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Hey so picture this; the US/SF bros are staying with their S/O. One night, while S/O is sleeping, the skels get a little loud (be it from tv, video games, or just general skeleton shenanigans). S/O comes out of the room in her PJ's to tell them to stfu and come sleep. However, S/O's PJ's consist of a pair of panties and literally nothing else, and they aren't the slightest bit embarrassed about it. How do the skels deal?

US Sans: Ahhh, he always get’s to loud when he stays up at night, he has trouble to talk in an inside voice. But then you walk out of your room almost completly nude and he falls of the sofa in surprise, phone still in hand. 

He hangs up quickly and just stares. God he loves how oyu look like, but staring is rude, so he looks away embaressed fast. He is so conflicted. So he just tells you that your panties look very nice and then runs into a wall while trying to flee.

US Papyrus: Hoo…..hoooook. No pj’s, he likes that stile. But man, that came as a surprise. Hee…will definitly join you in bed now, screw the TV, he is sleeping over in your bed. Carefull, he hogs blankets and sometimes talks in his sleep.

SF Sans: OH! Naked sleep over time! He strips down to his own underwear, racecar themed of course, and stands in the middle of the room posing. He honestly doesn’t really know what to do now that he is nakey, so he poses like everytime when he doesn’t know what to do. It’s awkward.

SF Papyrus: Oops, sorry sweetheart, he will be quieter from now on. He keeps a completly straigth face while you two talk, looking after you maybe a bit longer then what would be considered normal when you walk away. 

But hte moment he hear the door fall into the lock he melts down from the couch onto the floor, covering his blushing face while he quietly screams into his hands, the sound more like a loud breath then an actual scream. He really doesn’t want to be to loud again, his soul won’t survive if you come back in only your panties.

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Headcanons for Corazon on his s/o (who is also on the run with him and Law) announcing they're pregnant,how would he and law act once she goes into labor and getting to hold the baby after please~

Can I request some headcanons about what would happen with Corazon and little Law when (in a au where they manage to escape Doffy and Cora lives and they hide out in a house in another village) Corazon’s s/o tells them shes pregnant,how would they take care of her throughout it,and when they get to see the baby for the first time please? 😚 

This was actually really funny, bro

Corazon’s girlfriend announcing that she’s pregnant while they’re on the run:



  • Corazon would freak the fuck out
  • Law would be pissed as fuck
  • Tiny angry Law is being more grumpy than usual and literally can not talk to either of them without screaming
  • After they all calmed down lil’ Law would use all the medical knowledge he has to take care of her 
  • Corazon would be overprotective

Once she goes into labor:



Getting to hold the baby:

  • Corazon would completly fall in love with his newborn child
  • Law won’t admit it but as soon as he holds the baby he’ll develope protective fraternal feelings towards them
  • Because yes his parents and sister are gone but now he has Cora, Cora’s s/o and their baby
  • Live as a family happily ever after

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How would the US, UF and SF bros react to their S/O trying to cheer them up after a bad day by doing pretty much whatever it would take. Like, making them tons of food, showering them in love and affection or tickle attacking them, and they won't stop until they are absolutely sure that their Skelie is happy

(Make the Skeles happy 2017! :’D)

US Sans: He has his bad days, more often then you might think. He mostly tries to hide him behind a smiley, especially if it’s not a bad day, but more of a just-kinda-off day. But if he has a proper bad day he won’t leave the bed, trying to sleep it off, not wanting to be awake for the whole thing. 

Papyrus often tries to cheer him up on those days, often coaxing him out of bed to do something nice. But Papyrus isn’t home every minut of the day, so when Sans is home alone he just suffers in silence. But then he feels something snake it’s way onto his bed. Thinking it’s just the little white dog, who simetimesbreaks into their house, he ignores it. He is surprised to see your face pop up beside him, your body pressing against his, trying to get his chilled body, warm and happy.

He snuggles his head into the crook of your neck, breathing calmly in your warm and friendly presence. You let him stay in bed at first, running of to get some of the food you got form Grillbys (for once not his regular, worst burger on the menu slathered in ketchup, but a better tasting burger, fries, ketchup and some cherry-coke), carrying it onto his room on a tray. 

You also start a tickle fight, after the food is gone, or at least until he doesn’t feel like eating anymore. The tickle fight will mostly be onesided, but you do get a laugh out of him at least, so that’s a win.

You manage to cheer him up enough to drag him out of bed, navigating him to the couch in the living room and turning on some old comedy flick. He will start to relaxe, letting out a soft Mwe while he sinks deeper into the couch, not happy again, but settling into a peacefull calm.

US Papyrus: He has rarely bad days, usually kinda chill and happy. His lazyness making them hard to spot. But you learned to distinguish between him staying in bed because he is to lazy to get up and because he simply can’t get up. He also can’t fall asleep or even take a quick nap, unable to stop thinking about certain things, which only make him feel worser.

You make him some pancakes, slathered in honey, and some tea with honey, when you notice he as one of his bed/bad days, you silently put the food next to his matress, lying next to him and petting his turned away skull. You hug him tigthly, wisphering into his ear that you made some food and tea for him, that he will feel a bit better if he isn’t hungry anymore. He tells you he isn’t, but you both know it’s not true, he just doesn’t feel like eating. You manage to get him to take a few bites, with the promise that you will stay next to him and he can take a nap in peace. 

You crawl under the covers with him, slowly massaging his upper spine, whispering how much you love him quietly into his air, slowly easying him to sleep. It’s not a perfect solution, but he does feel much better the next day.

UF Sans: He is very anxious and paranoid, all in all he often has a pretty not so good time. He shuffels into the house, finally beeing done with his work shift.  He is surprised about the sudden pair of arms suddenly wrapping around him, leading him to the couch where he plopps down, glad that he doesn’t have to stand any longer. He is even more surprised when you place a mustard bottle infront of him, a takeaway back from Grillbys next to it, full with his favorite food. 

You cuddle up next to him, stroking his neck at that one place that makes him melt in your hands, telling him how much you love him with a quiet voice. He sprawls over the entire couch in the process, eyes half lidded, sligthly purring from relexation. Before he falls asleep completly, you suddenly poke him in the side, making him giggle in surprise. Your on now, a full fledged tickle figth developes between you two, lifting Sans mood imidiatly, he just loves dorking off with you, instead of worriying about all the shit that happens in the Underground, like if he has to dust somebody tommorow in self denfece or if he will be the one geting dusted. 

The tickle figth leaves him completly exhausted, and he teleports you two to his room, almsot immidiatly falling asleep on his matrasse, face buried in your neck and arms wrapped around you in a soft, protective way.

UF Papyrus: Beeing the leader of the royal guard is a very stressfull job. Especially on the days he can’t solve a problem without having somebody die, because he wasn’t able to find a way to keep everybody alive. No matter if it was a figth between some monsters he ran into on one of his patrols or if it was and assassination attempt, where he couldn’t safe his own life and the assassins both.

So when he comes home, his posture sligthly slumped, his eyes cast downward, he is glad to hear you soft humming coming from the kitchen. Just having you around him makes everything a bit better, and he walks over to the kitchen an sits down in one of the chairs, letting his head rest on his arms. He smiles softly when you hug him from behind and plant a soft kiss on one of his sharp cheekbones. 

You made some spicey dinosaur oatmeal for him, he always having the weird habit of peppering his favorite food. talking about weird food choices, Sans and Papyrus are really just the same. You lead him to his room, snuggling up with him on his bed and quitly reading to him. Even as an adult he likes it when people read to him, it relaxes him and help him sleep. He falls asleep pretty fast, his head on your shoulder.

SF Sans: He is a very enthusiastic skeleton, but he also has bad days. He doesnt just feel down or sad though, he mostly just gets a manic streak in his usuall behavior, making rash decisions, and just in generall losing sleep and energy. So when he comes home one day after such a day, the manic streak almost worn off, he just crashes onto the couch, exhaustet and misrable like everytime after such day. He is pretty surprised to suddenly be enveloped in a huge, fluffy blanket, being handed a cup of steaming tea. 

He usually doesnt have the stomach for anything sweet or heavy after that, and you know that, switching your plans of hot chocolate to some calming tea, no sugar or cream, but some lemon, the sour taste helping with the sligth nausea. You crawl uder the blanket with him, cuddling up to him, showering gim in compliments to boost his ego about how fearsome, handsome and magnificiant he is. Usually Sans doesnt sleep that much, but such days leave him exhaustet enough to fall asleep on you.

SF Papyrus: He isn’t a very happy Skeleton, so he often has bad days, but he kind of jsut powers trough them, mostly napping to get over with it. So when he comes home one evening, a pretty shitty version of a bad day after him, he jsut wants to go to bed and sleep it off. But you have other plans, you sprint out of the kitchen, and jump in his direction, hugging him midjump. He catches you, small smile ligthing up his face. You drag him over to the couch, showing him onto it, he doesn’t protest, the couch is pretty comfy and he is a lazy dude after all.

You get the food you prepared for him, his favorite, pancakes with a bottle of maple syrup and some maple syrup to drink pure. You drape a blanket over him and cuddle up to his side. You both don’t talk much, just relaxe in peace and quite while the TV shows one of Napstatons shows on low volume. His moods ligths up a bit, he is so glad to have you, and so happy that you go trough so much to make him happy, and he falls asleep, his head on your lap.

(I love the headcanon of SF Papyrus drinking maple syrup, cause I do that too and it tastes amazing. Also Im SF Sans when it comes to bad days, just add some (a lot) saddness to that. Weird manicall episodes are honestly the only way i can describe it, so thats how i wrote it , :‘3) 

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I had a thought of older Stanford tasting sour candy for the first time in 30 years and he ends up making the most disgusted face and Stanley is keeling over laughing.

[Stanley laughs in the distance]