Yo, it’s a good day to remember Bellamy is his own character completely separate from, and not reliant upon, his relationships with Clarke and Octavia.

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HL are roomates and Harry has been pining for Louis for a while but he doesn't think Louis feels the same so he ends up starting to talk to L on grindr without him knowing it's him because is profile pic is just his abs or something. somehow L figures it out maybe he hears his phone ding or something when he sends a message and finds it weird or something. anyway they start sexting, and while things get heated louis walks next door and pretty much confirms it's H and things ensue..

Coming soon!

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Hey! Can you help me find finished fic? Preferably Au's? Thanks💕

Hi Anon!

Here are some finished AU fics for you as requested:

Happy Sunday!

 Enjoy :)

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You can only be a he or a she.

So its safe to assume anons never played a pokemon game before?

Though, i DID mention some time ago that i encourage anyone interpreting Reshi as anything they want, actually! So its up to the viewer, really.

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Victor drinking lemonade with a bendy straw and doing a double take at Yuuri walking by in tight pants

“Anyway, Chris, I was going through the list of phone numbers and I just–”

Victor’s phone falls from his hands. His limbs go loose, tension leaving his shoulders. There’s a bendy straw still caught between his two fingers. He can hear the dull buzzing of Chris’s voice from the floor, probably concerned.

But Yuuri Katsuki is wearing the tightest pair of jeans he has ever seen.

(And Victor is now thirsty for something other than lemonade.)

Distracted By Her Beauty

You were showing Harrison, Jacob, Zendaya, and your boyfriend Tom all around New York, visiting your favorite places, showing them the best places to get food, places to do cool or fun things, your favorite clothing shops, great places to just see a nice view, just all the best places.

Harrison, Zendaya, and Jacob seemed to be loving it, but Tom just kept staring at you, not paying too much attention to the city. You didn’t mind or think too much about it, just went on with showing them your favorite places.

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ASG story!! I love Andy <3

(meme link) (fic tag link)

(I’m kind of trying to work back and forth for the day I’m writing about–this is in the morning where Kent wakes up early, before he comes back to the room before dinner. The convo between Andy and Bitty feels like THE HARDEST, so if I scaffold its front and back ends I might get to it eventually.)

The hum of activity in the hallway outside picks up as she puts on her makeup and does her hair; doors opening and shutting, voices talking, the clink of a housekeeping tray. When she steps out, the doors are rebounding open as someone steps into it; she steps quickly to catch it, and then out of the corner of her eye sees someone else exit a room, turn towards the elevator. Andy is just registering that this is Jack Zimmermann’s slight-framed blond boyfriend as she jams the “door open” button out of polite habit.

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any way for me to get ahold of some fluffy n cute smut? i'm not sure where to find the tag for it if u guys have one

yeah we have a fluff and smut tag xx heres some more <3 - Karri

knowing everything is fine by SoloChaos (1/1 | 1,824 | Mature)

Tyler is a powerbottom, and Josh is a meek lil nugget.

futile devices by molgera (1/1 | 4,971 | Explicit)

Tyler likes dancing when he thinks no one is watching, and Josh likes talking when he thinks no one is listening.

I Just Want To Get Lost In Your Lungs by emojidun (1/1 | 3,176 | Explicit)

The one where Josh has blue hair and a ring through his nose and Tyler isn’t allowed to see him, exactly.
Five Times Alec Hates the Internet And One Time He Doesn't by vulturemonem
By Organization for Transformative Works

Dating a big-name celebrity like Magnus Bane has its drawbacks: namely, the relentless, creepy journalists who want to get their hands on the latest shocking story—even if it doesn’t contain a modicum of the truth.

Or: In which Magnus and Alec are human beings who make mistakes, the Internet is a cruel, fickle place, and they love each other regardless.

(This has a happy ending, I promise.)

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do you have any favorite jiguk one shots or series? :)

I do! although…my favs are very popular so most of you probably have already read them and 95 % of the stuff I read  are multiple chapter fics so I’m gonna cheat while answering this. 

In no particular order: 

Beautiful chaos : Top chimchim( for now at least), side sugakookie ( it’s super very wonderful), ongoing.

Jimn is extremely baddass and super hot in this one

Flashing lights : Top kook ( but nothing much has happened yet and they keep fighting for the upper hand so things might change i dunno), love/hate relationship ( pretty hot), ongoing

The one he left behind: Top kook ( I think, I dont remember, might be switch), side vmin ( my kokoro broke for Taetae) multiple chapters, completed


she has one shots and looooooooooong stuff I love them all, ALL!!!!!


Baby, you gotta fall : Switch (woohooo), Jimin is a bodyguard and kook likes to be praised, 45k words, ongoing

(Suck my cockiness : I’ll put this one for the thirsty ones lol, basically just nsfw stuff, this a series so  I did answer anon yay! power bottom jimin,)

Switch it: speaks for itself I think, ongoing, very nice, surprisingly romantic kinda.

I can’t find the ones I reallyyyyy love that I read ages ago, I’ll make a post when I do T.T

Thanks for asking, Babe cake! How tf is my opinion even relevant doe