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What if, instead of her gem just replacing her nose, Jaspers entire face was a gem. She has a completely normal body, but a giant gem face. And no one can understand her cause she has no mouth, with the exception of Peridot who acts like she's just talking normally. This confuses and disturbs the Crystal Gems

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Let’s see, I think I haven’t done Lot yet!

Full Name: Lotia Darao (Shipwright)
Gender and Sexuality: Male, Straight
Pronouns: He/Him
Ethnicity/Species: Twi’lek (Darian)
Birthplace and Birthdate: Somewhere on a ship in the Outer Rim, 25 BTC (he’s 46yo currently)
Guilty Pleasures: Wearing obnoxious clothing, mostly things like daisy dukes and crop tops, and harassing his wife trying to make his wife laugh. Sith Alchemy monsters. Dragging Kosha out in public and pretending he’s completely normal.
Phobias: Being powerless to defend his family
What They Would Be Famous For: Just being himself, probably.
What Have They / Would They Gotten Arrested For: Disorderly conduct and maybe assaulting someone. Or bringing Kosha to public places.
OC You Ship Them With: @saljamka‘s Xiaan
OC Most Likely To Murder Them: For a while it could’ve been his wife, now I’m not sure but he’s suspicious of @saljamka‘s Aola’tar whom he was trying to help.
Favorite Book Genre: Anything that’s just over the top.
Least Favorite Book Cliche: Rom-coms.
Talents and/or Powers: He’s formidable with not only his lightsaber but his own physical strength and fighting as well. Lot isn’t great with the Force but after ~15 years of being possessed by an old Darth he’s learned a trick or two.
Why Someone Might Love Them: Lot’s a fun guy and likes to make a lot of jokes and seems not to take himself seriously. He’s also very paternal, maybe blame that on him having three kids.
Why Someone Might Hate Them: He can  be overwhelming and at times even a little overbearing. He’s also very loud.
How They Change: He’s cut way back on using spice and drinking now that the Force ghost is out of his head.
Why You Love Them: He’s a big weird guy and I like playing him as really silly and also really serious.

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I just found the perfect dessert for Papyrus.

“okay, so it’s spaghetti. the noodles don’t look quite right though..”

that’s because it’s not spaghetti.

it’s ice cream.

say hello to the German dessert spaghettieis.

made by pressing ice cream through a potato ricer to resemble noodles, and topped with strawberry sauce and things like coconut flakes or white chocolate shavings as “parmesan”.

it also seems to be completely normal to serve it in huge heaping piles, too.

unfortunately for us in the states, it looks like the only place that serves it is this place in NYC. but man, this looks amazing.

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imagine alix getting a really bad leg injury and kim has to take care of her B)

alix and kim going about their normal activities except alix is on kim’s shoulders like its completely normal

like ‘kim. go over over there. i want to talk to marinette”

“alix why are you on kim’s shoulders?”

“I’m not. kim is just beneath me. where he belongs”