completely shallow reasons for this ship

You know, if anyone can come up with a good reason to hate Joker/Harley other than the fact that it’s abusive or that Ivy “isn’t abusive” (or some other related argument), then I will gladly hear you out.

For the record, any arguments why Ivy/Harley should be a thing instead of Joker/Harley are invalid. I wanna know reasons why Joker/Harley shouldn’t be a thing.

EDIT: I’m not trying to say the fact that it’s abusive isn’t a good reason. But for the shippers who knows that it is indeed abusive and DO NOT condone that abuse, it’d be nice to not be lectured on something that we are completely aware of.

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If you could change one thing of T7S what would would it be?

If I could change one thing it would be season 8! I definitely wouldn’t continue the series without Eric/Kelso. I would not have included Sam or Randy. Kelso would have stayed a cop, because it was something for which he could be proud of himself. He would have ended up with Brooke and Betsy. Eric and Donna would have stayed together, either eventually going off to Madison for University or even living next door to Red/Kitty. Fez would have opened his own salon and gotten back together with Laurie, because their banter was hilarious, and Red having Fez as a son-in-law was priceless! And last, but certainly not least, Jackie and Hyde would have ended up together! They helped each other grow, and season 8 completely disregarded all that growth. Jackie and Hyde was my favorite ship, and they ruined them completely.

But that is a huge thing to change so if you’re looking for the short answer it would be: Jackie and Hyde end up together. I would not have Hyde stay married to a stripper only to end up alone, and I would not have Jackie randomly get together with Fez for the most shallow possible reasons. Jackie and Hyde would have gotten married and both FINALLY had the love and security they were denied their entire lives by their shitty parents.

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I love rivamika but I don't get why people are tagging shikimika from the live action movie as rivamika. There's a reason they weren't allowed to use Levi in the movie, it's obviously because the character in the movie was too far away from Isayama's idea of Levi that they couldn't use him. It's a completely different character and ship, with shallow similarities.

You have to understand that a lot of people saw Shikishima as Levi faaar before that kiss scene. It’s not just rivamika-exclusive–a lot of Levi fans feel this way about the character too. The thing is, even though Shikishima has differences from canon Levi, he still is filling in his spot and a lot of fans are going to see him as an alternate version of him because, well, Shikishima is literally Levi’s expy. 

If the writers truly wanted to make an unique OC that wasn’t to be confused with Levi, they wouldn’t have borrowed so many of Levi’s attributes. It’s obvious that Shikishima is inspired by Levi, there’s no denying that and these are some of the reasons why:

They gave Shiki the same title as Levi: Humanity’s Strongest Man. They could’ve easily called him “the worlds best titan slayer” or something along those lines, but they used Levi’s title instead. And for those who say that Levi’s title is different:

This is from the official translation. Depending on the translation and wording, Levi is sometimes referred to as the strongest solider, man or human, so there’s not much difference between his and Shiki’s title. 

Other than the height and a few minor details, Levi and Shiki share similar appearances and characteristics (judging by the trailer and the people who saw the movie in LA who said he behaves a lot like Levi). Both Levi and Shiki have their hair parted on the same side, they both wear white ruffly neck wear, and they’re both around the same age. Again, if they wanted to make a truly unique OC, they would’ve came up with a totally different appearance and persona that wasn’t to be confused with Levi. They could’ve made him younger and said he was a prodigy like Mikasa to set him apart from Levi, but instead they assigned him a similar age, appearance, characteristics, and title as Levi. Bearing all this in mind, they obviously used Levi as a template for Shikishima’s character, so it’s not far-fetched that some people see him as a alternate version of Levi.

As I said, many of us already saw Shikishima as Levi from the moment the casting information came out and it’s just embedded in our minds at this point lol. I think the only reason why his name and some details about him were changed was to avoid any backlash or complaints from his die-hard fans. They made a character that fans could interpret as Levi so they still get a Levi-ish experience in a live-action film, but also labeled him as an OC to save their asses just in case fans disliked his portrayal. At least that’s what makes sense to me. 

Personally, I don’t mind if people see Shikishima as an OC, but I don’t really see the harm in people interpreting him as an alternate Levi? I mean, us perceiving him as Levi isn’t totally pulled out of thin air, we have plenty of valid reasons to believe Shiki is Levi’s expy. I say we should just let people have fun–the movie isn’t canon anyway so even if Shiki was actually named Levi in the movie, nothing about him would be canon anyway, you know?

An open letter to Yvette Nicole Brown addressing her comments on The Talking Dead last night...

I made a brief comment about the “Disney Princess” thing last night, and I intended for that to be all that I said. Today, though, as I browse Tumblr and discuss Beth’s character development and her influence on Daryl, it’s been in the back of my mind, and I need to get it off my chest.

The comment that the reason people ship Beth with Daryl (or anyone) is because she resembles a “Disney princess” was so incredibly condescending to fans and insulting to the wonderful writing that has been done for Beth’s character and her relationships on this show. Your implication that Bethyl the feelings of Bethyl shippers are based entirely on Beth’s looks is just another way to call us shallow and to dismiss our feelings and our opinions entirely without actually considering them. What an unbelievably disrespectful thing to say to fellow fans.

It’s also unbelievably insulting not just to the character of Beth, but to Emily Kinney herself. By reducing the character she plays down to nothing but her looks, you are doing the same thing to Emily. You are ignoring not just the work that the writers have done on this character, but also the work that Emily has put into building this character. You have insulted a fine, hard-working actress and her character with this comment. Saying that the only reason people would ship her with Daryl is her resemblance to a Disney princess treats Emily’s work on this character as irrelevant and is hugely disrespectful.

Your should also consider putting a little more thought into what you say before about “age appropriate” relationships. I’m not saying you should change your feelings on this matter. Everyone feels differently about these sorts of things and a differing opinion does not necessarily make another one invalid. I simply ask that you think about what you say, how it can affect real people before you start demeaning fictional relationships for it. There are so many couples in this world with large age differences who are in happy, healthy, functional relationships. When you make comments about Daryl and Beth’s relationship not being “age appropriate”, the message you are sending is that their relationship is wrong because of their age difference. In doing so, you are then telling every single couple in this world that has an age difference that their relationship is wrong. A message is being sent that undermines and insults happy, healthy relationships, and that message is based entirely on what you, personally, perceive as an issue. This is not acceptable behavior to display on a television show that millions of people watch.

But most of all, your comments about Beth, her appearance, and her age is hugely insulting to the writers, who have crafted a very nuanced development for this character and for this relationship (whether it’s romantic or not). To treat Beth as though she is nothing more than a pretty kid is to ignore all of that careful development. To treat Bethyl fans as though they only ship it for shallow reasons is to ignore how detailed and meticulous the writers were in developing that relationship. For someone who has apparently taken pages and pages of highlighted notes, it’s surprising that you would be so quick to disregard Bethyl shippers and to diminish Beth as a character so much as to treat her as though she’s nothing but looks. I don’t know if you just failed completely to understand what Gimple and his staff wrote in the second half of season 4, or if you’ve just chosen to ignore it for whatever reason. Either way, you’ve shown an enormous amount of disrespect to the writers and work they’ve done to create a natural and organic relationship between Beth and Daryl, and the work they’ve done to develop Beth’s character into a strong woman.

I ask that you please put more consideration into the things you say on television. Please think about the implications of what you say and how they can impact people. Please think about how much you love the show, and try to give it, the characters, the actors, and the writers the respect they deserve.


I don’t have an active twitter account, but if someone wanted to tweet this to her, I really wouldn’t mind.

Don’t get me wrong as a bellarke shipper, one day I want Bellamy and Clarke to be together.

But I can only hope that it doesn’t happen any time soon, and have Clarke just miraculously get over Lexa, like all the characters are somehow not grieving over any deaths ever (oh, sorry, sorry- they are its just ‘off screen’).

Because Lexa was such an incredible character, she was fierce and smart and she had finally let her guard down and loved Clarke, and for her to just be killed like that? It’s such lazy writing.

Like I said I love bellarke as a ship, but I also loved Clexa- I always wanted bellarke to be end game, but for the present I think Clexa was such a beautiful and raw love story. I loved watching their dynamic and watching Lexa overcome the walls she built for herself, and how much these two characters helped each other grow into the leaders and people they needed to be.

So as much as one day I would love for Bellamy and Clarke to be together, I sincerely hope that the writers give Lexa (and all her fans) the respect they deserve and let Clarke grieve, honour lexa’s memory, and also acknowledge, that (as much as I love him) Bellamy’s being a huge dick at the moment, and so it would be ridiculous and awful for Clarke to go running into Bellamy’s arms.

It would be underminingLexa and completely eradicating her and Clarke’s relationship. It would be flippant and dismissive of her whole character.

It would be undermining Clarke and the emotional toll it’s going to take on her that the ONLY THREE people she has ever loved (I’m including wells here) have been killed. Every single time she has allowed herself to fall in love it has come back and slapped her in the face, so this poor girl is going to have some serious trust and emotional issues and they better highlight that.

It would be undermining Bellamy- if they suddenly get together he has no clear character or consistent personality. And it shows that he’s apparently completely dependant on Clarke, which not only isn’t true, it’s an unhealthy portrayal of a relationship that he can turn so OOC and disgustingly ill-morale ’d (let’s pretend that’s a thing) the minute Clarke isn’t there.

It would be undermining Clexa’s whole relationship, and would make it seem like it was just some ‘novelty’ thing and that is so disgusting and disrespectful and manipulating towards the LGBT+ community, I can’t even begin to describe.

It would be undermining Bellarke’s relationship if it happened, it would seem false and forced and the main basis of why I wanted them to be together wouldn’t be there, and it would just be uncomfortable and disheartening to watch, and to be honest I wouldn’t watch it.

But most of all, it would be completely undermining the fans of the show, of Clexa and of Bellarke.

To show that lack of respect and regard for your fans would be a massive slap in the face, you’ve already killed such an influential and inspirational character in such a pathetic, disregarding way- the least you can do is honour the character after her death and at least try make it look like it may have happened for a reason, that isn’t as shallow as making another ship happen.

So like I said I am a bellarke shipper, but I can only hope that this wasn’t used as a device towards their relationship. And I’m so sincerely sorry to all Clexa shippers that this is how they get treated and repaid for the support they have given to the show.

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Idk if you're aware of this but there's a wonderful Typical Olicity movement on twitter where Olicity fans take selfies of themselves under the hashtag #TypicalOlicityFan to basically turn the negative perception of canon freaks exclaiming that there's a certain type of Olicity fan(12 year-old white girls) into something positive. But I ask you, do you think that there is such a thing as a "typical olicity fan"?

I’m skipping ahead in my queue again because I have a dreadful confession to make. I’ve done my best to conceal this deep dark secret ever since I began writing about Arrow, but my inclination toward Olicity over unhealthier relationships on the show has forced me to cast aside my thesaurus, put down my gel pen, and disregard my bedtime to tell the truth: I am but 12 years old. 

Just kidding. I may be melodramatic enough to be a tween, but my gel pens have long since dried up.  And probably wouldn’t be cool anymore anyway. 

A few kind folks on Twitter brought the #TypicalOlicityFan tag to my attention, and I was so impressed that I actually participated. Seriously, it takes one hell of a good cause to get me to willingly post any sort of selfie. There was no agenda or endgame in the project; it was just to make others feel better. Bravo and brava, Oliciters. 

If there is such a thing as a “typical Olicity fan,” I don’t think that it has anything to do with age, race, or body type. Olicity fans have a love of Olicity in common - it doesn’t mean that they’ll agree on every single other thing in the fandom or in life. To lump everybody with an inclination toward Olicity into one big category to dismiss altogether is shallow and lazy. There’s more to Arrow than romance, there’s more to Oliver and Felicity than Olicity, and there’s more to the fandom than shipping. 

Besides, if most Olicity fans out there are 12-year old white girls, then I have completely underestimated the abilities of 12-year olds to fake profile pictures, invent multiple identities, vacillate between genders, and articulate themselves like adults for absolutely no reason whatsoever. Apparently, I could have accomplished so much more with my youth if I hadn’t been watching The X-Files and spending all my money on Bath and Body Works glitter products. Alas.