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Sad and happy?

So people have been sending me a couple articles floating around that I’m featured in. It’s so kind and flattering to know that people think what I’m doing is cool, but I’m not “queen of cosplay” or innovative or even the best at it. Like I’m grateful and happy people like it but also feel guilty that people do? I just started this maybe a year ago? If even that. I don’t want anyone to think that I think I’m hot stuff. I know that my outfits could be WAY better and that there are FAR more talented people doing the same thing that should receive the attention I’m getting and then some. I know many of mine have been simple. Like I feel bad that my rag tag outfits are being shared as opposed to someone that has a completely amazing cosplay that looks way more complex and bad@ss. I just thought it would be cool to do some cosplays of people from our childhood, ya know? Bring some nostalgia to your TL I thought. I didn’t think people would really think much of it.

I also feel uneasy that ppl are getting upset bc they feel ppl would call cultural appropriation if it were someone of a different race. Which you know, maybe they would. It wouldn’t be right and I wouldn’t agree with it if they’re just dressing up as a normal character with nothing to even do or connected with the actual culture and not doing anything offensive. Idk I just feel kind of weird and bad but excited and shocked? Idk I know it’s not that serious, but I still feel uneasy :(


I’ve spent so much of my life alone… But when I’m with you, I feel like I can finally be a part of the world. It’s like…magic.

AAAAH i love nyx so much she’s honestly one of my favorite ladies from fe14 and I never thought I would be able to have the skill or confidence to complete her!! 

Special thanks to @SZUBrooks (idk if they have a tumblr) for the PHENOMENAL wig, @dangerous-ladies for the amazing beads, and @mindfangy for the amazing photos


((OOC: Don’t say I never do nice things for you! I re-did the skull makeup and filmed it, so that you could see the entire process. So if any of you have any halloween parties coming up this weekend, here you go!

If you re-create this look please show me, I’d love to see! In the meantime, have a very happy Halloween.))

frombehindpaleeyes  asked:

A follow up tip for new cosplays; when your cosplay is complete, wear it for a while before the con to get used to it. I usually wear mine around my house and do basic things just so I can get used to moving around. It definitely helps especially with heavier cosplays!

Great tip! It also helps you break in shoes so they will be more comfortable at the convention and allows you to find and fix problems while you still have time and tools available to you!

- Duckie / Admin