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Amenemhat III 

c.1860 BC - c.1814 BC. 12th dynasty

British Museum, London, UK.

Amenemhat’s almost 50 years in power was a period of great economic development, prosperity and peace for Egypt. His reign is regarded as the golden age of the Middle Kingdom. He may have had a long coregency (of 20 years) with his father, Senusret III.

In the field of administration, his greatest achievement was to defeat the provincial nobility, and thereby secure the control of the central power. He assured that large irrigation and reclamation schemes begun by earlier rulers were completed. The trading fleet of Egypt reached out to new lands, allowing trade over large parts of the eastern Mediterranean Sea.
Another important development sector was mining. The general output increased greatly during his reign.

He built two pyramids. The one at Dahshur started to collapse before he died, so he had another one built at Hawara, close to Fayoum, the favoured region of his time. Here he was buried.

((OOC: Did a quick blitz trade, though “quick” is used loosely, with @b-sides-besides of their lovely BTWP renditions of Iggy and Larry.

Who I am in love with. They’re so… *clenches fists* So good.

Larry’s very excited to tell Iggy something. It’s definitely an emergency and he has to share it! However Iggy’s not so certain of the urgency of Larry’s news…))


My completed art trade with @slayersangel (plus some bonus sketches) who challenged me with a mass effect cross over :3 

I’m still not sold on my background, but I tried D:

(her beautiful drawing is here, take a look!)

  • Bender: MY life is the most important life. I don't care about a thing besides my own damn self. Everyone else can screw off and die for all I care! Especially the humans!!
  • Also Bender: *as a ghost, beats up the devil himself so he can possess his body with full intent of letting himself be crushed and destroyed as he screams "I love you!!" and then is sent to live out all of eternity in a Hellish loop of torture, all to save a dopey human from the 1990's and let that human, his best friend, have a few more short years of mortal life because he loves him so much and so unconditionally and is completely willing to trade off whatever free eternity to do whatever he liked that he'd had a shot at for whatever tiny amount of time Fry would have to stay alive, even if Bender couldn't be there to live it with him.
  • Bender: Yup. Sure hate those damn humans. I'm so much more important than ALL of them.

anonymous asked:

do you know if there's a manuscript somewhere for taz? I've tried listening to it but sometimes it's hard for me to understand what they're saying

yes, there is!! @tazscripts has a Bunch of th episodes’ transcripts that u can find here!! (not all of thm are complete bt. U Kno™ ) (they’re workin on them + hav been super helpful for me!!)


AAUUGHHHHHH FINALLY my PiC brought me our copy of Mistletoe! We’re in the middle of the unboxing process, but I wanted to share what we have so far!
Our copy came with a Luka Mistletoe trading card, complete with stats and storage sleeve ^^ Send me photos of what card you guys got! 💛


my half of a trade with @cometoruin! i was given a few OCs to pick from and ended up choosing Orion because I really liked her and her digis <33

first pic is my “real” half - second one was one of the sketches I whipped up while trying to figure out what I wanted to do before settling on the first pic, but I ended up really liking it so I colored that one as well \D oops

I hope you like it! I had a blast drawing them <3

click here to see Lark’s amazing half of the trade!