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“I’d rather be a poor master than a rich servant.” says really rich actor with an estimate net wealth of $75 million.


Detroit Red Wings trade away entire team in exchange for a few draft picks and a taco.

“I’m so fucking done with this team,” GM Ken Holland said when asked about the trades. “No matter what, it’s never enough. So I just said fuck it. Trade the whole team. Just nuke it and start over. I’m just done. So done. Now, if you need me, I’ll be in my office eating my taco.”

So yeah, I’ve been chilling over on the PQ stream marathon @pikaiscool has been hosting these past few days and it’s been fun.

Perverted Bunny Mask: Jeon Jungkook x Killer AU ft. Min Yoongi EPILOGUE

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Perverted Bunny Mask: Jeon Jungkook x Killer AU ft. Min Yoongi EPILOGUE

Author: Taettybear

Words: 6.4 k

Genre: Smut/Gore/Assassins/Killer JK/ Drugs/ Gangs

Rating: M

A/N: This may be my last writing before I suddenly disappear from Tumblr. I’m going to leave for Japan on the 21st this month. Hopefully I’ll be inspired to write a lot during my trip~

It was like any other day in the HQ. You were happily cleaning your gun in your office, humming a familiar tune as you admired your precious weapon that gleamed under the artificial light.

Days like these were the best, nice and qui-


You froze, your eyes narrowing in irritation before you stood up, gently placing your cleaned gun in your pocket before stomping out of the office, slamming the metal door behind you.

“Fucking Taehyung…” You cursed his name, locking your office while mumbling insults at the man, fully aware that he was the cause of the scream because Hoseok never made his interrogation loud and obnoxious.

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anonymous asked:

how did you get so good at character & story analysis? like you only started homestuck near the end, and in that short time you've developed a deeper understanding of the characters and themes than people who have been involved for years (i.e. me, a dumbass who only figures this shit out after people like you talk insightfully about it).

I honestly & truly believe that I benefited TREMENDOUSLY from starting near the end, actually. When you start at the end of Homestuck, you get to read the entire thing at once, the way you would experience most types of heavy narrative focused media. You get the whole story in one (months long in my case but at least continuous) bite. 

When you are following any media update by update – this goes for like, everything, comics, TV, etc – you tend to be more easily distracted and misled by both intentional and unintentional red herrings. Like, so many Big Historical Homestuck Fandom Arguments were ROOTED in tons of significance being attributed to things that, on a fresh archival read, were completely inconsequential. When a 10 page update ends on a cliffhanger and you don’t get another update for a week, that’s a week that the entire fandom has to tear itself apart over every tiny little detail in those ten pages, because that’s all they had. And they did. 

And some of those little details mattered, of course, but MOST of them didn’t. It’s that old adage about “can’t see the forest but for the trees.” When you’re following something bite by bite, the bite in front of you is the Most Important Bite, repeated for every new update, forever, and it completely skews your reading and perception of something because it’s so much harder to plug This Piece into the bigger picture. You don’t really care about the bigger picture, because the whole story is years or months or whatever away from being done, you in fact don’t know if it will ever even truly finish, and what matters is what you have in the moment. 

More importantly this leads to just like. Rampant fanon. Just rampant, rampant fanon stuff completely based off hyperfocusing on individual updates and taking every little thing from them and going hog wild. In the spaces between updates, the fandom gives the canon a new layer of meaning. The fandom fills gaps with its own interpretation of what’s going on without the benefit of knowing what’s next. The fandom decides what it WANTS to come next and huge swathes of dedicated, passionate people are either disappointed horribly when they’re wrong or vindicated when they’re right or somewhere in between. 

So you get like… I guess the biggest example of this is the Retcon. 

I have never met an archival reader, someone who did not start homestuck until the ending or just before the final updates, who hates the Retcon. I have met some who will talk about what it could have done better, and the ways in which the device succeeded or failed, and some with mixed opinion, but I have never ever met an archival reader that HATES the Retcon with the passion that so many of those people who read update by update do. 

I know people who I otherwise respect and regard highly who like, for example, can’t get into Davekat as a pairing because it’s representative of the Retcon to them and it ruins it completely because they cannot connect to it or see it as “real.” 

Because a week between updates is one thing, but eight months? an entire year? That was a LOT of time for people to get attached to things the way they were in those pre-pause updates. That was a LOT of time for people to pore over every piece of canon that came before those pauses over and over and over and over and decide what they wanted and become SO attached to the characters and story and plotlines how they were. 

My wife tells me stories about how everyone did a “homestuck ending bingo” right after the update that kicked off the long pause before Game Over. Everyone was so excited to see what would happen next, how the characters they loved so much would overcome this insane trial, how it could possibly continue, how the plotlines would resolve. 

And instead, everyone died. John came in and fixed it all by branching them to another reality, where suddenly, these things that people had spent a literal year investing in so utterly were just… gone. Erased. In some cases almost literally never mentioned again. They never got to see the resolutions they wanted and they felt it was unfair and they were duped and etc etc etc the backlash against the retcon is something every homestuck fan is familiar with. 

But to circle back to my original point – Archival readers just absolutely do not GET that. The version of Dave and Karkat and Terezi and Rose and Kanaya and Jade and John and EVERYONE that existed right up until Game Over were characters hurtling to an obvious Bad End, and the way it went down, archival readers have an easier time processing and understanding and accepting, because we didn’t have the time to get attached to point-in-time versions of things. 

My wife tells me stories of the days when Kare//zi and Joh//nKat were heavily shipped and it’s surreal to me, because from MY perspective, those were blips on a radar. Kare//zi was so early in Karkat and Terezi’s story that to me it was just like, oh, interesting, a failed relationship that informs things about both their characters that they moved on from naturally into other things. (I don’t mean to pick on that ship, btw, it’s just a good example of something that was EMBLEMATIC from a point-in-time perspective that an archival reader would never really hang so much weight on, because it’s there and then it’s gone and we didn’t have weeks and years of space between updates to ruminate on them as a couple or assume that the relationship would continue to be a flagship and how it would evolve in that role.) There are so many more examples. 

I find this with the Alphas, too – Archival readers overall seem to genuinely love the alphas more, on the whole, than people who read episodically (who tend to favor the betas, or the Act 5 trolls.) Archival readers tend to leave the experience MOST attached to characters and relationships that survived to the end, because when you read it as a full narrative beginning to end, that’s just kind of a natural thing that happens.

Anyway this post is already way too long, but my point is basically, the experience of reading homestuck from beginning to end all at once with very little knowledge of it going in is COMPLETELY different from the experience of reading it episodically. The emotions you have and the things you care about and just the FEEL of your entire experience is so different. 

And yes, I think the archival experience is “better,” when it comes to like, an understanding of the work as a whole? I don’t think this just with Homestuck, btw. I feel this way about, for instance, episodic television shows that tell ongoing continuous stories too. I much prefer to binge watch an entire series on netflix in a week than to watch every friday because I just GET things better. I feel I come away with a more complete experience. 

It’s a trade off, obviously. Reading episodically is better for like, having the FULL homestuck as an explosively popular fandom experience. Us archival people will never know what it’s like to have been around in the full swing of Homestuck’s popularity, never be able to roll around in the absolute GLUT of content that was out there, never be able to engage with SO MANY diverse voices and opinions, never be able to ride the high that comes with caring a lot about one of the most popular fandoms around. We’ll never have memories of this update or that update or what arguments and discourse and fanwork and other stuff spawned from this or that, we missed a lot of cool stuff I’m sad to have missed, and a lot of terrible stuff I’m glad to have missed, but yeah. 

But an episodic reader will never get to be able to read Homestuck from beginning to end with no preconceptions or biases formed from their earlier experience or the hopes and wants and theories they had the first time around, update to update. They’ll never get as clear a picture of the Whole Story. 

It’s a tradeoff. Idk. I’m glad I came in when I did, overall, but I think that most people feel that way about their own experience with it. 

All this to say, I think that the things I and other archival readers are able to connect over the course of the long narrative are less because of any outstanding individual ability in analysis (although I mean, obviously there is some of that or we wouldn’t be meta blogging in the first place) but rather just a simple raw advantage of extra clarity because of our late arrival.


Just something I had in mind. I tried writing this 10000 times but kept deleting it cus I thought it was crap. So please tell me what you think. 

The reader moves back to Riverdale after being gone for 10 years. 

Originally posted by dailycwriverdale

After having left Riverdale 10 years ago I thought I would never return. To my surprise, my parents entered my room the tell me that I was wrong. We were finally going to move back. I was overcome with joy. I was finally gonna see Betty, Archie, Kevin and Jughead again. I missed them so much.

When I left I had been on good terms with all of them except Jughead. He was angry that I was leaving. His little hands curled up into fists and he even refused to hug me goodbye for a solid 20 minutes until my mom said we had to go. He opened his arms and held me close and whispered in my ear “I’ll always love you” before handing me a gold necklace with a tiny heart on it.

“What’s this,” I asked completely surprised.

“My mommy said I should give it to someone special and that’s you,” he said and kissed my cheek before running away.

A small smile appeared on my face when I thought back to the times I spend with all of them. I just couldn’t wait to get back.

I stepped into my old room and all the memories started flowing back. Sitting with Betty and trying to do makeup. I looked out of the window and memories of running around the garden with Archie came to me. I missed my friends so much. We had completely lost touch after I moved.

Since I was starting school pretty soon I thought I would just wait until then to see them. I couldn’t go now since it had become quite dark. I decided to call it a night but remembered how much I missed Pop’s burgers. I would have waited but trust me you can’t wait when it comes to Pops.

As I walked down the streets of Riverdale I got, even more, memories. The usual road to Pop’s had this secret turn Jughead and I only knew about. It was way quicker and way more efficient. I entered Pop’s and saw the one and only Pop. It didn’t seem like he noticed me.

“Can I get a burger and a strawberry milkshake?” I asked him. It seemed like he realized who I was by the sound of my voice.

“Y/N?” Pop said disbelieve in his voice. I nodded my head a smile appearing on my face. He pulled his arms around me and hugged me tightly. “You’re so grown up,” he said.

“Yeah being away for 10 years does that to you” I laughed.

“Well your food will be ready soon but please stay for at least 15 more minutes,” he said. I looked at him confused which made him continue. “Trust me you’ll be happy” he smiled.

I decided to believe me and sat down in the booth Jughead, Betty, Kevin, Archie and I used to sit in. I pulled out my phone and started looking through my usual social media. Pop came with my food a little while later and gave me a warm smile. I was already here so I just started eating here instead of waiting until I got home.

“You’re in my booth” a voice came. I looked up and was met with the same blue eyes I had missed so much. My heart was about to explode. Jughead Jones the third was standing in front of me for the first time in 10 years.

“Sorry, although this used to be mine too” I laughed. To my surprise, Jughead didn’t seem like he recognized me. I laughed at his confused expression.

“Who the hell are you,” he said getting a little mad. I didn’t blame him I look completely different. I traded the pink skirt and ballerinas in for some combat boots and an oversized army jacket. The bow that used to be in my hair was long gone and now I was very over the top with my makeup.

“Your worst nightmare,” I said as a joke before pulling the necklace out from under my shirt. The gold heart had always been with me. Since the day Juggie gave it to me I never took it off.

“Y/n” he whispered before pulling me up for a big hug. His arms snaked themselves around my waist. I put my arms around his neck.

“Hey, Juggie” The nickname was one I had given him when we were younger. “You’re back?” He said hope laced in his voice. I nodded my head quickly. It was amazing being back and even better to be in Jugheads arms. We both sat down in ‘his’ booth and started talking.

“You know I really missed you right,” he said after awhile of talking. We had had about 4 milkshakes each and I ate my burger while Jughead kept stealing my fries.

“I missed you too. Thought about you every day though. The necklace reminded me” I smiled. Every day when I came home from school I would think about where Jughead, Kevin, Archie, and Betty were and what they were doing.

“You really always wore it,” Jughead asked like he didn’t believe me. I mean I understand why the same piece of jewelry every day for 10 years is a long time.

“Every single day Juggie. People at my school would always ask me why I wore it so much” I laughed.

“What’d you tell them,” he said with a small smile.

“It was a present from an old friend I wanted to have in my life forever,” I said a blush rising to my cheeks.

“Really. Forever.” He said in disbelieve. I nodded my head slowly. I saw how Jugheads eyes widened while laughing at his reaction.

“Jug you were my best friend. That was the best friendship I ever had. I missed you a lot and the necklace kinda made it better” I said.

“Well, then I have a confession” he started. “That necklace is actually worth a lot more than you would think. When my grandfather moved out from his parent’s house he only had a little money but he put all of it. And I mean all of it into that necklace for my grandmother. Then my grandmother gave it to my father to give to mom and then my mom told me to give it to someone special” he finished a shy smile on his lips.

“Wait what” the necklace was worth something. I had never known. But why didn’t he tell me when he gave it to me. Or after. And what if I didn’t come back.

“I knew that we were meant to meet up again.” he said

“Deep for a six-year-old” we both laughed.

Flash forward.

Riverdale’s sweethearts Y/N and Jughead had now been dating for 2 years. From when they were kids everybody knew they were destined to be together. The lonely boy who only wore black finally found his princess. And from the day they had their first kiss, Jughead knew they would spend their lives together. And she knew he would always be there for her.

The prince and princess of Riverdale

The Sweeter Side of Life Chapter 1: My New Roommate

Hello @perditaalottachocolate-blog​! Here is your gift for @mlsecretsanta​! I had a lot of fun with this, and it actually turned out to be long enough that I’ve broken it up into chapters. Here is chapter one! I hope you enjoy!

The plot is very, very loosely based on a synopsis for a lifetime movie called The Sweeter Side of Life. (By this, I mean I looked at the description on imdb and made my own au based off of it, and it barely resembles the synposis anymore, but I liked the title.)

Marinette never expected to end up back here again.

Nostalgia fell over her in waves as she stared at the familiar gold script across the windows of her parents’ bakery. She could remember walking home from school with Alya, gossiping about Adrien’s latest photo shoot or complaining about history class. The comforting smell of freshly baked bread lingered at the edges of her memory, reminding her that she was only steps away from finally being home.

She peeked into her bag to catch one more glimpse of Tikki before going inside. “We’re here!”

Tikki was already grinning up at her. “I know! I can smell it!”

Marinette chuckled. “Me, too. It’s good to be back.”

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madamemarquise  asked:

Hello, it´s a little strange for me to ask for my own birthday present, but I´ll try anyway. My b-day is on 16th of February and I´d love me some "it would have happened anyway" in Panem AU or historical Everlark, rated M. Thank you for this wonderful blog!

Originally posted by pastel-spotted-weeb

Happy birthday @madamemarquise! It is always okay with us to send in your own ask. ;) We hope your day is amazing! Here is your ‘It would have happened anyway’ ficlet, courtesy of the very talented @xerxia31. Enjoy!


rated T

The day of Peeta Mellark’s last reaping dawned gloriously, with a pink-and-gold sunrise sliding back to reveal blue skies, and a soft breeze fluttering through the open windows. But he couldn’t enjoy it, and not just because he was holed up in the bakery, toiling in front of the ovens.

He couldn’t enjoy it because he was terrified about Katniss, the girl he’d had a crush on since forever. It would be her last reaping too, one way or another.

It was the another thought that had him so worked up.

Peeta had spent three-quarters of his life watching Katniss Everdeen. Watching the sweet, vibrant girl who sang like an angel - but was forced to grow up far too fast - turn into a strong, independent, often-scowling woman. In the years since her father died, in the years since that gut-wrenching day she’d appeared at the back of the bakery, skeletal and with eyes already dead, Katniss had learned to take care of herself and her family. And Peeta had been watching. He knew each time she took out tesserae, had been mentally counting her slips in the reaping bowls for six long years. And this year, her name was in the reaping twenty-eight times. Twenty-eight!

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[Speedpainting] Axetale from @thebananafrappe

Oh hey lookie here, my first speedpainting ever :’D 

From now on I’ll be trying to upload speedpaintings everytime I complete a commission, art trade or gift. Here’s to hoping. 

So go on and hop in! :D