anonymous asked:

Any headcanons for the dex holder trios (quartet in Kanto and duo in Unova)?

Plenty! But let’s do video games, okay.

Kantet: They meet up and play Mario Kart on Wednesdays. Yellow always win because Red doesn’t have it in him to shoot Blue Shells at her, and Blue’s always distracting Green by stealing his wheel and laying on his lap.

Johtrio: Gold gets a bunch of stars on Mario Party, Silver steals them, and Crys comes from behind and kicks both their butts. They probably all win equally though, haha. (They tried going easy on Crys because they thought she wouldn’t be able to take all the fun factor and she breezed through it so they don’t take her lightly anymore.)

Trioen: Ruby and Emerald play video games against each other, while Sapphire just kind of lays around and watches. Sometimes she’ll take over for Emerald but it devolves into flirting and he usually yells at them. Ruby is also a petty backseat gamer who nitpicks at both of his friends while they play.

(Video gaming doesn’t last too long around these three.)

Sinnohtrio: They have an Animal Crossing town  together and they’re very happy about it. Actually, mostly Diamond and Platinum are; Pearl doesn’t really get the appeal, but he’s fanatical about seeing things through to the end. He’s pretty much the reason they’ve got a full museum. Platinum takes care of their mortgages, and Diamond splits his time between the villagers and keeping the town pretty.

Duova: They go to gamer conventions and White uses her brilliant marketing skills to promote games while Black plays them with the shining, brilliant determination of someone who’s going to be the very best.