completely in love with this movie

reddie hc

-after beating pennywise for the first time, most of the losers completely forget about It

-except eddie

-every single night, he’s plagued with these awful nightmares that leave him literally afraid of falling asleep

-so he doesn’t; he just sits there in bed and waits for the morning to come

-he used to love the sunrise, but now he hates it because it reminds him of everything he can’t have

-whenever the losers asked why he looked so tired, he always brushed it off as stress

-that is, until the time he literally passed out while they were at the fair

-one second, he and richie were just chilling and eating ice cream and the next his legs were swaying and he nearly fell on the concrete

-richie caught him

-richie was flipping out, and got confused when the people at the hospital said eddie had passed out because he hadn’t slept in about three days

-when eddie got home from the hospital, richie waited for the other losers to leave before confronting him

-eddie came clean about everything, and richie just pulled him into a tight hug which kinda confused eddie but he loved it anyway

-every night after that, at around 11, eddie would hear something hit his window

-it would be richie throwing pebbles like the romantic cliche he is

-eddie would let him in, and richie would sit with him, tell him stories, play with his hair, or just cuddle him until he fell asleep

-richie would stay until around five in the morning so he wouldn’t get caught by mrs.k

-he would leave a note on eddie’s forehead for him to find when he wakes up

-basically, richie helps eddie sleep

-sometimes though, eddie still gets his nightmares

-richie can tell when they’re happening because eddie starts muttering and fidgeting around a lot

-richie always tries to wake him up and talk him through it afterwards

-he hates to see eddie like that and does everything he can to help

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Dating Got7 | Jackson Wang

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  • He’d be not only your boyfriend, but your best friend
  • Not to mention your number one hype man…
  • Like…you may see something as a little event or victory…but he cheers you on for the mere fact your breathing.
  • Your probably best friends with Mark.
  • Okay…more than likely you’re going to be best friends with Mark.
  • “It’s a date Jackson…dates normal don’t include friends unless it’s a double date…”
  • In the end you’d probably end up taking Mark with you to the arcade or the movies with you.
  • That’s okay though, the reason Jackson loves you is that you love the other members.
  • Which is why you’d always be at the dorms.
  • You could suggest a quiet night watching movies at your place…
  • But why have that when you could be completely surrounded by the other guys throwing popcorn at each other.
  • Jackson does love the more more tender moments though.
  • He’s a big teddy bear.
  • Skinship would be a thing. 
  • Lots of it…
  • Holding hands, kisses, hugs, cuddling…
  • Even just resting his hand on yours…
  • Pet names like: Honey, babe, sweetheart, love…he’d throw them all at you
  • Dates that you managed to get away from the guys would often include coffee, amusment parks, carnivals, or fancy dinners.
  • He’d want to see a smile on your face so any date his mission would be to make sure you smiled
  • So they would be fun dates…
  • Or over the top fancy and romantic
  • He doesn’t really have an in between when it comes to that sort of thing.
  • You’ll learn to enjoy the gym (if you don’t already)
  • Jackson would never force you to go to the gym
  • He loves you just the way you are (and he’d tell you that every day)
  • But even if it was just a twice a week thing, he would love having you with him at the gym.
  • You’ll probably learn to love and budget for the organic market…
  • Cause Jackson only eats organic.
  • “Oh, you got organic bananas?”
  • “That’s what you wanted and…well they taste good…”
  • “And the kale…”
  • “Probably gonna rot in the fridge but I might try it.”
  • Jackson truly is a gentle soul and always puts others before himself
  • Even if he’s sick, he makes sure other people are taking good care of themselves
  • So you’ll have to watch out for him
  • Cause he might say he’s fine, but he’s putting on a brave face so you don’t worry.
  • You’d truly be each other’s biggest support systems
  • He’d know that you support him in everything he does
  • So he would be sending all him love and support back to everything you do.

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I loved your meta about Kylo and Rey's backstories. When you said you'll pick the discussion up in the present (aka the events of The Last Jedi), did you mean after the release of The Last Jedi, or will you do a TLJ speculation meta based off the trailer?

I’ll pick it up before the film, and will continue to base my spec on the trailer. My analysis will completely shift gear after the movie, as we’ll then have many of the answers we seek!

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cast the avengers as characters from your favorite movies

So, like, pick some of my non-marvel favourite movies, and put an avenger in there as a character…? Okiee this is gonna be hard… I have no idea what my fave non-marvel films are… I’m going to extend it to fave tv shows as well to make it easier… actually… you know what?

I’d love to see an Avengers x Brooklyn Nine Nine crossover!!

Tony Stark as Jake Peralta - the quick-witted yet goofy nerd who is completely oblivious to social cues. has no brain filter. is awkward. messes up a lot. leave him alone or he will cry.

Nick Fury as Captain Holt - the savage af leader of the precinct who is just trying to keep his child detectives from getting into trouble.

Thor as Terry Jeffords - the buff guy that looks like he can kill u but is actually very soft and sensitive.

Natasha Romanoff as Rosa Diaz - the emotionally detached detective that does not give a shit about your feelings. gets shit done. takes no shit from u.

Steve Rogers as Amy Santiago - the competitive, goody-two-shoes detective who is in constant competition with Tony. also, they bicker a lot but at the end of the day, they have each other’s backs.

Bruce Banner as Charles Boyle - super sensitive. loves food. is very smol. is Tony’s best friend.

Clint Barton as Gina Linetti - does fuck all. takes all of the credit. Constantly sasses the real detectives and loves to start Drama™

Underwatched Animated Films I Recommend You See at Least Once in Your Life

EDIT: i didn’t expect this post to get so many notes. for the record, these are just my personal recommendations, not a definitive list of best underrated animation. i also did not include anything made by Disney. I know that they made some movies that didn’t get as much attention as their other hits, but lists of underwatched Disney films are pretty common, so I thought I’d make one of films by studios that aren’t household names. 

Angel’s Egg (1985)

This movie is a nearly silent film with painstakingly beautiful frames and environmental details. All I can say is that it is a real piece of art worth watching and can be watched on YouTube here.

Les Triplets de Belleville (The Triplets of Belleville) (2005)

An incredibly quirky, strange and humorous French film, also with almost no dialogue. The colors, creative storytelling, and almost caricature-like designs make the Triplets a must-see. The setting and timeframe is left sort of abstract, but it’s a clear transition from last-century rural France to the hustle and bustle of urban America. Lots of homage is paid to cartoons from the 1920s.

Mindgame (2004)

This movie, quite like the title says, blew my mind. It’s also incredibly strange and out-there, but the awkward imagery gives way to real emotion and huge payoff by the end. The colors and animation are delightful, and always tailored to the situation. It is an amazing intersection of an altered state, a love story, a struggle to get home, an existential trip, and an unlikely group of friends. I almost always cry when I watch this. Seriously, can’t stress this enough. There is absolutely nothing like Mindgame. 

Le Chat du Rabbin (The Rabbi’s Cat) (2011)

Rabbi’s Cat is a French film based on a French comic by the same name. The comic artist also directed the movie. Honestly, the dialogue  in this is unmatched. Both Cat and Rabbi are witty and have the best banter. The setting is one of the most unique and real-feeling I’ve ever seen a film take place in: a Jewish community in Algeria. It’s wonderful and incredibly charming, could not recommend more.

Tekkonkinkreet (2006)

This movie hits me on a number of levels. I have so much love for the two orphans, Black and White. The story quickly becomes raw and almost difficult, as it touches on a lot of the feelings we see in things like Grave of the Fireflies, but in a much more abstract way and on a much grander scale. Also less sad, but there are very sad parts also. I guess the best way to describe this movie is intense. While there are a lot of sweet, domestic moments, none of the gruesome reality is sugercoated for you. 

The visuals are all completely stunning; the art is on another level. Treasure Town is a rich, fantastical environment and the characters flow through it effortlessly, like water. You gotta see this at least once in your life. 

Chico and Rita (2010)

An American/Spanish romance between an aspiring piano player and a young singer. The film opens in Cuba and has a vibrant and unique visual style while exploring a multitude of music styles and cultural backdrops. It’s touching and sweet, but does not erase the hardships of being a black music star in America or living through the Castro regime. 

Wizards (1977)

Ralph Bakshi is notorious for underappreciated gems. Wizards is set in a post-apocalyptic fantasy world where magic is real and man has survived the radiation to evolve into fairies, elves, and dwarves. It’s a classic nature vs industry story with Bakshi’s unique spin. My favorite character is Necron 99, the assassin robot turned pacifist. I’ll warn you though, Bakshi films aren’t everyone’s taste (he’s responsible for Fritz the Cat, which against my better judgement I recommend as well).

Wizards was completed during the dark age of animation, and its fascinating to see how Bakshi gets around these limitations to produce something that grossed more than twice its budget.

Memories (1995)

Memories is a three part anthology based on three different manga short stories, Magnetic Rose, Stink Bomb, and Cannon Fodder. While the entirety of the movie is beautifully animated and worth the watch, the best of these is the first one. It is a mysterious, tragic sci-fi horror short film set in space and worked on by Satoshi Kon (so of course its amazing).
Guillermo del Toro's highly personal monster film 'The Shape of Water' speaks to 'what I feel as an immigrant'
Director Guillermo del Toro speaks about his latest movie, "The Shape of Water," one of the breakout films of the Telluride Film Festival.
By Josh Rottenberg

Obviously the world has changed dramatically since you were shooting this film. I can’t imagine you could anticipate the way those themes would resonate …

I did. And the reason why is that I’m Mexican. I’ve been going through immigration all my life, and I’ve been stopped for traffic violations by cops and they get much more curious about me than the regular guy. The moment they hear my accent, things get a little deeper.

I know it sounds kind of glib, but honestly, what we are living I saw brewing through the Obama era and the Clinton era. It was there. The fact that we got diagnosed with a tumor doesn’t mean the cancer started now.

Hopefully one of the things the movie shows is that from 1962 to now, we’ve taken baby steps — and a lot of them not everyone takes. The thing that is inherent in social control is fear. The way they control a population is by pointing at somebody else — whether they’re gay, Mexican, Jewish, black — and saying, “They are different than you. They’re the reason you’re in the shape you’re in. You’re not responsible.” And when they exonerate you through vilifying and demonizing someone else, they control you.

I think the movie says that there are so many more reasons to love than to hate. I know you sound a lot smarter when you’re skeptical and a cynic, but I don’t care.

But you’re not on a mission to change the way people see genre?

No, I can’t. I know that what I saw when I was a kid had redemptive powers. Some people find Jesus. I found Frankenstein. And the reason I’m alive and articulate and semi-sane is monsters. It’s not an affectation. It’s completely spiritually real to me. And I’m not going to change.

“Zoe loves the movies. So I knew if I was going to propose, it had to involve the movies. But I can’t make a movie myself because I don’t work in film. So I had to get creative. I ordered a black-and-white Italian film from a vintage film dealer. It seemed vaguely romantic. I spent four months editing it on my computer. I changed all the subtitles. I cut out the harem scene. I completely changed the plot so that it resembled our lives. I wrote some dialogue about picture frames because Zoe’s family owns a frame shop. And I love trains. So I made the main character a train enthusiast. When I finished the editing, I rented out a small theater with sixty seats. I invited all of Zoe’s friends and family. I made sure everyone sat in the front and didn’t turn around. The weather was beautiful that day. Zoe didn’t want to go to a movie. We got in a big fight about it, but I finally convinced her. I was so nervous that I laughed during the whole film. I’d seen all the jokes 1000 times but I laughed at them anyway. Then during the final scene, the main characters started speaking to the audience, and one of them asked: ‘Does anyone here want to get married?’ So I stood up. The lights came on. All her friends and family turned around. And I gave a speech that I prepared. I was so nervous that I forgot to ask the actual question. But Zoe bailed me out and said ‘yes’ anyway.”


pepperony week 2017:
∟day three: family/kids

Whoever you ship Eddie with…. please avoid making them ‘protect’ Eddie an excessive amount, please don’t woobify or paint him as weak. The person who saw him as weak, who wanted to protect him? That was his mother who deeply traumatized him, and by extension his wife Myra.

Yes, on the surface, Eddie is weak but he proves he is strong and brave many times, like when he spits in Bowers face and when he sprays his inhaler at IT (in the novel). To have Eddie ‘rescued’ or ‘protected’ shows a lack of understanding of the character, or just pure laziness.

In summary, don’t portray Eddie Kaspbrak as small, weak, defenceless etc. Don’t have Richie or Bill or whoever ‘protect’ him, that’s exactly the kind of relationship which Eddie was miserable in- it forced him to be something he’s not, kind of like what you’re doing.

one of the best things about lilo & stitch, imo, is how chill both the family and society at large are with stitch’s overall stichiness. i mean, stitch pretends to be a dog throughout most of the movie, and even though no one really buys that, you know. at least he was making an effort to appear normal to human eyes, by hiding his extra pair of arms and not talking. but by the end of it? stitch doesn’t give a shit. lilo and nani and everyone else don’t really give a shit either. stitch dances with lilo and the girls, performs david’s number with him in public, is taken to school by lilo and scribbles his space travel route on the chalkboard, and everyone is like, ‘yep, that’s just lilo’s little…. something…. doing his thing, nothing to see here’

ACC Rant

(Feel free to ignore this.)

Okay I just-

I need to rant. I was watching Advent Children (Complete) again today and I just-

I love Tifa. I do. I really do. But dear god this is not okay.

I get it, I really do. Both of the kids are gone, kidnapped by what are basically miniature-Sephiroths, she’s scared and frustrated and feels helpless. Cloud has been constantly coming and going for two years now, and she’s looking for stability that isn’t there. She’s taking out her frustration and fear of the situation on the first person there who comes into conflict with her. But I just-

That scene. I hate that scene so much. Because while I understand where Tifa is coming from, she has absolutely no idea what she’s talking about.

I’m sure that everyone (minus Vincent and Nanaki, probably) expected for him to be okay after meteor. Tifa thought that he’d be there and be stable, be okay and around. After all, Sephiroth is gone, ShinRa is gone, the WRO is up and running and getting everyone electricity again. Cid is providing transportation, and Barrett is providing fuel. Everything’s okay now, right? Why should Cloud not be okay?

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The Fool - beginnings, innocence, a new life
The World - completion, fulfillment, the end of a journey

I’ve had the idea to draw something like this for so long lol. like, since right after the movie came out? holy shit that’s two years ago? also hey if this is something you like, maybe check out this form please? 

Masterpost: Yana Toboso’s blog/twitter post translations

People who visit my blog on PC probably know that there’s already a masterpost of all my past blog/twitter post translations, but the majority of people seems to use the mobile version of tumblr and therefore have no access to it (?), so here’s a masterpost that is hopefully accessible to everyone! Also, I’d appreciate it if you could check this masterpost *first* before asking me “Has Yana ever talked about XX on her blog?” xD

Disclaimer: I’m not a professional translator but just a normal Japanese Kuro fan with intermediate English skills, and I primarily translate all these Kuro related posts for myself, namely to improve my English! All posts marked with * are proofread by my precious, lovely friend minacchin though (thank you for your help<3), so you can expect a flawless English translation :)

Yana Toboso:

Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler:

Sebastian Michaelis:

Ciel and the Phantomhive household:

Lizzy and the Midfords:

Grim reapers:

Other characters:


Live action movie:

Drama CD:

“Nijishitsuji2” scanlations in cooperation with frederickabblerline:

Tips: If you don’t know where to start reading, here are some tips. The posts in bold are the ones that got over 1000 notes. And the ones in italic are my personal faves that I found funny/interesting and definitely recommend you to read! :)

And finally, thank you to all those people who read and liked my translations and sent me lovely, encouraging messages in the past 2.5 years! ♡♡

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Have fun reading Yana’s posts<3

Lazy Days with Tom (and Tessa)...
  • waking up, stretching, then turning around to face Tom who was already slightly pouting, wearing his signature puppy dog eyes
    • please,” he’d whine while making grabby hands towards you
    • sighing but finally giving into him
  • that day would be a designated lazy day where you’d do nothing but stay in bed and cuddle 
  • and fuck 
  • he’d have bedhead the entire day and it made him look that much more soft 
    • “mmm, you’re so warm,” he’d mumble into your neck as he draped his body over yours
  • hearing light scratching and whimpering at the door signalling that Tessa was up and not happy that she had not been fed yet
    • “she’s your dog, you feed her,” you’d argue as you both figured out who would have to get out of bed
    • “but you’re her mommy,” he’d pout and bat his eyelashes for extra effect making you roll your eyes and sigh
  • eventually you both get up because neither of you came to a conclusion 
  • Tessa jumping all over you and Tom once the door is opened
    • “c’mon, darling, this way,” Tom would coo at Tessa and you’d just swoon even harder for him
  • feeding Tessa before you even think about your own breakfast
    • “what do you feel like eating?” You ask before Tom comes up behind you, wrapping his arms around you waist and resting his head on your shoulder
    • but then whispering “you,” in your ear before lifting you onto the counter 
  • kitchen sex is a given, duh
    • “so really, what do you want for breakfast,” as you both become giggly messes cleaning each other up
  • deciding on pancakes cause its cliche and easy to make 
  • Tom eyeing the batter, wanting to stick his finger in it to smear it on your face
  • you aren’t dumb and you see right through him
    • “don’t even think about it,” while you’re in the middle of flipping a pancake
    • he just freezes because how did you know ????
  • him dancing around the kitchen with Tessa distracting you to the point of almost burning the pancakes 
  • him finally being useful and setting the table and cutting up some strawberries 
  • instead of sitting across from you, he set the table so he’d be beside you and you think it’s the cutest thing ever
    • “I just like being near you s’all,” he shrugs but you see the blush 
    • “I like being near you too,” you say, pressing a kiss to his cheek before grabbing his arm so he’d sit as well
  • having friends play in the background as you both talk about whatever comes to mind
  • he ends up smearing the maple syrup over your nose as you squeal 
    • “I’ll get it,” with a smirk and a wink before he kisses it off
  • you washing the dishes and him drying them because you’re a team™
  • Tessa getting ansty knowing she wants to go for a walk and probably go to the bathroom 
    • “we can let her out in the yard, she’ll be fine,” he promises but you see how sunny it is outside and suggest to go for a walk instead
  • even though it’s sunny, it’s pretty cold so Tom bundles you up in his sweater, pulling one of his beanies over your head, and pressing a kiss to your nose
  • Tessa almost dragging Tom around the park 
  • you can’t stop laughing at it
    • “baby it’s not my fault, she’s a strong girl,”
  • finally the three of you are getting pooped so you head back
  • where Tom pulls you into bed almost the second you’re back in your room
    • “let’s take a nap,” he mumbles 
    • he’s out before you can even reply
  • but you just play with his hair deciding on catching up on your reading since this is the only peaceful time you have 
  • Tessa barging into your room and jumping onto the bed, waking Tom up 
  • you can’t even scold her because Tom loves her so much 
    • “aw babygirl just missed her mommy and daddy,” he’d chuckle as Tessa cuddled in between the two of you
  • she’d get so many belly and head scratches 
  • best day for her hands down 
  • but then Tom shooing her away out of the room, confusing you
    • “why’d you kick her out ????”
    • “because I don’t want her seeing what’s gonna happen next,”
  • lazy, but passionate sex 
  • twice
  • Tom ordering pizza and setting a timer for when it should get there 
    • “it it’s not here in forty minutes it’s free!!” 
    • and you’d just laugh at him but it’s so cute 
  • flipping a coin to see who has to answer the door 
  • it ends up being Tom and he just grumbles about how you’re lucky I love you
  • he ordered so much pizza for two people 
    • “there’s no way we’re gonna finish all this,” 
    • “I’m a growing boy, let me eat,”
  • more sex because he can’t get enough of you 
  • but when it starts to get dark you lay your head in his lap as he plays with your hair while watching a movie 
  • you don’t realise you’ve dozed off until Tom’s peppering you with kisses
    • “I made us some tea, love,”
  • taking the mug and thanking him before cuddling into his side once again 
  • deciding to play mario kart but it just ends up in Tom whining like a little baby because he can’t seem to win against you 
  • makeup sex !!!!
  • finally you’re both getting tired
  • and Tessa’s already in bed with you, cuddling with you both as you and Tom just stare at each other in complete darkness 
    • “I love you so much, darling,” he’d whisper into your ear, sending shivers down your spine 
    • mumbling, “love you more,” in your drowsy state 
    • hearing a faint, “love you most,” from him before falling asleep against his chest with a smile on your face
  • Tom watches you drift off thinking how he’s the luckiest guy before falling asleep himself