completely insane

Transcript of “SNAPPED”

Mahdi: Yeah, it’s completely insane *mumbles*

Jonas: Yeah, but I don’t understand. Why have they been friends? The kid and him?

Mahdi: They’re just buddies, they visit each other..

Jonas: Halla!

Mahdi: You’re kidding me, do they have waffles in the cafeteria?

Isak: Yeah.

Mahdi: Talk to you later.

Jonas: What’s up with you not being at school?

Isak: I’m a little down.

Jonas: What’s up?

Isak: Even snapped.

Jonas: Oh.. What did he do?

Isak: He went outside naked in the middle of the night.

Jonas: Huh?

Isak: He’s uh.. bipolar.

Magnus: Who’s bipolar? My mother’s also bipolar.

Isak: Do you also have a crazy mother?

Magnus: She’s not crazy, she’s bipolar.

Isak: yeah, but, how is she?

Magnus: Fuckign awesome. She’s uh.. You’ve met her, right?

Isak: Uh, yeah, I have, but she’s normal?

Magnus: Yeah, she’s completely normal. She’s just like really stoked or really down for some periods of time.

Who are you talking about?

Isak: Even, he’s uh.. bipolar too. He went outside naked in the middle of the night.

Magnus: (laughs) Seriously? Fucking hilarious!

Isak: It’s not funny though.

Magnus: It’s funny! You know what my mother did yesterday? She was so pissed at NSB* and she found out who the regional manager was and sent in a resignation in his name, just like.. «I’m resigning, I can’t work here anymore, like.. bye!» Who is it.. Where is Even now?

Isak: At home, I suppose.

Magnus: Not physically. In his head. Is he stoked or down?

Isak: I haven’t talked to him.

Magnus: Why not?

Isak: Because he was.. Like, everything from his side was bullshit.

Magnus: What do you mean?

Isak: Yeah, he was manic.

Magnus: You’ve been with him for a long time, he hasn’t been manic the whole time. Like, when my mom is manic, it’s like.. I can’t get in contact with her. You’ce had a bunch of contact with Even.

Isak: Yeah, but Sonja said he has been manic for the whole time.

Magnus: Who’s Sonja?

Isak: His ex.

Magnus: Uh? You’re gonna trust his ex saying he doesn’t have feelings for you? Smart, Isak. That’s the best thing I’ve heard all day. Wow! Wow.. What about asking Even how he feels? He’s not brain dead because he had a manic episode. Just talk to him when he’s calmed down.

Jonas: You’re actually pretty cool, Magnus.

Magnus: You’re only realizing that now?

Jonas: Yeah..

Magnus: Thanks, Jonas. You’re pretty cool yourself.

Translation: ‘Klikka’ (Gone nuts) - 06.12

Mahdi: Yeah it’s completely insane, what with that guy…

Jonas: I don’t get it, why have they been friends, he and Kim?

Mahdi: They’re just buds, he visits him and-

Jonas: Oh! Hi.

Mahdi: You kidding, they have waffles in the cafeteria?!

Isak: Yeah.

Mahdi: See ya!

Jonas: What’s up with you ditching school?

Isak: Uh, I’m feeling a bit down.

Jonas: What’s up?

Isak: Um…Even has gone nuts.

Jonas: Oh? What did he do?

Isak: He went outside, naked, in the middle of the night.

Jonas: Huh?

Isak: Turns out he’s bipolar.

(Magnus mumbles with his mouth full and sits down)

Magnus: My mother’s also bipolar.

Isak: Do you have a crazy mother as well?

Magnus: She’s not crazy, she’s bipolar.

Isak: Yeah, but, how is she?

Magnus: She’s awesome. She’s…you’ve met her, haven’t you?

Isak: Uh..yeah, I have! But she’s completely normal.

Magnus: Yes, she’s completely normal. She just has periods of time when she’s either depressed or happy. Who’re you talking about?

Isak: Even. He’s also bipolar.

Magnus: Oh.

Isak: He went outside, naked, in the middle of the night.

Magnus: Seriously?! Hilarious!

Isak: It’s not funny.

Magnus: It’s amusing, for fuck’s sake..You know what my mother once did? She was so fucking angry with NSB* so she found out who the regional manager was, and she sent in a resignation in his name, like “I give up, I can’t work anymore”. But, where’s Even now?

Isak: At home probably.

Magnus: Well, not physically, but..mentally. Is he happy or down?

Isak: I haven’t spoken to him.

Magnus: Why not?

Isak: Because he has…everything’s been bullshit from his side of this.

Magnus: What do you mean?

Isak: Well, he’s been manic.

Magnus: You’ve been with him for a long time, he hasn’t been manic all the time. At least, when my mother is manic it’s like…I can’t reach her, at all. You are perfectly fine reaching Even.

Isak: Yeah, but…Sonja said that he’s been manic the whole time.

Magnus: Who’s Sonja?

Isak: His ex.

Magnus: So you…So you trust his ex telling you he doesn’t have feelings for you? Smart, Isak! Best thing I’ve heard all day. Wow! Wow. How about asking Even how he feels? He’s not brain dead just because he had a manic episode, right. Just talk with him when he’s calmed down.

Jonas (off screen): You’re actually pretty cool, Mags.

Magnus: Mm! It dawns on you now?

Jonas: Yeah.

Magnus: Okay…thanks. Jonas, you’re also pretty cool.


Also NSB is the state-owned railway company in Norway (the trains are ALWAYS delayed)

“Worth It”

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader (College AU)

Summary: In which a friendship drastically changes due to an all-campus text alert about a strange man wandering the campus.

A/N: Another one from draft-purgatory. It feels weird releasing it into the wild.

“I hate you. So. Much,” Bucky deadpans, looking up from a stapled packet of papers. “It takes me two weeks to write something of this quality, yet you pulled it off in two hours.”

"We’ll know if it’s really ‘quality’ when Professor Coulson gives it back,” you yawn, snatching the 18-page research paper from him.

“How do I obtain your kind of focus? What’s your secret?”

“The startling realization that a deadline is actually 8am and not 8pm.”

The brunette stares at you as if you just grew a third eye on your forehead. “You’re either completely insane or a brilliant genius,” Bucky sighs with either admiration or exasperation.

“Well, all this insane genius wants to do right now is sleep,” you sleepily murmur as you slide your paper back into your bag.

“Too bad Coulson docks points if you’re absent.” Bucky swings his messenger bag around and swiftly zips it open and pulls out a bottled iced coffee. “Take this,” he nudges.

“For me?”

“No, for the unicorn behind you,” Bucky sarcastically says, pushing the iced coffee towards you. “I can tell by your dark circles that you didn’t sleep much.  Take it, you have class until 8pm today,” he insists.

Touched, you take the iced coffee and scrunch up your face in a cute way, but you don’t know that, of course. “You’re one of a kind, James Barnes,” you grin.

Bucky crosses his arms against his chest, a slightly peeved look crossing his face. “How many times did I ask you not to call me 'James’?“ he defeatedly sighs.

"A little less than a million times.” You laugh as Bucky looks like he can’t decide on laughing with you or strangling you, but both of you know that you’re absolutely right.

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look i can’t even read my dash at this point but i’m operating under the assumptions that 

a) flying the show into the ground is an intentional and completely insane reference to TRF

b) there is a secret fourth episode,

c) the episode alone has to justify and will justify the stunt they just pulled, and

d) we will see moriarty’s face on every screen in piccadilly circus by friday

no doubting we meta like true geek interpreters

oh and e) within the week they kiss with tongue and fireworks

Title: Pain With More Pain.

Even though it makes sense in our brains there are people who think we’re completely insane
they ask us why we try to fix pain with more pain
as they do not understand that this blade in our hand isn’t used because we’re insane
but because it was the easiest way to draw are attention away from the pain in our brain


Anyone remember the post i made after the first episode of this series went out and i said, savour every second of the airings because it was usually a pretty fun time, enjoying it all together, joining in with reactions, reading theories and so forth - because i feel like i envisioned the aftermath. 

This completely heinous, vicious, bordering insanity, this toxicity, like, even people who reallyfuckingshiptheshiptotheirdeath and have issues with s4 are like W HAT THE FUCKO. 

Yeah this part sucks. These things are ruining it (and trying to ruin lives of Sherlock creatives and trying to get the charities they have worked with for years to dump them!!!??!!) If Sherlock ever returns in the next 5, 10 years i will be truly gobsmacked, because they are. They’re ruining it for all of us.

And i despise how they think they’re the majority just cos they got a little more time, they think they a little louder. Well fuck that noise, they’re not louder. 

Suck this middle one

 and do what you should have done years ago and leave this fandom. Leave the creators the fuck alone. No one wants you here. None of your Sherlock peers finds what you’re doing acceptable - we don’t have to stand for this bullshit. You’ve tarnished everything. You should be ashamed of your behaviour. Why are you even doing that to yourselves, your brain thinks it’s okay?? Stay the hell away from SherlockedCon cos you’re not welcome there either. You should be ashamed to your core of the bullying you are doing to the adult, openly gay, extremely clever and successful in his own right!! man above^! What’s funny is, he’s probably done way more charity work (like, proper hands on charity work n'that!) for LGBT charities than these people screaming at him have probably ever done in their entire lives, which speaks volumes doesn’t it? anyways the damage is done. so thanks. but guess what? We can drown you out :) 

 So i feel i should end on a fairly positive note so. 

I support Mark G and BBC Sherlock. Thank you for a brilliant series 4. 

He Had It Coming (Stiles x Reader)

Crime AU: I went to a forest to bury a body but somebody was already there burying one

With prompts : “I’d kill for a coffee… literally.” “No. Regrets.” “Why can’t you appreciate my sense of humor?” “Welcome back. Now fucking help me.” “Don’t you dare play innocent. You got your hands just as dirty as mine.” “You know, when this is over, we should really have angry sex.”

Pairing: Reader x Stiles

Word count: 4,2k

Post-Teen wolf


Another bump in the road sent (Y/N)’s heart in a frenzy, making it jump in her chest, practically breaking through her ribs. She brought one of her sweaty palms to her forehead, leaning her elbow against the car’s door, and pushed her hair out of her face, feeling her forehead and rubbing her temple. This was completely insane, how what she supposed to get away with this? The blinding lights of another car came into the rear-view mirror, and that made (Y/N)’s heart beat accelerate yet again. Suddenly she wondered if twenty-six was too young for a heart attack, or if she could simply get out of this situation by kicking the bucket. That would be the end of it. It was still a brighter perspective than to finish her life in prison. After a few minutes, the car rounded the corner, and its lights disappeared.

She crossed yet another car that looked even more suspicious than the first one and she almost let go of the steering wheel when her hands began to shake even more. She didn’t have it in herself to do this, she didn’t- she couldn’t do it.

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Breaking out my baby

Imagine where the reader gets thrown in Arkham when Jerome is killed,since she was crying over his dead body and Jim saw this as an opportunity to arrest her.So when Jerome returns he goes to save her,finding her completely insane from being tortured


“No. Jerome please don’t leave me! No!” I sob over his body as blood pokes from his mouth and neck.

I’m numb to anything around me I don’t even notice Jim Gordon placing handcuffs on me and my hands behind my back. “(Y/n) (l/n) you’re under arrest.” I sob harder as they place me into the car and drive me to the station.

I don’t stop crying there. I never stopped. Not even they threw me in Arkham, strapped my to the bed, injected me with drugs, or fried my brains. I never stopped till one day where the screams turned into laughter.

I went from crying to laughing. Making a joke out of my pain. It’s an addiction I can’t stop. Laughter is…my escape. Laughter is my freedom.

I sit in my cell reading a book and sipping my coffee when a nurse comes in with a needle. “That time again? Oh alright then! Go ahead! Stickme baby!” I cackle and jump off the bed next to her holding out my arm.

She flinches as I get closer. “Ah you’re new! Well WELCOME! My name is (y/n)! Say…would you do me a favor?” She’s so taken over by fear she can’t move. “Awww honey! No need to be scared! What do you say you get me out of here and we can go shopping, get our nails done, maybe go get some sweets! Oh doesn’t that sound fun?!” I reach for the needle and snatch it from here quickly stabbing it into her neck.

She falls to the ground and I run out of the cell. I laugh as guards left and right race to get me. “YOU CAN’T CATCH ME!” I yell laughing. I turn the corner and see a door with a silver handle. “Oh shiny!” I grasp the handle hoping it would open the door but it doesn’t budge.

I turn around to see the guards with annoyed looks. I sigh and hold my wrists out. “Off to treatment we go.” They take me to the shock room where they strap me down and fry my brains, but honestly it makes me feel warm and fuzzy.

I cackle as my hairs stand up. “Come on Doc oh hit me one more time!” He rolls his eyes and turns the electricity up. “Crazy bitch.”

I was placed in solitary confinement, but I didn’t mind. They gave me paper and markers to keep my occupied, but as I was coloring a picture of a flower gunshots are heard and screams fill the air.

Jerome POV:

I shoot the guards as they run up to me. I hit one in the face with the butt of the gun and look down at him laughing. “Where is she?”

(Y/n) POV:

Move shots and screams continue through the entire asylum. I don’t think too much of it until I hear a laugh. A adorable laugh that I know matches a even more adorable smile.

I stand up and go to the door and look out the window seeing a smoked up hallway. The laugh gets closer and loud footsteps a sound. I start bouncing on the padded floor in excitement.

I’ve heard rumors about it. Villains being reborn, but I didn’t want to get my hopes up. I see a flash of red hair and bang on the door


He turns to look at me and smiles. He motions for me to back up and I do as told moving away from the door.

In seconds it’s blown open and I’m in his arms. I look up to see his face is lined in staples and he’s got a permanent smile scared into his skin. He moves my hair out of the way and looks at the scars on my body. “Oh doll what have they done to you?” I giggle and kiss him. “Nothing I couldn’t handle J. I’m free. Now let’s get out of here.”

We run down the hallways free, laughing, and shooting anything in sight. It’s good to be free.

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Sleepless Nights

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Summary: Reader has insomnia. Sam is there to comfort her.

Word Count: 1kish

Warnings: Angst, Light Fluff

Author’s Note: Hey guys! This is my entry for @letsgetoutalive‘s Mental Illness Awareness Challenge. I got Insomnia. It was harder than I thought it would be. I hope you guys like it. Feedback is greatly appreciated!! <3

My eyes burned. My head felt like it was about to explode. I wanted to cry so damn bad as I stared hopelessly at the red ugly numbers on the alarm clock. They were making fun of me, I just knew it.


How pathetic could I be? How much more of this would I be able to take before I went completely insane? My body literally felt like it was deteriorating, my skin crawling with frustration as I lay in bed, slowly watching the night turn to day.

Another sleepless night. How many was that exactly? Ten? Fifteen? I didn’t know. All I knew was that I wanted nothing more than to close my eyes and sleep. Forever.

I rubbed my eyes, the frustration getting to me, making me dig my palms into my sockets, putting pressure on them and making me see stars.

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anonymous asked:

OK HOLD ON. hOLD ON. So that one panel in the update with the plant's color being drained by DT or something. And now there's a white patch in Sans' soul aura thing. Is the red in his soul burning away his soul's color like it did with the plant or am I just going completely insane?

The white/gray is a thing yes.

The red is definitely burning out the plants.

But as far as Sans soul, the white spots might not be a bad thing.

My Emotions during Yuri on Ice Ep. 12: A Summary

~Screaming during everyone’s free skate
~Slapping myself and making weird noises out of joy every time Yuri did something amazing
~Making weird squeaks when Viktor started to cry
~Whispering “thank you” and “this is all I ever wanted” during Viktor and Yuri’s pair skate as tears run down my face
~Being completely okay with looking insane