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being hinata is suffering

people seemed to enjoy my actor au post so here’s another one! this time with Hinata feat. Ko™

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EDIT: Alternatively, you can use velcro or snap buttons for this method, if you are not comfortable with using magnets on a headwear. The main idea of this tutorial is to introduce making 2 parts of the wig be detachable and exchangable. I used magnets because it was what I had at home at the time.

Wig Hacks Wednesday #2 !
Have 10 upcoming cosplays and all of them have undercut hairstyle? Fear not! You can make the most out of your undercut wig, and re-use them for all your undercut husbando’s with this simple method. (Info about wigs in pic listed below)
- Get heavy-duty small magnets. I got mine from Home Depot for about $6 for this 40-piece pack. You only need 10 magnets to complete one wig project at first, but getting a bigger pack will save you money in the long run
- Using a short base wig, flip it inside out and put it on a foam head. You should pad the foam head prior with papers so that the size is closest to your head size since foam head tends to run small. This is very important to get the right fit for the undercut
- Snip the wig lace around the head curve, leaving the undercut high enough to keep its shape on its own
- Trim the short base wig as short as you can without wefts showing through, spray and blow dry the hair down. At this point, use hot glue to attach the magnets around the wig near the top (2 magnets on the sides by the ears, 1 at the center back, and 2 inbetween)
- Grab 5 more magnets and stick each one to your magnets on the wig from previous step (no glue for this step)
- Place your half top wig on top of the foam head. Position it on all sides to make sure it can reach and cover all the magnets. If needed, use a small piece of fabric to fill in spaces so you have a flat surface for gluing rather than just wefts
- Put hot glue on the second set of magnets, and press the top wig down onto it. Do this one by one, start from the magnets on the sides by the ears, and work your way to the back
- Adjust the top wig hair and blend it with the undercut wig, using your fingers and hair spray
Now you’re ready to join a Korean boy band, ice skate to your own song, and hunt down some titans with this hairdo!
- make sure to press and hold until hot glue completely dry or magnets might fall off, low-temp works better if you have dual setting on your hot glue gun
- you can’t shampoo the undercut wig with the magnets so make sure to wear wig caps ALWAYS to pretect your wig from excess oil and sweat from your natural hair/head (nylon or stocking style of wig caps are great for this, plus it keeps your hair flat)

Wigs used in this tutorial: Rufio in Natural Black (CL-077), Jaguar in Sandy Brown (CL-071), and Caine in Black (CL-078) from Arda Wigs

Holy shit. That music video where several old/retired BJDs from Volks or Customhouse (complete with lovely faceups, wigs, and dress – probably from previous owners who took good care them) are SMASHED AND DESTROYED WITH MACHINES to promote a video game made me so sad that I’m still absolutely haunted by it hours later. I feel a bit silly, but that’s art someone loved (and no longer ever to be made), it is such a damn shame. For the curious, vid is called “amazarashi - Deserving of Life”



I literally own so many Draculauras that I cannot fit them all in one picture. A DOZEN DRACULAURAS! She is absolutely my favorite character to repaint– I find her face to be extremely versatile, so that a tiny change in eye shape or brow thickness or lip color can make her look completely different. Then add wigs and new clothes on top of that, and you have a dozen different personalities– all from the exact same doll model. Which one is your favorite? :)

Block B Transforms Into "Goblin" Characters For Hilarious Parody At Fan Meeting

Block B Transforms Into “Goblin” Characters For Hilarious Parody At Fan Meeting

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It looks like the guys of Block B are fans of tvN’s hit drama “Goblin” too!

On February 11, Block B held a fan meeting entitled “BEEUTIFUL” in Seoul. At one point during the show, they came out on stage dressed as characters from “Goblin” for a fun parody. Zico took on the role of Ji Eun Tak (played by Kim Go Eunin the drama), complete with a wig, her signature big red scarf, and a candle. U-Kwon…

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Make up test now I got most of this costume done! :) Also completely re-styled my wig and remade the ears.

This was actually my third attempt at making the suit as the previous times I tried to custom pattern it ended in catastrophe (ohohoho) ~  in the end I decided to just heavily mod the basic McCall’s bodysuit pattern I found in the sale and then go from there. I took photos of the process and I’ll get everything together to try put into a tutorial :) I unfortunately didn’t get much footage of the suit process due to how busy I’ve been with work lately, but I’ll figure something out! ^^

Et voilà! The promised preview of my fininshed Anna costume from Disney’s Frozen!
When I first started working on this costume I was sure that it wouldn’t take more than 4 weeks to complete it. I had completely underestimated the amount of detail on this outfit though.
Gathering all the right materials was harder than expected, but taking my time was definitely worth it. The fabrics I was able to get hold of are both of really high quality and authentic. Except for the golden bias tape they were all easy to work with and easy to sew as well. Even the wig was completely styled by me this time!
Except for the shoes and the gloves everything I am wearing on these pictures is self-made. I bought the shoes on eBay and altered them. The gloves were made by my granny who taught me how to sew and make patterns. She will be pleased to see what I am going to use them for!
KatsuCon, here I come!