Maiar, mysterious highly powerful entities seemingly like no other creature on earth. They mostly live in the Arctic (and Antarctic) circle, and have. They have curiosity in other species (and manipulating them), but are secretive of their own lives and tech, killing those who come near their settlements. (They also may or may not of been aliens…)

Ogres existed as a Homo habilis-like species that are raw meat and had the intelligence of dolphins. Dragons are semi terrestrial lobe finned fish that like elves were also highly dependant on Magic.

OTP + Kids

I’m doing this based on my story GOOD COP, BAD COP, for Rafi and Reader’s twin daughters, Serena and Lorena.

I wasn’t tagged in this or asked to do THIS, but I’m doing it anyway, mostly for my own amusement, so feel free to totally ignore this.
Please check out the beautiful mood board @theenchantedgalleryofstories did for this story! She is fantastic!
Thanks @minidodds for checking this, and @vintagemichelle91​ for being interested!

  • Who in your OTP carries them from the couch/car to the bed?
    There are two of them so it’s a challenge for one person to do it in one trip! Especially now that they are five years old, it takes both you and Rafi to get them up to bed. But when they were younger, you used to love watching Rafi balance the two of them on his hips and march them to their bedroom.

  • And who soothes the kids after a nightmare?
    It’s always Rafael. You used to be jealous about this for a while, before you realized that you got a lot more sleep. Now you know that Rafael actually cherishes the fact that they come to him for comfort. The twins barely see much of their father during the day, but at night, he is their knight in shining armor.

    Usually if one twin has a nightmare, it’s the other that comes to get Rafi, so he ends up sprawled out on the floor in their room with both of them sleeping in his arms. It’s quite the picture when you wake up to an empty bed and find him asleep on a beanbag with a blanket that doesn’t quite cover his feet because he wanted to make sure the girls were warm enough. You’re sure it is the cause of his back problems!

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PotemkinSupplyAnon Submit

As you used names in your submission I am not posting it for the sake of privacy and decency. Your main query was what occurs when a malignant narcissist, specifically an individual with NPD with the Potemkin subtype, is stripped of all sources of supply. In this case there are a few ways they can respond depending on circumstance, which you did not elaborate on, so I will do my best to cover several possible scenarios.

Clinical narcissists enter a complex and predictable cycle of devaluation, discarding and re-idealization of those they consider sources of supply. Once some sources of supply leave, the narcissist will re-idealize old sources of supply, previously discarded, and see about reacquiring them. They tell themselves that the discarded sources are worthy of a “second chance” and they are being magnanimous by “taking them back”. Eventually these sources will be discarded again once the narcissist enters the devaluation phase.

If they have access to the internet, that is a major venue in which they will reach out to in order to obtain sources of supply. The internet supplies them with anonymity and the ability to take on whatever persona they wish. This serves their desire to promote a false self, whichever false self they fancy to project at the time. This is not considered high-grade but secondary, low-grade supply.

Without access to other people and/or the internet a Potemkin narcissists will enter into a state of suicidal idealization or self-harm. Suicidal idealization is a last resort to assert the idea that they have complete control over their lives. They argue that the world does not deserve them if they are not appreciated for and to the extent they desire, feel they are entitled to. The other option is to enter into self-harming, self-destructing behaviors. This can range from physical self-harm (cutting, maiming, self-starvation) to engaging in highly dangerous behaviors in order to gain attention and/or to get others to yield to their demands.

Classical narcissists can do either of the above but sometimes also retreat into their own minds, into their constructed delusions for supply. They occupy their time with plans, plots and scenarios of how they will achieve their goals, ends, and gain supply once they are able. They believe that their complete lack of supply is merely a minor setback, the world trying to keep them from achieving their due greatness, and only temporary. They firmly believe in their grand fate and that they will achieve it no matter the circumstance.

I hope this answers your question. Feel free to contact me again if you have any further questions, or if you would like me to elaborate on any points. We can continue here or via your throw-away e-mail.

Ci Lêng

Name: ​Ci Lêng, Azure Dragon

Type: Fictional

Region: American

Description: Large, with blue and purple scales, branching horns, and tendrils

Myth: N/A


  • Based off the cover of the book, the Ci Lêng has a very complex life cycle. The juveniles begin life with six legs, and they lack the horns and tendrils of the adults. As they grow, their second set of forelimbs start to develop into wings, and they grow the horns and tendrils of the adults.
  • They are large enough to carry a man.
  • The Draconeans are able to train Ci Lêng to perform a sort of complex dance.
  • Are a relatively tame variety of dragons.

anonymous asked:

what are all the factions, and am i safe from them

the main factions, as of this post:

Jesters of the Court: a society of wealthy nobleclowns who perform, frolic and battle for the Emperor’s favour. distinguishable by their elaborate attire. located in the city-sized imperial palace at the frozen core of Clownworld 7.

Unexplainables: naturally weird. analogous to gods, demons, spirits etc.

Wisefools: weird through education. distinguishable by their three pronged hats. analogous to wizards, witches or doctors. divided into various subfactions, the Tricklords being the most well known.

Tearboys: members of the Church of Tears, a corporate empire that arose from the practices of a popular religion based on the mysterious Lunar Clown. distinguishable by their church-issued uniforms, and their tears.

Stubtypes: clowns of a stubby nature. they can be at any level of wealth or power, but are distinguishable by their stubs. it is speculated that they descend from a species created from rare lunarflora by a long-dead Wisefool. 

Bastards: though some are Bastards from clownbirth, any clown can become a Bastard at any time, undergoing a lengthy and most likely painful physical transformation. no one knows why. distinguishable by their shit-eating grins.

Complex: arguably belonging to two or more factions, or with tenuous links to a single faction.

None: none

Accursed: those who dwell in the Hall of The Cursed. distinguishable by having been punished ironically.

The Clown Emperor: ruler of all clowns. haver of many strange properties and inheritor of the Royal Jokes, which are said to be the most powerful in existence. some of the very oldest clowns claim that each new emperor is in fact a separate stage in the bizarre and complex life cycle of a creature that has existed since the creation of the Clownworld and its moons. perhaps even before that.

i cannot answer your second question,


SICKadellidae: Or Rather, A Cicadellid with Parasites

Everything has parasites, probably even you.

When reviewing my pictures of insects I often notice hangers-on that would never have been seen unless I had an real-up-close look. I found this tartessine cicadellid this morning - it is likely Stenocotis depressa, a widespread and variable Australian species - on the way to work. Cicadellids are a type of bug often called leafhoppers. It was under the bark of a Eucalyptus planted in a park; one piece of bark (5cm long) examined and one creature found, or so I thought. I never noticed its ‘riders’ until I later reviewed the pictures on the computer. In the first image you can see the leg on the left has a red blob attached to it. Similarly, in the second and third images there are more or these red blobs mostly attached to appendages underneath the body. Altogether there are eight.

Back to the camera and the result is the fourth image. This time the nature of the blob is clear - it is a tiny little mite (0.2 mm) attached with its mouth parts to the front leg (protibia) if the cicadellid. Many invertebrates carry a similar load - mites of many types are common ectoparasites (external parasites) of insects and other arthropods like spiders and harvestmen. In this case I’m not sure of the identity of the mite - if you know it, please tell!

My best guess is that it is likely to be the larva of one of the velvet mites or their relatives (Trombidioidea). These mites have a complex life-cycle with larval stages parasitising arthropod hosts and sucking their haemolymph (bug blood), sometimes quite host-specifically, and then growing up to become voracious, and stunning, free-living predators of small arthropods. Nice, but that’s a tiny little insight into life, right? Now go find out what is parasitising you.

One of the Many Little Things with even Littler Things riding on it!

  • Domain: Eukarya
  • Group: Lophotrochozoans
  • Phylum: Platyhelminthes (Flatworms)
  • Class: Trematoda (Parasitic Flukes)

The Chlonorchis (Opisthorchis) sinesis, or Chinese liver fluke, is a prominent human parasite in Asia. They have a complex life cycle involving three hosts; snails, fish, and humans. The liver fluke survives each host’s immune defenses by mimicking surface proteins of host cells, thereby going undetected. This parasite enters the human host when under-cooked fish is ingested. 

Photograph from:

Judaism and the Black Community

Is it bad that I highly believe that had the black power movement stayed with the monist movement, BLM would never exist?

Like jews were friends with King and X, both sides affiliated with the judaic struggles. Everyone against you doesn’t mean step down or lay off, but stand up stronger. A strong river current doesn’t mean strop trying to build bridges, but build them stronger.

But when the palestinian bullshit came in, the self perpetuating victim complex cycle…..the new black community ran towards that and turned their back on the Jews. The rich, powerful evil jews. The bullshit propaganda their community once helped fight, they now ate up.

And its depressing. Because I bet American-Ethiopian jews have it the hardest. Turn their back on their religion and ethnic roots, or on their racial roots?
And it’s stratifying the jewish community. 

I just…. I wish that this picture would never have fallen from the minds eye of the Black-Jewish community, the love and power we shared:


These are exclusively marine. Some have a sponge-like form, living their entire adult lives glued to the spot, while others, like this one (Pegea confoederata), form floating colonies.

Salps have a complex life cycle, with an obligatory alternation of generations. Both portions of the life cycle exist together in the seas—they look quite different, but both are mostly transparent, tubular, gelatinous animals that are typically between 1 and 10 cm (0.39 and 3.94 in) tall. 

Photograph by Kevin Lee/Animal Earth/Thames & Hudso

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But where Nyx falls in this explanation? I was under impression that she is a 'true' deity/demon, not one born from human thoughts/emotions.



…*Ahem* Aaaaanyway!

According to Persona lore revealed in a Japanese (canon) club book, life on earth is sustained by a circle of two opposing energies; the energy native to earth, that strives for life, and the energy originally foreign to earth, that strives for death (Also known as… “Nyx”). Originally, there was only the former energy on earth and thus there were only simple organisms with no complex life cycles, such as amoebas. There was no need for anything more complex. It was the arrival of the other energy (which, according to space, arrived as a meteor containing an extraterrestrial life form - just roll with it) that gave lifeforms a need to become more complex to sustain themselves.

As a result, the two energies became intertwined in a complex system, and the mind of every living being contains both: The conscious self (which is made of the native energy of life) and the unconscious self (which is made of Nyx energy) - The Shadow. Shadow and Ego form two energy poles that way in every person. In other words, the psyche is like the weather: Highs and Lows power each other merely by existing, and they need each other to keep the atmosphere moving. So neither a Shadow alone, nor an Ego alone can have a consciousness. 

So yeah, in case you didn’t get that: In the rules of Persona lore, Nyx isn’t actually a deity or demon at all. She’s a primordial force, the force that triggered evolution. Originally this force was a “being” on its own, but after this being crashed into the young earth, the “Body” combined with debris to become the moon and the energy that was contained in it, the “soul” was dispersed all over the planet, triggering the cycle mentioned above. 

…I guess I have to say it. According to canon, as given in a reliable source… Nyx… is basically… an alien… 


Since Nyx was originally a being not native to earth, her energy has a natural need to recombine with the “body” and become whole again. Which is why Shadows are so hostile to their owners when they become weak-willed: The owner’s will to continue living as themselves is the only thing that’s suppressing the Shadows’ natural drive to break out and go recombine with Mommy Nyx. So what happens when the person becomes weak-willed or desperate? The Shadow tries to break out. In the real world this manifests as insanity or suicidality; self-destructive behavior. In unconscious worlds like the TV World, however, the Shadow instead literally breaks out and tries to cut its last ties to the host by directly killing them. There’s also the Dark Hour, during which Shadows can break free out without killing the host; this is what causes apathy syndrome; you can’t have a consciousness without a Shadow. 

This is the true cause of the Fall: When people lose the will to live so badly that they create a deity that draws their Shadows out of their bodies and causes them to recombine into the “True Nyx” (The Death Shadow), which then gathers the rest of its energy and returns to the moon, consciousnesses can no longer exist, and thus everything more complex than an amoeba just wastes away and dies. So yeah, basically: Ryoji was an incomplete Nyx Soul. Had P3MC taken any longer to do his thing, he’d have become the real deal and everyone would have turned into zombies.   

Now, in case you wonder how why “Nyx” does have the name of a goddess if that is so, there’s a reason for that; 

The “goddess” Nyx, as met in Persona 1 (As the Night Queen) is actually a representation of humanity’s unconscious knowledge that Nyx exists, her “Cruel Mother Archetype”, and the fear of her. So that goddess acts as a stand-in for Nyx in the collective unconscious and represents *her* personality. The actual Nyx was later named after the goddess (Presumably by Kirijo) and Ryoji just took that name to make it easier for SEES. 

By the way, “Nyx” literally means “Night”; this is probably because she is the “Night” aspect to life’s “Day” aspect. The two energies, as described above. 

Rust is a plant pathogen that has afflicted agriculturalists historically though to modern day. There are 7000 species and their agricultural impact and complex life cycles make their study a scientific priority. The haustorium is an organ vital to rust survival. The haustorium allows rust to feed upon, suppress the defence mechanisms and partly dictate their specificity to their host plant.

When you walk into the gym ready to wod…and there’s a full-on birthday party going on. 😒

I don’t care - not my gym - but just let us know!

Thankfully Chris threw something together to do in the parking lot. Saturday’s wod –

1 bear complex (95-100)
200m run

First three rounds were 95, last 7 at 100#.


The bear complex was just one cycle through, not the typical 7. Idea was to go heavy. And run a lot.

Mission accomplished.