completely different to what i wanted to do

i’m so excited i could cry like what is the album gonna be called????????? how many songs is it gonna be??????? what is it gonna sound like??????? is it completely different like did he want to explore a whole new genre????? is it going to be more than one genre???? are they gonna be more upbeat or more slow?????? is he gonna do some more falsettos like in home????? what’s the album cover art gonna be????? what’s his name gonna look like on it?????? WHAT ARE THE LYRICS GONNA BE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IS HE GONNA RIP MY HEART RIGHT OUTTA MY GODDAMN CHEST


Q: Difference between 화양연화 and Wings.
YG: 화양연화 is about the pain of youth while Wings is about the temptation of youth.

Q: Upon formally starting the activities for your 2nd full album “Wings,” what is your newly formed goal?
YG: I want to complete the Wings tour in my best possible condition.

Q: What would you do if you have wings?
YG: I might not fly to any place.

Q: What did you prepare special for ‘2017 BTS Live Trilogy Episode III The Wings Tour?’
YG: To manage my condition, I have been taking health supplements and in order maintain my physical strength, I have been exercising.

Q: With Episode I, II until Episode III, what are the changes that happened since then?
YG: From the group, regardless on how it was done, we have performed for many of times so our teamwork has gotten better. From myself, since there have been a lot of performances I have become more sophisticated.

Q: In your tour, where do you want to go again and what food do you want to eat?
YG: I only have happy memories with the cities and countries we’ve been to, so I’m looking forward to each city that we’ll be going to in this world tour.

Q: What do you want to say to yourself and BTS who are preparing for the concert?
YG: Do not think about anything, just enjoy it.

Q: If I was an ARMY, I want to __ at the concert.
YG: Sing (with BTS).

Q: To express your feelings for the upcoming ‘world tour,’ make a 2-lined acrostic poem using it.
YG: win - wings tour is
gs - a concert that we can enjoy

Q: A word to ARMYs who have given BTS wings?
YG: I will live with the wings you gave us, and will fly in the direction of getting higher and farther away**. Thank you everyone.

** = expanding himself
trans. by maeli (@xingyoon)

Marvel Masterlist

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Steve Rogers x Reader:

- Doing What’s Best

- “Your music sucks and you suck. Get over it.”

- “Quick kiss me.”

- “Quick kiss me. Wait you want me to do what?”

- One Sided Feelings?

- Bubbly (COMPLETED)

       Part 1   Part 2

- Serenade

- Goodbyes Aren’t Always Forever (COMPLETED)

        Part 1     Part 2    Part 3    Part 4

-  Shattered

- Close

- Grenade

-  Hooked On A Feeling

- Run

- Stupid Enough

-  2 Poor Kids

- Cake

- Would You Stop Being So Tall

- Miss Me? (NSFW)

-  Christmas Morning

- I’ll Pick You Up Anytime 

- There’s a Difference!

- Wait and See

- Not Fair

Bucky Barnes x Reader:

- A Bad Dream

- Break Down The Walls

- Playing Dress Up

- Relief

- A Helping Hand

- Perfect

- Mine

- The Only One

- The Skirt Is Short On Purpose

- Conflicted Feelings

Realizing The Truth

- Wow You’re Getting Pretty Good At Lying

- Lost Soul

- Bucky/Reader’s Death

- I Don’t Share

- Addiction

- Too Late

- Crush

- Motivation

- A Distant Memory (COMPLETE)

         Part 1      Part 2    Part 3

- Light Of My Life (COMPLETE)

        Part 1   Part 2

- One Last Time (COMPLETE)

        Part 1     Part 2

-  Better or Worse

- One

- Get Together  

- 3am Sandwich

 - Talking to the Moon

-  I’m Sorry

-  Absolutely

- Just The Backup

- Just A Little Push

Drunk Tired

- You’re Adorable

- Silver Blood

       Part 1   Part 2  Part 3  Part 4

-  Speak

 Late Night Snack

- Life Isn’t A Fairytale

- Roommates Masterlist

- Baby Doll

      Part 1    Part 2

- “Guess What?! I’m not pregnant!”

- Worst Christmas Party Ever

 - Accomplice

Pietro Maximoff x Reader:

- Party Pooper

- The Death Of Pietro Maximoff/Reader

- A Blind Date

- Daddy’s Little Princess (DISCONTINUED)

         Part 1  Part 2    Part 3

- I Really Don’t Care (COMPLETE)

      Part 1   Part 2  Part 3 Part 4

- Neither Dead Nor Alive (COMPLETE)

      Part 1  Part 2

- Only Fair

- Karaoke Night

- Distraction

- Always Safe

- April Fools

- Yes

- 5 Minutes

-  Wheelchair

- I Don’t Dance


Tony Stark x Reader:

- A Big Old Teddy Bear

- Being A Rock star

- Let Go Of Me

- “You think you know everything, don’t you?”

- Worth It?

-  "What do you mean you thought I hated you when we first met?“

- What We Ain’t Got

- Fine

-  Old

-  Fuck Up

- I Thought I Could Keep It

Bruce Banner x Reader:

- “Please stop petting the test subjects.”

- “She’s taking my pillow, I need reinforcements!”

-  Books

- Bad Spell


Clint Barton x Reader:

- “Could you ever truly forgive him?”

- Cupid’s Arrow

- I Wouldn’t Call It Love

- “Who wouldn’t be angry you ate all of my cereal and faked your death for three years!”


 Natasha Romanoff x Reader

- “No not happening”

- Fuck you Catwoman


Loki Laufeyson x Reader:

- Returning the Feelings

- Casual

- You Whom I Love


Avengers x Reader:

- A Little Pick Me Up

- Valentine’s Day Head Canons 

- Being On Your Period

- Sick Day (Science Bros)

- Bad Blood (Stony)

 - Stop Whining

- Special Rule


Natasha Romanoff x Steve Rogers:

Something Off


Marvel Actors:


Chris Evans x Reader

- I’ve Always Hated That Lamp Anyway

-  Not All Bad

- The Hug and Roll


Sebastian Stan x Reader

- Almost Too Bad

- Make It Work



Charles Xavier x Reader

- Stop Thinking

Peter Maximoff x Reader

- I Want To Help You

i HATE it when ppl say shit like “mob is just saitama with hair” BUT. i do find their similarities and differences very interesting to compare and contrast because when u look at it they are sort of complete opposites and its kind of fascinating

and what i mean by complete opposites is:

saitama is someone who wants to feel emotions again but cant. mob is someone who does not want to feel emotions but unfortunately they refuse to stop coming. saitama is emotionally hardened while mob is emotionally weak. saitama is empty while mob is full to the point of explosion. 

they both act somewhat similar but mob acts the way he does because of repression and saitama acts the way he does because of depression. and they act the way they do because of their powers.

the reason they seem similar is because they are two sides of the same coin. but theyre still on opposite ends showcasing opposite extremes.

i mean ppl who think they are basically the same character really are Not looking very deep past the surface and its irritating. yall shouldnt be doin any sort of analysis ur not cut out for it because u cant look an inch past the surface of anything lmfao

“On My Love” -  Edited Scene from Yuri on Ice Episode 5 (Victor’s POV)

Because I’ve always been invested in Victor’s narrative.  Thank you episode 10, it’s all I could ever ask for.

English subtitled version on youtube!

Thanks for watching!


So, I looked up the definition of fascism on my phone, I was pretty sure I knew what it meant but wanted to be sure. Anyway, the Google recommended definition is completely different than the Merriam Webster definition (my personal choice of dictionary). Is it just me or is google implying that fascism is only a problem of “right-wing” government? Cuz that’s what it looks like. I mean I could be totally wrong but people have been calling trump and pence fascists lately (my reasoning for googling the definition) and I didn’t think they were using the right word to describe them. Idk. @redbloodedamerica @your-uncle-dave what do y'all think? It just looks like blatant misinformation to promote an agenda, to me.


So, long ago and far away, I’d read this excellent GF/RnM fic that inspired me so much that I wanted to draw sequentials for it. Unfortunately the author is rather busy and may have lost interest in completing their fics, leaving me wondering if it’s worth it to finish drawing the rest, or if I should just repurpose the pages I’ve completed for an entirely new story instead? I’ve no idea what the original author wanted to do with their story – make it a ship fic (which would be a-okay by me!), or scrap it and adhere to Journal 3 canon (not necessary if it’s an AU, imo), or, who knows…! 

That said, the artwork is still mine, and I can tweak it for small changes if I decide to continue the story as a completely different, separate narrative altogether. 

O peanut gallery, lend me thy thoughts! What should I do with this?

So I still feel like when Alec goes for it and pushed Magnus ‘back against that wall’/’to his bed’ that Magnus is going to stop him and insist they slow down, and I was re-reading The Bane Chronicles and now this is all I can think about happening.

They don’t have the rights to TBC, I know, but it would still be nice if it went somewhat similar to how the scene did in the book, because honestly it’s all I can think about (and it would mean a lot of making out still, and when they finally do become more intimate with each other, it’ll be well worth the wait if they are both completely sure of what they want and that they’re ready for this.

“Alexander,” he murmured, wanting to say more than just “Alec,” to call him by a name that was longer than and different from the name everybody else called him, a name with weight and value to it. He whispered the name as if making a promise that he would take his time. “Maybe we should wait a second.”
He pushed Alec, just slightly, but Alec took the hint. He took it much further than Magnus had meant it. He scrambled off the sofa and away from Magnus.
“Did I do something wrong?” Alec asked, and his voice was shaking too.
“No,” Magnus said. “Far from it.”
“Are you sending me home?”

I so badly want something like this to happen. xD

“I don’t want to,” Alec said.
“I don’t want you to,” said Magnus. “But if you don’t …”
Alec nodded, quickly. “Good-bye, then,” he said, and leaned down for a quick kiss. At least Magnus suspected it was supposed to be quick. He wasn’t entirely sure what happened after that, but somehow he was wrapped around Alec entirely and they were on the floor. Alec was gasping and clutching at him, and somebody’s hands were on someone else’s belt buckle and Alec kissed Magnus so hard he tasted blood, and Magnus said, “Oh, God,” and then—

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go back to reading. xD

You know what would be amazing?

Because we know Felicity digging into Pandora is going to have bad consequences. She’s already dealing with Havenrock and Billy’s death on her conscience. She’s toeing lines she hasn’t before. She’s dancing with darkness and it’s on the verge of consuming her. 

I want that to be the moment when she has this conversation with the person who always has and still can harness the light inside her.

Felicity: I didn’t know, Oliver. Back then, I was a completely different person, and I had no idea that something like this was even…. possible. I couldn’t have imagined. 

Felicity: When I decided to stay in Star City, I made a vow to myself to never let anything like Havenrock happen again.

Oliver: What’s happening now is not your fault.

Felicity: Yes, it is. I have failed this city. All I ever wanted to do was honor those people.

Oliver: You honor the dead by fighting. And you’re not done fighting.

Oliver: Malcolm Merlyn, Slade, The Clock King, Damian Darhk- everyone who’s tried to hurt this city, you stopped them. 

Oliver: And you will stop Prometheus.

Felicity: I don’t know how.

Oliver: Neither do I. But I do know two things.

Oliver: You’re not alone. 

Oliver: And I believe in you.

(I need this parallel. Of when Oliver was at his lowest and she gave him the light. I need her to be in the dark and Oliver to give her the light. I need this conversation to happen. I need him to give her a hug. And then I need them to kick some ass)

I’m going through a language crisis and my mind keeps switching between three different moods. Like…

  1. The “overachiever”: Only focus on French and make this the year where I completely immerse myself in the language and try to get to an approximately C1/2 level by the end of 2017.
  2. The “stick to the plan”: Keep focusing on French (it’s really bae #1 tbh) and then work on Chinese and Russian at a slower pace like I said I would.
  3. The “lol sod it mate”: Do I really want Chinese? Do I really want Russian? Naw lets learn Japanese instead cos yolo. And maybe German while I’m at it. But oh yeah hold up I really do want Chinese and Russian just catch ‘em all. PS don’t forget le français ya language ho.

And really I’ve been stuck in mood 3 for the past week and I don’t know what to do with myself.


“I suppose in some senses I gave up a lot of social time to make this world work for me but others are completely different. They made it work with in their lives but I always believe in if you want something you’ll make it happen regardless of what you do/don’t need to give up. Hard work gets you everywhere you want to be’’  - Danny Miller 

anonymous asked:

Could you do a 50's diner AU with Seungcheol please? Like he's in a biker gang and you're very girly?

alright so my hands were a bit too free considering I don’t know too much about the era and I’ve got no clue what “very girly” actually entails (and I might’ve gone wrong with the biker gang part too) so while I think this might actually be a passable 50′s diner AU in some way (idk if it actually is oops), I can only hope it’s not completely different from what you wanted in the other aspects?

otherwise I’m quite happy with this and it was a lot of fun to write, and heY if there was something you were expecting but I didn’t manage to get in or didn’t write well enough, hmu and I’ll be more than glad to write a part 2 with those things included better! ♥

+ this is 5.5k words and I don’t want to completely flood everyone’s dashboards so this will be under a cut - if there’s a problem, send us a message and I’ll help ^^

You twirled your pen in your hand, your elbows resting atop the counter and your head leaning on your other hand. It was a quiet day at the diner, with only a handful of customers seated, so you weren’t all that thrilled to be working. It was nearing 4pm, so you still had a few hours left before you’d get to go home.

When the bell above the door chimed, you straightened your back and grabbed your notebook, getting your professionalism back to the top only to have it almost crumble when you saw who it was that had just cime in.

It was the gang of 6 young men, all of whom had bikes and dressed accordingly. Your nose scrunched a little in distaste - perhaps it was a bit too obvious that they weren’t exactly your favorite customers - but waited behind the counter nevertheless while they found a booth for themselves. A few of the guys were still going through the menu, so you didn’t have to approach them just yet, no matter how much one of them was, as per usual, staring at you while running his fingers through his greasy hair.

Frowning, you pouted a little to yourself before walking up to the group of guys and clicked your pen on the notebook so that it was ready to use. “So, what can I get you?”

You felt like squirming at the way that one guy let his eyes go up and down your legs shamelessly, and you shifted on your feet uncomfortably. He grinned.

“Five cheeseburger meals, one salad and six milkshakes, two of each flavor, and your number, sweetheart,” he said cockily, raising his eyebrows in what he probably thought was a suggestive way but only came off as jerkish. You clicked your tongue and resisted the urge to roll your eyes while scribbling down their order, which luckily wasn’t all that complex. It never was.

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BATMAN: EGO was my first project for DC. I had spent a few years considering a career in comics, and had developed several ideas for a pitch. This was to be my first real published story, and as such, I put considerable pressure on myself to come up with something unique. I knew I wanted to do Batman, and I knew I wanted to tell a story that would encompass the entire mythos.

Talk about setting yourself up to fail. A very simple and absurd idea emerged from all the head scratching. What if Bruce Wayne and Batman were able to sit down and talk about what it is they do? Are they the same person? Completely different personas? Two sides of the same coin? This kinda dumb premise got me excited. It would allow for me to have them discuss all the important moments in their life from different angles.

In order to avoid any literal separation of their physical selves, I staged the story in the after-math of a severe psychological trauma. Our set is the landscape of Bruce’s tormented mind, allowing us to move visually from place to place without transition. Upon review, I consider EGO an earnest yet flawed first effort.

– Darwyn Cooke

Of course Destiel exists in fanfiction, fanart, in fan interpretations. It exists in a billion different ways, and it will continue to exist. But the girl wasn’t asking whether fans are free to interpret the relationship however they want (which would be a pointless question anyway, because of course fans are free to do so, no matter what anyone says). Instead, she asked why the show doesn’t officially adopt the interpretation of one specific group of fans.

Jensen has said before that SPN “is an art form, and people are supposed to derive different things out of art, to be inspired differently. The show might mean something to one person but mean something completely different to another person. People look at it from different perspectives, which I think is phenomenal, I love that.” (JIBcon 2015)

Which makes it clear that he’s not invalidating any fan interpretations, including Destiel. But he’s also made it clear that he does not think “there’s anything secret going on between Dean and Cas” and that he certainly doesn’t play it that way (JIBcon 2014).

Like Dean tells Marie in Fan Fiction, “I have my version, and you have yours.” We all know what Jensen’s version is. Jensen – together with the writers – is one of the main storytellers of the actual text of the show. And he’s always been open about the fact that he’s telling the story as Dean seeing Cas like a friend, brother and comrade in arms. So asking him “Why don’t you start telling the story differently, why aren’t you telling it my way?” could only lead to the answer Jensen gave.

I know that the author is dead and authorial intent is no longer considered to be the main (if any) authority for a text. But that doesn’t mean the audience gets to harass the author and demand that he writes the text the way they want it to be written. Or explicitly ask him for his interpretation and then condemn him for it when it’s not what they wanted to hear. (And yes, I realize Jensen is not the only author of Dean Winchester, but at the very least he’s the only co-author who’s been there since the beginning.)

less active for the next 3-4 weeks

Today’s meeting resulted in me being temporarily hired by a Health company to do video advertising for them. Meaning I’ll have to work full-time at home churning out storyboards, sketches, illustrations and previews for them, and then editing + translating the video for them into 2 different languages. While this job is a complete 180 of what I actually love to do; it helps put money on the table, and is great experience to learn something new. :D And if it goes well enough that they continue to hire me for future projects, it could cover a lot of what I need for medical help, a better workspace, and family needs.

but god help me bc their Chinese is so advanced I get so confused in our conversations like a loser

I’ll still be putting time aside at night to work on remaining commissions because I don’t want to delay those any longer, and I’ll even keep taking new ones to keep in touch with my inner artist.

But this also means that I will have little to no time to work on the emorock comic like I’d originally wanted to. Chapter 1, titled ‘Starstruck’, was supposed to be of Charlene asking Faith out for the first time, as her Valentine’s. It was also to introduce the new concept behind Emorock (which I can’t spoil yet, but it does involve the masks you saw Amelia and Faith wearing in the Tears video)

That’s why I really wanted to get it out by that day. But I guess plans change in life and we just gotta flow with it sometimes.

There are a lot of asks I need to answer as well, especially a handful that are asking for advice on drawing anatomy and such. (and I will genuinely answer it with whatever I know; no excuses of not being able to teach this time)

…I guess that’s it for updates for now; thank you for taking the time to read this and thank you for sticking around this mess of a person who’s still trying to figure out her life

I’ll see you on the flipside ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_

EXO Reaction when they realize that they fell in love with someone the opposite of their ideal type

Xoxo, Ara~
/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise


*Likes the fact you are completely different than expected* “So… girl… I want to get to know you more… what do you say?”


“No no! I don’t like her! NO! But I want to kiss her and…” *He always likes everything that isn’t his style*


*Asks advice to his hyung* “So… there’s no way back? That girl drives me nuts… but that’s exactly what I like about her… so this is love?”


*baby is really really confused* “Never thought I would find someone more stubborn than myself… This is  such a challenge… what has she done to me?”


*Soft ball of fur* “Who would have thought that a girl like her would be this cute… that she would make this heart beat so fast… ahh this is love”


“What is this? What are these feelings… why do I like the only girl I can’t her… I need to do something… I might need the expert Baekhyun for this..” *Completely lost*


*Doesn’t realize it until he sings that song for you* “So this is it hm? I truly love her..took me a while to realize…”


*Denies it but always wants to be next to you* “Hey you Sehun! What are you doing standing next to my girl huh?”


*Solves everything with a shot of milk* “That’s it! I like her, no matter how she is I like her. I’m going to tell her now!”


*Even if he tries to deny it his eyes will always shine when they see you* “She’s different… I know. But that doesn’t matter.. she’s got my heart”


*He will love you no matter how you are* “You know what I love? Your smile… it makes me go crazy”


*Becomes really shy* “She reminds me of the boys… it’s cute. But instead of knowing how to deal with them… I have to learn how to deal with this feelings… my heart is racing…”

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“Hey, kadan! You wanna know what it’s called when you go out during winter?”
“… do I really want to know the answer to this question?”
“One more of these awful puns and you will have to get your own eggnog, amatus.”

Where do I begin? I want to say thank you. Thanks to everyone who likes or reblogs my art, who takes the time to write all these wonderful little tags and comments, who chats with me about Adoribull headcanons even though they are in completely different countries, towns, time zones. All of this is incredibly precious to me.

I also want to thank all the amazing artists and writers of the Dragon Age fandom, or more precisely the Adoribull community. I can’t even tell anymore how many hours I spent on reading beautifully crafted fanfictions or looking at gorgeous artworks of Dorian and The Iron Bull.

So … I raise my tankard filled with cheap Ferelden Ale (or eggnog or cocoa or whatever I find in my fridge) to say thank you again, and (of course):


Armin is best friend

Armin: Eren, have you and Levi…

Eren: Ah! N-no way Armin, why do you even-

Armin: Oh good, I`m not too late! Okay lemme help you out-

Eren: Help me with what?

Armin: Preparing you for doing the do with you man!

Eren: WHAT?

Armin: Okay first, it`s bigger than you think it is! Having it in your hand and having it in you are two completely different things!

Eren: Armin sto-

Armin: And if you think you can handle it, think again because you can`t!

Eren: Please no, Arm-

Armin: And another thing you ne-

Eren: ARMIN! I don`t wanna hear this!

Armin: Do you want to accidentally break his “soldier”?

Eren: N-no, I`ll need that eventually…

Armin: Then listen to Armom.

Eren: Sigh. Fine.

Armin: Good, now the way me and Erwin do it is-


i hope you all know that you are worth it you are worth it more than you expect you are lovely and you deserve love and happiness as everyone does and everyone makes mistakes so most of all forgive,forgive people for what they’ve done.

because no one is completely perfect and you should know that because you’re no perfect too and you don’t have to. because perfection is ugly. being your own self is being your own beautiful. all the friends that I talked to these days and all the conversations made me think, if you can’t accept an idea about your life that is different than other people and you want to be normal consider it your own normal, its just your way of being normal.

the most important thing in life is to be happy and to do that you don’t really have to complicate things, you gotta do what you love in the true meaning of what you really wanna do, do what makes you feel special and happy, take care of yourself and be happy.

if there’s someone who’s trying to take your happiness from you or disturb you in any form don’t let them, fight for yourself, because no one is gonna stay for you but yourself in the end, now all of this might sound selfish but you are worth all the work you’re going through so love yourself

Ending things with a therapist?

Anonymous said to realsocialskills:
Could you please do a post about how to politely/effectively/appropriately end a therapist-client (or doctor-patient) relationship? Like, you’re not moving on because you’re feeling better, but because of some other reason? I am looking to find a new therapist because my current one keeps forgetting which client I am/sharing personal information about other clients, and I am not sure how to tell her without being hurtful. Thanks :)

realsocialskills said:

I don’t know a good script for this — I bet some of my readers do, and I’m hoping y’all will weigh in.

What I do know is that it’s completely normal to end things with a therapist. People do it all the time, for all kinds of different reasons. You have the right to end therapy, or choose a different therapist, for any reason you want. You don’t owe your current therapist an explanation. 

If you’re working with a good therapist who just happens not to be a good fit for you, it can be helpful to tell them what’s going wrong. Good therapists understand that no therapist is a good fit for every client. Good therapists can often help you find someone else who will be a better fit. (Eg: if the problem is that you need someone with more trauma expertise, someone who has a different gender than your current therapist, someone with more experience working with LGBTQ clients, someone who takes your insurance, or something like that.). So while you’re never *obligated* to give an explanation, if you have a good therapist, it may be advisable. 

But not all therapists are good therapists. Some therapists aren’t very competent, and some therapists behave unethically. If the problem is that you have a bad therapist, giving them an explanation is less likely to help you. Bad therapists aren’t generally very good at helping you to find better therapists. If you’re ending things with a bad therapist, it’s probably better not to get into the reasons too much. You’re not obligated to explain to them what they’re doing wrong as a therapist — they’re responsible for being ethical and professionally competent. It is not your job to teach them how to be a good therapist. 

It’s also not your responsibility to take care of their feelings. If they feel hurt by your decision to end therapy, that’s their problem and not yours. Clients end therapy all the time, for all kinds of reasons. Therapists often have feelings about this — and part of what therapists are trained to do is deal with their own feelings. Feeling hurt about a client’s decision to end therapy is never the client’s problem. If therapists can’t handle that on their own, they’re expected to seek out help — from colleagues or supervisors, not from clients. (Again, not all therapists are good therapists, and some bad therapists do not handle endings appropriately.)

Anyone want to weigh in? If you’ve chosen to end therapy with a particular therapist, how have you had that conversation? What’s worked for you?