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Headcanon that Will starts to get grey hair from the stress of the infirmary c:

Imma write something, lmao.

Will sighed, walking out of the infirmary, heading over to Cabin Thirteen.  He was exhausted but, he promised he’d go check up on Nico.  Climbing the steps of the cabin, he walked into the dark abode.

“Will?  Is that you,” Nico croaked from under the covers.  The son of Hades had come down with a nasty flu and was bed-ridden.  He was so sick, he didn’t even fight to get out of bed.

Fortunately, Will couldn’t sick from this.

Unfortunately, it was because Will gave Nico the flu.

“It’s me,” Will responded halfheartedly.  He sighed and closed the door, slipping his shoes off and climbing into the bed, a spot right beside the burrito called Nico.

“What’s up,” Nico asked, turning over to face his blond boyfriend.  Will merely shrugged, closing his eyes as Nico started to play with his hair.  “How was work?”

“It was fine,” Will responded, wrapping his arms around Nico, who was uncomfortable warm already.  He dismissed the thought and curled closer to Will, letting himself be enveloped in Will’s arms.

Nico continued to play with Will’s hair until suddenly, he thought the sickness was getting to him.  A few single grey hairs, completely unnoticeable if you weren’t looking.  Nico could barely see them as they mixed with the blond hair.

“Hey, baby,” Nico said, pulling back.  “Why don’t you take a few days off?  Stay with me…”  

Will shook his head.  “Too many injured…  I have to stay…”

“Will, you do know that there are other children of Apollo, right?  If they need you, they’ll have to drag you out of this bed, alright?”

Nico watched the blond, twirling the hair between his fingers.  Will was physically relaxing at the notion so, Nico smiled a bit, even if his stomach didn’t permit the feeling.

“Okay,” Will mumbled, digging his head into Nico’s shoulder.  “I love you…”

“I love you too,” Nico replied, smiling and closing his eyes, curled up with the boy.

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Gosh, I've been battling with this since Voltron came out and I feel like you're the person to ask: Is Hunk actually taller than Lance? I keep watching the eps and it's never really clear to me. This info is hella helpful for my hance fic though, so thank you for helping out.

oh my god, yeah, heights problem has been my downfall in this regard since whenever someone watches voltron w/ me it ends up with me trying 2 analyze everyone’s height and this could have been easily solved by character sheets that compare them by heights but… it’s not destined to be. 

anyway, i’ve thought that comparing lance & hunk 2 keith would have solved it because…

nope, problem is still at hand and that’s probably because different animators board on the same episode, maybe the major guideline they’ve got is 2 keep them all the same height but keith… a bit shorter?

in general, i’m sure that lance is taller than keith for an inch or two and… that’s completely unnoticable, however, this one shot is what have made me certain that we can rule out pidge & keith as shortest ones of the group

but hunk… is hunching over a bit and that’s a thing that keeps happening every time i’m trying 2 get close 2 hunk’s real height! (x-files music intenisifies)

you could be asking why i’m so intent into bringing keith in this equation and well, that’s because it’s obvious that keith is around lance’s height and in almost all shots with hunk he appears much shorter than hunk

so… where it all leads to? 

yeah, i’m 60% certain that hunk is taller than lance… but trust me heights change almost every time they’re together in one shot (this shot also is in perspective! you can notice how keith & pidge are closer 2 us! so yeah, you can’t exactly use this as MAJOR REFERENCE either) 

imho, you should have fun & write their heights as how you see them since there’s no right answer… after all ;___;

feel free 2 add more 2 this

Mafia Boss (G-Dragon Scenario) - Part 3

This series gives me so much life, seriously. Here’s the third part for you, lovelies ^^ Hope you’ll like it and enjoy~

WARNING! Those who don’t handle violence and strong language well, be ware. This is not, I repeat not, a series suited for young and sensitive readers.

All characters in this series, aside from the members of BIGBANG, are fictional. Any resemblance to real life people, in name or otherwise, are purely coincidental.

Summary: How had things ended up like this? And how were you supposed to deal with all this new and unexpected information that’d come your way?

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 5] [Part 6] [Part 7] [Part 8][Part 9] [Part 10] [Part 11] [Part 12] [Part 13] [Part 14] [Part 15] [Part 16] [Part 17] [Part 18] [Part 19] [Part 20] [Part 21] [Part 22] [Part 23] [Part 24] [Part 25] [Part 26] [Part 27] [Part 28] [Part 29] [Part 30] [Part 31] [Part 32] [Part 33] [Part 34] [Part 35] [Part 36] [Part 37] [Part 38] [Part 39] [Part 40] [Part 41] [Part 42] [Part 43]

You were completely frozen on the spot where you sat on the ground, back still resting against the cargo boxes that’d served as your hiding spot. Try as you might, everything that’d just happened was just too much for your mind to be able to process – which also meant that you found it very difficult to understand exactly what Ji Yong meant. He’d taken care of it? In what way had he taken care of it? It wasn’t a question you really felt the need to get an answer to, but you couldn’t help but feel curious.

“We should get out of here, baby”, Ji Yong said.

At the prospect of being able to leave the warehouse that without a doubt would haunt your dreams for quite a while, you found yourself nodding before your brain had even completely processed what Ji Yong had actually said.

The reality that Ji Yong was the main reason why all of this chaos had erupted, because of who he was, got pushed to the side when you felt how his hands released their gentle grip on your wrists as they traveled to grab your hands instead. A moment later, he helped you stand up from the ground – your legs unexpectedly unstable once you were forced to rely on them to keep standing.

Your unstable legs wasn’t something you were able to focus on a moment later, though, when Ji Yong suddenly pulled you to him and wrapped his arms around you – enveloping you in a tight hug that quickly had your heart skipping a beat. His familiar scent filled your nose and, as you felt how one of his hands traveled up to cradle the back of your head, your heartbeat took on a life of its own and sped up. He buried his face in your hair and you both heard and felt how he took a deep breath.

Through all of this, you stayed completely unmoved – your hands resting against his chest, where they had gotten trapped when he pulled you to him.

“Are you okay, baby?” he asked, his voice slightly muffled since he still had his face buried in your hair. It almost sounded like he was desperate to have you tell him that you indeed were okay and that he had nothing to worry about.

You found that you weren’t able to answer him, though, and simply just continued to stay unmoved in his embrace – in all honesty just waiting for the moment where he would let you go. The affectionate nickname escaping his lips was one that you were more than used to hearing, but it suddenly felt strange coming from him. It didn’t feel the same and you weren’t sure if you liked hearing it exit his mouth at the moment…

With you not answering him, Ji Yong soon enough stood up straight and leaned back enough to be able to look at you. He stayed silent for a few seconds as he studied you, waiting to see if you were just taking a while to get the words out. When it became apparent that you weren’t planning on uttering a single word, a small sigh escaped his lips.

“Baby, please answer me”, he said, almost completely unnoticeable pleading audible in his voice as he spoke, “are you okay? Are you hurt? No one was stupid enough to touch you, right?”

Once again, no answer came from you and, because of that, slight frustration from not getting a reply washed over Ji Yong’s features.

“Baby”, he once again said, “just answer me, okay? Are you okay?”

The unmistakable demand he’d now made for a reply from you made you bite your lip as you continued to stare at him, his true identity once again coming back to you – the frustration you could make out in his voice making slight fear rushing through your body, for no more than half a second. Even though the chance was slim that he would act on that frustration and show his true colors, as the mafia boss he was, that didn’t mean that your mind succeeded to listen to that logic.

He scared you, it was as simple as that…

Finally, you forced yourself to nod your head ever so slightly in response, which was something that seemed to make him happy. You felt how he relaxed as your nod registered for him, his arms disappearing from around you as he took a small step back. It wasn’t until that moment that you realized just how tense his body had been – the events that’d taken place up until just a few minutes ago most definitely the reason for that.

“Let’s go”, he said and wrapped an arm around your shoulders, pulling you close to his side.

The closeness was one that normally made your heart flutter and a small smile was a common thing that usually followed as well. That was not what happened as he, once again, pulled you close, though. Instead of a fluttering heart and a smile, you felt a somewhat uncomfortable feeling grow within you – followed closely by a wish to get away from him. It was a small and barely noticeable wish, but it was still there.

You didn’t like the mere thought of being around guns, violence or the people who used both of those things. Ji Yong, unfortunately, fit into that category of people and you downright hated it. A frustrated thought, that’d been running through your head ever since you made the discovery of his real identity, surfaced once again. It was a thought regarding the fact that, when you’d woken up this morning, Ji Yong had been your sweet and kind boyfriend… Now, he was someone you felt sincerely scared of – someone you didn’t want to be around.

That particular thought had circled around in your head so much in the past hour or however long it’d been that it was getting annoyingly repetitive. Your brain didn’t seem to be able to get over it, though.

A gentle push from the arm Ji Yong had around your shoulders brought you back to reality and, a second later, the two of you started to move out from behind the cargo boxes.

“Don’t look to your right”, Ji Yong told you, which made glance at him in surprise.

Too genuinely scared of the reason why he’d said that, you decided to not be stupid enough to actually defy his words. You knew you were going to regret it if you did – the bullets that’d been flying all over the place, that’d been followed by screams of pain, were more than enough to convince you that you didn’t want to see what was to your right.

At a slow and steady pace, the two of you made your way out of the warehouse – the bright sun that instantly hit your face blinding you for a second when you’d exited the building. The fresh air was something you welcomed, though, and so were the warm rays of the sun. It had not been enjoyable to be trapped in the dirty warehouse, though the biggest reason for that wasn’t exactly the lack of fresh air…

What you’d gone through in the building was not something you were ready to relive again, though, especially not so soon after all of it had happened. Therefore, you mentally shook your head and instead focused on the path was ahead of you as you and Ji Yong continued to walk - the buildings, containers and whatnot that you passed being things you forced your brain to focus on.

You walked for a little longer than you had imagined, rounding a building a short distance away from the warehouse after a while. That was when a row of cars suddenly came into view for you – people you’d never seen before, who you could only imagine were part of the group of people that’d come with Ji Yong, either standing next to the cars or sitting in them.

As you and Ji Yong passed the cars, you saw from the corner of your eye how each and every one of the people by them quickly halted whatever they were in the middle of doing – turning their attention to you and Ji Yong before bowing as you passed them. Well, you felt sure that it was Ji Yong who had their full attention, not you, and that it was him and not you they were bowing to. That was something you felt very sure of as the word boss continuously came your way as you continued to walk.

Hearing that word only managed to make you feel more and more uncomfortable – the constant reminder of who Ji Yong was becoming frustratingly annoying. You didn’t want him to be part of a world like this… You didn’t want him to have this much power in a world like this… You had no desire whatsoever to be around people like the ones you were walking past…

The day had been so incredibly exhausting, on both a mental and physical level, and the only thing you wanted to do was go back home, take an almost scalding hot bath and curl up in bed and stay there for as long as possible. You didn’t want to see your friends or family. In fact, you didn’t want to be around a single person at the moment and the fact that you were surrounded by much more than just one wasn’t something you were happy about. Who these people were only made it worse…

Everything that’d happened had managed to shake you up enough for the tears that’d been running down your cheeks in the middle of all the chaos to have stopped. You felt sure that, even if you tried to cry, you wouldn’t be able to. Your head was too much of a mess for something like that to be possible at the moment. That was something that frustrated you, since you felt sure that tears streaming down your face would help you deal with the immense chaos in your head.

You honestly felt numb, on an emotional level – aside from the stubborn fear that refused to leave your body.

You and Ji Yong continued to make your way down the long row of cars, towards the very last one of them - where three people seemed to be waiting. When you got close enough, you realized that it wasn’t just any three people who were waiting for you. It was familiar faces and the mop of blonde hair on top of one of their heads was the first thing that made you realize that. It was the same mop of blonde hair you’d seen after you’d somehow been saved from getting shot in the head.

Dong Youngbae, Choi Seung Hyun and… The owner of the mop of blonde hair; Lee Seung Hyun… Three young men you, over the past eight months, had become very familiar with and considered to be your friends.

Seeing them standing by the car was not something you had expected. Even though Ji Yong was part of a world like this, it hadn’t for a second crossed your mind that they were as well. With them standing right there, though, it didn’t take long before you put to and two together regarding the fact that they weren’t just innocent bystanders. They… were around violence and guns just as much as Ji Yong most likely was, weren’t they?

With your mind being filled with all the signs you’d completely missed during the past few months, regarding the fact that they also frequented in a world like this, to the point where you wouldn’t have been surprised if you got a headache, you unconsciously halted your steps somewhat when you’d almost reached the car where they were waiting. You felt very hesitant to come near them all of a sudden.

Ji Yong was quick to make you start moving again, though, by giving you a small but still effective push forward.

“We need to leave, baby”, he told you and removed his arm from around your shoulders. Instead, he quickly let it travel down until you felt his hand grab yours as he intertwined your fingers, “before more uninvited company shows up”

You weren’t entirely sure what he meant with those somewhat vague words, but you still understood that it couldn’t be anything good. Therefore, you allowed him to gently drag you the rest of the way to the car. Opening the door for you, he helped you climb into the backseat – one of his hands gently placed on the top of your head as you got inside, in order for you to not accidentally hit your head.

Despite everything that had happened as well as everything that was still going on inside your head, it was an action that made your heartbeat speed up for a short moment – making you see him as the Ji Yong you’d spent the past eight months with, not an intimidating boss in the mafia world. It was something that disappeared as soon as he got in the car after you and you took the time to quickly glance at him. Seeing his face reminded you of everything you’d just gone through, which was something you found that you weren’t able ignore.

The three men you were more than familiar with got in the car soon after. You quickly found yourself sitting between Ji Yong and the youngest of the Seung Hyuns, while Youngbae took on the role as the driver and the oldest of the Seung Hyuns got in the passenger seat next to him.

As the car started moving, the mixture of feeling scared and uncomfortable didn’t take long to grow strong within you. You were in the car with four men who, even though you hadn’t seen proof of it with your own eyes, most definitely were capable of doing unspeakable and violent things. They probably even did it without batting an eyelash, didn’t they?

All of them seemed to sense that you weren’t jumping with joy at being around them and, with you keeping your mouth shut and your eyes glued on the city rushing past you outside the car, they followed suit and kept quiet as well – entertaining themselves with different things. Seung Hyun, where he sat beside you, was quick to pull his phone out and open up one of the games he had downloaded on it, while the older man who sat right in front of him and happened to share the same name as him rolled the window down – lighting a cigarette a moment later.

Because of the silence that filled the car, you quickly found yourself becoming consumed with the same thoughts that’d been circling around in your head since you regained consciousness in the warehouse. That you couldn’t believe how things had turned out, that you now felt scared of both your boyfriend and the three other men who were in the car with you, that you wanted nothing to do with them at the moment…

However, since you didn’t feeling tempted to go down that road again, you instead took the time to glance around you in the car – your eyes landing on Seung Hyun were he sat beside you. His mop of blindingly blonde hair was hard to miss and easily pulled all of your attention onto him. His hair was not the thing that had made all of your attention to be directed at him, though. Instead, it was the feeling of something suddenly wetting your shirt. As you glanced down to see what it was, you felt your eyes double in size when you took in the red stain on your shirt.

Allowing your eyes to travel upwards, you quickly came to realize that the blood was running down his arm.

“You’re bleeding!” you found yourself calling out, the shock from your discovery audible in your voice.

Seung Hyun turned to look at you, surprise visible on his face because of your sudden and high-pitched shriek from your shocking discovery. Once what you’d actually said had registered in his head, he glanced down at his arms – studying the blood that was running down it for a few short moments. Then, unexpectedly, you saw how he shrugged ever so slightly as a small smirk grew on his face.

“Guess I wasn’t fast enough”, he said, the tone of his voice way too casual considering what was going on.

His smirk soon enough faltered, though, as an annoyed sigh escaped his lips. A moment later, he took out his wallet and soon enough pulled a small number of bills out of it, handing them to the older Seung Hyun – who’d reached his hand back and accepted the money as soon as they were in his hand.

“Told you you’re too slow, idiot”, the older man casually commented from the front seat and you watched how he started to carefully count the money in his hands, as if to make sure that the younger man had given him the right amount. The cigarette was in his hand as he counted and, as the smell of it filled the car, you found that you soon enough had to start breathing through your mouth. You’d always hated the smell of cigarettes, “you’re too fat from all the shit you shove in your mouth every day”

“Hey!” the younger man called out, almost making you jump in surprise from the sudden exclamation. With that, the two men who shared the same name started to bicker back and forth – quickly starting to resemble small children.

As they went on, you did nothing but stare at them in shock at how casually they seemed to be dismissing the fact that Seung Hyun had been shot. Not just the two bickering men, but Youngbae and Ji Yong as well. Neither of them had seemed to even react at your exclamation that the youngest of them was bleeding. A bullet was the most logical answer to why he was bleeding and, even though it didn’t seem like the bullet had actually pierced his arm, he was still bleeding because he had been shot.

How could this be something that didn’t bother them?!

The bickering continued as the seconds ticked by and, eventually, Ji Yong seemed to have enough of hearing it.

“Shut the fuck up”, he called out, the tone of his voice leaving no room for arguing – the authority in his voice unmistakable.

In an instant, with his harsh command, the car quieted down and the uncomfortable feeling from earlier once again grew in your body. The seconds that now ticked by in silence only managed to make that uncomfortable feeling even worse. Youngbae, instead, soon enough seemed to get tired of the silence and therefore turned the radio on – the car quickly filling with the chorus of one of the new and popular songs that everyone seemed to be listening to at the moment. It was something that made you relax somewhat, thankfully.

It didn’t long after the sound from the radio had filled the car for Ji Yong to suddenly lean in, making you jump ever so slightly, as you turned to look at him in surprise.

“Are you still doing okay?” he murmured, his voice only loud enough for you to hear the words he spoke – the music on the radio preventing the other three people in the car from hearing any of it.

You stared at him for a few moments after he’d spoken, thoughts of who he was stubbornly filling your head once again. You just didn’t seem to be able to get over it at the moment, even if you wanted to be able to ignore it. With the wish to get away from him once again growing within you as well, you bit your lip ever so slightly for a moment as you continued to stare at him in silence. Soon after, you averted your eyes and turned to look at the city presented to you through the windshield in front of you instead – deciding that you actually didn’t want to answer him, since it meant that you had to talk to him… You couldn’t explain why you were acting like this, but his true identity was definitely at the core of it all.

You heard Ji Yong take a deep breath a few moments later and, out of the corner of your eye, you saw how he leaned his head back against the headrest. Even though you weren’t looking at him and couldn’t tell for sure, you still felt convinced that there most likely was a frustrated expression on his face. His eyes were most likely closed as well, since that’s usually what he did whenever he was angry.

Just because it felt like everything he’d told you for the past eight months was a lie, it didn’t mean that you hadn’t been able to observe things like that about him.

The only thing that could be heard for the rest of the car ride was the radio playing on a low volume. No one said a thing, mostly because of the obvious anger coming from Ji Yong – which was making the atmosphere in the car both tense and uncomfortable.

one in one hundred

one in one hundred,

i think as i look at every right middle finger

trying to find another person like me.

spotted! a young person, maybe twenty

sits alone, eating their sandwich,

displaying their pride with every bite.

this is my first time glimpsing a ring

on someone i have, and never will, meet.

they do not see me, 

for while i am almost invisible when i wear my ring, 

i am completely unnoticeable without it.

while i am with my completely aphobic family,

i can do nothing to let them know

that they are not alone. 

less than fifty feet away, 

is a fellow dragon.

Imagine Distracting Duff While He’s Playing With the Band

You were currently in the studio accompanying your boyfriend, Duff, and his bandmates. They had all managed to completely trash the place; bottles of liquor and cigarette butts were aimlessly thrown around the dimly lit room. The band had been recording songs for their first album, and had spent most if not all of their time making sure everything was perfect.

It was around 8 pm, and the guys were fooling around on their instruments, playing whatever nonsense came to mind. Slash and Steven were sprawled out against the couch, Izzy was seated on an old chair not too far from them, and Axl was pacing around the room. Across from them sat Duff, who was holding both you and his bass on his lap. You sat on his left leg while your legs stretched across his lap, with your arms enclosed around his neck. He rested his bass on his knees, and had no trouble wrapping his long arms around you in order to be able to play the instrument. You buried your head in the side of his neck, his long blonde hair tickling the side of your face. You could hear him begin to play an unfamiliar tune, and you wondered if he were in the midst of some creative trance. He suddenly stopped when Slash sat up and said,

“What uh, what was that you just played? Play it again.”

Duff reached down for the glass he had placed on the floor, took a quick drink, and began to play the riff again. After familiarizing himself with it, Slash joined in, and shortly after Izzy and Steven played along. Axl looked over and watched briefly, trying to formulate any lyrics he thought went with whatever they were playing. He walked over, softly humming in the process, and sat on the couch between Slash and Steven. They stopped playing until Steven spoke up,

“That sounded pretty cool,” he beamed, a huge smile stretching across his face, “do we have enough room for another song?”

“I don’t see why not,” Axl replied, adjusting the bandanna around his head.

The room was silent, and all of the guys were lost in thought. Steven beat his sticks on the table in front of him, but was suddenly interrupted by Axl, who had placed his hands on his sticks to stop him from making any noise.

Steven scrunched his eyebrows into a disappointed expression and whined,

“Aw come on man, what gives?”

Axl lifted Steven’s arms to take the notebook that was underneath where Steven had been beating his sticks. Finding a pen on the floor, Axl began to write. Steven looked over at Axl, and when he thought he was in the clear he hesitantly resumed his playing.

“Let’s start again,” Duff suggested.

The guys agreed and resumed playing. As much as you loved the guys’ music, you had become a bit bored of just sitting on Duff’s lap. You didn’t want to move because he was playing along, and if you were to get up he’d have to reposition his bass and stop in the middle of the song. A thought suddenly crossed your mind, and you decided to act upon it seeing as there really wasn’t much else to do.

You planted a quick kiss on Duff’s neck, causing him to squirm, which resulted in you slightly smirking against his skin. You kissed him again, and you could feel him tense from the contact of your lips on his neck. You continued to leave kisses along his neck, disrupting Duff’s steady breathing and leaving him trying to regain his concentration. From afar it looked like your head was just buried in his neck, and it was almost completely unnoticeable that you were teasing your boyfriend. Your kisses tickled his neck, and every so often he would struggle in trying to stop himself from chuckling. Axl looked up from his notebook, and questioned why Duff was laughing. He had such a stupid smile on his face that it almost pissed Axl off. Duff looked over at him and immediately stopped grinning when he saw the scowl on Axl’s face. He must’ve thought that Duff wasn’t taking the song seriously. Still, you continued to kiss Duff’s neck; this time reaching all the way up to kiss his jawline. He was trying to compose himself the best he could, knowing that at any moment Axl could go off on him. When he saw that Axl had finally taken his eyes off the two of you, Duff tilted his head down and with a smile he mouthed,


The expression on his face told you that he didn’t really want you to stop. Your head resting on his shoulder, you gave Duff a smile and copied him, mouthing,


He looked away from you, and reverted his attention to his bass, still trying to fight back his smile. The song seemed to play on forever. You knew how important the album was to the band, but you and Duff barely had any time to yourselves since they started recording. Maybe you were being a bit selfish, but he didn’t seem to mind you teasing him.

At last, the song finally ended. Duff put his bass aside and was now free to put his arms around your waist. You leaned up and kissed his lips, looking into his eyes you smiled,

“I love you.”

Duff leaned down to peck your lips and when he pulled away he laughed,

“Yeah? My neck seems to have gotten the message crystal clear.”

You gasped at his response and right when you were about to say something he cut you off by kissing you. After he pulled away he kissed your forehead, and smirked saying,

“I love you too, y'know.”

You didn’t need to spend every second with Duff to know that you loved him and he loved you. Moments like these took you back to when you had just started dating, and you felt happy acknowledging the fact that there hasn’t been a dull moment since.

Wishing to ruin the moment, Steven yelled from across the room,

“Agh, gross!”

You and Duff laughed at Steven and kissed again, both losing yourselves in the kiss, making Steven’s uncomfortable outbursts seem inaudible.

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There was a tension in the atmosphere that while seemingly was unnoticeable, wasn't completely missed by the blue haired woman. Everything just seemed very.. off. Nothing was outwardly wrong, but she wondered how that would change.. if indeed it did. ((I tried Xc))

The one change was that she was no longer alone. She’d been approached by a man, although there had been no footsteps up until this point, and despite the fact that he seemed rather unassuming, it was hard to shake the feeling that the tension in the air was somehow connected to him.

“Good evening,” he greeted, “I don’t believe we’ve met…”

It started just so Jim could piss Bones off. 

Bones had explicitly stated that he would NEVER, EVER, get married again. He’d go on a space walk before he got married (Jim didn’t point out that he did have to go on a spacewalk when Jim got impaled and was likely to bleed out but Bones saved him and…yeah). So Bones said no marriage. 

But one day, they go to their favorite restaurant–favorite because no one makes a fuss about them coming in and the owner, Bobby, gives them the corner table which is quiet and private–when Jim sees it. 

Bobby brings over champagne to a couple that just got engaged. And thank Christ Bones was in the bathroom for the whole sputtering affair because Jim’s second hand embarrassment for the guy is painful. But the way Bobby flutters around and makes a huge fucking deal of it makes Jim think that, hey, he could totally do this. 

Bones comes back from the bathroom and digs back into his steak, the only time he ever orders red meat. 

Jim grins. Bones would call it his shit-stirring grin. 

Bones places his fork and knife down gently. “I’m not going to like this, am I?”

“Not one bit.”

He gets down on one knee. He fake cries, kissing Bones’ palm where he asks if Bones would make him the happiest man in the world by saying yes. 

He doesn’t know what’s more worth it, Bobby’s tears of happiness, Bones’ beet red face, or the free meal and champagne they get out of the deal. 

Bones doesn’t go out to dinner with him for a month after that. And then there’s space and everyone on the Enterprise thinks they’re married anyway. But every shore leave they get, when Jim’s sure getting engaged doesn’t require impaling yourself or something, Jim proposes. He has the best meals because of it and doesn’t feel all that bad at all. 

And Bones calls him an infant and kisses his temple, hiding his grin. 

Jim can live with not getting married. The proposals are just the fun part. 

The shit hits the fan when a photographer takes a picture of the encounter. And Bones and Jim’s comms blow up. Call and text after call and text that neither can keep up. 

“We’re fucked, we’re fucking fucked.” Jim grabs Bones by the shoulders and shake him. 

“You dumbs, I’ve got my Mama on the line asking when we’re having grand babies." 

"So screwed…so so screwed.”

And so they lay low for a while. They avoid paparazzi (how the hell do they even get past security anyway?) as best they can and don’t go out to dinner. Jim misses the free desserts and champagne but doesn’t mention it to Bones. 

It isn’t until their shore leave on Earth, when Bones has gone to Georgia to visit Jo and Jim is holing up in his apartment to sleep for three months when he gets a knock on his door. 

“Whassit?” He asks, not caring that he’s in his boxers or has no shirt on. He doesn’t even care that a Pap could be at the door. He opens it. 

Bones, shore leave scruff and faded blue jeans, pushes past him. “Get dressed. We’re going to dinner.”

Jim rubs the sleep out of his eyes and yawns. “Can’t.”

“Don’t be an infant. Just get ready.”

“Thought you were in Georgia with Jo.”

“Well apparently I was outnumbered on this.”

“About what?” Jim asks and heads to the bedroom for pants. 

“About things. Just hurry up, will you? We have reservations.”

Jim doesn’t comment on the idea of reservations or the fact that they go to Bobby’s (Jim’s pretty sure Bobby revoked their privileges when he found out they weren’t actually engaged). 

They sit at the middle table this time and Jim tries not to stare too hard at the people all around them—completely unnoticeable. He doesn’t recognize any of Bobby’s regulars, he can’t even see their faces with all of them with either their noses in menus or generally avoiding Jim’s gaze. 

“Did Bobby start catering to Section 31 agents?” Jim mutters. 

“I don’t know. You ready to order?”

Jim gets what he always gets–chicken and dumplings, yellow turnips, mac and cheese and extra biscuits. Bones orders the steak. 

“You didn’t have to come all the way from Bobby’s for steak, you know.” Jim points out. 

“I kind of did.” Bones says and before Jim knows it, his best friend, boyfriend, fake fiancé is down on one knee. 

“What are you doing?” Jim whispers. “Bobby will kill us again. No free pie for you.”

“Jim.” Bones says. 

“Bones.” Jim replies. 

“You know I’m not…hell, I’m not good at this. But, I’ve been thinking a lot about it and I was stupid. And I don’t want to spend the rest of my life not married to you. So…darlin’, will you marry me?” Bones pulls out a small box, a metal one that looks like the type they carry around small but valuable parts on the ship. Inside is a ring. A shiny platinum ring. 

Jim’s mouth does not drop open, no his Mom taught him better than that. But he does sit back and grin. “Damn, that was good.” He peers down at the ring. “Did Scotty make that for you?" 

Bones raises his eyebrows. "Is that a yes than?”

Jim laughs. “I never really thought about the ring before. I mean, that’s a nice touch. But seriously, man, I don’t think Bobby-”

A menu flips down. “Just say yes, already!” It’s Uhura. 

A little girl with brown braids pops up. “He worked really hard on this Uncle Jim.”

“Lord almighty I didn’t realize I raised an idiot.” Winona Kirk appears behind the kitchen door. 

More and more of their friends and family appear behind menus, turn around from their tables, walk out from the bathroom hallway. 

Jim looks at them. Looks at the ring. Looks at Bones face, lips quirked in a smile, soft brown eyes challenging him. 

He grabs the other man by the neck and pulls him up, saying what he has to in a way that leaves them both breathless. 

Bobby brings them out champagne. Jim gets free dessert, a ring and an actual fiancé. 

Virgo’s Dark Shadow

Source: “Astrology for Lovers” by Liz Green

With a sign as obsessive as Virgo, you might expect a fairly twitchy shadow. How right you are. Virgo’s shadow side is complex, like his ordinary consciousness. One main face of it we might call the ‘I know it all’ syndrome.  It goes something like this:  

WIFE: (to Virgo husband) I’ve just discovered something really interesting. It was in my oil painting class. If you dilute oil paints with turps and float them on water and then dip paper…
VIRGO: Yes, I know all about that. I learned to do it years ago. But you have to make sure you don’t use too much turps, or it gets too runny. Next time let me help you with it.  
WIFE: But my paintings come out really well. (Feeling slightly deflated because it would be really nice, once in a while, to surprise him with something he didn’t already know.)  
VIRGO: I’m sure they did. It’s just that I might be able to help you to mix the colours better. It’s not easy.  
WIFE: Oh, and I read in the paper today….
VIRGO: I know. About the new budget cuts.  
WIFE: Yes, I really think that if the government expects to help the economy, they ought to…
VIRGO: Before you criticize the bill, you should really learn more about it. I studied political and economic philosophy for years. I’m convinced it’s the best thing they could possibly do.  
WIFE: But…
VIRGO: Never mind.  I know I’m right.  

Sounds fairly innocent on the surface. Just an ordinary know-it-all. But the destructive side of Virgo’s shadow takes a long time to bear its fruits. Try this on somebody over a period of a few years and you never allow them ever to learn anything, find out anything, think anything, that they can give you. You’ve taken it all already. You know it beforehand. It’s one of the most insidious and deadly ways of crushing another person’s creativity that could happen. And it’s one of the darker edges of Virgo. The Virgo shadow slowly and in tiny, unnoticeable steps, completely erodes another individual’s trust in their own self, mistakes or not. The Virgo shadow, as one of its compulsions, has a positively horrific fear of being mistaken or wrong. There is something about having something not quite known, labeled, classified, that is intolerable. But life is full of mistakes, and so are people, and so, probably, is God. The Virgo shadow, in its own way, kills life, because it tries to remove life’s unpredictability and unevenness.  

Another similar face of this shadow is the I-told-you-so syndrome. No great detail is needed to describe it, since we’ve all met it, in somebody else or in ourselves. It makes you feel like killing. That smug, faintly satisfied look that Virgo can sometimes get - when he warned you about something and you blundered and he knew all along that you would - makes you want to fill the bathtub with piranhas. It’s another way of never permitting anything to happen which is unexpected, messy, incomplete. It’s Virgo’s way of saying, 'But I never would have blundered like that.  I know better.’  

You get the picture.  What is this shadow about?  Well, for one thing, it stems from Virgo’s fear of the unknown. 

PB & Jimin

The air felt fresher than usual, maybe because you’re outlook on life had somewhat changed the passed few weeks, or maybe you were just building a pollution immunity. Either way, it was nice. Your fluffy golden retriever, Jiffy—typically known for harnessing more energy than a preschool high on pixie sticks—was surprisingly calm by your side. You walked through the dirt paved path in the local dog park known for its bone shaped benches and dog treat vending machines. This was the first time you had been here since the break-up, the first time in a while you didn’t feel hurt. Like you felt earlier, air was cleaner and less heavy in your lungs. It was his absence that once hurt, now made everything okay.

You might’ve dwelled on the cleanliness longer, had Jiffy not suddenly lost all his cool, whining and tugging on the leash that was luckily wrapped around your wrist. You followed his longing gaze, finding what might be the cutest dog you’ve ever laid your eyes upon. You, an avid dog lover and breed memorizer, had absolutely no clue what it was so, fighting your introversion, you ran over. Apart from a small glance at the owner, who seemed around your age, maybe a bit older, and had nice hair, your sole focus was the cutest animal on Earth.

“Hi angel!” You smiled widely, letting the shy pup familiarize himself with you.

“Say hi!” Emanated a smooth, melodic voice from above you. The dog looked up, as if asking for permission, before licking your face and placing it’s paw on your knee. Jiffy went wild, butt-sniffing and ear-licking to his heart’s content.

“Oh my god, what kind of dog is this?” You questioned desperately. The sweetheart pawed at your leg, panting in elation.

“Uh, I’m not quite sure actually. I got her from a no-kill pound a few years ago. They said she’s a mutt, but I prefer ‘mix’ it sounds sweeter.” The melodious voice was followed by a melodious chuckle and a melodious stopping of your once-beating heart. The face of the precious animal’s owner had previously not called your attention, but now you were scared to look at it. What if he looked as angelic as he sounded? Or worse… What if he was cuter than his dog? You tried to stall longer. 

“Aw! That’s so sweet. Mixes are the best, bet you’ve got a cool story, huh, buddy?” You diverted your attention to the dog, not making eye contact with the boy who you noticed was now fidgeting uncomfortably. 

“I wish I knew.” He said softly. “I got her when she was two, and judging by how she was then, she had a pretty traumatizing upbringing.” You winced softly. Giving the pup a little extra love before facing your biggest fear of the moment.  

You turned to the boy.

A part of you melted. A part of you screamed like a child. A part of you even shot your hand up to clutch your chest because, God damn, he was beautiful.  

“You okay?” He took a quick look at your aneurism mannerism, and asked worriedly.

“Oh,” you hand quickly returned to your side. “I’m asthma.” You said. “I mean, I have asthma. I’m not asthma in its entirety.”

“Well hi, not asthma in its entirety. I’m Jimin.” The boy’s hand extended towards yours, a moment in which a few seconds later you realized the common thing to do is take it, and shake it. 

“Hi!” You told him your real name, which he said was 'beautiful’ and you could almost hear your heart weeping.

“Not as beautiful as you—” you quickly cleared your throat, realizing, oh no, the words in my head are coming out of my mouth, “—your dog." 

Jimin smiled, and you noticed that his teeth—which appeared completely perfect—were almost unnoticeably crooked, and he had a genuine smile that traveled all the way to his eyes.  

"So, do you come here often?” And he said this in a way that didn’t sound like it was the most overused pick up line on the face of the 21st century Earth.

“Actually,” you shifted awkwardly, wondering if maybe you should go in to the details or not. “I haven’t come here in a few weeks, since I broke up with my boyfriend. We used to bring him here,” you pointed to Jiffy who looked up at you with the dog equivalent to a smile, “and it just became kind of a depressing place for me afterwards. I’m okay now though, it feels different today.” You smiled now, seeing his expression follow your brief recount through pity, sorrow, and happiness. 

“Well, that makes me happy. I hope Smuckers and I could have contributed to that.” You were flattered for some reason, but then shocked for a complete other.

“Wait, Smuckers?”


"Like… the jelly?”

“Yes, is that stupid?” Jimin asked. His hand flew to the back of his neck nervously. 

“No!” You laughed. “No, my dog’s name is Jiffy! Like the—”

“Peanut butter.” You finished together, followed by laughing together. His eyes caught yours then, for more than a few seconds, and you noticed how inviting his features were. His smile was so real, his eyes so warm, and his lips were so kiss—

“You know, if your dog really is the peanut butter to my dog’s jelly, this shouldn’t be the last time they meet.” Your heart now sped at what you felt coming on. You saw his lips twinge into a smirk as he shrugged lightly. “We should set them up on a date. They seem pretty fond of each other, don’t you think?" 

"I think so,” You gulped, and with newfound confidence added, “The owners are pretty fond of each other too.” You watched as his expression changed from cocky to bashful and he looked down with a crinkled smile.

“So maybe the owners should have their own date.”

— Admin Ari (나는 개를 사랑해!)

Help From the Boys

Help From the Boys

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Prompt: Casitel finally decides to do something about the lingering feelings between you and him, but unsure about what exactly to do, he enlists the help of Sam and Dean, for better or for worse.

Word Count- 2,580

Warnings: None


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anonymous asked:

Could you try Kenma attempting to get Kuroo to buy him the new expensive video game?

I did a bit of a twist on it, i hope that’s ok also it sounded better in my head ;; i hope u still like it cries

“Hm? Kenma, what’s up? You look excited.”

“Mm.” Kenma’s mumble would have to serve as a sufficient greeting–he was too busy staring in the window of the small store. Kuroo grinned and followed his gaze.

“The new installment of that game you like, huh?” Kuroo [glanced] over the flashy promotion signs, and simultaneously winced at the price. Kenma only nodded as he continued to scan the posters. Kuroo smiled to himself and ruffled Kenma’s hair.

“Store’s closed, Kenma. They usually are when we’re done with practice, remember?”

“I know.” He blew a few blond strands away from his face, somewhat indignant, and finally returned his attention to his phone. Kuroo shrugged, and followed Kenma towards home, but not without a glance back at the ads.

“Good afternoon.”

“Kenma-san, ‘afternoon!”
“Ohh, Kenma!”

“Eh… Where’s Kuroo?”

“Hmm, Kenma, he didn’t tell you? He’s out taking care of something, didn’t say what, but he’ll be back for practice in a few minutes.”


“Kenma, what’re you staring at me like that for?”

“I’m not.” Kenma mumbled, his furrowed brow betraying him as his gaze flashed back to his console screen.

“You were.” Kuroo teased, but didn’t smile much. “What’s up?”


“Oi, are you that mad I was a little late to practice? Didn’t know you would miss me that much~”

“Kuroo… You’re okay, right?!” Kenma blurted out, and it was only now that Kuroo realized Kenma was shaking.

“Hey…” Kuroo grasped his trembling shoulders, and pulled him into a tight embrace. “I’m all right, it’s all right…”

Kenma shook his head against Kuroo’s jersey, mumbled something, and clung onto the soft fabric.

…just thought too much again…

Kuroo’s hold loosened, and he rested his chin atop Kenma’s head.

“So surprises are still no good, huh.”

Kenma raised his head a little at that. “What are you talking about?”

Kuroo only grinned and nodded towards Kenma’s school bag.

“Front pocket.”

Kenma studied Kuroo suspiciously before reaching into his bag. His eyes widened as he realized what was now between his fingers.


“You can open it on the train, we gotta get home and you don’t want to drop it on the tracks, do you?” He grabbed Kenma’s wrist and guided the two of them to empty seats as Kenma’s eyes continued to light up.

“Thank you, Kuroo.”

Minutes later, the city was whipping past the subway windows, snow falling off the roof, almost completely unnoticeable in the remnants of the day’s sunlight. Neither Kuroo nor Kenma were paying attention, however. Kenma’s eyes were fixated on the first cutscene of the new game as he leaned against Kuroo’s shoulder, the latter’s arm around him and lips on his forehead.

Quick thoughts on Cheese’s behind the scenes drama

If you haven’t heard yet (unlikely) there has been a lot of news surrounding Cheese in the Trap’s behind the scenes problems. Mostly concerning PHJ (Jung’s actor) having his scenes cut and scenes that had previously shot with his character being reshoot with In Ho instead.

The actor has come out and done an interview where he expressed his confusion over all of this, lamenting that the character he studied (he says he read the webtoon multiples times) has not been able given enough screen time to be explored to his full potential.

I think there’s a large group of viewers that agree with him on that.

But it doesn’t end there either. The author of webtoon has expressed that she asked for the ending of the drama to be different from the ending she has planned for her webtoon. It’s not clear how much different does she want it to be or when did she make this request (when they first met? After the drama started to air? It’s unclear), what it is clear is that the production team did not talk to her very much during the whole process.

Dramabeans has a recap and PHJ interview on their website, but the Cheese in the Trap topic on soompi forums has more information, including a similar but earlier and different statement from Soonki (the webtoon’s author), where she express that she has little to do with the kdrama, that it should be its own thing separated from the webtoon, that she hasn’t seen the scripts past episode 6, and asked the ending to be different for the sake of spoilers.

About all of this, the CITT team has told that their ending will be different from the webtoon, and that’s about it. The director refuses to answer any questions about it on the record and told people to ask her bosses about it instead.

Now. How much of this is relevant to the experience of watching CITT? Very little. If In Ho’s actor is benefiting from the screen time, if they cut scenes to fill PHJ’s behind the scenes DVD, if the author of the webtoon has no idea how to handle this adaptation and now wants to wash her hands off it, if the director of the webtoon decided to favor someone or decided to heed the desires of the author (unlikely as it is this theory, in my personal opinion), the show should be judged by what it gives us.

The problem is that what it’s giving us is bad. Matter of opinion? Okay, sure, if you enjoy the actor or the character who most benefited from this disaster or if you don’t like Jung as a character, I’m sure you would think the show isn’t bad. But, I’m talking about the context of the whole piece, the whole show. The plot just feels lost now.

CITT feels lost, broken. We made posts about it before the controversy and just because the blame game has started does not mean we need to feel bad about for the parties involved and sweep the problems under the rug. The drama lost its spark. We all saw it before any party involved said anything. Even more, they had to say something because it was so clear to everyone’s eyes what was happening.

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