complete wig

EDIT: Alternatively, you can use velcro or snap buttons for this method, if you are not comfortable with using magnets on a headwear. The main idea of this tutorial is to introduce making 2 parts of the wig be detachable and exchangable. I used magnets because it was what I had at home at the time.

Wig Hacks Wednesday #2 !
Have 10 upcoming cosplays and all of them have undercut hairstyle? Fear not! You can make the most out of your undercut wig, and re-use them for all your undercut husbando’s with this simple method. (Info about wigs in pic listed below)
- Get heavy-duty small magnets. I got mine from Home Depot for about $6 for this 40-piece pack. You only need 10 magnets to complete one wig project at first, but getting a bigger pack will save you money in the long run
- Using a short base wig, flip it inside out and put it on a foam head. You should pad the foam head prior with papers so that the size is closest to your head size since foam head tends to run small. This is very important to get the right fit for the undercut
- Snip the wig lace around the head curve, leaving the undercut high enough to keep its shape on its own
- Trim the short base wig as short as you can without wefts showing through, spray and blow dry the hair down. At this point, use hot glue to attach the magnets around the wig near the top (2 magnets on the sides by the ears, 1 at the center back, and 2 inbetween)
- Grab 5 more magnets and stick each one to your magnets on the wig from previous step (no glue for this step)
- Place your half top wig on top of the foam head. Position it on all sides to make sure it can reach and cover all the magnets. If needed, use a small piece of fabric to fill in spaces so you have a flat surface for gluing rather than just wefts
- Put hot glue on the second set of magnets, and press the top wig down onto it. Do this one by one, start from the magnets on the sides by the ears, and work your way to the back
- Adjust the top wig hair and blend it with the undercut wig, using your fingers and hair spray
Now you’re ready to join a Korean boy band, ice skate to your own song, and hunt down some titans with this hairdo!
- make sure to press and hold until hot glue completely dry or magnets might fall off, low-temp works better if you have dual setting on your hot glue gun
- you can’t shampoo the undercut wig with the magnets so make sure to wear wig caps ALWAYS to pretect your wig from excess oil and sweat from your natural hair/head (nylon or stocking style of wig caps are great for this, plus it keeps your hair flat)

Wigs used in this tutorial: Rufio in Natural Black (CL-077), Jaguar in Sandy Brown (CL-071), and Caine in Black (CL-078) from Arda Wigs


being hinata is suffering

people seemed to enjoy my actor au post so here’s another one! this time with Hinata feat. Ko™

[More Actor AU!]

okay but let’s talk again about Jon’s reaction seeing Daenerys for the first time. Like omg… he looks completely mesmerized by her.. it is common sense that the targaryens were the most beautiful people on earth, but It’s one thing to hear it and a totally different one to live it

Jon already don’t talk much, and now he is completely without words lol

my wig is gone

A Girl Called Mike - Part 1

Characters: Dean, Sam, Reader

Word Count: About 2900

Summary: The reader disguises herself during hunting jobs as a man named Mike and has met up with the Winchesters several times. They are unaware of her true identity. Feeling they know and trust Mike, they agree to invite the reader to the bunker.

Warnings: Language, Mentions of Violence

This is purely for a hobby and my enjoyment. Maybe some of you will enjoy it too. I am by no means a writer so I apologize in advance for any mistakes or grammatical/spelling errors. I appreciate any feedback or suggestions!


“You doing okay there Mike?” Dean came up asking you.

You had joined up with the Winchesters on a case, as you occasionally did, this time by accident as you both caught wind of a this one from a state news site. Ghouls it turned out to be. You couldn’t care less usually about ghouls, helped out the problem of decomposition, but when they started making snacks out of the living you had to put them back into place.

You used your ball cap to brush the dust and cobwebs off your flannel (the blood would require more intense cleaning) and placed it back atop your short haired wig that concealed your longer hair.

“Yup, I’m good.” You confirmed in your long-practiced lowered voice. You had used cigarettes at first, but after months of learning to talk with your throat, it eventually came naturally. “Except I keep wondering when it’s your turn to be the bait.” You joked.

Dean rested his hand on your shoulder as he laughed unknowing sending a wave of electricity through your body upon contact. “I suppose when you stop volunteering.”

“Reckon we better find Sam?” You suggested.

His hand left your shoulder and you resisted  the urge to reach out and grab his hand. You had played this act for so long it was second nature, but Dean Winchester was the one weakness that could unravel it all, and you hated yourself for it.

Sam found you both before you had the chance to go looking for him. “Hey, you guys okay?”

“Yeah,” the both of you responded in unison. “You?” You added rubbing at the glued on facial hair on our jawline.

“Unscratched.” Sam boasted.

“I need a beer.” You commented.

“I’m with ya.” Dean added. “Same place as last night?”

“Absolutely,” you agreed. “But first I need to freshen up.” You mentioned as you all made your way out of the crypt.

“Always trying to impress the ladies Mike.” Sam joked.

“Yeah, it has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that I smell like a grave or the blood stains.” You remarked sarcastically. “I’ll meet up with you.”

“Don’t be too long, Dean thrives off the competition.” Sam said referring to the local ladies.

“I could take your ugly asses on double or nothing.” You challenged, cringing on the inside, comments like these being part of the reason you felt the need to disguise yourself.

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Overwatch Pharah cosplay for Latvian Comic Con - Unicon 2017. I am sorry I do not have suitable brown skinned BJD doll for this cosplay, so my asian girl Miyu took the role, because she has similar facial expression =)

I remade her face-up, my gf @persona-mechanica​ made her armor, clothes. weapon and wig (wig was with ornaments, but we removed them, snd this wig will be remade for WinterCon, where we will show this costumes on dolls again ^__^

Mercy is made almost completely by me, except wig, I suck at making wigs, but my lovely wife is wig maker for our dolly family.

Miyu (Pharah) - Iplehouse Asa on Fantasiadoll muscular body.

Maria (Mercy) - Soom Sweet Witch (CW)

Pharmercy for life! <3

Baby’s First Halloween

Characters: Dean x Reader, Castiel, Sam

Word Count: 969

Warnings: Super Fluffy Dean Feels

Request: Hey! Could you do a Dean x reader halloween or thanksgiving one? I dont care, either one is good. Maybe like they’re best friends that are in love with eachother? I don’t know. Just play around with the idea and I’ll watch the outcome unfold. Love your writing!! Have a great day!! 

Author’s Note: The picture is from Google and if you know the person in the photo or the person is you, please let me know so I can credit them/you. If you want to become a Queen yourself (on my tag list) or apart of the Dean Beans, shoot me an ask or PM, I don’t bite.

Feedback the glue that holds my writing together

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Today was as important day in your life. Not only was it Halloween, your favorite holiday of the year, it was also your daughter’s first Halloween and you wanted to make sure it was special for her, even if she wasn’t born yet. Yes, you were still pregnant but you only had one more month to go and you were glad you could finally do some of those cute ideas for a pregnant woman to do for Halloween.

You wanted to surprise Dean since this was his daughter and you loved surprising him, even though he tried multiple and delicious ways to get you to crack, but you wouldn’t budge. You also made Sam swear that he wouldn’t spoil it either unless he wanted an angry pregnant woman after him.

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I’ve certainly come a long way from only posting selfies with the puppy filter, being completely wigged out by seeing my face mirrored in photographs because I’m not used to seeing it the way others do, and constantly having my dysphoria triggered by seeing my face on the selfie cam.

It feels good to chill out about it. No one’s perfect, as there is not such a thing. Unless you’re Angelina Jolie. That’s the golden rule or something like that.

Your selfie cam can never capture nearly how beautiful you are.

anonymous asked:

Your smut gives me lyfeeeeee. Can you do one where Grayson sees you in a sexy Halloween costume?

Y'all give me lyfeeeeeee!

Halloween was by far your favorite holiday. The weather is always just right, and pulling together a costume is always half the fun. You’d spent weeks finding the perfect pieces, even making them yourself, to prefect that best representation of Ariel. You’d even gone as far as to purchase an authentic fire red wig to complete the look, along with the shimmery green scaled high slit skirt and homemade shell bra.

Grayson had offered to choose a matching costume, so long as he didn’t have to be a merman, but you knew his haunting childhood memory would follow him. You’d politely declined and told him to be whatever he wanted, and he wouldn’t be allowed to see yours until the very night.

It still felt like summer in LA and the streets were packed with people traveling to parties. An exclusive YouTube party was about to begin, and you’d finally topped off your makeup and felt well enough about the costume to step out from the bathroom. Grayson was waiting in the living room, the authentic cop costume giving you satisfying tingles. He looked good enough to eat. He wasn’t really paying much attention to you yet, patting the officer getup. “Do I look stupid?”

Your laugh tinkled out over the music blasting in the background, a usual thing with Grayson. “No, you actually look really hot. I have a feeling I’ll be jealous A LOT tonight.”

His smile wasn’t overshadowed by the fact he was still looking down, his eyes finally looking up to reply, but the words died on his lips. He couldn’t believe how fantastic your ass looked in that skirt. He loved your natural hair color, but the red was sure making his pants a little tighter. He’d never wanted to bang a mermaid so hard in his life. “I think I’m the one who’s going to be jealous tonight. I’m not even sure I want to share with the world how sexy you look right now.”

You smiled brightly at his reaction, closing the space between the both of you to kiss his lips gently with appreciation. He wasn’t having just the small and teasing gesture, lifting you up and sitting you on the back of the couch. His hands roamed up your smooth and shapely thighs as his mouth placed open kisses on the swell of your breasts. At this rate, you were sure to be late to the party, so why not be fashionably late? You pushed him back and jumped down from the couch, turning around to spread your legs apart with your hands behind your back. “Cuff me officer, I’ve been a bad girl. I think I need to be punished.”

You heard the groan leave his swollen and pink lips, the jingle of the cuffs coming to claim your wrists. “Let me show you what bad girls get when they break the law.”

You were definitely fashionably late.

(Gif not mine but writing is)

The Disguise

You watched your boyfriend Newt, as he sat at his desk. Hunched over whilst he scribbled away at his book draft.
You had met him by chance whilst he was searching for an injured creature, never forgetting his surprised expression when he discovered that you had beaten him to it and had started caring for it yourself. Since then your relationship had grown closer and you now traveled with him, helping him care for his creatures. 
Newt was a tall man covered in freckles, his green eyes partially hidden by his messy reddish brown hair. He wore a light brown waistcoat, white shirt and dark trousers. 

Walking around the work shed you talk to a small creature that resembled a leafy twig, which happily sat in your hand. “What do you think Pickett?” you ask it playfully. “Do you think Newt will actually stop working and join me for dinner?” the bowtruckle responded with a high-pitched giggle as he jumped into the pocket of Newt’s blue jacket, which hung on a coat stand. 
“Ofcourse Pickett would be on your side.” you heard Newt mumble with a smile as he continues to write in his notebook. You laugh at his remark. Walking towards his chair you place a kiss on Newt’s cheek before saying softy “Come up when you’re ready.”

As you are walking away from him, Newt reaches forward and gently pulls on your arm so you sit on his lap. “Just try and stop me.” he says with a smile kissing the tip of your nose. Wrapping his arms around you he draws you into a hug as his chin rests on your shoulder. It was nice just stay there for a few moments, completely content with how happy you were in each another’s arms. Snapping back to reality Newt sighed loudly. 
“What’s wrong?” you asked as you looked at his face in confusion.  He had an expression that reflected worry and disappointment. 

“You know how I built the new water enclosure because there is a kelpie in need?”
You nodded as you remember how excited you are to see the new creature. Newt hesitated for a moment before continuing. “(Y/N),  it’s that kelpie who needs our help. I’ve um… Kind of met this one before and it did not go well. I tried to get it into the case before but I made a silly mistake and spooked it. I really didn’t mean to and you know how kelpies are. It’ll recognise me next time and won’t trust me.” he frowned. 
“But from what you’ve told me, we need to save it.” you say looking at him. You could see a determination in his eyes as he looked at you. “What? Me? Newt, you know I’m not skilled enough to get the creature into the case on my own. I need your knowledge and expertise. Maybe it won’t recognise you.” you say with panic in your voice as you step off of his lap. 
“You know that kelpies have excellent memories. It will instantly recognise me. Besides I have tried a couple of times. I just… I really don’t see another way to capture it.” Newt said turning in his chair to face you. 

Looking around you catch your reflection in the mirror at the other side of the room. You must have been in such a rush this morning that you did not finish your makeup.
“Don’t worry we’ll think of something.” you say, staring at your reflection in the mirror as you put on your lipstick. Your eyes focus on the colour, how it made you feel more confident. The red lipstick would go nice with a green outfit… Green. An idea creeps into your mind as you turned around and focused on Newt’s green eyes. A wide grin spread across your face. 

“What?” Newt said in a puzzled voice as he watched the change in your expression. 
“Well… What if you went as someone else. So the kelpie did not know it was you.” you theorise, walking back towards him. 
“Possibly. Like a disguise?” Newt’s expression became one of curiosity.
“Exactly” you say as you lean forward and kiss him. The red colour of your lipstick transferring onto his lips. You look at his face with this new addition of colour, contemplating the possibility before nodding to yourself. 
“I think I have an idea.” you say excitedly before grabbing Newt’s arm and dragging him before the mirror. 

You both looked in the mirror, staring at your reflections. Newt’s eyes widened with the sudden realisation of your idea. 
“(Y/N) you can’t be serious?” he questioned with a chuckle as he nervously ran his fingers through his hair. 
“Why not. It will be fun. You’d look unrecognisable to the creature but still be there to help me. The makeup and clothes will not restrict you from doing what you do best. Besides I’m going to need a chaperone for where the kelpie is and I am not strong enough to get the bridle over its head.” you explain. 
Deep down Newt knew that you were right. Despite still being undecided he sighed “Ok, I’ll give it a go.“ 

In your apartment, you laid a dark green dress that was too big for you but might fit Newt onto your bed. You had purchased a short dark red wig and organised various bits of makeup on your dressing table. The case opened and Newt stepped out of it, he had just finished feeding all of the creatures. "Are you ready?” you ask smiling at him. Nervously he nodded. Sitting him down you apply the makeup onto his face with great precision. You smiled as the lipstick exaggerated the fullness of his lips and the eye makeup framed his eyes perfectly. “I’ll just go and grab a bridle.” you say as you dash into the hallway whilst Newt put the dress and wig on. 

You froze as you caught a glimpse of him when you walked back into your bedroom. He was nearly unrecognisable and completely gorgeous. The wig suited him perfectly and the dress gave him a slightly more shapely figure. 
“How can you look this pretty so effortlessly?” you ask, giggling with excitement. He chuckled whilst blushing in response. 
“Not as pretty as you. Do you really think that this will work?” he asked nervously. 
“Newt, you know that if you don’t believe it, then the kelpie definitely won’t. Trust me it will definitely work.” you say smiling at him. Feeling a bit more confident, a grin spreads onto his face as well. 

To get to the lake where the kelpie calls home, the pair of you needed to walk through a small village on the very outskirts of the English countryside. You held the case with one hand and your other arm was linked with Newt’s. Some people briefly looked as you passed them. Seeing as you were two pretty ladies, it was more men that stared compared to women. As you walked you could feel Newt trembling slightly with nerves. 
Leaning your face towards his ear you whispered “Don’t worry, you are doing really well.” You gently stroke Newt’s arm in reassurance, causing him to smile. 

Now past the village, you both start to walk through a field. Suddenly Newt tugs on your arm to stop your steps. You look at him and see a look of anger and annoyance on his face. 
“How do you do it?” he asks, his eyes burning into your confused ones. “I don’t know how you do it. Constantly being judged by everyone you pass. Gazed upon by men with their hungry eyes.” You smile as your cheeks start blushing.
“Don’t worry. You’re just feeling self conscious.” you reply. It was obvious that his experience through the village had struck a nerve with Newt. He didn’t realise how much you were looked at in public, by men in particular. You had never seen him jealous before. 

Facing him you look Newt over, paying particular attention to his stance. The walk through the village was a test run. He still moved too much like himself.
“Before we go any further we need to work on your movements. You are still moving the same and the kelpie is going to pick up on that.” you tell him. He knew that you were speaking the truth. 
“What do you suggest?” he asked with a skeptical look. You thought for a minute as you looked at his figure. He still looked uncomfortable as he pulled at the dress he was wearing and fiddled with the hair of his wig. You needed to word your response carefully and in a way he would understand perfectly. 
“You need to move with more grace… Imagine how an occamy moves. They swish and sway with ease. Try to move more fluidly and focus on the weightlessness of your steps. Try and copy me.” you reassured him. He started to copy you as you moved elegantly through the field, both of your dresses sweeping over the spring grass. It looked as if you were both walking on air. Your arms elongated with poise. 
You watched Newt as he then attempted it without your assistance. Smiling at your hard work, you took his hand in his as you said “Let’s go.”

Finally you were at the lake. The sunlight danced on the fresh water as birds sung in nearby trees. However the water was still, and there was no sign of the creature anywhere. You remembered Newt telling you about a large kelpie in Loch Ness that had developed a thirst for publicity. You did not know if this was true for all of its kind but there was only one way to find out. 
Facing Newt you start to speak loudly. “Oh dear, it is such a shame. I was hoping that there was a kelpie here I could show you. It is ofcourse one of the most beautiful creatures in the world.” Newt smiled as you both spotted a pair of eyes and the faint silhouette of horse’s head start to rise out of the lake with curiousity. 

Newt carefully watched you as you slowly began to approach the kelpie as it began to emerge from the water. It stared at Newt, who to make sure he was not recognised, began to swish his dress and produced a high-pitched giggle. You laughed a little at the sound. The plan was working so far. The kelpie thought that it was luring you to be devoured, when actually you were luring it to its own capture. The kelpie’s body was nearly completely out of the water and only about a metre in front of you. 

Out of the corner of your eye, you could see Newt sneaking up behind it with soundless steps. To keep the kelpie preoccupied you reach your hand out towards it, almost touching it. 
Suddenly Newt jumped onto the kelpie’s back, causing it to buck. Using all his strength he kept a firm grip on its mane. However he swiftly put a bridle over its head with a placement charm. You stood ready with the case wide open in your hands. Now more docile with the bridle over its head, Newt steered the kelpie in to case before promptly falling off onto the floor. 
Snapping the case shut quickly, you could now breathe a sigh of relief. 

You looked at Newt and giggled. He was breathless, his wig tilted to the side with frizzy curls out of place and his makeup smudged. The bottom of his dress was ripped in the initial struggle with the kelpie. He looked up at you, smiling with pride. 
“Thank you” he panted. 

Prompt: “Quit it or I’ll bite”

Characters: Elijah Mikaelson x reader

Four Prompt Starters you can Request from: One - Two - Three - Four 

Originally posted by swagmama

He wasn’t paying attention. You called his name three times but the vampire had yet to look up. Sighing you walk up behind him and set your head on his shoulder “Elijaaah” you said in a sing song voice.

Glancing at you out of the corner of his eye he sighed lightly. He heard you call his name multiple times but he hoped that if he ignored you long enough you would leave. He should have known you wouldn’t give up.

“Yes?” he said simply

“I was calling you, didn’t you hear me” you said in a whiny voice

“No, I didn’t” he said with a bored tone.

Squinting your eyes a little you whispered “I call bullshit”

He couldn’t help the small smile that played on his lips. “What do you need y/n?”

“You know what I need” 

You had been trying to convince him for the past few days, to go to the renaissance costume party with you, it was tomorrow and you knew he still have clothes that fit the era. He refused to go, but you were insistent.

“No” was all he said

“Oh come on, pleeease. Rebekah and Klaus are going”

“Then go with them. I do not do costume parties” 

“I don’t want to go with them, I want to go with you, ya know, my boyfriend” you said this in your saddest voice, causing him to look over at you, you knew you were winning him over.

Sighing he shifted his position, but said nothing. Sighing you turned around and sat on the back of his chair, sighing dramatically and letting yourself fall towards Elijah’s lap, where quickly caught you. 

Smiling at him he rose his eyebrow at you “What are you doing?” 

“Being dramatic”  you said as if it was obvious, which to Elijah, it was.

“I could have guessed that myself” he said about to move you off of him but you leaned forward and wrapped you arms around his neck. “Stop it y/n” you could here the slight amused tone of his voice, it was barely there but that was enough

“Not until you say you’ll go with me” you said gripping him tighter.

He moved his face next to your and whispered into your ear “Quit it or I’ll bite”

“I thought I was suppose to be the kinky one?” you joked

Elijah couldn’t help but smile “You are ridiculous you know that?”

“Of course I do. You tell me on a daily basis” you smiled into his neck.

Shaking his head slightly he gave in to you “Fine, I will go, but I will not be dressing-” he stopped his sentence as you turned to look at him, your face quickly becoming saddened. Sighing again he changed his mind “I will not dress up completely, no wigs.”

Grinning up at him hugged him “Deal!” you quickly got up from his lap and started running up the stairs “Rebekah, I got him to say yes!” you yelled as you ran up towards her room.

Elijah chuckled at this and muttered to himself “What have I gotten myself into?”

Requested by @meghapillai

Even the best wig stylists make mistakes!  Trimming a wig too short is something that’s easy to do, but don’t worry - you don’t necessarily have to buy a new wig!  Re-wefting is a quick way to spot fill mistakes by removing long wefts from one part of your wig and then moving them to a different area that needs more length.  Please note that this works best with isolated mistakes, or additional wefts from a second wig if you need to fill in a larger area.

Tools needed:

  • Your wig (optional: additional wefts)
    Seam ripper
    Duckbill clips
    Wig head
    Tacky glue and pins OR a needle and thread

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Custom Engineer Doll
Commission: GW2 Engineer Character
Base: Cleo De Nile, Monster High Doll

Made to Order. Doll is for display only.

- Original factory paint completely removed
- Permanently adhered wig, custom with styled hair
- Hand-sculpted and painted armour clothes
- Artist quality Pastel and Acrylic face repaint, sealed. Gloss is added with Liquitex Gloss Varnish to lips and eyes.