Clarke backing Lexa into things + Lexa’s reaction

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if you're still taking prompts - shiro and space puppies? :D

I’m always taking prompts. <3

“I hate to say it,” Hunk says, tentatively, “but we were supposed to be back an hour ago.”

All four of the Paladins look over to where Shiro is still seated on the floor, absolutely surrounded by a dozen of the fluffiest, cuddliest little pastel puppy-dogs that Hunk’s ever seen in his life. Nevermind that puppies don’t usually have six legs.

Four of the pups are in Shiro’s lap; several more cluster by his knees; one brave little puppy has even clambered all the way up to Shiro’s shoulder, clinging carefully with its multiple tiny paws. Shiro’s face is a gentle wash of complete joy.

“Five more minutes?” Keith suggests, weakly.

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I wish I knew how exactly Mon-El’s date with Eve went.

Like how did he even get onto the topic of Kara?

When they were getting on the elevator did he say something like “Did Kara seem upset to you? She said it was nothing but I think I saw The Crinkle.” and then after explaining what the crinkle is just never really stopped talking about her? Did they go to a restaurant that served potstickers and he told Eve they were Kara’s favorite? Did Eve make a passing comment about how nice or sweet Kara is and Mon-El was like “OMG! You have no idea.” and then just ran with the topic?

What did he say about her? What kind of things did he think were so fascinating and wonderful about Kara, what details has he learned about her that he needed to share? Obviously he’s been paying more attention than some people like to give him credit for because he’s learned enough about her to occupy the conversation for an entire date with Kara Facts - and keep in mind they couldn’t Supergirl Facts - they had to be strictly Kara Facts.

Did he even realize he was doing it? Did he notice that it was happening but couldn’t help it? I know he’s a talker and can ramble but he had to be really involved in his Kara talk in order to go through an entire date talking exclusively about her.

I would love to hear some headcanons! Oooooh has anyone written a fic about this?

They chose to overlook the fact that sakura opened a clinic for emotionally damaged children after the war, a clinic that exists because no one should ever have to go through what her teammates went through, for more filler wank of a -w e d d i n g- that already happened in the end credits of a movie they made. For the longest time i thought peeps were just exaggerating/being biased when it came to these filler novel episodes but to me that is absolutely bonkers


Last try. Thank you for your analysis.

Another wonderful fan video from my lovely anon inspired by the Katie McGrath Character Analyses. I smiled through the entire 3:30 minutes of this. Thank you my love! 💗💗

So Depression Month™ has been a real blast. 

@mr-pengu1n this is why I’m mad. Progressing along the number line from zero in the positive direction you get 2^1 and then in a while you get 2^1009 and then we write infinity at the end. So by intuitive logic 2^1009 should be closer.

But it’s. Not.

Still Good

Author: legallyblained

Rating: T

Status: Completed in July 2014

Word Count: 47,043

Summary: This is my family. I found it, all on my own. Is little, and broken, but still good. Yeah, still good. Kurt and Blaine are both single dads, and their complicated lives end up getting tangled together.

Tropes/Genre: daddies!Klaine, daddy!Kurt, daddy!Blaine, angst, romance, infidelity, closeted!Blaine

Lynne’s review: I definitely enjoyed this story. There was a harsh amount of angst about ¾ of the way through, but thankfully it ended beautifully.

Read at: AO3