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The Kickstarter for my new miniseries, Saxon, is up now! Please consider backing it! Above is Episode 1- enjoy!

Saxon is an animated miniseries created by filmmaker and animator Kiernan Sjursen-Lien following Saxon, an agender teenage dropout and ne'er-do-well and snarky cat Bartholomew as they try to solve the mysterious death of a local teenager. 

I just need you guys help to make it a reality and help fund its completion. Please share if you can’t help out directly, and I hope you enjoy this first episode! Closed captions are available for the deaf and hard of hearing, just click the ‘cc’in the corner. 

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Girl. Congrats. You know the deal. Jumin as byakuya. Please. Please. Please.

Ask and ye shall receive.
Thank you @serensama for the excellent request I know you’ve been waiting forever for this my bad XD Hope you like it, Mother <3


July 5th is quickly approaching, which means that the first rounds of students will soon be able to access their AP Scores.

The College Board receives many questions about the AP exams. Some of the most commonly asked questions are answered below.

Q: Why are AP Exam release dates staggered by geographical location?

A: Our website can only handle so many users at one time. We stagger release dates in order to limit website traffic, and therefore lessen the risk of the site crashing.

Q: What does the College Board do with the money made from AP exams?

A: The College Board uses the money to pay for materials to make the exams, as well as to take care of administrative costs. Excess funds are used for the College Board’s Star Wars Initiative, which will build a full-scale, fully functional Death Star at a cost of approximately $4 quadrillion dollars. At the rates we are currently charging for our tests, we expect to have the project funded completely by next year.

Q: What does the College Board do with the tests once they have been graded?

A: Exams receiving scores of 3, 4, or 5 are burned at our annual College Board bonfire. Exams receiving a score of 1 or 2 are sent to every college in the United States, with a picture of the AP student stapled to the front and the message “Do not admit this student to your institution at any point in time. This student has failed to succeed on a completely irrelevant test that measures nothing more than their ability to memorize- this irrelevant failure means that they must be banned from college forever.”

Q: If I am dissatisfied with my score, can I have my AP exam re-scored?

A: Yes. To do this, you must first sacrifice a goat while chanting “College Board, College Board, I give my life to thee”. You must then stuff the goat’s entrails in an envelope with a $1000 check made out to the College Board; next, send the envelope to the College Board headquarters via direct mail; the address is on the official College Board website. Once received, we will discard the entrails, pretend to re-score your test, and then put your $1000 towards our Star Wars Initiative.

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nevermind my last ask lol "the right way to hunt" kys you disgusting animal hating creep. they did nothing to deserve to die.

Just posting this as an example. Please read through this and try to have an open mind. People have different ways of viewing the world. That’s totally ok. Some people hate hunting, and on the other end some are really obnoxious when it comes to hunting. But, from a biological and wildlife management standpoint, things are going to die awful deaths constantly no matter what. To ignore how cruel nature really is is to ignore reality. This doesn’t make it morally right to hunt or to abstain from hunting, it just boils down to a personal opinion. Wildlife is literally always considering that they are going to die and we can see this in their fecundity. When a frog lays a couple thousand eggs in a sitting, it’s doing so because it knows 95% of their offspring is a snack. Rabbits are similar. Deer, wild turkey, and other commonly hunted animals are almost solely funded (in management and scientific studies) by hunting dollars. Wild turkey was actually extinct for a period in NY before hunting funded a complete reintroduction of the species. That’s not me trying to make hunting seem great, it’s just a fact.

Right now hunting is significantly more environmentally friendly than eating farmed animals. Not to mention that even if you are completely vegan, when vegetable farmers harvest crops with machines they’re killing any creatures in that field. Skunks, rabbits, mice, snakes, raccoons, even bedding fawns are frequently killed when tractors harvest crops. Especially when it comes to corn and wheat raking. Even to plant large vegetable fields is taking away and fragmenting natural habitat. You can just never really know the entire journey your food is making unless it’s being harvested yourself. If you only garden and collect wild edibles then you’re about as guilt free as you can get, but that’s a nearly impossible lifestyle to keep year round. I will not criticize you for being vegan or abstaining from meat, because who am I to say what’s right and what’s wrong.

John is literally obtaining a phd in wildlife science, so based on our shared education what’s right for us is a hunter gatherer lifestyle. We don’t trophy hunt, and we eat almost everything down to the organs. I’m not just going out into the woods with a thirst for blood or just to have something on my wall. We harvested two deer last season and since have not bought an ounce of meat otherwise. The only protein we buy regularly is fish and even then we opt for bottom of the food chain fish to avoid large bioaccumulaters when possible.

Deer are especially overpopulated in our area. The problem with an overpopulation of deer is the spread of CWD (chronic wasting disease), which is extremely contagious and debilitating. In order to avoid massive population destroying diseases like that the Department of Environmental Conservation calculates a healthy amount of population to be removed through hunting. If CWD is found to be present DEC will literally send sharp shooters out to lower the population and continue testing. Geese are also extremely over populated in our area so DEC must literally put oil on goose eggs in the nest (killing the baby without the parents noticing so they don’t re-lay) to control the population.

My point is, death really is a requirement to maintain a healthy population. In places that are really lacking predators, like where I live, wildlife populations are prone to disease and starvation from too large of a population. At some point nature will take care of overpopulation. The risk of letting nature take its course (when predators are absent) is the spread of diseases that can last 5+ years just in the soil or overgrazing to the point of mass starvation. Too sheer of a drop in one population creates a domino effect among others, and eventually leads to mass death that may take years and years to recover from.

Like I said, I am not going to claim my lifestyle is better than yours or anyone else’s. I am very welcoming if you’d like to speak with me privately about your concerns and promise to be open and honest. Let’s have this conversation instead of just being mad at each other, ok? I’m sure at the very least we can find some middle ground!

Had a dream where I went on a “who wants to be a millionaire” style trivia game-show, only you went on as game development studios, and if you won the game, the show would completely fund a game concept for you and your studio.

most of the questions early on were pretty easy stuff. What was the subtitle to the second Legend of Zelda game. How many coins does it take to get an extra life in Super Mario Bros.

The questions started getting more specific, sometimes more difficult. Stuf like game’s release years, the names of lead developers on titles, boss names, stuff from current games, especially multiplayer heavy games. But me and my buddies, my game studio, we kept on going, ended up using ALL of our life-lines and hints…

Then we got to the final question.

And the way the final question worked, was you chose ONE person to answer it, and everyone else got put in a sound-proof booth to watch.

After some debate, my game studio picked me to go up and answer the final question, to decide whether or not our game, our dream, would be a reality.

And the final question pops up on my little screen, and it looks like this:

The host looks at me and nods appreciatively. Everyone in the audience breathes a sigh of relief. I look towards my friends in the soundproof booth, and they appear calm and collected. I look back down at my answers. I start to sweat.

I move my hand over the screen. My fingers are shaking. I lean forward, going for the donkey kong faces. No, wait, the weird swath of blue color. Or maybe it’s The Elder Scrolls? A bead of sweat rolls down my nose, and then, I wake up. I still don’t know what the answer is.

Nervous In Heels [REQUEST]

I don’t think I’m very good at writing aus but I hope this is ok. I’ve read so many exceptional CEO au stories that I feel this just pales in comparison. Still I gave it a shot. I hope you all like it :D

Jade xo

The chairs outside your boss’s office were extremely uncomfortable like they were designed to keep you unsettled and on the edge. To be sat on one of them was positively frightening. Already your palms were sweating, your heartbeat pounding hard against your chest while your fingers nervously played with the files in your hands. It was never for good reason when you were summoned to the office of Kim Jongdae.

A loud voice emanating from behind the office door made you jump out of your skin. “YOUR FUCK UP COST ME MORE MONEY THAN YOU MAKE IN A YEAR!” the voice roared, your hands shaking like a leaf in your lap. “GET OUT!” There was echoing crash and then moments later, the door swung open and a tall man sprinted out of the room with files overflowing from his arms.

The receptionist got up from her desk opposite you and headed into the office with a dipped head. What followed was perhaps the longest minute of your life. You ran through everything your boss could ask you about the project you were heading up, making sure you had the facts readily on the tip of your tongue. To your knowledge, everything was going well with the project which was why your summoning to his office was even more of a surprise.

“Mr Kim will see you now,” the receptionist said quietly, holding the door open for you.

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why is Misc $1500? im genuinely curious, no rudeness intended

the “misc” is basically my “walkin around” money.

everything else is the stuff that makes the trip happen, while “misc” is the money that gives me options on what to do while im there.

for example, my meal fund was created under the idea that i wouldnt be eating any specialty foods. like, i’d just be eating normal meals. but with “misc” i could supplement that and upgrade from a 10 dollar lunch to a 20 dollar lunch if something catches my eye.

plus, it’ll be used for stuff like souvenirs. i could say “oh, i dont need to buy anything while im there, i just want to walk around and see the temples and look at the beautiful nature” but i’d be lying. i’m shallow as hell. i’d absolutely love to buy a ton of shit while im there.

that being said, it is the lowest priority, and i wont start putting money into it until everything else is completely funded.

Hey Potterheads!

With Halloween right around the corner, I figured it’s high time I put out a call for help.

Every year, my friends and I transform our garage into a completely immersive Hogwarts walkthrough based on a book a year. Last Halloween we weren’t able to do it, due to a complete lack of funds, but we are determined to bring it back with Book 3 this year! Despite still being really poor

We’ve started up a ko-fi page for donations, since it accepts amounts as small as $3 (a bit easier to donate to vs typical min. $5 places) and doesn’t take out ridiculous fees.

If you could help by either spreading the word or donating, we will be eternally grateful!


Even if you don’t want to donate, it would still be worth it to click the button, because there’s a video on the ko-fi page that shows what the walkthrough was like. 

Under the cut are a bunch of images of the event from two years back, to help show what we were able to achieve, even on our limited budget back then. Just imagine what we can do if we had an even bigger budget for this year!! 

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A few days ago I noticed my comp charger was frayed a bit at the end and being spotty to charge, and last night it just refused to charge charge at all. It might be time for me to get a new one, so it would be cool if someone commissioned me, to help with that. I also got some extra things I thought I could put off till next paycheck, but suddenly had to do in this one.

That combined with my job having way less hours means my bank account now has maybe 50 dollars (before I order a new charger) for the next two weeks. I don’t like that.

By the way, since I’m still attempting prepping things for con stuff, it might be a good time to commission things you would like to see. Didn’t get Rodan or Biollante in that last batch of kaiju? Well if you commission them I might be able to throw them into a sticker, miniprint, or button order next time I do one. Not only that but you’ll be essentially completely funding that particular item and like I said, money unexpectedly bottlenecked and is slightly tight right now.

Random Pezberry Thought of the Day #71

During their first year of college, Santana, knowing her girl would be interested in the colors and parades and culture, along with the street music, surprised Rachel with a trip down to Mardi Gras in New Orleans. The highlight of the trip, aside from the mind blowing, amazing sex in the Berry and Lopez family funded bed and breakfast, was Rachel, pressed close to Santana as they swayed to a street band in the early dusk, smiling up at her and telling her, in the midst of a boisterous crowd of celebrating people, that she’d never, ever, been happier.

Some thoughts on education

Some statistics were released earlier this week with regards to literacy in Scottish education.

They are not good. 49%, less than half, of S2 pupils (second year at high school for you international folks) are performing satisfactorily in literacy.

This needs to improve but is a completely down to education funding and is it entirely the Scottish government’s fault.

Personally, I’m not enjoying my education and that’s mainly due to the way the system works. Education does not inspire people to learn, it inspires people to memorise. There’s little emphasis on inventing and innovating, while there’s a shitload of emphasis on who can remember quotes from Hamlet.

Why should you not be allowed notes in an exam? In a workplace, you have infinite resources, colleagues, research notes and internet access. I say this very generally but there are few occupations where people do not have access to any resources to help them with their job.

One of the problems I believe is that teaching as a job doesn’t pay well enough to attract the best teachers. That’s not to attack current teachers just now, some are outstanding. But some are also not outstanding. Because the teaching role is not respected then the standard is lower. If teachers don’t have basic literacy skills then it’s unlikely they won’t pass on good skills to their students.

Another problem is related to economic status of the students. The less a student needs to worry about financially, chances are they are going to perform better.

While the Scottish Tories lambast the SNP for ‘failing’ our students, they fail to notice that education equally falls in line with the Conservatives being in power and imposing austerity. The bedroom tax, slashing social security, increasing national debt, preventing wages keeping in line with inflation…the list goes on.

You’ve got kids coming in to school and their school lunch is the main meal they get. They come in malnourished and their school lunch is their fullest meal. That has an impact on a child’s learning.

If any Tories hijack this post I imagine I’ll get replies along the line of “They put themselves in that situation,” or “Stop trying to push the blame from the SNP.” But I’m telling you, it’s a very serious matter. Remember that the Scottish government have tried to mitigate as many cuts as they could.

That money could have been spent on education if the cuts never existed in the first place.

Breakfast - blueberry smoothie (best texture: 4 frozen bananas, frozen blueberries and a LOT of coconut water) #raw #vegan
Loving @thankyougroup products (both food and body care ranges) not only for the quality but for WHAT THEY STAND FOR. 1.4 billion people in our world live in extreme poverty. Each ThankYou product contributes to providing either water, food, or health and hygiene training to someone in need.
Something I think is really cool… After purchasing a ThankYou product you can TRACK YOUR IMPACT on their website - exact details of the project your product is assigned to fund, complete with village info and GPS coordinates.
This is something I feel VERY strongly about. When you are at a supermarket, please think, “Which companies and brands would I like to put MY money into? What aligns with MY beliefs and values?”
ANYTHING you buy, that is a way of showing support. Let’s support brands and companies that are helping to make this world a better place.

Ig: @annietarasova

Well, I am gonna cry. The fundraiser got completely funded and then some.

This is gonna make everything so much easier. I love all of you and once I’m settled in the new house I want to do a request livestream at some point in May for you all. I’ll set up a Discord Chat and I’ll draw some stuff for you guys for being such a wonderful group. 

I can’t thank you enough.

My family can’t thank you enough.

I love you all. <3

Leap Of Faith - Four

“I know who you are! I thought you looked familiar.”

Yep……Seph had thought he might. Not everyone would have recognised the family name, but given how smart Spencer was and his line of work, he was bound to pay attention to business news.

Seph’s family owned a large range of luxury business hotels; Lux. Her great grandpa and his brother had started the business in the thirties, it somehow surviving through the war. The brand had grown and expanded throughout the years and now almost every major city in Europe and the USA had a Lux hotel or two.

The Bella-Morte name was widely associated with the Lux brand, the hotel bars even having its own cocktails and dessert range featuring various puns on the name.
Persephone had a love/hate relationship with her name though. The surname itself was ridiculous enough without being paired with Persephone, Queen of the Underworld. Once her friends had started to study Greek mythology at school and learnt what the literal translation of her family name was, the nicknames had started. It didn’t help with the film adaptation of the Anne Rice novel “Queen of the Damned” coming out during Seph’s teenage years.

By then though shed started to embrace the name. She’d been heavily into the grunge scene, her parents having a fit when she’d come home with a lip piercing and her auburn hair dyed black, and the nickname her friends bestowed upon her because of the name fit her new look. Growing older Seph had replaced the lip ring with a nipple bar and a few tattoos in places that weren’t visible unless she wanted them to be, gradually returning to her natural hair colour.

“I am so pleased I came across you tonight and stopped you. Your case would have ended up coming across to the BAU if I hadn’t.”

“Do the FBI routinely investigate suicides then?” She definitely didn’t think so.

“You’re a high profile name… Well, at least your family is. And with it happening in D.C too it would have definitely come our way,” Spencer took a sip of his drink.

“Then it will still come across your desk then. Nothing’s changed. I still intend on doing it.”

“Really?…. Perseph…. Seph, I don’t understand though. Surely given who you are, you could have anything and everything you wanted? Your family are millionaires and from I understand you’d have a job there for life.”

“I can feel you judging me… And I know I lied when I said I wasn’t some poor little rich girl like Rose from Titanic. In fact, I have more in common with her than I’d like, right down to the red hair,” she pulled on a strand of her hair, wrapping it around her finger before pushing it back off her face again.

“I’m not judging you I promise, I just…. If you’re going to come across my desk, help me understand.”

“I can’t though. That’s the thing. When I say it out loud, it sounds ridiculous. Because I should be happy. Alright, my best friend is dead, and my now ex fiancé was a bit of a dickhead…. but I wasn’t overly into him anyway so whatever. But my family do love me and I can pretty much anything I want. But that comes with conditions.”

“Conditions?…. And ex fiancé? Or is that another story?” he asked cautiously.

Seph downed the last of her coffee, looking at him and holding out the empty mug, “Got anything stronger?”

“Whiskey… Somewhere.”

“Well don’t just sit there Spencer Reid,” if she was going to keep talking then she’d need a stronger drink. Spencer rummaged around in a cupboard, coming up with two tumblers and a bottle of Jack.

“Technically it’s bourbon…. ” he poured two generous measures and handed one over. “Do you want to actually sit down?”


He led the way through to his living room bringing the bottle with him, taking a seat at one end of his couch. Persephone removed her coat and slid her heels off, taking a seat the other end and curling her stockinged feet up beneath her. Taking a sip, the amber nectar warming her throat instantly, she began.

“Yes conditions. And the fiancé… Ugh. He’s the reason I’m in D.C. I’ve been…. distant from him over the last few months, given what happened with Alex and well, you know, contemplating my whole existence and all. When I think about it now, I’ve probably been distant from him for a lot longer than that. In fact, I’m not sure I was ever really that close to him in the first place. He’s the son of one of Daddy’s lawyers. So gosh, maybe the marriage of convenience thing applies too except from his side rather than mine… Anyway. So he’s here on business and I thought….well, I was bored so I thought I’d come surprise him. Maybe a good couple of fucks would have taken my mind off wanting to slit my own wrists or jumping off a bridge. So I get here this morning, go to his hotel which given his connections, was not a Lux. Obviously I know why now. I slipped the receptionist a hundred for the key to his room and find him balls deep inside of his secretary. A pretty little nineteen year old. Needless to say, me and him are over. Although, I’m surprisingly not that bothered. It just kinda helped my decision.” Seph saw the look on Spencer’s face, “Don’t worry, I wasn’t going to kill myself because of him. I was planning it anyway. Today just… Made me want to get it over with sooner rather than later. Made me bring my original deadline forward.“

She took another sip of her drink, holding it out for a refill. Spencer obliged, topping up his own which he was quickly draining.

“The conditions I referred to. Everyone in my family is expected to work at Lux. I don’t want that. I want my own business. I want to start my own clothing line, my own fashion brand. But the parents have my own future planned out for me. I worked there until until I was 27 and then decided I’d had enough and that I needed to try and get this business off the ground. But I’m expected to start working back at Lux the week after my thirtieth birthday. Apparently I’ve had ‘Enough time to arse around trying to make something out of myself.’ I was so close to getting it off the ground, but then with Alex dying, I missed some important business meetings and the funding fell through.”

“If you don’t want to work for your family, then don’t work for them. You’re an adult, you can make your own decisions. They can’t force you.”

“It’s not that simple….In theory it is, in practice it’s not. It’s a family run business, we’re all expected to work there, it’s tradition. They heard me out when I said I wanted to leave two years ago. They agreed to give me until my thirtieth birthday to do it on my own, which is how I wanted to do it. I could have taken their money, and to an extent I did use some of my trust fund to help make a portfolio and designs and stuff but I won’t use their money or name to launch the brand. It was agreed that if I couldn’t do this by the time I was thirty then I go and take up my rightful place back at Lux. If I don’t, I get cut off completely. No trust fund, no nothing. And I don’t have any money of my own, I was meant to make some but that didn’t happen.”

“So still…. Talk to them again,” Spencer’s brow furrowed.

“I have. After Alex died, I asked for an extension. And they were sympathetic, but refused. I’ve had long enough apparently….. Look I sound bratty I know, and I’m a walking contradiction. I don’t want their business, but I can’t function without my trust fund. I don’t want to work for them, but I’ve failed at being able to work for myself. Lux doesn’t interest me at all. But I made an agreement with them. And it would would be letting the family name down to back out of said agreement and blah blah blah family honour and such. Have you seen Beauty and the Beast, the Disney film?”

Her sudden change in track surprised him, but he nodded.

“I’ve watched it with my godson a few times, yes,” Spencer replied and Seph then explained her question.

“The first song…. There’s a part goes:
I want adventure in the great wide somewhere,
I want it more than I can tell.
But for once it might be grand, to have someone understand.
I want so much more than they’ve got planned.

You know it?”

“Yes, I remember it,” he pushed his hair back behind his ear, thinking. “So you feel trapped by your obligations to your family, downhearted because of your own perceived failure, and disillusioned by life because you haven’t achieved the things you wanted to. Add your best friend dying to that and…… whilst I don’t agree suicide is the way out, I can maybe understand how you might feel that it is.”

He could?

He could.



“Pers… Seph…. You mentioned an original deadline. What was it?”

“Erm… I was planning on doing it on my birthday. I figured… Why not.”

“Okay. Will you consider reverting to your original date?” he asked quietly, his eyes intensely studying her.

“Whhhhyyy?” Seph dragged the word out, suspicious.

“I want to see this list. Your birthday’s twenty four days away right? Seph, suicide is never the answer, although I know it sometimes feels that way. You want more from life. Then let’s go and get more. Please. If I can help you tick off some of the items on that list, and maybe together we can come up with a way to get your business plan back up and running, will you reconsider it?”

He seemed so earnest and Seph found herself feeling sorry for him somewhat. But…

“You want to try and fix me?”

“No… Because you’re not broken. You’re not even a lost soul that needs to be found. You know what you want, you just can’t work out how to get it. So let me try to help.” Spencer reached out across the couch, hesitating before taking her hand. Normally Seph would recoil if a stranger touched her like that when it wasn’t in a professional environment…. But she was in his apartment, on his couch. When she’d originally intending on taking up the throne next to Hades by now.

“Why do you want to help me?” she asked. Reid considered her question carefully before answering.

“Because maybe I need some purpose in my life too. I try not to believe in fate. It doesn’t fit in with my logic. But, a lot of people would say that we met tonight for a reason. I don’t normally walk that way home, you’re not normally in D.C. I’ve had a pretty shitty year myself. Maybe this will help me too.”

“And if you don’t succeed and I still do it? Because I will.”

“Then at least I gave it my best shot.”

Seph considered his offer…. What was another twenty four days really?
Although he’d laugh when he saw how pathetic the list was. But…. Well, he was a genius. Maybe he could think of another way out of this for her. And if not she could just stick with the plan. Another twenty four days.

Okay. Seph could stick it out for that long.

“Okay. Fix my life Spencer Reid.”

reasons molotov jukebox should be your new problematic faves

● their lead singer is natalia tena (y'know, tonks from harry potter and osha from game of thrones) and she plays the goddamn accordion
● bUT their semi-famous lead singer isn’t even the main selling point of the band
● really great music. like really great. in a wide range of styles and genres but always upbeat with lyrics that can be quite dark
● their albums are completely crowd-funded and you get rewards for whatever you contribute
● it also means that they have so much time for their fans and will speak to everyone who waits to see them after gigs and they’re v generous with hugs and compliments
● gigs are (in my opinion) underpriced so you can have a really great experience without bankrupting yourself
● they give out chocolates and pineapples at very gig for the best dancers/best dressed
● their aim is to “make you feel like you’re on holiday for an hour and a half”
● the entire band are feminists and give some of the proceeds from their albums to international women’s charities
● honestly this band is so underrated

Did they get their kickstarter money stolen? We were never told by Hussie that money was stolen. It was written in a post by ipgd who deleted the whole thing and diminished their responsibility for it. 

What’s The Odd Gentlemen got to do with the cancellation of the WP Studios 3d game, or the unannounced delay of the 2d game? What’s it got to do with this ridiculous lack of communication to the people who invested towards the game’s development in the first place?

Are all the kickstarter funds gone completely? Isnt this something the funders should know???? 

The fact of the matter is, there’s been no word on the development of the game outside of its trailers and a few comments by staff members. WP, or more likely someone very high up there, chose not to go through the effort of talking the kickstarter funders through what happened or even what is happening, and that is all on them. If they have any excuses then they sure as hell havent used them.

With the focus 2016 drew towards failed kickstarter games, it’s a bad time to have a worse track record for communication than Mighty No.9.

Merfolk and shark afficionados

Lush has rereleased their Shark fin soap in memory of Rob Stewart. It’s lavender and lime scented with fine sea salt and seaweed. A portion of the proceeds are going to fund the completion of the documentary he was filming when he tragically disappeared. SHARKWATER: EXTINCTION. They’re only $5.95 but limited edition. I picked up 3. And I do believe they ship internationally.

Not trying to sound like a commerical or anything. Sharks have been a part of my life since I was a kid and their conservation is one of my passions.

Tagging those who might interested @ursulaismymiddlename @sirennatasha @mermanbuckybarnes @mermansteverogers @thatawkwardtinyperson @cleopatrakara @ryverpenrad

An incredible coincidence saw this Folkestone man cross paths with David Bowie

A Folkestone man is heading to Cannes next month with a movie that saw him cross paths with a music and film legend.

Canterbury Christ Church University graduate Ben Barton, 34, is debuting his nine minute sci-fi low budget opus on the big screen and keen-eyed viewers might recognise a few of the props from David Bowie’s Black Star music video.

Mr Barton’s new film is a step up from the old home movies he is used to capturing. In fact, next month he is headed to the renowned Cannes Film Festival to screen it in the short film section.

He explained he usually saves a lot of money to devote to his film projects, of which he can only produce around two a year. But Mr Barton’s luck turned when a clash over props saw David Bowie offer to completely fund his film Stella Erratica.

“My new short film has been a real labour of love, taking me over a year to make” he said, “when I started back in 2015, I’d hired a special astronaut suit, only for the company to phone me saying a ‘big star’ also wanted it, and would I mind letting them have it first?

"To compensate me for the inconvenience, this celebrity had agreed to fund my little film. I’m short of money so of course I agreed. It was only some time after that I was told this 'big star’ and my generous benefactor was actually David Bowie and his production team on the Blackstar music video.

"The space props and astronaut suit feature in both films actually,” Ben explained, “but they’re real chalk and cheese – Bowie’s video is a really high gloss production, and mine is this little experimental indie film. It’s still amazing to have that association though, and I’m so grateful for what he did.”