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“It’s NOT okay! You keep saying that but YOU don’t know what you’re doing! Now we’re going to suffocate or starve at the bottom of the ocean and only my parents will notice because no one else cares about me!“

“Ready to head back out?”

Cait Fallout 4

I got to cosplay Cait on the USS Hornet for Kraken Con’s Cosplay day. It was the perfect place to do a Falllout photo-shoot.  I hope to be building her shotgun soon! Or should i work on Piper??

I’ve also been replaying the other Fallout games and i want to cosplay from them i’m just not sure who. If you have suggestions let me know!

Photo taken by: Kinetic Collections


A few solo shots of me in my Percy de Rolo cosplay, thank you so much @greywardensunny!

Clothing by my partner, @crowtoed, breastplate design concept by @alienfirst, leather work and such by me. (The flintlock is store-bought, we will be changing that in the future!)

Bonus pic at the end: Percy rolling a critical failure on crafting, gun handling, and armor-wearing, ha ha.


▪️The Prince and his Shield▪️
Noctis: @catphoenix
Gladiolus: @leonchiro

Don’t Reblog

@soapandsofas took this absolutely stunning photo of me on the way to the convention this morning.

anonymous asked:

Oh my God I just read costumed identities and I loved it do you know any more cosplay ones?

- Vallie

Cosplayers with Attitude by Ikira (1/1 | 2,650 | General)

When you’re a cosplayer, you kind of get used to fans asking you to do some crazy things for photos. But even though Lance has done his share of interesting things for cosplay photoshoots, being asked to get intimate with Keith while they’re both in skin-tight spandex is definitely a new one.

HokaGAY by alluruh (1/1 | 2,483 | Teen and Up)

Lance just wanted to do a couple cosplay. Give him a break, Keith. 

Dress Me Up and Dress Me Down by StandinShadow (5/5 | 23,938 | Not Rated)

Shiro has decided that Keith needs more friends than just him and convinces him to join his anime club, who go to cons every month. Keith doesn’t think he needs anyone but himself and Shiro, but goes to humor his big brother. There Keith comes face to face with his self-proclaimed rival, Lance.

And Lance? he’s is thinking of all the different moody and partially shirtless characters he can make Keith dress up as now, even as he starts to see other sides to the guy he nearly wrote off.

Next Customer? by shaqfu (2/2 | 2,703 | Teen and Up)

Keith is a miserable fabric store employee.
Lance is a very obvious cosplayer that refuses to admit that he’s a cosplayer.
Neither one of them will find peace in this store.