completely lost interest


((yeah ive. completely lost interest in this blog. i’m closin’ up. it was fun while it lasted, but its probably never gonna bother with it anymore.))

((I might return to the community with another blog someday but for now this is it. adios!))

anonymous asked:

I used to ship a few het pairings but after seeing hetcharacteroftheday I completely lost interest in them all.

like i don’t care if people ship het but making a whole cutesy blog dedicated to listing every character they think is het is just unnecessary

Updates and other stuff...

It’s been a long time since I’ve been active… almost 7 months! I’m sorry for the unexpected hiatus, but I was busy with school and to be completely honest, I had lost interest in the Sims. 

Well, I’m back! Sort of. I probably won’t be making any regular posts like I used to for a while, I’m cleaning up my blog and deciding what to keep. 

From this point on, I will not be using The Sims 3 as much as I used to. The only legacy I will continue doing from TS3 is the Isola 50 Baby Challenge, created by @simbasims! As much as I love the Moonberries, I am letting them go. I won’t be deleting their posts, however. 

Both of the TS4 legacies I had have now been deleted, and I will not be continuing them. It’s time to move on to new stories and adventures! 

Thank you to those who have not unfollowed me, either because they forgot I existed or because they wanted to see if I returned. 

I cannot wait to see where this blog will go. For the meantime, I’ll be lurking and liking actively. :) 

matijaglisic  asked:

Hey, are you going to do anymore PLL episode recaps? You didnt make any since 6B premiere, and the seventh season startet couple of weeks ago. I really enjoy your recaps and I hope you make more of them!

I stopped watching the show after the 6b premiere… completely lost interest and saw no point in watching a show that only made me angry/annoyed. if for some bizarre reason i start watching again (which is not likely), i will make recaps again. i miss making recaps, but i really don’t miss pll. i’m sorry to disappoint <3

i used to be obsessed w pokemon as a kid, collecting fiškas (tazos) from packets of chips and always losing those tazo games to my older half-sister and older step-brother (ex step-brother lmao). but after turning 8 or so i completely lost interest, thus i only remember the names of most famous pokemon. i definitely wouldn’t watch the series now, at least not for the plot, but it is fun just to learn of all the different types of pokemon and immerse myself in their universe as a small escapism.