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can we just get a quick hip hip hooray for saints row 2′s character creation tho

I have been feeling kinda self-conscious about myself lately, how do I look and stuff. I have gained a bit of weight and while it is a morbid reminder that I don’t move as regularly as I used to, I noticed I was more bothered by me visibly gaining weight than my muscles and joints giving up under bad postures and lack of activity before I turn thirty. 

So, I know I’m not the body builder type. My training regime will (hopefully) keep my body from collapsing on me, but the belly is here to stay and I gotta just learn how to live with it. One of my ways to deal with it is to normalize it. Draw it as it is and learn to love the features that prior bothered me. 

Also like, trying to remember that you don’t have to try and look attractive every damn second. Let it rip every once in a while. 

i never bitch about shit here but one thing thats irritating as HELL is when ppl tag completely unrelated pics with the ‘roadrat’ tag wtf 

if its a fuckin solo pic of junkrat or roadhog IT DOESNT COUNT EITHER. MUST BE BOTH. unless its like 1 of them jerking off and screaming the others name or some shit like that kind of exception works but i keep getting suggested ‘roadrat’ tagged posts with like. a pic of junkrats face doing absolutely nothing. or roadhogs fucking boot just sitting there. wtf where is the roadrat i must ask 

so um one problem

(warning; this has swear words in it I’m sorry I’m a failure)

if Zach IS a werewolf,
why would he have a sword that KiLLS werewolves?
And wHY does he have it there on Starlight???
Is Michael a werewolf??
Does he want to kill Derek too?


if you play guitar and want to be in a pop punk band and are serious about music please email with a video/audio of you playing !!! we are an all girl pop punk band based in Atlanta Georgia but you don’t have to live there to be in our band !!! our influences are the pretty reckless, Bmth, pvris all time low, Mallory Knox, and issues to name a few !! we are extremely serious about this and want this band to be our career. we are all 16-18 years old and are currently writing and looking for a place to record our ep !!! if you are interested please email us !!!

desperate hsc student in need of help guys pls

UPDATE: questionnaire is now closed, I got 180 responses!! thank you so so so so much guys oh my god thank you I am so grateful ————————————–

aight fuck ok so here’s the lowdown:

My name is Audrey, I’m a 17 year old student from Sydney, and I’m also highkey fucked for this research paper that my teacher expects due on monday 

It’s for my Society and Culture class (the PIP lmao), and i gotta conduct a questionnaire to about 60 people, it’s about the responsibility of communicating ethics  in children’s film, and whether it’s appropriate (or even necessary) to address stuff like racism and sexism in children’s movies

I’d really really appreciate the help, and if you could reblog this and share it around that would be so so helpful

I’m aware of how annoying posts like these are, especially since it’s completely unrelated to the tag you’re looking up, but idk man i am really desperate right now so please forgive me 

thank you so so much guys, i’m sorry about this lmao 

here’s the link:

thank you xxx


I was tagged by @rangergirl3 to show my personality/aesthetic using only pictures on my phone, and this is the result :D thanks for tagging me!!

I’ll tag, uh… @jpnpr @xrose96 @lucyheartfiliathecelestialmage and whoever else that wants to join!! :)


5x13 | The Song Remains the Same
Michael possesses John

things i hate:

1. reyIo art depicting rey having cute little zzz’s over her head during the “”“"bridal carry”“”“ as though she’s just taking an afternoon nap and wasn’t painfully mind probed and then rendered unconscious so her kidnapper could torture her again later

2. having to see said art on my dash because of completely unrelated tags i follow

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(sigh) there's been a lot of negative posts I keep seeing sometimes in completely unrelated tags about stimming isn't for "neurotypicals". It kind of made me feel a little down. I'm very mentally ill, but I also have a lot of traits associated with Sensory Processing Disorder... I don't have the energy to go see if I really do or not... I just want to keep doing what helps me stay sane. I really appreciate your blog, and all of the resources you put out there. Thank you.

Lovely anon, I am sorry for keeping you waiting on this.

I’ve seen a few of those posts myself, with regards to spinners, which are apparently popular right now in the US.

(Not being American - here in Australia handmade slime is just starting to catch on - I can only go by what Americans are posting, which appears to be posts on stores selling out of spinners and discussions about popularity resulting in teachers banning spinners from classrooms.)

I’ll say to you this: You. Are. Not. Neurotypical. Like, neurodiversity isn’t a “if you hit fifty points or more you’re ND” quiz. It isn’t. (I know they can assess autism this way, which was how mine was, but since I came to agree with that assessment through community exploration, I don’t consider it all that worthwhile.) If you have a need for stim toys, if you have mental illness, if you have SPD traits, even if you never get a paper diagnosis, you’re ND, and you’re us. If you’re only ND in one or two aspects, you’re not neurotypical. If your only problem is smell sensitivity and you stim because of that, you are not neurotypical. All you need is some difference that causes disability in some way, for which stim toys are an aid as much as a crutch or chair. You cannot sit still through a class? Here’s an aid that will help you do that. That’s it.

(I am absolutely and unequivocally for self-diagnosis or partial diagnosis or people who are questioning but find they need stimming. I am here for “ND, but not sure exactly how yet” and engaging in the stim community because it is a need that helps them survive. I am absolutely and unequivocally not for any kind of gatekeeping that stops ND people, who may not know they’re ND because we’re all forced to mimic neurotypical behaviour, from finding connection, community and support.)

I understand why people are blogging as they are: when something is adopted by the masses, teachers in a classroom setting tend to ban it as a distraction, meaning those who need it (especially those without paper diagnoses or poor support systems in place) no longer have access to it. It’s a problem, a very real problem. Stim toys need to be in ND hands. Having a disability aid turned into a fashion or fad means that disabled people have to find alternatives and run the risk of even those alternatives not being accepted.

But. We need to discuss this problem in ways that don’t alienate or exclude people who think themselves NT who are exploring popular stim toys and discover they need these toys as much as we do. We need to remember that ableism teaches us to act as NT as possible, so much so that we repress our differences in thought and feeling, so much so that we lose stimming. (I know I did.) We need to remember that autism (as one case example) is often diagnosed late in people who aren’t white and cis masculine, and some of those annoying NT stimmers who have appropriated the toy might actually need it themselves.

I’m wary, as I’ve said before, of outright statements like “stimming isn’t for neurotypicals”. I’m wary because I’m late diagnosed, because I didn’t even get a depression or GAD diagnosis after I was twenty despite having been the most anxious person ever my whole childhood, because I know that a great many ND people can spend years of their life not knowing they are ND. Because society teaches us to bury, as best we can, our neurodiversity. I’m wary because I think it doesn’t give ND people who don’t know they’re ND entry into the community they need.

In a way, I think it’s a dreadful catch twenty-two: the problem is born of ableism (an aid turned into a fad), but the dialogue about it doesn’t take into account how ableism stops people knowing themselves.

I don’t know, not really, what is the best way to approach this conversation.

All I can say is that if you need to stim, given that I consider that need a sign of neurodiversity in some way, you’re welcome here. You don’t need to tell me how you’re neurodiverse, because I don’t care. You don’t have to fully know yourself - all you need to know is what you’ve said, that stim toys are an aid. This space is for you. Stimming is for you. You absolutely belong here, anon.

(And general reminder that “neurotypical” doesn’t equal “not-autistic”, and allistic neurodiverse folk who stim are valid, wonderful and absolutely belong in the stim community.)

Me: *has used a tag on over 3000 posts*

Me: *starts typing it*

Tumblr: *recommends a completely unrelated tag that I used one time 9 months ago*

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Can you not be a tag whore pls like your posts come up on completely unrelated tags. You'll have a post on Rowan and Aelin but then it comes on the Lorcan salvaterre and manorian tags. It's irritating as fuck please stop it. It's not all about notes..

yeah ofc! i used a lot of tags to get myself started but i probably don’t need them anymore. superrr sorry x

“how dare you kinkshame us! our community is safe and consensual!” yelled the kink bloggers as they continuously shoved “daddy’s little whore” posts directly into the eyeballs of anyone going through completely unrelated tags, reblogged photos of random girls and women on their 18+ blogs, and made sexual comments about minors’ selfies