What I love most about Regina telling Emma “I need you” is that we know she doesn’t need Emma for herself. She was perfectly comfortable going on her own before.

A lot of people see it as Regina not needing Emma but knowing Emma needs her, however I interpret it differently. Regina needs to help Emma. Regina needs Emma to be okay, needs to know she’s okay. Regina can’t be okay if Emma isn’t okay.

And that is beautiful.

  • what he did:post a selfie with a kitten
  • what he means:ha! imma fuck you all up so badly you will only be able to lie on your floor and cry i bet none of you are prepared but here's the selfie you've been asking for ain't the kitty and i so cute!? haha dont worry guys i still love you tho, xoxo calum

Dragon Age: Origins | Tabris {City Elf Origin} “Perhaps the day will come when the humans come and try to take the alienage from us, too. If that day comes, I swear they shall regret it.” [♔]

rae-senpai asked:

I've been looking for a fic that I've forgotten the name of, it's about Eren going home for summer ( or some other college break ) and finding that his parents went to Europe and left Levi in charge of the house?

Summer, Sweat and Sausages
Summary: Eren lazes around during the summer after his first year of college, wondering what he is doing with his life, going to school for a major he doesn’t even enjoy and trying to outshine his perfect stepsister Mikasa. He’s also oddly turned on by his stepsister’s revisiting uncle Levi, who Eren doesn’t remember at all. They piss each other off a lot, then grow an odd bond of companionship—then Eren realizes Levi was shunned by his family some odd years back for coming out as gay, and for some reason, Eren’s budding curiosity gets the better of him. Tensions run high, pants slide off, and Eren sweats from more than just the summer heat when he gains an abnormal craving for Levi’s “sausage.” Humor and drama ensue and so does an absurd amount of smut. Outside of sex, feelings are also involved—and they soon crash hard into the ground.



“I wasn’t even gonna tell him but then I did… tell him. And he went out and bought this insane Yankee’s onesie and a calendar and marked the due date, which I should mention is today.”

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