completely irrelevant btw

hey im feeling sappy and gay so here’s a list of tumblr users i have a crush on and would date in a heartbeat because it’s almost 3AM and my brain-to-type filter has pretty much disappeared

  • @anyasbunny / tbh u can’t talk to giulia and Not fall for her at least a little bit. she’s a beautiful human being.
  • @buffylovesfaith / i don’t think clementine fully believes how remarkable she is, but i love and value her presence so much, always.
  • @gay4maclay / alyssa is so kind and such a warm presence on this hell site and she’s also, u know. unfairly beautiful.
  • @lesbihane / it’s a crime meri lives so damn far or else i feel like we’d hang out all the time?? what an incredible punk rock babe tbh have u seen her new piercing?? iconic
  • @neonbars / no one makes me laugh like jess does? she and her girlfriend deserve all the love in the world. all of it.
  • @ohjustgalpals / lauren has the uncanny ability to make me smile every time i interact with her. 11/10 fantastic lady with fantastic hair.
  • @perfectlyrose / ditto for kelsey? if u look up ‘fantastic’ in the dictionary, you’ll see a picture of her.