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There is much to be said for Sam.

There’s a quietness about him, compared to Dean, that just makes him important. He has a golden soul (when he has a soul lol) and he brightens up a room when he walks in. He has always had dreams and has broken down doors in order to follow them. He knows that those dreams are important, even though they might not have turned out the way he wanted them to. 

He knows his brother is important. He knows his brother needs to be taken care of because Dean is too busy trying to watch out for Sammy and everyone else to worry about himself. Sam knows about life. He understands.

And he still doesn’t give up.

This is why he is important.

Title: Doing it by the Book 
Author: amoosebouche
Artist: peanutbutterthenjelly
Rating: Explicit
Tropes: college AU, didn’t know they were dating, pining, friends with benefits, secret crush, misunderstandings
Posting Date: September 4, 2017

Summary:  Cas is absolutely convinced that writing steamy love scenes does not require actual experience in the bedroom. So when his secret crush (and muse) finds his writing notebook and calls his smutty scenes boring, defensive virgin and quiet bookworm Cas completely loses his cool and challenges the guy to be his sex tutor. Even worse, Dean accepts. Now the question is: can Cas experience steamy love scenes without losing his heart?


One of the other things he loved about this campus was how weird everyone was, even the frat boys. A game of frisbee took place on the front lawn outside a red brick fraternity house, and he watched idly as a skinny guy with a truly striking mullet chased down a high toss. The guy whooped loudly as he leaped, grabbed at, and missed the disc. By the time Castiel was abreast the house, Mullet had retrieved the frisbee from the street. He yelled good-natured insults toward the house, and Cas’s eyes followed his next throw for lack of anything else currently catching his interest.

His feet stuttered and faltered, and he suddenly found the sidewalk cracks to be very interesting.

Dean was there. And Cas had looked over just as Dean had made a jump to intercept Mullet’s frisbee toss, just as he had stretched a well-muscled arm out and his shirt rode up revealing a tantalizing sliver of skin. Loud hoots of laughter had followed, but Cas kept his gaze firmly on the ground as he walked by.

His hopes of going unnoticed were dashed when he heard the thump of too-quickly approaching footsteps.
“Cas!” Dean sounded inordinately excited to see him.

Cas turned and was struck dumb.

They stood in a shaft of light; the sun picked out the golden tones in Dean’s hair, giving him a halo. He was slightly out of breath and had a healthy sheen of sweat standing out on his skin. Cas had almost forgotten how pretty Dean was, or maybe Dean just kept getting more and more attractive according to the exponential growth of Cas’s crush on him—that certainly didn’t bode well for Cas, because eventually he wouldn’t be able to hide it and Dean would send him packing.

Dean seemed completely oblivious to Cas’s turmoil. He pushed aside the floppy strands of blond hair that hung on his forehead and grinned, his wide, long-lashed eyes crinkling up at the corners. His baseball tee had some fresh dirt stains on it, and he smelled like cut grass, leather, and sandalwood.

If Cas’s life were a book, this would be the moment he realized he was truly falling for Dean.

Dean snapped his fingers. “Hey, hello? Earth to Cas? Haven’t seen you for a while, whatcha been up to? How’s the writing?”

Cas suddenly recalled, in extremely vivid detail, the circumstances of the last time he’d seen Dean. His skin prickled in advance of his flush and he took in a shallow, ragged breath as he stepped back a pace. He knew if he kept staring into those fathomless eyes, kept smelling that intoxicating freshness, he wouldn’t be able to form even the most basic words. Cas was accustomed to observing people, and he didn’t miss the way Dean’s smile dimmed and his eyes tightened the smallest fraction when he’d stepped back.

My desire to be skinny so clearly comes from the fact that there are two acceptable body types for men at the moment: muscled and bearded, or skinny and floppy haired. The first one was completely unattainable for me so I began to strive for the second.

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what would murphamy being fuck buddies with bellamy being head over heels for murphy (and everyone knows it) and murphy playing hard to get involve?

Jeez Ellie, what even are cliches?? Hope you enjoy and heads up a lil nsfw

  • Octavia is not impressed in the slightest and voices it at every possible opportuinty
  • Murphy won’t allow any position other than bent over something for the first few weeks
  • Bellamys feels himself slipping the first time Murphy straddles his hips and splays his hands over his chest to set a steady pace for what has be close to an hour for all Bellamy knows because by the time their done neither of them can feel their thighs
  • Bellamy feels himself fall flat on his ass in love the second he gets Murphy’s ankles locked above his broad shoulders and his eyes meet watery blue because he refuses to pull out fully
  • “Clarke.” “Bellamy? What’s wrong?” “I’m doomed.” “Oh, Bell.”
  • Clarke thinks it’s funny at first but then Bellamy turns up at her apartment completely off his face, crying about stupid blue eyes and stupid floppy hair and stupid tiny pink scars
  • Murphy will openly tease and flirt with Bellamy constantly just to watch the big tough guy get all flustered
  • He’ll compliment his outfits but in the most insulting ways and Bellamy will just stand there stuttering back at him
  • He’ll link arms with him to take shots and watch Bellamy get momentarily lost in their lips being so close
  • He’ll purposefully stand that bit too close in lines and parties and watch as Bellamy tries to decide if he should step foreword or back
  • Bellamy always gets so sick of the games and will just grab Murphy by the front of his shirt and yank him into a private (or sometimes semi public) room
  • They only ever go back to Murphy’s place but Murphy’s always the one gone when Bellamy wakes up
  • “Murphy.” “You’re too good at that.”  "Good at what?“ “Saying my name like that. Like its the…” “The what?” “Nothing.”
  • They’ve never actually kiss despite the fact their faces are inches away from each other at any given moment
  • Bellamy gets a bit too caught up in a grinding session one day and moves forward to kiss him but Murphy pinches his side so hard it leaves a bruise then grins at him wickedly and scampers up the stairs to his room (knowing Bellamy wont be able to resist following him anyway)
  • “Blake, what crawled up your ass and died.” “Lovely, Reyes.” “Tell me what’s going on.” “It’s-” “Let me guess-” “Murphy-” “THERE IT IS!” “Fuck you.” “No come on, what is it now?” “He…he keeps doing this…thing.” “I need you to be a bit more specific, Bellamy.” “…its, you know what related.” “What are you, fucking fourteen?” “This is weird.” “Tell me or I tell him your mopping in my shop till he finishes his shift every other night.” “Fucking fine! It’s-it’s whenever he cums he’ll pull my hair and whines my name and tilt his head up towards me and breathes into my mouth and huffs out this laugh and it makes my heart stop okay. Fuck.” “…Bellamy…you need to tell him.” “Don’t act like we both don’t know he has every clue how I feel.”
  • Murphy has a fight with Raven and turns up at Bellamy’s place looking like a drowned rat in the pouring rain
  • Bellamy tries to sit him down and talk it out but Murphy just completely ignores him, grabs him, pulls him up against the wall and whispers “fuck me”
  • Bellamy hesitates at first but then Murphy’s desperate look starts to crack into something bitter so he reaches down, grips Murphy’s thighs and hikes him up onto his hips effortlessly
  • The next morning he wakes up to Murphy leaning over him but before he can even think about how he’ll never kiss those pink lips they come crashing down against his
  • “Sorry, I’ve been such a dick.” “You always are." 

someone please write the fic for me I have too many right now but I need this so bad

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(Oh and Bellamy is always looking at him like this)

send me in a “what would _____ involve?

How me and my friend actually got to meet Benedict Cumberbatch.

Ok so I’ve already done a blog post like this, but it lacked some detail and now I’m officially allowed to post the pictures etc I want to chat about it again. 

August 16th, me and Lowri went to Cardiff because we heard (knew from a very nice friend who knew people in the building) that Sherlock would be filming that day. We got to Cardiff at about 10am, and went to get snow cones before making our way to where the Sherlock base usually is. 

Sure enough, upon arrival we found all the vans and cars waiting at base. This bit was a tad awkward as we were the only fans there, so after walking around the paths for a while, we settled on some steps. Before long, we saw a black long car, so ventured across the road and sure enough, it was Benedict’s. He wasn’t in costume or make up, and his hair was floppy, scruffy and looked completely perfect. Benedict made his way into his trailer for make up and things. 

We waited a little more, and one other fan turned up (who refereed to Benedict as ‘Sherlock Holmes’ and didn’t seem to know his real name which miffed us off a little) and Benedict finally got into his car, with Lars Miklessen and gave us a cute little wave before setting off to the location.

We decided to follow, which did feel weird at the time but in hindsight was totally worth it. We walked probably for about half a mile, maybe a little less and then found the location, settling on a pavement opposite the entrance. The other boy with us left, and the security men/runners/general crew, were hanging round, so we jokingly asked them what bribes they would take to get us to meet Benedict. As always, they were lovely and joked back. Then Benedict’s driver came over, and Lowri offered him some of her Vimto Bonbon’s before mentioning that she’d made Benedict some welsh cakes. 

The next thing that happened was actually unbelievable. He walked away for a few minutes, then called us. We looked up to see both the driver and Benedict beckoning us forward. 

First impressions of him: wow the cheekbones are real.
Second impressions: shit this is happenning

Benedict immediately began by apologising that we couldn’t have pictures because he was in costume, but he’d be happy to sign some things, which of course was completely understandable. He chatted to us for about five minutes about various things. Fans, being famous Sherlock, the Vimto bonbons that Lowri had offered him and been 'surprisingly amazing’ in his words. (Yes we basically shared a packet of sweets with Benedict wow) Some of the workers from inside came over and asked for pictures, saying that they wouldn’t post them online. Immediately Benedict came back to us and said 

'You can do that too girls, if you promise not to post them.’ Obviously we said yes. And he did make us promise several times, he was paranoid that producers would kill him had pictures got out! (which again, understandable) Around this time also, Benedict had a phone call and said something along the lines of 'Do you mind if I get that?’ and honestly, it was SO tempting not to reply with 'not at all, you have the rest of your life.' 

After they left, he stayed with us for a good 10-15 minutes more. He signed some things for us, sneaked another bonbon from Lowri and congratulated her on getting into uni doing drama (he asked if he could shake her hand…how sweet!) My phone embarrassingly went off and horror struck me as my ringtone, the quote 'Anderson don’t talk out loud, you lower the IQ of the whole street’ began to play. Fair play to Benedict though, he took it in very good humour and whilst saying 'yes that is very embarrassing’ told me that he didn’t mind at all, and that people have much, much worse! 

We asked him all about his future roles, and it was genuinely an honour to see him talk about his acting. He told us how he prepares, all about his next endeavor and a little about the character from his point of view. 

Benedict also said, when signing my name, that I was 'just like Molly Hooper’ which made my heart actually break because it was the most perfect thing to hear ever. 

Anyway, that was an explanation of the best day of my life and the completion of my 2014 new years resolution: Meet Benedict Cumberbatch. 

HC that after spending a few years in Santiago, Kenzi grew a bit homesick and decided to return to Canada. Still wanting to stay out of the Fae community and all the mortal peril that entailed, she set up a new identity for herself, complete with floppy hats, tamsinesque hair and scented candles. 

The whole pescetarianism is a relatively new thing that came about last time she ran into Bo (hamburgers made of people! Seriously?! That’s low even for the fae - what, were they taking cues from Buffy now?) but she nearly inhaled an entire McDonald’s the other day just walking past so we’ll see how long that lasts. 

Everything is going swell until she meets super hot geek monkey Cosima who seems to have an abundant bosom of equally super hot sisters and a territorial puppy that shows up at her door every now and again .

Just her luck that she would trade in crazy suicidal Fae drama for psychotic equally suicidal clone drama. 

But on the plus side? The sex is great. She totally gets what Bo was talking about all those years.

Hayes imagine for abbey


“ I walked home stomping on the leafs, hearing crunch sounds, my book bag hitting my side with every step. I real wish he had told me today, I mean it had seamed like he liked me. I walked the opposite was of everyone else that when to my school, mabey on or two people walked he same way. I heard leafs crunching behind me, I walked faster thinking it was a petafile.

” abbey" I heard a voice yell. I slowed down and turned around comming to a complete stop. The wind was now blowing hard. I saw the floppy hair and sky blue eyes.
“ abbey, hey” Hayes said.
“ hey” I said looking down disappointed about this hole day.
“ hey, I was meaning to tell you something in math to day, but I got to shy and back out” he started. I opened my mouth to say something but was cut off when he started again.
“ I wanted to tell you I like you a lot” he looked down shyly.
I looked up at the same time he did
“ I like you to Hayes” he sigh, quickly picking me up and spinning me around, then bring me back down our lips met and it was the best day every. Now you understand why I like fall so much mom?“

A/n: sorry it’s kinda dumb did it in a hurry

Hope u like it