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Goosebumps (Archie Andrews)

Archie Andrews X Reader based on Goosebumps by Travis Scott

Warnings: oral sex, violence, swearing, very smutty towards the end, mention of death and drugs

A/N: This is my first ever Riverdale imagine and my first smut so please let me know how I did.

Archie Andrews was sitting with his friends in their regular booth on a Friday night at Pops. The diner was filled with laughter from the group of teenagers enjoying their food. The pink and blue lights casted a charming glow upon their beaming faces. Kevin, Betty, Veronica, and Jughead sat with him grinning above their burgers and milkshakes. They exchanged stories while Archie happily ate his burger. Pops was standing behind the counter wiping out glasses and chatting with a man sipping his coffee in front of him. There was one one other occupied booth in the diner. The atmosphere was light and joyful with laughter ringing through the facility.

Archie sighed in content as he finished his food. He began sipping on his chocolate milkshake while listening to Kevin talk about his boyfriend.

“You know what guys, I think he’s the one.” He exhaled with a look of pure magic on is face. Betty and Veronica cooed at him while Jughead playfully rolled his eyes. Archie’s eyes fell upon Jughead but after seeing his arm wrapped around Betty he trained his eyes back on his milkshake. A pang of sorrow bolted through his heart. He loved Betty and it hurt him to move on.

“Kevin, you deserve to find someone that makes you truly happy. I’m glad that you and Joaquin are together.” Veronica cheered placing her hand on top of Kevin’s. He grinned in return and replied with a thank you.

A jingle of the bell above the door caused everyone to look. Archie sucked in a breath when the most stunning girl he’s ever seen in his life walked through the door. She was y/s/c skinned with y/h/c hair that perfectly cascaded around her. Her y/e/c eyes scanned the diner before meeting Pops with a smile. She wore a deep red v neck paired with black ripped jeans and white tennis shoes. Her jawline was sharp, it made her look like a goddess. Archie felt goosebumps arise on his arms. Their table grew silent as everyone eyed the gorgeous girl before them.

I get those goosebumps every time

“Hello, I called in an order for y/l/n.” When she spoke Archie felt his head swirl. Her voice was like honey with a hint of fire. Her silver hoop earrings shone under the diner lights as she took a seat at the counter and waited patiently for her food.

“Just one moment.” Pops replied bustling off to the kitchen.

“Archie!” Veronica grunted as she slapped his arm hard. Archie snapped back to reality and looked at her.

“What?” He said rubbing his arm.

“You totally zoned out dude.” Jughead said with a roll of his eyes.

“Yeah, you’ve been staring at that girl for several minutes.” Betty chimed in.

“Well to be fair, just look at her. She’s totally crushing that look. I’m loving those shoes.” Kevin said while looking longingly at y/n’s pristine white sneakers.

“Aww does whittle Archikins have a crush?” Veronica teased. Archie rolled his eyes at her and sipped at his milkshake. Across from him, Kevin slid out of the booth.

“I’m going to go talk to her.” He called over his shoulder.

The group of friends watched intently as Kevin walked up to the mystery girl and struck up a conversation. Her head snapped up when Kevin tapped her on the shoulder. She turned her body to him, her lips moved but neither Archie or his friends had caught what she said. Kevin and the girl shook hands before talking back and forth. Archie bit his lips and watched as she laughed at something Kevin said. He pointed to her shoes and gestured at her body. This earned a blush from the beautiful girl as she mouthed a ‘Thank you.’ at Kevin.

Betty, Veronica and Jughead started talking amongst themselves but Archie couldn’t pull his eyes away from the girl. He watched as Kevin handed the girl his phone and she typed something in before handing hers to Kevin. The pair were interrupted when Pops came back with three bags of food. The girl stood up and shook hands again with Kevin before handing Pops a fifty dollar bill and walking through the door. Kevin came back to the table with a huge grin on his face.

“So, whose our mystery girl?” Veronica asked while popping a fry into her mouth.

“Her name is Y/N Y/L/N and she just moved here yesterday from Chicago. We were just talking about town when she told me that she’ll be starting at Riverdale on Monday. I offered to show her around and she gave me her phone number.” Kevin beamed as he took his seat across from Archie.

“She looked pretty.” Betty said nonchalantly.

“Yeah, she was like a solid 10.” Veronica added.

The conversation for the rest of the night was all about Archie’s upcoming football game. Betty and Jughead left first after their third milkshake, Kevin offered Veronica a ride home soon after. Archie paid for his meal and waved goodbye to Pops. The cold nights air whipped his face as he stepped into his dads truck. As he started up the engine all Archie could think about was y/n and the air of mystery she left behind.


The next Monday morning Archie found himself in the student lounge room with Veronica, Betty, and Jughead. The four of them talked amongst themselves until Kevin came in speaking loudly. Archie felt the goosebumps rise on his arms when y/n walked in besides him.

I get those goosebumps every time, yeah, you come around,

“And this is the student lounge room where I come in the mornings. Here you can stay between free periods after or before school. There are bathrooms just around the corner and plenty of vending machines in the back of the room. ”

“Okay, that completes the tour of Riverdale High if you have any questions feel free to ask me.”
He smiled at y/n and the pair walked over to where Archie was sitting. All four pairs of eyes snapped up to the new girl.

“Y/N these are my friends. This is Betty, Archie, Veronica, and Jughead. They were with me that night at the dinner.” Kevin pointed to each of them as he introduced their names. Y/N waved to each of them. She was dressed in a white nirvana shirt with light ripped jeans, the leather jacket she wore fit her body perfectly. She wore the same white shoes from that Friday in the diner, her hoop earrings dangled from her ears as she surveyed the group in front of her.

“It’s nice to meet you y/n, please sit.” Betty said politely. Y/n sat next to Archie. Her scent of fire, leather, and vanilla intoxicatingly swarmed Archie’s mind.

You ease my mind, you make everything feel fine

He was left speechless as the girl next to him engaged with his friends. Her presence eased Archie’s nerves he felt like the weight of the world was lifted off of his shoulders. Her aroma filled his senses, carrying out all of the bad thoughts. Archie Andrews felt drunk on her scent.

Up close he could see the bridge of freckles that graced her clear y/s/c skin. Her hair cascaded around her shoulder and Archie fought the urge to reach over and touch it.

“So, tell us about yourself.” Veronica beamed as she sipped on her latte. Y/n cleared her throat.

“Well, my full name is y/f/n, I was born and raised on the south side of Chicago. I moved here last week by myself. I’m a writer, looking for my next story.
Umm what else? Oh I’m an athlete. I play basketball and for a while I played on my schools football team.
I’m pretty introverted so I don’t really know what else to say….” she trailed off and scratched her neck.

“You’re a writer?” Jughead questioned.

“Yes, I haven’t published anything yet but I’m almost done with my third novel. Do you write?” She countered with a genuine look of interest.

“Yeah. I’m working on my first story now. Hey, you should join the Blue and Gold we could always use another point of view.” Jughead offered. Y/n smiled happily at him.

“Definitely. It’d really help me with my writers block, thank you…?” Y/n trailed off looking at Jughead.
He stuck out his hand for her to shake.

“Jughead Jones, it’s nice to find another writer.” He smirked.

“Likewise Jughead.” She nodded. Kevin smiled at all of his friends getting along with y/n.

Worry about those condoms, and way too numb, yeah
It’s way too drum, yeah

“You really played football?” Archie piped up in disbelief. Y/n shot him a glare that turned his body to ice. His mind tensed as he met those stunning orbs of y/n’s and he felt his jeans tighten. The fire in her voice and the ice in her glare turned Archie on. He swallowed hard under her gaze and shifted in his seat. Everything was so numb and boring before y/n came along. He felt alive sitting next to her; like he had just went skydiving. Adrenaline pumped through his body when she clenched her jaw staring deep into his soul. A chill ran down his spine when the room fell completely silent.

“Yes, as a matter of fact I made varsity. Why? Because I’m a girl you think I can’t play.” Y/n snapped. Kevin’s smile slipped off of his face as he shot worried glances between Betty and Veronica.

“No not at all! I was just going to ask what position.” Archie surrendered. Y/n face fell neutral again as she nodded.

“Sorry.” She murmured. “I was the starting quarterback.” She added while bouncing her leg.

“Wow. I’m really impressed. Do you still play?” Archie asked. His eyes traveled up and down her body he felt the butterflies in his stomach turn to flames at her feisty attitude, it was really hot in his opinion.

“Yeah, in my spare time I practice.” She grinned up at the auburn haired boy and felt her chest flutter when he met her eyes.

“Well, there aren’t any spots on the football team but the River Vixens are hosting cheerleading tryouts this week, you should come y/n.” Betty said hopefully. Y/n flicked her eyes to Betty.

“No offense but I’m not exactly the cheerleader type, Betty.”

“Oh come on girl! Just give it a try.” Veronica chimed in. Her lips casted down in a playful pout. Y/n looked back and forth between the raven haired girl and the blonde before sighing.

“Okay. I’ll give it a try.” She finally said with an air of defeat. Betty and Veronica cheered.

“Yaay!! You’re going to love it this is so exciting!” Betty exclaimed. Y/n playfully rolled her eyes and turned back to Kevin.

“Well, Kevin your friends are pretty cool. I gotta go talk to the basketball coach. I’ll catch you later?”

“I’ll stop by the gym and walk you to your first class.” Kevin replied.

“It was nice meeting you all.” Y/n called after them. She stood to her feet, slung her backpack over her shoulder and disappeared through the door. Kevin turned back to his friends with a wide grin plastered on his face.

“Well, what do you think?” He asked.

“She’s cool.” Veronica said.

“Yeah, but did you see how angry she got at Archie?” Betty interjected.

“She thought he was challenging her. I liked her, she was…. mysterious.” Jughead added. Betty hit him on the arm.

“Ow! Betty what was that for?” Jughead exclaimed.

“I’m your girlfriend Jug!” She spat.

“Archie what did you think?” Veronica inquired.

“Y/n was…perfect.” He breathed.

Betty and Veronica exchanged knowing glances with Kevin. Archie sat back on the sofa and smiled to himself.

At lunch that afternoon Kevin walked over with Y/N trailing behind him. They sat under their usual shade tree. She wore a smile as she took a seat next to Archie. Archie felt his heartbeat faster when her thigh pressed against his.

“How was your first day?” Jughead asked as soon as she was seated. Betty shot him a glare which he ignored.

“It’s been great so far. I like Riverdale High… there are some good people here.” Y/n responded making eye contact with Kevin. Kevin blushed at the ground, playfully he nudged y/n.

“Thanks girl, you’re a sweetheart.” Kevin gushed. Y/n chuckled and stabbed a strawberry with her fork.

“I don’t know about that Kev…” she grinned again with a gleam of mischief in her sparkling y/e/c eyes. Archie gazed dreamily at her: He could feel himself slowly falling for the new girl.

“Jughead and I are dating and I was just wondering if you had a boyfriend?” Betty said sweetly with jealously dripping from her voice. The table grew silent for a moment. Archie felt the tension grow in the air as Jughead shot Betty a “what the hell?” look. Archie cocked his head at y/n in curiosity nonetheless because he too wanted to know if she was in a relationship. He hoped not.

“No, I do not. Betty, there’s no need to feel jealous, I wasn’t hitting on Jughead.” Y/N replied calmly. Kevin and Veronica laughed at Betty’s retreat as she turned back to her lunch tray with an embarrassed blush on her cheeks. Archie sighed quietly in relief.

I get those goosebumps every time, I need the heimlich
Throw that to the side, yeah

Y/n smiled sweetly at Betty, who in turn looked like she was choking up. Betty’s attitude threw the group off. The atmosphere became tense. Y/n began eating from her fruit bowl as the group began to converse about the meeting at Pops later on that night, desperate to change the subject. Archie had noticed that y/n had something shiny sticking out of her pocket. He couldn’t figure out what it was. He furrowed his brows but decided not to question her. Y/n scooted closer to him and Archie could feel his ears burn red.

“I was just wondering, earlier you said you moved here last week. Do you have any siblings, what is your family like.” Veronica asked. Y/n visibly tensed up. She clenched her fist around the plastic fork she was holding causing it to snap. Everyone jumped slightly at the sudden shift in attitude. Veronica looked down at her tray. Y/n cleared her throat her eyes trained on Veronica. Betty’s eyes grew wide. Jughead shifted uneasily in his seat. Kevin stared at y/n’s face his features also tense. Archie looked to her as well his pulse quickened at the fire in her eyes.

7-1-3 to the 281, yeah I’m riding
Why they on me?

“I live by myself. My father was murdered when I was ten in an armed robbery. My mom overdosed on heroine later that year. My brother was killed in a shooting on the south side… so yeah I’m the only one left.” Y/n spoke quietly with a scary calm edge to her voice.

“I’m sorry, I had no idea y/n.” Veronica said with a sad expression on her face. Everyone’s eyes fell in pity. Archie felt y/n’s leg bouncing anxiously beside his thigh.

“It’s fine. Really, I don’t mind.” Y/n smiled reassuringly. After a moment she left the table.

Oh no, I can’t fuck with y'all
When I’m with my squad I cannot do no wrong
Saucin’ in the city, don’t get misinformed
They gon’ pull up on you (brr, brr, brr)

As y/n walked away from the table to grab another fork she thought back to her gang friends in Chicago. She felt a pang in her chest when she thought about how they would react to her Riverdale friends. Their nosy habits would get them ran up on. She could feel her heart race anytime she was with that red haired boy, Archie Andrews. She wanted to get closer to him but with the way she was starting to get upset she was sure he wouldn’t want anything to do with her. Her reputation as a hothead made her the leader of a violent gang in Chicago, the Reapers. She ruled viciously her attitude causing her to get into several gun fights. Y/n swallowed the lump in her throat and turned back towards the table.

“Wow… they’re all dead?” Jughead’s face darkened.

“Yeah.” Betty whispered. No one touched their lunch, a cloud of gloom settled over the teenagers.

“I feel so bad I didn’t know…” Veronica sighed.

“Look guys..she had a hard life being from the south side. So please, Betty ease off her okay? And Veronica don’t feel bad you didn’t know, none of us did.” Kevin shaded flicking his eyes to Betty before giving Veronica a sympathetic look.

“What? I thought she was hitting on Jughead!” Betty argued defensively.

“Well she wasn’t Betty so back off her, alright?” Jughead said with irritation lacing his voice. Betty frowned at him.

“She really put you in place Betts. Like she shut you down automatically. You have to admit that was funny.” Archie laughed. Everyone including Betty joined in. Y/n returned with another fork shortly after. She had an anxious look on her face.

“Hey Archie I noticed you staring at my pocket earlier and there’s something I have to tell you guys.” She said seriously.
All eyes met hers and y/n sighed heavily before reaching into her pocket and pulling out a shiny, sharp pocket knife. She opened it and set it on the table for all of them to gawk at. It was a murky navy blue with her initials carved into the handle in silver. The blade was around five inches long with a sharp tip.

Betty gasped. Kevin swallowed hard. Jughead eyed y/n suspiciously while Veronica and Archie just watched the knife reflect the sunlight with interest.

“Look, back in Chicago I grew up around a lot of gangs. I was the leader of one called the Reapers and we did some terrible things. I bought myself this knife for protection because I couldn’t carry a gun with me everywhere. It came in handy a few times when I found myself in gang territory and the only way to get out was to fight. I keep it with me wherever I go, but here in a town like Riverdale I don’t see a reason to use it…yet.” She trailed off, gauging their reactions.

“Well uh. That’s fine.” Kevin said shaking himself out of his trance and smiling up at y/n. The others nodded along with him and y/n tucked the knife back in her pocket.

“Life on the south side was rough, that’s why I came here. To get away from it all and to start a new life. You guys are cool and I hope you won’t hold this against me.” Y/n flicked her eyes towards Archie. He bit his lip. The danger lurking within y/n made him sexually frustrated. He wanted nothing more than to take her right now. He felt a cold sweat on the back of his neck. Y/n broke eye contact and looked to each of them.

“Y/n we all have a past. No matter who you are I want to get to know you. I’m sure all of my friends feel the same.” Archie comforted her. He placed his arm over her shoulder. Y/n smiled up at him and scooted closer to him. Archie’s mind exploded with excitement when y/n rested her hand on his thigh. He could feel himself blush a shade of red. Betty giggled from across the lunch table. Kevin nudged her playfully both of them seeing Archie’s blush.

“Of course we won’t hold this over you y/n.” Veronica smiled.

“You’re really interesting y/n, I was starting to think the leather jacket was just a fashion statement.” Kevin said nudging her playfully. They all laughed and began talking.

Suddenly, Cheryl Blossom sashayed over to the table.

“Oh look the sad breakfast club, and a new addition? What’s your name?” Cheryl cheerfully exclaimed. Jughead rolled his eyes at Cheryl.

“I’m y/n y/l/n. A new student here.” Y/n said with a friendly smile.

“Well, y/n you look a little rough around the edges.” Cheryl pointed out her Nirvana shirt. Y/n remained unbothered and crossed her arms over her chest her smile slipped off her face as fast as it had appeared.

“And you look like you have a stick up your ass, what’s your name again?” Y/n quipped. Kevin tried to pass his laugh off as a cough but failed earning a sharp glance from Cheryl.

“I’m Cheryl Blossom. But you probably already heard of me. After all I am a big deal here at Riverdale.” Cheryl flipped her scarlet hair over her shoulder and sat down next to Jughead. He begrudgingly moved his bag for her to sit. Archie and Jughead simultaneously rolled their eyes in annoyance.

“No, I’ve never heard of such a ridiculous name. So you must not be as important as you thought. Anyways, what’s your business here?” Y/n said savagely. She flicked her calm eyes up to the dumbstruck girl sitting across from her. Cheryl recovered quickly and crossed her arms over her chest. Her eyes ignited with fire. The two girls squared up to each other. Y/n cracked her knuckles with a slight smirk on her glossy lips.

“I’m here to remind Betty and Veronica that cheerleading tryouts are later this week. But, you look like you could use the exercise, why don’t you try out?” Cheryl batted her eyelashes in a falsely sweet manner.
Y/n laughed darkly, Archie noticed that her eyes clouded over. He felt the knot in his stomach heat up as he felt her anger radiate off of her. Y/n unfolded her arms and leaned over the table, she was inches away from Cheryl’s face. The two girls stared deeply into each other’s eyes with such an intense fire. Archie swallowed nervously along with his friends who all shot worried looks between each other. Y/n lowered her voice to an intimidating growl her eyes never backed down as she stared into Cheryl’s soul. Y/n clenched her jaw tightly.

“Now, Cheryl Blossom, I don’t know who the hell you think you are, but let me tell you something. Where I’m from preppy bitches like you don’t last long if you butheads with someone like me. I don’t know if people here let you walk all over them with your snarky comments but I’m very different from them. I’ll beat the shit out of you if you ever step up to me again, are we clear? Now take your bitch ass out of my face before I jump over this table.” Y/n sneered with a deathly serious gleam in her eyes. Cheryl’s lips quivered for a second. Her eyes brimmed with tears as she practically ran away from the lunch table. Y/n exhaled slowly and sat down. She began eating the rest of her lunch quietly.

We gon’ do some things, some things you can’t relate
Cause we from a place, a place you cannot stay
You can’t go, I don’t know
Oh, back the fuck up off me (brr, brr, brr)

No one said anything for a few moments. Jughead had an amused smile plastered on his face.

“Y/n that was….” Betty began.

“Awesome!” Archie finished. “No one ever stands up to Cheryl! That was totally badass.” Archie laughed. Y/n shrugged her shoulders and popped a piece of kiwi in her mouth.

“I don’t like being challenged. I’m sorry guys I know that was intense.” She mumbled.

“No worries y/n it was nice for someone to put Cheryl in her place for once.” Jughead said with a smile.

“Yeah she’s a total bitch.” Kevin voiced. Everyone burst into laughter.

“Well we have history next so we better get going if we want seats in the back.” Veronica began as she, Jughead, Kevin, and Betty stood up. “You two have fun.” She shot Archie a wink. He blushed as the four of them walked away.

“Y'know Archie, you’re really handsome.” Y/n revealed casually once it was just Archie and her.

I get those goosebumps every time, yeah, you come around,

Archie felt his cheeks heat up as he turned to face y/n. He thanked god that he was wearing his lettermans jacket to hide the hundreds of goosebumps that lined his muscular arms.

“Really?” He questioned. Y/n faced him and popped a cherry in her mouth. After a few seconds she pulled out the stem with several knots in it. Archie swallowed a lump in his throat and tried to ignore the impure thoughts flooding his mind. Y/n scribbled down something on a piece of notebook paper.

“Yeah, sorry if I’m coming off strong but you’re really hot. Here’s my number, call me sometime.” Y/n placed the piece of paper in Archie’s palm. She stood up from the table, slung her bag over her shoulder and picked up her lunch tray. She looked back at Archie with a raised brow.
“Well, aren’t you coming? History class starts any minute now.” She smiled. Archie grabbed his lunch tray and followed y/n.


One year later


Archie laid his head on y/n’s lap as she ran her fingers through his auburn locks. Kevin, Betty, Veronica, and even Jughead had come over to y/n’s house for dinner and a movie. Y/n ordered a few pizzas and made brownies for dessert. They ate happily then made their way to the large plush sofas in front of y/n’s flatscreen tv. They had all decided on watching Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Archie and y/n had started dating a month after they met, now they were inseparable. It had been a year now but Archie still got goosebumps everytime he made eye contact with his angel. Y/n was perfect for Archie, she’d been there for him through everything with soothing words. She made Archie feel all tingly on the inside, he had fallen in love with her since the day they met. She had fit right into their group. Archie’s friends had gotten to know y/n inside and out and they loved her feisty attitude. She told them all about her rough times in Chicago, they all listened intently to these stories. Nonetheless they had all fallen in love with her for who she was.

Y/n regularly came to Pops and sat next to Archie, his arm around her shoulders her hand resting on his thigh. They weren’t really into PDA but every now and then y/n would kiss Archie at school or pull him by his jacket into a flirty embrace. Y/n helped Jughead figure out his novel, it was on its way for publishing. Betty and y/n had bonded over milkshakes at Pops and now were close, they even had friendship bracelets. Kevin was absolutely obsessed with her from the moment they met, they stayed over each others house all the time, gossiping and laughing hours into the night. Veronica and y/n went shopping and clubbing together on weekends. Life with y/n was spiced up, things were perfect.

The passion Archie and y/n shared with each other was expressed through the best sex Archie had ever had in his entire life. The first time Jughead, Betty, Veronica, Kevin and Archie had all hung out at y/n’s house was the night they found out who killed Jason Blossom. Y/n had invited them over so they could further conspire the video take. The group spent all night eating pizza and discussing the murder. That night after everyone left Archie stayed at her house. That night ended in Archie losing his virginity to y/n.

Archie shivered as he thought about having sex with y/n. The way she rode him made him feel like nothing else in the world mattered. She gave him mind blowing head anytime he was stressed out which he gladly returned. He’d never felt better than when he was with y/n. She took care of him in a way no one ever had before.

The credits of the movie rolled on the screen. Archie nuzzled his head on y/n’s stomach. She ran her fingers through his hair and pressed a kiss to his head.

“Hey if you all want to stay the night I have guest rooms.” Y/n asked the group.

“I am pretty tired. I don’t think it’d be safe to drive. Thanks y/n.” Kevin said gratefully. He clambered to his feet and stretched his arms over his head.

“I’ll stay too. It’s raining pretty hard out there and I don’t feel like getting drenched.” Jughead added from his spot on the couch.

“Me too!” Betty and Veronica said in unison.

“It’s a sleepover then.” Y/n cheered. Archie sat up. He stretched his tired limbs and stood up to turn off the tv and turn on the lights. Y/n led the four of them upstairs to the guest rooms while Archie cleaned up the living room. He carried the spare blankets upstairs and handed one to each of his friends. He bade goodnight to them all before turning back downstairs to find y/n in the kitchen cleaning up.

“Hey babe, I’m gonna get in the shower. I’ll be in your room if you need me.” Archie announced. Y/n nodded at him before putting the pizza boxes back in the fridge. He walked down the hall to y/n’s vanilla scented bedroom. He stepped into her master bathroom a sigh escaped his lips when he leaned against the door. His erection was starting to make it hard to move. He couldn’t stop thinking about y/n’s body on his. Her head thrown back in pleasure as Archie rubbed her sensitive clit, her eyes fluttering shut as he pushed his fingers slowly in and out of her. He snapped out of his thoughts as he shed his clothes and turned on the shower tap.

He breathed in content as he stepped into the shower. The hot water cascaded down his naked body as he washed away all of his stress.

You ease my mind, you make everything feel fine

Archie washed his body with the foaming vanilla soap y/n used. He let the familiar scent fill his head, easing his mind as he thought about how lucky he was to have such an amazing girlfriend. He had just ran shampoo through his hair when he felt the cold air of the bathroom shock his back. He turned around to be faced with the magnificent sight of y/n bare naked. She smiled at Archie and reached for the soap. Archie let her wash her body under the shower head while he stepped behind her and massaged his scalp with the mint scented shampoo.

“Archie I’ve been thinking about you lately.” Y/n said as they switched spots. Archie closed his eyes and rinsed his hair.
“Yeah babe?” He hummed.
“I need you.” She pressed as she lowered herself to her knees. Archie felt her delicate hands grab his member. His cock twitched under her touch. He inhaled sharply, his eyes remained closed.
“Y/n…” he whimpered.
She rubbed his thigh with her left hand and stroked his length with her right hand. Archie’s heart rate picked up.
“Baby, you’re so fucking hard.” She groaned. She took his head into her mouth and Archie’s knees buckled.
He let out a throaty moan when she swirled her tongue over the sensitive part of his tip. His mind exploded with euphoria. Adrenaline coursed through his veins.
“Oh fuck y/n don’t stop.” He whimpered. She went further, her warm mouth deep throated Archie’s entire length. He threw his head back in satisfaction as y/n went faster. He matched her thrust and with each time her tongue touched his tip he let out a loud moan. Fireworks bursted in his vision when he opened his eyes to be met with y/n’s eyes closed shut in pleasure. He could feel the knot in his stomach beginning to unwind. He grabbed her hair in a makeshift ponytail as they both picked up the pace. Y/n fondled his balls gently kneading them between her soft hands causing his head to spin.
“Babe I-I’m gonna c-cum ooh don’t stop….yeah…..right there baby oh fuck!” Archie bit his knuckle to keep from screaming. Y/n hummed around his cock causing him to release his load. Y/n let it fall on her breasts in hot streams of white. Archie leaned his head against the glass door of the shower. He was panting heavily trying not to cry from how good he felt.
Y/n washed herself under the faucet. The steamy air made Archie’s sensitive head twitch. Archie let a few hot tears slip from his face. Y/n had never failed to make him feel beyond satisfied, this time Archie was so overwhelmed with pleasure he couldn’t help but cry a little. Y/n scrubbed her scalp with shampoo and stepped out from under the water. She grabbed her toothbrush and began brushing her teeth when Archie wiped his eyes and conditioned his hair. He wasn’t embarrassed to cry in front of y/n, after all he’d seen every side of her. The couple finished washing up and y/n spit her toothpaste down the shower drain.
“Babe, that was mind blowing.” Archie said as he ran a towel down her body. She dried him in return.
“Archie I need you.” She whispered seductively into his ear. Archie shivered, the familiar goosebumps prodded his skin.

Worry about those condoms, and way too numb, yeah
It’s way too drum, yeah
I get those goosebumps every time, I need the heimlich
Throw that to the side, yeah
I get those goosebumps every time, yeah, when you’re not around
When you throw that to the side, yeah
I get those goosebumps every time

Archie felt his heart flip when he looked into her lust filled eyes. He leaned down and captured her lips in a hungry passion filled kiss. Her lips fell in sync with his seconds later. Their tongues fought for dominance, y/n softly bit Archie’s lip. Her hands tangled in his hair tugging slightly on the ends. He moaned into her mouth and she took it as the opportunity to slip her tongue in a French kiss. Archie’s arms wrapped around her waist. He leaned down further deepening the kiss. Moments later they pulled apart for air.
“Archie I love you.” Y/n said as she leaned her forehead against his. Her minty breath and vanilla skin wafted into Archie’s nostrils. He grinned.
“Y/n I’m in love with you.” He responded with a squeeze to her ass.
They finished getting ready for bed together. Afterwards y/n and Archie climbed into y/n’s king sized. Archie rummaged through his lettermans jacket looking for a condom. His fingers became numb when he turned around saw y/n lying on the bed naked with a candle in her hand. Archie became excited at the sight. Him and y/n had talked about kinks earlier in their relationship and he mentioned that he always wanted to explore hot candle wax play. She grinned at him and curled her finger, waving him over.
“Archie babe, let’s try something tonight.” She moved over to her nightstand and pulled out a pair of handcuffs. She raised an eyebrow at him as if to ask if this was okay.
“Oh babe…we have to be quiet. All of our friends are here.” Archie responded, he opened the condom and slid it over his member. Y/n pouted playfully at him.
“That won’t be a problem for me baby, come on I need you tonight Arch.” She sighed. Archie didn’t hesitate as he climbed on top of the bed.
“Lay down babe.” She instructed. Archie laid on his back, y/n slowly lowered herself onto his cock. Archie threw his head back in pleasure as he felt her wet walls clench around him. A moan escaped his throat as he pressed his head against the plush pillow.
“Oh fuck y/n.” He murmured as she began to ride him. He gripped her hips tightly and matched her speed. He was on the ride of his life as his brain pulsated with ecstasy. He opened his eyes, a bead of sweat dropped down y/n’s forehead as she grinded on his erection. A moan escaped her lips.

I wanna press my line, yeah, I wanna press my
I want a green light, I wanna be like
I want to take that ride yeah
I’m gonna press my line
I wanna green like, I wanna be like, I wanna press my

Archie decided to press his line and switch the roles. He flipped them over and grabbed the handcuffs off of y/n’s nightstand.
“Oh baby boy tie me up…fuck.” She sexily grunted. Archie took each of her wrists and cuffed them together above her head.
Archie kissed his way down her neck, down her stomach, and stopped at her inner thigh. He locked his eyes up to y/n’s. She was staring down at him with a pleading look in her eyes. Archie lowered his head between her thighs. He licked a stripe up her pussy. She bucked her hips slightly as Archie pushed his tongue into her. His lips sucked her sensitive clit. She threw her head back in euphoria.
“Fuck Archie.”
Her moans encouraged him to add two fingers. They slipped into her wetness with ease, causing her to clench her walls. Archie curled his fingers as he pumped in and out of her. His tongue swirled over her clit. He could taste the vanilla on her skin, she tasted of honey between her thighs. Her head lulled in pleasure as Archie took her to her first high.

Mama, dear, spare your feeling
I’m reliving moments, peeling more residual

Archie’s pupils dilated with lust when they switched roles. When she handcuffed him to the bed Archie was reminded of the first time they had sex. They were both high out of their minds and y/n rode him for hours into the night. He came four times that night.

Y/n straddled his waist slowly dropping hot wax down his stomach. Archie curled his toes at the sensation. Y/n rode him into Nirvana, his eyes fluttered into the back of his brain as she bounced expertly on his member. His fists clenched in the cuffs, his hips synced with hers as he climbed higher up into heaven.

I can justify my love for you and touch the sky for God to stop, debating war

Archie felt his cock twitch inside y/n’s wet walls. She closed her eyes and swayed with him as if dancing to a beat. Archie’s mind went blank all he could do was whisper hoarsely
“I love you y/n! I love you! I love you!” He cried into the sheets.
“Archie I love you.” She moaned. Her warmth spread through Archie’s body like an electric shock.
“Oh fuck……please…don’t s-stop baby girl.” He cried in pure ecstasy.

Put the pussy on a pedestal
Put the pussy on a high horse
That pussy to die for
That pussy to die for

Archie’s mind was long gone as he thrusted deeper into y/n she gasped in surprise as Archie’s cock hit her g-spot. He picked up his speed, thrusting in and out of her walls. Her pussy sent Archie to heaven, he felt his eyes squeeze shut when y/n muttered those three words.
“Arch…I-I’m close.” Her sweat gleamed in the light, her lip was pulled between her teeth as she tried to stay quiet. Archie pounded into her causing her heart rate to drum in her ears. She stared down at Archie with lust filled orbs. He looked up at her with the same intensity.

I get those goosebumps every time, yeah, you come around, yeah
You ease my mind, you make everything feel fine

“Let go baby girl. Cum for me.” Archie’s words sent her over the edge. She came around his member, her walls clenched around his cock causing him to lose it.
“Fuck!” He grunted as he spilled into the condom.
She rode them both out of their highs. She uncuffed him after they had climbed down.
Archie pulled off the condom and tossed it in the trash can across the room. Y/n pulled on a lace red bra and matching panties. Archie rummaged through the drawer in y/n’s dresser where he kept his spare clothes. He pulled on a pair of boxers and one of his t shirts. He tossed an extra shirt to y/n because he knew how much she loved to wear his clothes.
She slipped it over her head, the couple crawled into bed together.

Archie pulled y/n into a meaningful kiss that set off a whole new round of fireworks in their brains. His arms wrapped around her waist her fingers tangled in his hair. Archie’s tongue explored her mouth while she chewed on his bottom lip. They pulled apart for air both panting. Fatigue washed over themselves as they cuddled up to each other. Y/n pressed a kiss to his forehead and ran her fingers through his auburn locks until his eyelids fluttered shut. She switched off the lamp and sighed in content. Archie was fast asleep when she rubbed her hand up and down his arm, feeling his goosebumps. She smiled to herself and pulled the blanket over their bodies.

I get those goosebumps every time

Misconceptions of Compliance

To the casual observer the way she knelt, with no bindings would seem to indicate a willingness to participate in her own debasement.

The smooth way that she assumed the different poses, commanded by the auctioneer, would seem to indicate not just a willingness, but even eagerness to participate. 

The total lack of bindings would seem to enforce this image even more, making the entire situation seem less dire and more entertainment.

It wouldn’t be until one looked very, very closely that they would begin to understand the horrifying truth. 

Not unless someone was very observant and noticed the slight sheen of fear sweat that coated her entire body, or caught the briefest glimpse of the empty, resigned look in her eye, would they understand.

It was a look that said, even as she had completely surrendered to her destiny, she still remembered it was undesired.

It was a look that had to be caught and recognized quickly, before her training would reassert itself and the look would vanish.

But that briefest of glances into the shattered soul and will of this compliant sex-slave would lead to the shocking realization that the bindings which held this truly unwilling slave, while invisible, were as powerful as the finest steel and held her just as surely to the will of those who were selling her.

But even that glance, and the realization it brought, while informative, wouldn’t tell the observer the whole story.

No, such an obervation would not tell the observer that six months ago she would have never even considered complying, or cooperating, or in anyway being complicit in her own illegal sale into slavery. 

But that was six months ago.

In that time she had been kidnapped, and brought to this place, far from anyone who knew her or anyone that could help her. 

She had been subjected to the most painful physical abuses imaginable, without causing a single noticeable mark, beyond the piercing of her nipples, a demonstration of her new Owners’ total mastery over her body.

She had been bound and blinded so she could be violated, repeatedly, in her lower holes; raped again and again, and taken with impunity while her best efforts to resist were overcome with casual ease.

She was subjected to horrifying psychological manipulation’s, kept from sleeping for days while being required to repeat, over and over again, the different rules of her new life. Forced to perfectly assume various positions that allowed her body to be used or examined with humiliating ease.

In these trainings, she was punished repeatedly, and severely, for the slightest mistake; the most minimal of imperfections warranting horrific retribution. 

She was trained to understand that nothing less than absolute obedience and perfection was acceptable, and trained to understand that even the slightest indication of unwillingness or hesitation to comply with the will of her Owners would bring a horrifying outcomes worse than death.

All designed with the sole purpose of overcoming her natural instinct for freedom and forcing her to embrace her subjugation.

A subjugation that followed her even in sleep as her training continued and she was taught that there was no freedom to be had, even in Morpheus’ Embrace.

They would come for her at night, ravaging her bound, helpless form and slipping her hallucinagenic drugs to make her nighttime experiences even more horrifying, and debasing.

The result of the repeated punishments for even the slightest infraction, or at the slightest indication of willfulness, or disobedience had resulted in her will to slowly crumbling and culminated in the end goal that made even the consideration of any resistance or escape attempt completely impossible.

To even allow such a thought to cross her mind caused her initially to shudder in crippling fear, then, slowly, her mind was so reconditioned that such a thought was simply and utterly impossible.

She had been broken.

In a short six months the finished results were as inevitable as they were obvious: a completely, pathetically obedient product ready for sale.

A slave with unbreakable bindings upon her will, her spirit, her very soul.

She would be sold to a master who would take full advantage of this training and use her in every way possible, knowing that she was absolutely obedient and submissive to his will. 

After all, thanks to her intensive training, that was what she seemed to craved now…unless one looked closer.

Hold Their Own

“And one two three one two three, give it a little attitude, put yourself into the dance, don’t just do what I tell you to!” Jenna’s voice rang out in the room full of aspiring dancers and people who just wanted to put themselves out there. It warmed her heart that these people paid to come and learn how to dance from her, that they respected her enough. She’d always struggled with the fact that she was here and this was her life, because it all seemed like a dream.

And speaking of dreams, just as she called a break, her very own dream walked through the door and scanned the room until his eyes landed on her face. Immediately, all her stress, worry, and fatigue melted away with one tiny smile from him.

“What are you doing here? I thought you had other things to do!” Jenna embraced her love and gave him a quick peck before moving away, not wanting to cause a scene.

But Val had other ideas. He roped her back to him with one strong arm and used the other to reverently stroke the side of her face.

“I missed you, and I’ll always have time for you. No matter how busy I am. How’s your class going?”

“It’s great! Everyone here is working so hard and I think we’ll have most of the routine down by today. All week they’ve put their heart and soul into it and it’s paying off finally.”

“Do you mind if I stick around and learn the choreo? I’ll pay later,” he said with a wink, knowing that she wouldn’t let him pay her for the class.

“Oh I’m sure I can think of some payment,” she said with a wink. To any other person it would seem suggestive, but Val knew she was insinuating a waffle breakfast and a day with Shai.

The student were starting to head back to the dance floor, shooting looks at them, not wanting to acknowledge the fact that they knew Val, but not being able to help it.

The day passed by in a blur, and with each break came Val learning huge quantities of choreo in the time he was there. He never failed to amaze her, that was for sure.

“Alright class, last pass for the day, then we’ll come back tomorrow to maybe put the finishing touches on it! You have all been amazing, and you have impressed me immensely with your heart, your work ethic, your determination to learn and your willingness to be taught. I’m honored to be able to call myself your teacher, and I hope that I’ve shown you just how much fun dancing really is!”

She was met with an applause and then turned to find Val right beside her, smiling at her like she made the sun shine all by herself. She beamed at him, loving the way he looked at her and feeling a warmth tingle throughout her body as she motioned the sound guy to turn the music on.

The beat reverberated through her being and she lost herself momentarily, surrendering to the movement of her body, before she felt an arm wrap around her neck and a sturdy body moving completely in sync with hers. She focused in on the mirror and was not surprised to see Val improvising heavily in order to dance with her.

She smiled and chuckled and went along with him before spinning away, knowing she had a class looking to her in case they forgot the choreo. But Val was relentless. He kept moving against her, with her, taking her hand and looking into her eyes, into her soul, begging her to dance with him.

With one last glance towards her class, she decided that they could hold their own. Right now, she just wanted to dance with her boyfriend. He wrapped her into himself, and they lost connection with reality. It was just them, staring into the other, dancing and laughing and smiling and loving. The class faded, and that was left was the music and the fluid movement of their bodies together.

Jenna knew that she was nowhere even close to her choreography, but she didn’t find herself caring enough to tear her eyes away from those of the man she loved.

And for the record, the class could hold their own.

ABSTERGO* SasuSaku fic inspired by Chapter 693

It’s been a very long time since I wrote any SasuSaku based on the canon, manga universe. This one shot is inspired by the latest Naruto chapter, 693, in which Sasuke places Sakura under genjutsu to stop her from following him and Naruto and interfering with their battle. Warning – major angst.

Disclaimer: Characters belong to Masashi Kishimoto.


 abs.tergo - Latin - (verb)

1. To banish, expel, dispel

2. Wipe off, clean away, cleanse


She saw her death at his hands.

It happened in a heartbeat. One moment, she had been hopelessly professing her love – so pitifully, so desperately – and the next, he had struck, with all the swiftness and callous brutality of the lightning element he so proficiently commanded. She had merely blinked – and he had been there in an instant, surging forward in graceful, fluid motion towards her.

Her startled brain had only a fraction of a second to register just how close he suddenly was - before indescribable pain exploded behind her eyes, staining her vision to red. It was agonising. Crippling. A level of pain she hadn’t thought it was even physically possible for the human body to endure, much less survive. 

But of course, that was the entire point; she wasn’t meant to survive. Sakura saw her death - but even as his hand stabbed with ruthless force through her chest, spearing through flesh to puncture her heart, rupturing the organ beyond repair and shattering her entire existence to fragmented pieces - all she could see were those haunting, tragic eyes.

Mismatched, unfamiliar – yet still achingly his – holding her captive to her last, raggedly drawn breaths.

She saw the way they lowered after a moment, as if refusing to meet hers – as if incapable. And all she had been able to think about, then, as her lungs had rattled from the blood rapidly pooling into them, were those last, torturous words that echoed almost tauntingly in her ears.

‘You really are… damned annoying.’

Those five words hurtled her mind back four years into the past, flung her into her twelve year old self’s body again, to a cool, early-autumn night, under a starry, midnight sky. To a cobbled-stone path, and the sound of sniffling sobs and the feel of her voice breaking with emotion as she’d pleaded with him, with every fibre of her being, to stay by her side.

Those words dragged her back to the moment when he had finally shifted to angle an almost sardonic glance over his shoulder at her. To the moment those lips, ever set in a firm, serious, unyielding line, had finally relaxed into a slight, amused smirk that had caused her breath to catch in her throat.

You really are… annoying.’

They’d taken her back, to the memory of his presence and warmth, as he’d stood so close behind her.


An excruciating pause, one she had regretted ever since – because she should have used those last few seconds of silence to move, to act, to turn around, to throw her arms around him – but instead, every muscle in her body had locked, frozen her in position – a helpless prisoner to the quiet, silky smoothness of his voice.

‘…Thank you.’

And just like that night, all her present self could think about was the slight, almost pained smirk he had given her this time; so different to the last - yet it had accompanied almost identical words.

His parallel response to her second confession had whispered assuredly to her that as astounding and impossible as it was, he recalled that night with as much indisputable clarity as she did.

And he’d permitted her no more than a mere second to acknowledge the weight and significance of that realisation - and what it had to mean that he remembered-a mere second alone to feel her heart leap and her stomach flutter – before he had lunged in for the kill.

The physical trauma, however, of having a hole torn in her chest as if her body was nothing more than paper was nothing compared to the mental and emotional anguish that followed the realisation that it was Uchiha Sasuke - the boy she had loved so desperately, for what had felt like her entire life – that was the one to stop Sakura’s heart beating.

S… Sasu-ke… kun…” his name fell in a senseless whisper from her lips one last time, before the tangy taste of copper filled her mouth and began to choke her.

It was only fitting, in a way; she thought numbly to herself - as he wrenched his arm out from the fatal location in which he had impaled her, with ruthless, merciless force - that she would meet her end at his hands.

For he had already killed her so many times before. For every time he had left her side, left her far behind, and slipped further and further away from her, traversing increasingly darker paths that she could not follow, she had died a thousand deaths.

This was merely the final one. The most absolute.

And as her trembling knees collapsed under her - sending her crumpling to the rocky ground like a lifeless puppet clipped of its strings - Sakura’s mind broke under the unbearable strain of the torturous knowledge that her greatest nightmare had come into full fruition.

Dying, leaving the world behind, leaving him… without being able to pull her troubled, former teammate from the oozing tides of darkness that were swallowing him up, even now, dragging him deeper and deeper into sinister depths that he would not allow her to reach.

Failing before she could save him.

As her eyes closed, she saw his beautiful face – the face that had enslaved her to such a wretched, cruel fate - drift through her fogging mind one final time. She saw, once more, the almost bitter, rueful smirk he had angled over his shoulder at her, split seconds before he had so viciously attacked without warning. And Sakura almost completely surrendered to the blackness, as the searing pain in her crushed heart and body begun to ebb, at last, into the merciful nothingness of death.

Her body and soul destroyed by the trauma of meeting her demise at the hands of the very man she loved more than anything else in the world, Sakura almost succumbed – but then she unexpectedly heard his voice whisper fleetingly, distantly, inside her head.

Like a passing breeze, like the slightest of brushes, it spoke to her, a brief caress.

Hate me, Sakura, it willed.

The words seeped through her brain like venom, seeking to impose their iron command on her consciousness and authority over her thoughts and senses. They sought to bend, to warp, to erase and alter and grotesquely disfigure emotions, to secure absolute obedience.

That was when something finally snapped, near audibly, in Sakura’s mind. That was when she realised and she knew. And suddenly, her mind was fighting back, screaming and clawing and battling against the steely chains that contained her.

Never! I never will!

And that was when – with frightening strength – the furious fire of her chakra network roared into being inside her, flaring so brightly and blindingly and with such abrupt, inextinguishable intensity that its sheer force warded back the encroaching shadows, singing and burning them until nothing else was left but righteous, pure light.


Hatake Kakashi’s dejectedly bowed head lifted at the thoroughly unexpected sound of the young woman suddenly stirring beside him. He blinked in astonishment; sharply, he sucked in a breath, not daring to hope it was possible.

But as his awed gaze flew to rest onto her slender form, he saw that it was true; Haruno Sakura was breaking out of Uchiha Sasuke’s genjutsu. Breaking free from the highest level of illusionary technique, which Kakashi knew, for a fact, Sasuke had slammed into her with the sole intention of keeping her down and out of the way.

“Sakura!” Kakashi reached for the rose-haired girl, gently placing a hand atop her left shoulder. The tense lines marring the smooth skin of her forehead openly conveyed the violent, internal struggle raging within her mind as she fought to dispel the illusion inside which the last of the Uchiha had tried to imprison her.

“Interesting,” Otsutsuki Hagoromo remarked as he observed her. “Genjutsu cast by the rinnegan is much more potent than its Sharingan form. A remarkable young woman she must be, to be able to free herself from its mental shackles.”

A surge of fondness and pride swelled inside Kakashi’s chest as he watched the only female member of his team battle to regain consciousness. Yes; there was no question about it. She certainly was remarkable.

Come on, Sakura! He silently urged. He knew she had the strength to do it; the purity of her feelings surely could not lose to the chaotic darkness of Sasuke’s will. Kakashi believed in her – in how much she had grown and how hard she had fought to earn her position as a respected kunoichi in her own right within the Team 7 dynamic, from under the shadows of two of the most naturally gifted and powerful shinobi Konoha had ever produced.

And he felt his eyes sting, as she released a sudden, painful gasp, and her green, green eyes flew open at last, disorientated, unfocused, brimming with tears but awake.

“A remarkable woman, indeed,” Hagoromo repeated.

“Sakura,” Kakashi gingerly helped her to sit up, supporting her weight somewhat awkwardly as she leant back against him. “Are you alright?”

His heart constricted when she simply wept in response, floods and floods of sobbing tears that only caused the bitter disappointment in his chest at the way things had unravelled to intensify.

If only he had tried harder to talk sense into Sasuke, all those years ago.

If only he had paid more attention to training Naruto.

If only he had been better able to protect Sakura from the same depth of misery he personally knew unrequited love could so cruelly bestow – instead of feeding her false promises that everything would go back to how it had been.

Perhaps it was only fitting for someone so short-sighted, Kakashi sorrowfully found himself thinking, that he had lost the powerful eyes Obito had gifted to him.

The guilt of his past failures and present uselessness was like a crushing burden on his shoulders. He could do nothing and say nothing – only watch, powerless and defeated, as Sakura cried woefully into her palms.

He could only guess what distressing image Sasuke had chosen to inflict upon her as he’d cast the genjutsu – one certainly harrowing enough to leave her in such a dispirited state. He swallowed thickly, the same anger that had prompted him to confront Sasuke immediately after he’d knocked poor Sakura out burning in his chest once again. The unstable boy’s unjustifiable treatment of a selflessly dedicated girl who had only ever wanted to give herself entirely to him was completely unacceptable. Sasuke had crossed the line the moment he had attempted to take her life – the same life he had always so valiantly protected in the simpler days before he’d defected from Konoha.

Sakura had shed blood, sweat and tears for the young Uchiha, risking her life on numerous occasions, pushing her body to its limits repeatedly. Her devotion to him was absolute, unwavering. The kind of patient, pure devotion that he knew Sasuke would be hard tested to find in anyone else. It pained Kakashi, to see her hurting so much because of the heartless actions of someone so ungrateful, so unworthy of her affections. But he knew, only too well, that love was an emotion that could not simply be switched off or discarded, the way Sasuke seemed to so adamantly and foolishly believe.

Suddenly, Sakura stopped crying. Just like that, the tears ceased. Sniffling, she lowered her hands and wiped at her red-rimmed eyes. The clarity and focus had returned to her gaze – but her expression remained strained with anguish.

“Thank you, Kakashi-sensei,” she murmured, taking her own weight again. “I’ll be fine, now.”

“Sakura,” he said. He thought briefly of the unkind, disrespectful words Sasuke had voiced about her feelings for a moment – then decided she didn’t need to know about them. Instead, he informed her, “They’ve gone. All we can do now is wait and hope that Naruto can make him see sense.”

She was silent for a long minute, her head bowed. Then, slowly, she rose to her feet. A concerned Kakashi noted the way her body seemed to tremble – the after-effects of the genjutsu still lingering.

Sakura stared ahead at the empty, rocky plain ahead of them. Then her eyes rose to the sky, where she noted the ominous storm clouds gathering.

“After the rain,” she said quietly, “comes the sun.”

“…” Kakashi’s eyes lowered. Still, she held onto hope. His eyebrows drew together, pained. There was no doubt that he believed in Naruto and his resolve.

The question was - could he trust that Sasuke would finally recognise the errors of his ways and withdraw from the cloak of irrationality that had him shrouded in its dense grasp before he mortally wounded Naruto – or himself?

It alarmed Kakashi that he couldn’t quite be sure. Sasuke seemed to be so far gone…

“Don’t worry, Kakashi-sensei.” As if sensing his uncertainty, Sakura turned to him, a small smile curving her lips. His eyes lifted to her, his own mouth twitching underneath his mask at the irony of the situation.

How the tables had turned. Now she was the one reassuring her old teacher.

“Everything is going to be fine,” she went on with conviction. “I’m going to make sure,” she added softly.

His amusement immediately vanished, replaced with instant alarm. “Sakura,” he warned sternly. “There’s a reason why Sasuke placed you under genjutsu. He knew you’d try to follow. Don’t do anything reckless!”

But Sakura didn’t seem to hear him. She was staring ahead again. He caught the familiar, steely glint in her eyes, the way her jaw suddenly set and how her hands curled into tight fists. He recognised that look – the fiery determination and resolve. And it frightened him, to realise what it was she had already settled on doing, knowing that he hadn’t the strength or chakra reserves left to stop her.  

“This isn’t like back then, on the hospital roof,” Kakashi went on almost desperately, his words pleading for her to see reason. Even when a part of him knew it was hopeless. Just like her teammates, Sakura was infuriatingly stubborn. “With their power and abilities, Sakura… if you were to get in the way-” he broke off, the remainder of the thought too terrible to articulate.

Last time, he had been able to protect Sakura, been physically able to prevent Naruto and Sasuke from causing a tragedy that would have crushed them both. This time, however, he knew he could not.

“Don’t worry, Sensei,” Sakura assured him once more, her expression hardened. Grim. “I’ll make sure they come back.” She lifted her right fist, as she pledged, “Both of them.”

And with that, before he could say anything else to dissuade her, she bolted forward, away from the safety of his side.

His pounding heart leapt fearfully into his throat as horror washed over him. No! He’d already lost everything once before. He couldn’t, again!

He couldn’t lose all three of them!

“Don’t, Sakura!” he yelled, scrambling onto his feet, managing only several pitiful steps before his body once again gave up on him, forcing him back to his knees. “Damn it!” he hissed in frustration, looking up just in time to see her back disappearing further away into the horizon. Panic exploded inside him. “No! SAKURA! Come back!”

Her words echoed torturously in his ears – the last words, he realised with a dawning sense of dread, he might ever hear her utter.

‘I’ll make sure they come back. Both of them.’

He didn’t doubt the sincerity of her promise. But as she completely vanished beyond his line of sight, Kakashi frantically wondered at what cost she would deliver it.


The more the fight wore on and the more wounds they both sustained, the more exhaustion began to creep over Sasuke. Already worn out from the previous, lengthy battle they’d waged with Kaguya, he felt every muscle in his body scream in protest and resistance as he once again channelled a stream of Chidori into his left palm.

This was it, he knew, as he watched Naruto summon a rotating orb of his own signature Rasengan attack opposite him. He could feel his reserves dwindling into their lowest limits. He had next to nothing left.

This would be the final clash. It was almost nostalgic, he thought, one corner of his mouth tilting in what wasn’t quite a wry smirk – for he was far too tired to managed one – that despite their spoilt wealth of newfound abilities, they would both call upon their original techniques for the last collision.

Their intense, deadly scuffle had spanned over an hour, blown off rocks and debris from the mountains around them. The black flames of Amaterasu still crackled in the locations Sasuke had directed them. Whenever he’d felt he was finally getting the upper hand, Naruto had pulled out a last-second response. He’d met and matched everything Sasuke had thrown at him – and vice versa.

They’d fought and fought, and the longer it dragged out, the more Sasuke had realised that Naruto’s words were starting to get under his skin. Like iron pellets, they hailed down upon his armour, chipping and chipping and chipping tirelessly away, leaving weeping, narrow chinks that were starting to worryingly widen.

Sasuke swallowed thickly. No, he thought furiously. He would bring about his revolution! He owed it to the Uchiha Clan – to his mother, his father, to Itachi – to ensure the ninja world was reformed. And that could only be done under his rule as Hokage!

He was not going to let Naruto take that away from him – even when a small part of him was starting to lose the will to continue – was starting to question whether it was all really even worth it.

The part of him that was so exhausted – physically, mentally, emotionally – the part that just wanted to give in, to run straight into the path of Naruto’s whistling hurricane attack and succumb to the permanence of death.

Because at least, in death, he would no longer feel the aching burden of the pain he had already shouldered beyond his limits; at least, in death, he would no longer have to think.

The more he contemplated it, the more his body yearned for it.

Naruto’s eyes widened. He saw the barely perceptible sag in Sasuke’s posture that openly betrayed his fatigue. And still, he refused to give up hope or belief.

“You know I’m right, Sasuke!” he shouted across at the young man he still considered his best friend, his brother. “You know this is madness! I warned you once before; if we do this, we both die! We don’t have to take this final step! Let me help you!”  

“Shut up, Naruto!” Sasuke snarled, the stream of electrical energy screeching more loudly in defiant response. “I don’t need your help!” He reared back to strike. Naruto’s heart shrank at the cold, unbridled rage and seething denial he glimpsed in those mismatched eyes.

“I don’t need ANYONE!” Sasuke screamed – and then he lunged at full speed, straight at the blond, his left arm extended, lightning energy flaring and hissing destructively at his palm.

“SASUKE!” Naruto yelled, equally as frustrated. So it had come to this after all – he’d stop Sasuke with his own life!

The cyclone orb in his hand picked up speed until it reached full momentum and destructive force. Naruto hurtled himself forward, extending his right arm in a motion that mirrored Sasuke’s, his pulse thundering as he prepared himself for the inevitable end – and the explosion of pain that would accompany their last collision.

He was ready. In his mind, he had already prepared for this outcome, a long time ago.

Their ears were filled with the deafening shrieks of their elemental attacks. Yet somehow, over the howling of wind and the crackling of lightning – they still heard her cry.


Naruto’s widened eyes met Sasuke’s in a look of abject, wordless horror. His gaping lips were moving – but Sasuke didn’t hear his words.

All he could hear was the rush of blood in his ears. Nothing could have prepared him for the devastating way his heart lurched at the realisation that she had somehow, against all the odds, managed to dispel his genjutsu.

It was impossible; he scoffed disbelievingly to himself, utterly stunned as he finally caught sight of her slight form, racing directly into the path of their attacks like an incoming, targeted missile – just as she had done at the age of twelve.

Déjà vu slammed into him, knocking the air from his lungs as the same, senseless panic that had crippled him back then overtook him once again. 

Except this time, it was even more frightening in its intensity.

Because this time, he knew she was alone – and neither Kakashi, nor anyone else, could redirect the unstoppable force of their attacks.

How? How? He was enraged at himself, at her for her reckless, annoying stupidity. What had he done wrong?!

“SAKURA-CHAN!” Naruto’s frightened, hysterical scream was blood-curdling. “NO! GET OUT THE WAY- WE CAN’T STOP-

He heard someone else yell at her, in a tone full of such sheer desperation, that it shocked Sasuke to register that it was his own voice shouting.

“Sakura, MOVE!

But he could see that as always, she had absolutely no intention of listening to him. She continued forward, her eyes burning bright like luminous green flames. The tears that had plagued them at twelve were non-existent. All Sasuke saw instead was a fierce, fiery resolve.

And he realised then, from the pure determination in her features – that there had been absolutely nothing wrong with the genjutsu he had cast. She was there, through no fault of his; he’d shown her the image of what he had known for a fact had been her greatest nightmare – her murder at his hands - in the hopes of breaking her mind, of making her detest him, the way he deserved to be hated, after every deplorable thing he had ever done to hurt her.

He’d intended for his genjutsu to keep her down until their battle was over – to prevent her from doing precisely what was happening at that very moment. Because he had anticipated Sakura’s careless intervention – and that was why he had felt it necessary to disable her. For her own safety – to protect her from him. Sasuke had specifically programmed the illusion to automatically dispel at his return – or Naruto’s. Because one of them, he had reasoned, had to make it out alive.

He just hadn’t quite bargained on Sakura’s natural genjutsu know-how manifesting itself so powerfully. He’d hit her with the strongest illusion he could – what else could he have done? He thought that fate was cruelly coming full circle and mocking him, because she had not only actually managed to break out of the mental prison, but had arrived just in time to launch her body between them once again.

I WON’T LET YOU KILL EACH OTHER!” she screamed, raising her arms as if to ward them both back. “STAND DOWN! NOW! BOTH OF YOU!”

Everything seemed to happen in sickening slow motion, then – Sasuke watched, powerless to stop the momentum of his hurtling body, powerless to call his chakra back in time, as she arrived directly between them at the precise point of impact.

Except Naruto, in one last-gasp, mighty effort, managed to jerk himself marginally to his left, to graze the bulk of his attack just short of her left shoulder. The hurricane cyclone flew from his palm, striking the ground where it exploded, causing rock and debris to crack all around them as the blond slammed sickeningly into the ground, stomach first. He lay there, dazed, unable to divert Sasuke – or help Sakura.

The blood in Sasuke’s veins froze and icy fear prickled down his spine. Dread knotted itself in his stomach as he attempted to do the same as Naruto had. But he couldn’t shift. Not even an inch. Lightning didn’t move once aimed; his deadly element was set to strike its targeted location. In pure, mindless desperation, he tried to engage his rinnegan, to swap her position, despite knowing for a fact that his chakra reserves were all but spent. It was hopeless. He could do nothing but look on in horror, as her eyes turned to his.

And they were not filled with the anger and hatred he had so desperately wished to find, which would have been the tiniest consolation to him – but rather, they were swelling with love.

The same strength and depth of love she had professed tearfully to him, that had caused his treacherous legs to tremor and halt, that had made him realise just how dangerous she truly was in how profoundly her words and emotions were still able to reach the part of him he had believed he’d closed off forever.

Even before his hand drove lethally through her chest, Sasuke’s mind – and anything else that was left of him – shattered. Someone was screaming – he didn’t know if it was him, or her making such terrible sounds - and then pure chaos ensued, as lightning energy exploded, blinding his vision.

When the chaos ceased, Sasuke opened his eyes to find her crumpled on the ground beneath him. His hand was still embedded inside her mortally wounded chest, and her body convulsed as the remnants of the Chidori stream jagged through her system, before sizzling out.

No. His heart thundering, Sasuke yanked his arm out of her. It was stained crimson with her blood. He numbly thought that he had never seen so much blood – not since the day of his Clan’s massacre.

He scarcely even registered that his entire body was shaking.

No. No!

Her long-lashed eyes were still open – but glazed. There was no life in them – nothing but the pools of tears that were already drying from their outer corners.

Not her, his reeling mind rejected unthinkingly. Not Sakura!

His gaze had frozen onto her face. Somehow, he just couldn’t look away. The unspeakable horror of what he had done and what he had allowed to happen was suffocating, asphyxiating, made it so difficult to function, to breathe. He was silently choking on air. Choking. And at that second, all thoughts of a revolution – of anything else – evaporated from Sasuke’s head. As if he could no longer make sense of anything; as if he suddenly couldn’t remember why he had even started such a stupid, meaningless fight.

This was the innocent girl who had offered him the love he had spurned and rejected. The love his cursed self had never been worthy of, the love he thought he could never have again – and with her gone, he knew was lost to him, forever. The girl who had held his hands in the Forest of Death, allowing his fingers to near crush her delicate bones from the depth of agony he’d experienced back then as she’d held him tightly and comfortingly to her. A girl whose sheer will to find him had kept a portal open - for his wretched self - across a scorching desert, when she’d pushed her body to its absolute limits. A girl he’d sincerely thanked, who he’d left far behind, who had wanted nothing more than to look after him, to smother him with her concern, her kindness and love until all the pain and demons of his past were erased.

And now… now he had killed her. He had killed her. And this time, it was no illusion.

“Sakura… chan…” a hushed voice spoke.

Sasuke’s heart constricted excruciatingly. His gaze fell back to his bloodied hand in shocked revulsion. Inside his head, he was stunned to hear someone screaming in anguish. His inner voice. On the outside, however, he was perfectly expressionless. Motionless. Silent.

Naruto fell to his knees opposite Sasuke. With a trembling hand, he reached out to the gaping wound in her chest.

“Sasuke…” he choked, in a voice raw with emotion. “What have we done…?”

We? The urge to vocalise the internal screams intensified. What was he talking about? Didn’t Naruto realise that it was him alone who had done this? He had killed her! He had been the one unable to stop. He had been the one who had let his hatred consume and blind him!

It had taken her death to snap him out of it. But what was the use of seeing clearly at last? Self-loathing gnawed at Sasuke, burning at his insides like acid. It was far too late. He could never forgive himself.

“Sakura-chan…” Naruto’s eyes flooded with tears, as he whispered, “She- she just wanted us all back together…” His head bowed. “She didn’t want us to fight!” He leant over, and rested his head on her flat stomach, sobbing uncontrollably. “This- this wasn’t- this wasn’t how it was meant to end!” he wailed. “Damn it, it should have been me!”  Weeping, he went on, “We’re so sorry, S-Sakura-chan! We’re so sorry, we’re so sorry!”

Overcome with nausea, Sasuke stumbled back up onto his feet. Without thinking, he turned dazedly away, turned his back as if in a trance, unable to stand the agony of looking at her lifeless form any longer.

Naruto was wrong. Naruto was wrong, because it shouldn’t have been Sakura, or him.

It should have been Sasuke. He was the one who deserved to die. To rot into the ground, unremembered by anyone.

Sakura… Sakura deserved death the least. Sakura, who had always been so full of life. He staggered slowly away, moving unseeingly, the will to carry on lost from his body. A world without her sunshine smiles and maddeningly annoying declarations of love was one that suddenly felt so alien to him. Things would never be the same. There was no place left for him left anywhere – no place but hell. There was no going back, no escape from the shadows in his mind, not after he’d committed such an atrocious and unpardonable crime.

There was nothing. Only her blood on his hand, on his clothes, and the crushing guilt and hatred for the person he loathed most in the world – himself.

A sharp intake of breath behind him alerted him to the fact that Naruto had noticed his half-hearted attempt at departure.

“Sasuke-!” he exclaimed, his voice shaking with fury and disbelief. “You bastard! How can you just walk away?”

The damage had already been done. What purpose was there in lingering? There was nothing else he could do. Sasuke continued to walk aimlessly onwards, finding himself strangely unable to focus on Naruto’s words.

A hand suddenly clamped onto his shoulder, yanking him roughly back around. “You bastard!” Naruto yelled furiously right into his face, his fists closing tightly at the collar of Sasuke’s blood spattered top. “She loved you, and you-!” he broke off abruptly, as Sasuke stared dully back at him.

Something deep inside Naruto’s chest constricted painfully as he noted that Sasuke’s sharingan had deactivated completely. But that wasn’t what made him halt in his intended insults.

It was the staggering sight of the lone tear that rolled down Sasuke’s cheek. He seemed not to register it at all, however, for he continued to stare mutely and blankly back at Naruto.

“Sasuke…” Naruto whispered, realisation washing over him at last. “You…”

His voice trailed off for a second time. He didn’t need to finish the words. He’d already known it in his heart, all along – known that Sasuke had been lying all along, merely denying a transparent truth.

You care about her. You don’t need a reason, either.

The last Uchiha said nothing. He simply stared vacantly – the look of a defeated man who had given up on everything. A man whose enormous guilt was tearing his soul to pieces.

A man who had been completely crushed.

Naruto’s mind raced. It couldn’t end like this, he told himself frantically, his heart pounding. Not now that he knew the quarrel between them was finally over – for good.

“Wait a minute!” A sudden idea then struck him. He gasped, dizzy from the whirl of his thoughts – before dragging Sasuke abruptly back with him to Sakura’s corpse.

Sasuke watched, silently, numbly, as Naruto knelt back down beside her. He then glanced up, a frown of impatience on his debris and blood-marred features.

“Sasuke, come on!” he urged. “Give me your hand!”

Sasuke swallowed back the bitter taste in his throat. It was hopeless. She was gone. He couldn’t comprehend what Naruto was trying to do, or why he was suddenly looking so foolishly hopeful. The idiot had always been hopelessly naïve. Didn’t he understand that Sasuke had simply had enough? Why wasn’t he angry at him? Why wasn’t he pummelling his face into the ground and taking out his fury and grief over Sakura’s death on him? Sasuke thought that had their situations been reversed, had Naruto been the one to still Sakura’s heart, then Sasuke wouldn’t have hesitated for even a second to pulverise him into oblivion.

When he didn’t respond, Naruto reached out and tugged forcefully on his wrist. Sasuke finally knelt down, overcome once more with nausea and unbearable guilt at the sight of Sakura’s ashen face again.

“Naruto-” he managed to utter at last. His voice sounded unfamiliar to him. Alarmingly hollow, even by his standards.

“Just trust me on this!” Naruto interrupted. He positioned Sasuke’s bloodied hand above Sakura’s chest, palm-side upwards – the palm bearing the Yin Crescent. Meeting Sasuke’s empty gaze, he said, “The Sage gave us these seals for a reason.” Holding up his own palm to display the Yang Sun symbol, he exclaimed, “Let’s do this!”

Slapping his hand into Sasuke’s, bringing their seals together, he yelled, “RELEASE!”

Sasuke didn’t say it – he didn’t have to. Somewhere deep inside him, his still beating heart pulsated with the word.

A mighty gust of wind immediately shot up from the point at which their hands connected, accompanied by a great explosion of blinding light. Sasuke and Naruto shielded their vision, bracing themselves, and as the mystical, sacred energy of their chakras blended and tried to push their hands apart from sheer force, Naruto’s fingers closed more tightly around Sasuke’s hand, pressing it down more firmly against Sakura’s chest.

“SASUKE!” he shouted, over the deafening howl of air. “DON’T LET GO!”

Sasuke squeezed his eyes shut against the rushing wind funnelling around them and finally gripped back.


The riotous, blinding din seemed to last forever. When it eventually subsided, Sasuke’s ears were left buzzing and his head spinning. He didn’t want to open his eyes. He wasn’t as foolish as Naruto to believe that anything had actually changed.

He heard a brief, choked laugh. The crushing hold on his hand released. He felt fingers grip his wrist, turning his palm so it rested on Sakura’s chest.

It was strange, Sasuke thought distantly, how it almost felt warm. How it almost seemed to move-

Unbidden, his heavy heart palpitated violently inside him, a thoroughly startling and unsettling sensation. His thoughts grew deadly still – and every muscle in his body froze.

“You can open your eyes now, Sasuke,” Naruto chuckled teasingly.

With painstaking slowness, the last Uchiha’s eyelids dared to lift. Immediately his breath hitched in his throat, the air fragmenting in his lungs as he blinked down incredulously at the most beautiful and damned annoying sight he was certain he had ever seen.

Mismatched irises met shining apple green. And the emotional, trembling smile that curved her lips as she gazed up at him with tear-filled eyes was nothing, nothing compared to the explosion of conflicting emotions that ricocheted chaotically inside him, as a thoroughly overwhelmed and staggered Sasuke registered that she was alive.

But how? He suddenly didn’t care for an explanation. The blood had disappeared entirely from his hand – as if the light of chakra fusion had cleansed it. Sakura’s right palm lifted to rest lightly – almost shyly – atop his fingers. And when she spoke his name, it was like liquid sunshine, thawing the ice, flooding through the numbness and pain and guilt and leaving behind nothing but a deep, throbbing ache in his chest that he just couldn’t comprehend.

Not at that moment. Not right then. But in time, he would.

“Sasuke-kun,” she whispered.


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Title: Fire Burn

Summary: Part three of Bubble, Bubble

Written as part of my AU anthology series Affinity


“Soul Baring,” Tsunade begins speaking, “It’s the most important and intimate step of any Match.”

Sakura fidgets with the red taffeta of the dress Ino had let her borrow. Her heart races at a million beats per minute, her finger trembling as she waits in front of a large and ornate onyx door. It starkly contrasts with the white of the rest of the school, making it seem even more intimidating.

“Red is worn to symbolize the merging of your souls, your bodies, your blood. You surrender yourself completely to your partner: physically, mentally, and spiritually,” the headmaster continues, her voice calm. “Every emotion, every secret is laid bare for the other.”

“What if we’re not ready though,” Sakura begins. The ritual had been explained to her in great detail by Ino, having turned 18 and undergone it a couple months prior. She spoke of the deep connection that resonates upon Baring, how many of the partners end up actually going all the way in the chamber.

“That sounds freaking weird,” Sakura had said.

“I know it does now, but once you get to it, you’ll understand,” Ino responded. “Even though Sai’s gay and everything is completely platonic with us, things still got pretty physical just because of the emotions of the whole thing.”

Sasuke barely even looks at her since she got pulled into his mind months ago. They’ve participated in class together and put on a show of pretending to be a proper Match, but in their private lessons he always does all the work, forming the illusion that Sakura is participating.

“Nobody ever feels ready,” Tsunade says, pulling Sakura back to reality. “Besides, it’s tradition to complete it on the 18th birthday of the youngest of the two.”

Sakura’s heart plummets, over her time at the academy she’s learned how much tradition is valued at the school, there is no breaking it. Today Sasuke, the younger of the two, turns 18.

“Now, Sakura Haruno,” Tsunade lights a lone red candle and places it in the girl’s hands, “You enter the chamber as one half to a whole, you shall leave complete.”

The black door slowly swings open, the ceremonious words having been spoken. Taking her cue, Sakura places one uneasy step after another, until she is through the doorway. Without a sound, the door swings shut, enclosing her in what feels like her tomb.

The room is longer than she expected it to be, black granite covering the walls, the ceiling, and the floor, save for the pure white pool resting in the center. Perspiration gathers on her forehead from both the nervousness and the warm air wafting around her. Her eyes dart between the numerous black and white candles lit around the room, trying to avoid meeting the face of the only other inhabitant standing opposite her.


Her name bounces off the walls in the deep voice that she both loves and hates. She often had dreams of it intoning her name, except in them it came out husky and full of emotion, not clear and dull as it sounds now.

“Look at me,” Sasuke says, causing her to finally rest her eyes on him. He’s dressed head to toe in a pure black suit, save for the red piece of cloth that sticks out of his front pocket. He’s beautiful and terrifying all at once.

Through the silence of the room, the terrified scream that she heard all those months ago echoes in her thoughts. Sasuke, please don’t kill me!

She looks away from his dark eyes and strong features, resting her gaze on her own bare feet instead. She had been ripped from that dark doorway, that prison that housed the memory before she could see anything but the darkness lingering in it. Just that terrified voice echoing in her mind. She hadn’t spoken to anybody of it, not because she didn’t want to, but because she was too terrified to voice her thoughts. What if her Matched that she was destined to be one with, really was a murder?

The shuffling of fabric prompts her to look back up at the man of mystery that keeps haunting her. He’s placed his red candle at the edge of his side of the pool and begins removing his jacket and his shirt.

Sakura blushes as she remembers the instructions. Baring yourself to your Match includes actually physically baring yourself to them. Placing her candle adjacent to Sasuke’s, she reaches behind and begins unzipping her dress. Her fingers tremble so much it’s hard to properly grasp the small piece of metal, but somehow she manages and her dress drops to the dark floor.

She stands there for a moment, in just her bra and underwear, staring at the figure in front of her. She eyes follow the toned muscles and the smooth skin, remembering how it felt under her hands that fateful day Ino gave her the ribbon, those soft lips that had danced down her neck.

His face is blank, but his eyes burn as they lock on to hers. Slowly his hands travel down to his boxers and he begins pulling them down. Sakura mimics his moves with her own underwear, never breaking eye contact with him.

Once fully naked, each takes a step towards the clear pool of water. The water sloshing as they slowly descend into the water. The moment her chest descends into the cool liquid, she begins to feel power and emotion flow into her. Anger, betrayal, vengeance, passion, they bubble within her and she knows what is happening.

“Once the water is above your heart, you’ll begin to feel your Match,” Tsunade had told her previously, “All of his thoughts, his emotions, his power, they begin flowing into you and vise versa.

Powerful, that’s how she begins to feel as she approaches the center of the pool, closer to him. He signs, as if the weight of it all begins to lift from him. His guard drops, but only for a moment and she’s able to see herself through his eyes. He’s filled with her confusion of this life and of him, her hurt due to the way he’s treated her, her fear of what she saw locked away in his mind.

Just like that, his walls are back up again, his feelings begin to drift away along with overwhelming sense of power. He turns away as if to walk out on her as he’s done so many times before.

Anger begins bubbling within Sakura, not his but her own. She refuses to let him walk out on her again. With all the boldness she can muster she grabs his arm and begins chanting the spell she had to memorize for this occasion.

The water surrounding them begins to glow a blue hue, casting a bright light in the otherwise dim room. Ever so slightly, she sees Sasuke’s eyes widen marginally before he joins her in the incantation. With both of their joined voice the blue glow turns to a brilliant white, an almost blinding brightness. Surprise flows through the water and fills her body as he opens himself up to her again. She moves a palm to rest on his cheek, her face focused on his as she begins traveling through his corridor of thought once again.

She runs through it trying to reach the end as rapidly as possible while her physical body moves closer to his chest, his arms coming up and resting on her shoulders. Their mouths no longer move, but the foreign words of the spell continue to echo around the room in whispered voices.

Her mental self reaches the end where the three large black doors had been, however, this time it is different. Hidden in their looming shadows lies a fourth door, smaller and less impressive in structure as if this memory seal had been made rapidly. It lacks the blackened symbols of the others and without even a touch, the door opens to her.

“Sakura.” The word reverberates in his mind, a pained grumble as his barriers begin to fall.

Stepping into the room she’s instantly assaulted by all of their interactions upon her arrival, but this time from his point of view. In the beginning he views her as weak; a vulnerable and silly girl that understands little of this life. However, in the more recent memories his attitude has completely changed. It has grown into a protective sense, a need to give her something he was unable to with his former Match.

His distance is clear to her now. He’s been separating himself from her not because he wants to, but to prevent her from getting trapped in the tangles of his past that had caused Karin death. Underneath it all is a sense of affection and admiration buried deep within his need to stay distanced from her. He’s seen a level of power in her that he didn’t think possible.

Back in the physical world her skin grows hot and she realizes the pool has begin bubbling, growing hot with their ability and emotion. Steam billows around the room evaporating off of their bodies. She’s pinned against one of the white edges as Sasuke’s hands wander all over her body, feeling each inch of her.  His lips are pressed against the side of her throat, his eager tongue lapping at her pulse.

Sakura’s head spins, when did he even start kissing her? When did her hands end up clutching to his shoulders, pinning him against her, terrified he might let go at any moment. Between the part of her that’s going through his mind and the part of her that’s now gnawing at the soft spot beneath his jawbone it’s hard to keep track of everything. She turns from the room that locks away his affection for her and turns to the same black door that she had stumbled into what feels like centuries ago.

The marks shift once again and she steps through hesitantly. It’s a blur, flashes of red and dark shadows.

She hears the hiss of a snake before she sees it. A large black python slithers slowly and dangerously in an ash drawn pentagon. Various incantation media lie around the room, a bowl of raven’s feather, a swirling pendant, and locks of dark hair.

She watches as her hands grip a knife and her body walks towards the snake. She tries to stop herself, but she’s no longer in control, she’s a bystander, observing the events of the path through Sasuke’s eyes.

She kneels, words coming out of her mouth that aren’t her own as she plunges the knife into the python’s head feeling the sickening crunch of its skull. Its body begins twitching as she pulls the knife down the length of the snake, stopping halfway.

“Karin, I’m ready,” Sasuke’s voice comes from her mouth. Her head turns and she notices the red haired girl for the first time. She adjusts her glasses nervously, the shaking of her hands betraying her emotions. Yet she doesn’t question anything, obediently coming forward with burning dried dandelions in hand. She waves it in the air, summoning a vibrant spark before stuffing it in the belly of the disemboweled snake.

Sakura still grips the knife, heavy in her hand and dripping with blood. She lays her other out to join with Karin’s firmly, her skin cold despite the warmth of the room.

“Are you sure about this?” the redhead finally asks, her doubt getting the best of her. Sakura doesn’t hear Sasuke’s voice again, but her head does a quick jerk of a nod.

Karin is the first to begin chanting, her voice slowly rising with more power as Sasuke’s joins in. They continue, and Sakura feels the emerging power building between them. It’s intoxicating, like lava has been injected in her veins.

The belly of the snake bursts into flames and they keep growing taller and taller as the couple’s chanting continues. The shape of a figure begins to appear in the fire, growing taller and taller. Eyes burning deep and menacing red stare out at her, from the dancing heat.

She wants to continue staring at them but her head forcibly turns and her eyes shut. Her body rises of it’s own accord and the knife suddenly feels too heavy in her hand.

No, she silently cries in her mind. She knows what’s going to happen next. No!

She tries to back out of the memory, tries to get back to the dark room, to the pool, to the real Sasuke, but she feels trapped.

“Sasuke?” The other girl’s voice questions, “What are you doing?”

Her breathing comes labored, her skin too hot. She can’t decide whether she wants to open her eyes or keep them closed and face what her partner has done. She braces herself for the agonized scream, for the feel of the knife plunging into the innocent girl as it did the snake’s skull…

But it never comes.

Slowly, she opens her eyes, her nude body shaking and alone in the now frigid water. It’s dark now, the candles having been extinguished at some point when she was trapped in the memory, but the water remains slightly illuminated. She wants to call out his name, but the echo of Karin’s terrified voice stops her. So instead, she just looks around in the room.

The dripping of water behind her catches her attention and she turns to see Sasuke hastily gathering up his clothes and pulling on his boxers.

Her arms come around to cover herself suddenly self-conscious. “Sas-“

“Don’t,” he cuts her off, his tone as cold as the water.  “Just don’t.

Keeping her eyes on him, she lifts herself out of the water. As she beings pulling on her dress, he speaks again.

“Nobody has exited this chamber without completing the Baring Rites,” he shakes his fingers through his hair, dashing droplets onto the slowly hardening wax of the melted candles.

“So what do we do?” Sakura asks, her voice trembling from embarrassment and anger. Her mind not yet deciding which emotion is stronger.

“Lie,” he replies curtly before exiting the room, leaving her alone in the dark with her thoughts.


The Dancing Queen

See the awesome Queen in her natural habitat where she engages in this elaborate mating dance to woo the Swan Savior and claim her asher life partner.

Notice how she flairs her luxurious dressing to show off the sleek lines of her irresistible limbs adorned in tight leather. The Queen then continues her ritual in captivating her prey by releasing a fetching and seductive laugh designed to draw the Savior out from her hiding place. 

The regal beauty also bends at the knees to flaunt her enticing cleavage and display her shapely curves; curves she knows that the Savior will want to touch and fondle at great length. 

The young blonde is powerless against this performance and will instantly reveal her location to the Queen and willingly surrender herself body, mind and soul.

Once together in their perfect union, the Queen and the Savior mate for life and are a completely monogamous pair devoted to each other. They will fight together, live together, sleep very closely together and defend their territory from unwanted visitors. They are a breathtaking sight to behold in this act of merging and becoming one with each other.

(text provided by: JuiceCupSwanQueen)

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Petals!Gold, can you imagine Belle without scars?

Set after ‘Thorns’.

Finding out that Belle had only agreed to the surgery because she believed it was what he wanted had been the single most painful discovery of his life.

She was breathtakingly beautiful, inside and out, scars or no scars and knowing that his stupid, thoughtless proposal had made her think differently caused his insides to burn with shame.

“Nothing can make you more beautiful than you already are,” he had told her that morning at the hospital, and he had meant every word of it.

Belle was absolutely perfect in every way and nothing could enhance her beauty further.

But only hours later he was forced to admit how wrong he’d been in saying that.

When they had gotten home, he’d fixed them lunch and made sure she ate, but straight after that he had picked her up and carried her up to their bedroom. 
It was in the middle of the day, but neither of them cared, both eager to re-affirm their bond and to ensure the other of their love.

In the week after their marriage they had made love often, virtually at every opportunity they got, but this afternoon became something special.

With the surgery no longer looming over their heads and him telling her over and over again just how beautiful she was, he realized how much she’d held herself back until that point.

The real passion inside her, that he’d only seen glimpses of so far, was finally set free and she blossomed under his every touch and kiss, much like her roses had done months before, her confidence growing with every word of love and admiration that he whispered against her skin.

He knew he’d pleased her before, but the way she surrendered to him now, at last completely secure in how much he loved her, loved all of her, made him feel that their souls were joining instead of merely their bodies.

When he held her afterwards, she was glowing, as if a light had been lit inside of her, chasing all the darkness of her fears and insecurities away.

Nothing could make her more beautiful than that.

Again he was wrong.

When she told him she was pregnant, he was over the moon with joy, surprised at how much more happiness he was capable of feeling.

With every month that passed, their baby growing inside her, Belle became more beautiful. He barely left her side for nine months straight, utterly incapable of staying away from her and spending every second of her pregnancy in awe of just how wonderful she was.

She couldn’t possibly become more beautiful than that, he reasoned.

But yet again he was proven wrong.

Because on the night their daughter was born, he cradled his family to his chest and looked into the exhausted, beaming eyes of his wife, her hair plastered to her forehead and her face pale after twelve hours of labour and he realized this was the most beautiful she’d ever looked.

After that he gave up analyzing and accepted the truth for what it was:

His wife just became more beautiful with every day that passed.