30 Days of YWA Completed

Today was Day 30 of the 30 Day yoga challenge with Yoga With Adriene! And I can officially say that I have completed all 30 days! This was my very first challenge that I have ever committed myself to, and while it wasn’t easy to get on the mat everyday, I’m glad that I finally listened to my body and its needs apart from my own discouraging mind! Cheers to future commitments and the ability to approach them headstrong!

100. Adventure time with the Jameson♡ thank you for sticking through all my moods, giving me reasons to stay alive & making me laugh countless numbers of time when I was crying for days~ thanks for making my 100 happy days filled to the brim with excitement and reasons to smile. So much love for you! #100happydays #completedchallenge #bestieeeee #boipren