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Attention (Kyungsoo x OC)

Description: Because who doesn’t like being acknowledged?

Genre: Smut

“She really had some nerve. Some fucking nerve.”

This was the ever repeating mantra in the man’s head, said man leaning lazily against the wall of the cozy penthouse suite. His scorching gaze was on the subject of his irritated thoughts, said subject being completely out of line right now, in his humble opinion. The man took a long sip of his drink, the alcohol burning his throat and making his eyes slightly water but he didn’t care. He was more concerned about the object of his desire on the other side of the room. His glare intensified, as if by sheer rage, the newly proclaimed cheating wench would feel his heated stare and stop what she was doing immediately.

Unfortunately for the man, his stare only seemed to make matters worse. The little minx smirked, a faint smirk that he just knew was meant for him, before she playfully placed her hand on the chest of the center of the problem. Was she being serious right now? The man scoffed, a small exhalation of air that spurred on the curve of his pink lips. Instead of doing what he wanted to do, storming across the room and dragging what was rightfully his away, he would sit and watch this impending shit storm. It wouldn’t get too far, no. SooRi wasn’t like that.

She was bold, but not that fucking bold.

The man had already claimed victory in his mind as he watch the playful borderline seductive flirting transpiring by the large window. He took another sip of his drink, cheshire grin still firmly planted on his handsome face. The anger was still burning strong in his mind, but he pushed it back and took in the beauty of the woman. She had really dressed up for this small office party, something he knew was done with the intent of attracting attention. Her delicate feet were decorated by tall black pumps that accentuated her calves. The black dress that wrapped her body like a tight glove stopped a few inches above the knee, giving the world a great view of her beautiful legs and thighs. The dress was a bit low cut, yet still classy, smoothing over the tantalizing swell of her chest. Her hair was left in soft waves, one side tucked behind her right ear and pinned into place. Her makeup was subtly sultry, dark eyeliner bringing out the depth in her piercing eyes, cheeks dusted a faint pink and lips glossed over a shiny pink color. She looked gorgeous, she knew this and she knew that everyone else knew this. And she used it to her advantage just to annoy the man currently drilling holes into the side of her head.

He finally felt his resolve snap when the woman went over board. She had slightly leaned up on the tips of her toes and laid a swift kiss of the cheek of the man that had caught her attention. A man that wasn’t him. He quickly discarded his drink on the low table beside him and walked with firm steps across the room and stopped in front of the pair.

The male was the first to acknowledge his sudden appearance and smiled jovially, not having a clue about the disaster that he had helped create. He almost felt bad for the idiot, but he had more  pressing matters to attend to.

“Oh, Kyungsoo! I’ve barely seen you at all this evening. Are you enjoying the party?”

Kyungsoo twitched his brow as a sign of greeting and his dark eyes settled on the woman no more than two feet in front of him. “It’s been a very…interesting night so far. Thank you for asking, Jongdae.”

Jongdae’s smile widened and he began to ramble on about how long it took what’s-her-face down in the editing office to plan this party. Kyungsoo nodded from time to time but his stare never wavered from the irritatingly calm woman. Is that how it was going to be? How childish. They could have discussed this before the party like two civilized adults, but no. SooRi just had to be the stubborn one that wouldn’t break. Little did she know, he was going to get her for this, and that thought alone made his raging blood flow smoothly through his veins.

SooRi looked between the two men, her fun clearly ruined at the hands of a Mr. Do Kyungsoo, and she politely excused herself. She was still highly upset with the man and she was going to make sure he got the point loud and clear. Kyungsoo’s eyes dragged after her figure as she walked up the coiled staircase up to the second floor of the suite. He grinned successfully and after a few minutes of coherent nodding but not really listening, he also dismissed himself from the other male that seemed to talk a mile a minute.

He retraced her steps up the staircase and looked around the perimeter until he saw faint light outlining the doorframe of a room on the left hand side of the hallway. He took his time walking over to the door before he grabbed the doorknob and gently pushed the door open. He took in the woman’s figure, perched invitingly on the edge of the porcelain sink of what he belatedly realized was a very large bathroom. The lights were dimmed, yet he could still see her clearly. He shut the door behind him and locked it; there would be no interruptions; not if he could help it.

“You left the door unlocked,” he nonchalantly greeted.

SooRi scoffed and turned her head toward her guest, “Because I knew you’d be coming up here. Now what do you want?”

Kyungsoo laughed incredulously at the woman, walking to stand right in front of her and trap her in place with his arms on either side of her. The cold porcelain helped to calm his heating nerves, but only a bit. The look of defiance in her eyes kept his rage alive and pulsing and he wouldn’t be satisfied until that look was completely gone.

“What do I want? How about an explanation.”

“What for?”

Kyungsoo closed his eyes and exhaled harshly through his nostrils. He opened his eyes and stared the woman down, delight bubbling in his chest when the stubborn tint in her expression faltered. Now he had her undivided attention and she was damn sure about to listen to him.

“Now, you’re going to tell me what the fuck you think you were doing downstairs with Kim Jongdae, and it better be a good explanation, or so help me-”

“What? You’re going to break up with me? Go ahead! It’s already like we’re not even together.”

A-ha, what have we here? Kyungsoo had thought this would be the issue, but he didn’t think she would act so carelessly to the situation. He sighed and raised his hand to stroke her cheek, not at all surprised when she moved her head away from his touch. He lowered his hand and tried to calmly talk to her.

“SooRi, you know that I care about you. We both decided that it would be better not to talk about our relationship for a while.”

The woman shook her head in annoyance; could he really be this stupid?

“It’s been six months, Kyungsoo. We have been official, together, boyfriend and girlfriend, whatever the hell you want to call it, for six whole months. I know it’s hard because we work together, but it still hurts to know that you don’t want to publicize our relationship.”

Kyungsoo understood where she was coming from, but he wished she understood where he was coming from. He didn’t want their relationship becoming such a big deal that it reflected on their work. He didn’t want to see her upset at all, and it saddened him to know that he had caused that pout on her pretty face. However, he didn’t think she should have acted like that just to prove a point. What was her point, anyway?

“Look, I understand you’re upset, but I didn’t think you’d act so immaturely about it. I mean you were practically all over him. And that kiss? I didn’t know anger would make you act like this.”

SooRi’s eyes slit into a tight glare, eyeliner making the gaze more intense. She crossed her arms over her chest, a small action that got Kyungsoo’s heart racing slightly.

“Act like what, Kyungsoo?”

Kyungsoo looked directly into her eyes with a dark glare of his own and lowered his lips until they barely brushed against hers.

“Don’t make me say it.”

SooRi huffed and pushed him back harshly before turning to the door. “Oh, you thought I was acting like a whore? Let me go downstairs and show you how a whore would really act.”

He’d had it. He had absolutely had it with this girl. She wanted people to know so badly without even considering the negatives. Sometimes her one-track mind irritated him to no end. She didn’t even get to the door before he had grabbed her wrist and forced her back none too gently against the wooden barrier. He held her hands down at her sides so that she couldn’t push him away. She had started this and he was damn sure going to finish it.

“You want everyone to know we’re together? Fine. They’re going to know.”

SooRi couldn’t even get a word in before his lips were tightly sealed over her own, she couldn’t even register how quickly he had gotten her mouth open and began massaging her tongue with his own. The lip gloss of her lips made the kiss glide smoother than she could ever think possible. She couldn’t stop herself when she moaned into the kiss and arched her body off of the door, making sure that her breast brushed against Kyungsoo’s broad chest. He moved his lips down to her soft neck and smirked against the skin when a shiver raced down her entire body. Her neck had always been delightfully sensitive, and with that thought in mind, he sank his teeth slowly into the soft patch of flesh right below her ear. He chuckled against her neck when she screamed out and arched against him again. He smirked happily.

‘Hope you heard that, Jongdae.’

He released her hands and almost immediately her hands were clenched in his soft black hair. He winced when she tugged a little too tightly, but he kept his teeth buried into her neck before letting up to smooth his tongue over his teeth prints and suck in the inflamed skin.

She was already forgetting what they had even been arguing about, and she hated him for it. Kyungsoo never failed to take her breath away, and thoughts away. The things he did to her were indescribable and she wouldn’t have it any other way. Now with the threat of being caught in a more than compromising position, her heart beat increased, and though she could give a fat rat’s ass at this moment who came trotting up the wrong set of stairs, a cloud of fear was still present in the back of her mind.

“Kyungsoo, stop. W-we can’t do this. Not…here.”

“Too late. You wanted this so badly, didn’t you? Well now you’re getting it. You’re welcome.”

He reached one hand up her dress and quickly ripped her underwear, discarding the useless pieces of fabric to the ground. He bunched up her dress around her waist and  cut off her protest with a rough kiss and lifted her frame up against the door and securely wrapped her legs around his waist. He nipped and sucked on her lips like he couldn’t get enough of them, and he couldn’t. The way she mewled softly into his mouth made a quick vibration to his cock and he decided that foreplay wasn’t really the way to go tonight, especially with a room full of people just downstairs.

“As much as I want to take my time with you and make you beg for it, we’re a bit pressed for time.”

He made quick work of pushing down his trousers and lowering the band of his boxers just enough to let his hardness spring free of its confines. She smiled before she licked her palm and brought her hand down to stroke the heated flesh. Kyungsoo shuddered and leaned even further into her. He heard her giggle happily, probably really pleased with herself like the tease she is. SooRi loved the feel of Kyungsoo’s heated cock in her hand; it made her feel like she had the upper hand even if she really didn’t. She moved her unoccupied hand to loosen his soft silk tie and leaned against his neck to place a few kisses of her own.

“You said we’re pressed for time. What are you waiting for, hm?”

Kyungsoo growled and removed her hand quickly. He aligned himself and plunged so deep inside of her aching wet core that she couldn’t help the moan/scream that ripped from her throat. He tightly fixed her hand under her bent knee, the other hand fisted tightly in her hair.

“That’s right, baby, let them hear you.”

He began a brutal pace, not even letting her adjust to his size. Not that she really cared one way or the other; she was content with whatever Kyungsoo gave her because it was always good. She wrapped her arms around his neck and buried her face against his throat, biting her lips so that no sound escaped save for the occasional whimper. Kyungsoo forced her head back and bit at her lips until he heard an audible moan. He knew he would be victorious tonight, she really should know better. But it wasn’t about who won or lose, he wanted to make sure she knew that he listened to her. More or less.

SooRi’s brows creased as she felt her stomach start to tighten and her groans grew louder. But the feeling was short lived as Kyungsoo slowed down and lowered her feet to the ground. She opened her mouth to curse him to high hell until he grabbed the back of her neck and bent her over the sink. He pushed her body so that she was looking directly at their disheveled appearances before he roughly entered her again. Her moans grew quickly and she was a shaking mess by his third thrust. She tried to bury her head in the crook between her upper arm and elbow, but Kyungsoo would have none of that, oh no. He grabbed the soft hair at the nape of her neck and forced her to look into the mirror. The man slowed to a gentle rocking motion and lowered his lips to her ear.

“Don’t you dare look away from this mirror, do you understand me? I want you to see your face when I make you cum. I want you to see and feel every single thing I do to you.”

She inhaled sharply and nodded, eyes connected to his through the reflection staring back at her. He stood fully again and began to thrust quickly and roughly into the woman. He could feel the rage from earlier finally exploding within him and mixing with animalistic lust. He felt his stomach tighten, but he’d be damned if he came before she did. He used the hand not tangled in her hair to toy with her clit as he plowed into her almost faster than he could keep up with.

SooRi could feel herself starting to come undone due to the treatment she was receiving. She strained to keep her lidded eyes open. She looked at Kyungsoo’s face, teeth gritted and sweat beading his brow. His eyes were piercing through her own and she felt herself quivering.

Kyungsoo leaned over her to bite her ear and command roughly, “Scream my name. Let everyone know who’s doing this to you.”

SooRi felt herself releasing and with a cry of his name loud enough that she was sure the whole street would here she sank into a trembling abyss of pure white. Kyungsoo welcomed the tightening suction and thrusted a few more times until he came deep inside of her, not moving until he was sure there was nothing left.

He draped himself over her body and kissed her neck softly.

“Happy now?”

SooRi chuckled and moved her neck to kiss him swiftly on the lips, “Ecstatic.”

They took a few minutes to calm down before getting themselves together. Kyungsoo laughed hard at SooRi’s failed attempt to cover up the huge purple hickey on her neck and moved out of the way when she raised her hand menacingly. They shared a sweet, unrushed kiss, and smiled contently before opening the door to find a very shocked Jongdae.

Kyungsoo smirked and tilted his head at the man. SooRi wanted to curl into a ball and die.

“U-um…everyone was wondering where you two went and we heard sounds from up here. I-I came to find…you…two.”

Kyungsoo chuckled and patted Jongdae on the shoulder, “Well, you found us.”

He grabbed SooRi’s hand and led her down the stairs where even more shocked eyes were locked on them. Kyungsoo noted that the classical music that was playing earlier was now off and smiled to himself. At least he got his point across loud and clear.

The spectacle of the party ended with Kyungsoo dragging a mortified SooRi out of the suite.

Mission accomplished.

anonymous asked:

Will you write a meta about the Klaroline phone call ? Because I never saw something on a scene who just happened so I really hope to see that one day ^^

Well I know this might be a tad later than you’d prefer, but better late than never! And since I’ve seen dozens of KCers already wax poetic about every inch of romantic and relationship text and subtext in this itty bitty scene I think it would be better for me to look at it from a somewhat broader perspective, what it meant for the characters, for the shows, and most importantly what kind of a foundation it was for Klaroline going forward. 

And while I personally have felt quite apathetic about the actual scene, I do think that it’s incredibly important to acknowledge that this is exactly what the scene really was, a building block for Klaroline going forward. So if we could just take a minute to squee over the fact that OMFG KLAROLINE IS ACTUALLY FOR REALLY REALLY FUCKING REAL GOING TO HAPPEN AND ALL OF OUR HOPING AND WAITING AND STANNING WASN’T FOR NOTHING! LOL, and now that that’s over with, what I think is the most important thing to realize about the Klaroline scene was that even if it wasn’t what some of us really wanted, it was exactly what Klaroline needed. And that’s what it was meant for. In my humble opinion, Klaus and Caroline are complete messes right now. Nothing about their characters and their stories is working. However, what this scene was meant to show all of us is that every hurdle and every pitfall, every odd angle and puzzle piece that doesn’t fit, none of that actually matters when it comes to KC. Everything we ever thought could be in the way was pushed out of the way in under five minutes, and that is HUGE.

Now I don’t want to be too hopeful about this, especially since we’ve been burned so badly so many times, but what also kind of struck me about their conversation is that the writers really did seem to treat the hurdles that Klaus and Caroline need to overcome as hurdles they would overcome, possibly very soon. Nothing about their conversation felt conclusive, and nothing about their conversation made these seemingly vitally important plot points and plot devices that they’ve been saddled with seem like it was that important at all. And of course the extremely hopeful part of me is desperate for this to mean that all of the horrible nonsense that Klaus and Caroline have been dealing with will be over soon, but the really important thing about this when it comes to their relationship is that the writers have made it clear that even if these narrative fuck ups are still a presence when Klaus and Caroline reunite, a presence is all they’ll really be. Nothing that is going on with either character now is going to have a negative impact on the relationship between them, which essentially means to me that no matter what Klaroline is golden.

What I also found really interesting about the way this whole little reunion was handled was that the TVD AND the TO writers essentially used this crossover to negate everything that they’ve been telling us about Klaroline for years. Since TO’s mid season 1 they’ve been telling us that Klaus and Caroline’s story has been given a completely conclusive ending and that everything happening in their lives now was pulling them in directions that were so vastly different that there was no chance of them ever reconnecting outside of some imaginary relationship that might exist 100 years in the future. Basically we all got told that headcanon was all we’d ever have again. And once again, in the course of just a few minutes the writers COMPLETELY UNDERMINED everything that they’ve been saying for years, completely intentionally. 

And finally, I understand why people are more than a little shy about trusting that Klaroline is actually for really real going to happen after the writers have done so much to fuck with us for so long. And while I feel like the state of the shows kind of speaks for itself and the ratings of the crossover should soothe any doubts in anyone’s mind about the legitimacy of this finally happening, I think a lot of people have actually lost sight of something that we all said and knew to be true time and time again. And that is that Klaroline is the last card the writers were willing to play. This is their last parachute people, and they were never ever going to pull that cord unless they had no other choice. They also knew that once they pulled the cord IT COULD NEVER BE UNPULLED. That is a huge reason why they avoided Klaroline so staunchly for so long, because they knew once they went back to it they actually had to follow through, but that time for avoidance has finally come to an end. The writers pulled the chute, and the chute worked. They have nothing else to go for, so they’re going for this. The scene itself may not have been the Klaroline reunion many people have dreamed of, but it’s certainly a sign of things to come.