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EDIT: Alternatively, you can use velcro or snap buttons for this method, if you are not comfortable with using magnets on a headwear. The main idea of this tutorial is to introduce making 2 parts of the wig be detachable and exchangable. I used magnets because it was what I had at home at the time.

Wig Hacks Wednesday #2 !
Have 10 upcoming cosplays and all of them have undercut hairstyle? Fear not! You can make the most out of your undercut wig, and re-use them for all your undercut husbando’s with this simple method. (Info about wigs in pic listed below)
- Get heavy-duty small magnets. I got mine from Home Depot for about $6 for this 40-piece pack. You only need 10 magnets to complete one wig project at first, but getting a bigger pack will save you money in the long run
- Using a short base wig, flip it inside out and put it on a foam head. You should pad the foam head prior with papers so that the size is closest to your head size since foam head tends to run small. This is very important to get the right fit for the undercut
- Snip the wig lace around the head curve, leaving the undercut high enough to keep its shape on its own
- Trim the short base wig as short as you can without wefts showing through, spray and blow dry the hair down. At this point, use hot glue to attach the magnets around the wig near the top (2 magnets on the sides by the ears, 1 at the center back, and 2 inbetween)
- Grab 5 more magnets and stick each one to your magnets on the wig from previous step (no glue for this step)
- Place your half top wig on top of the foam head. Position it on all sides to make sure it can reach and cover all the magnets. If needed, use a small piece of fabric to fill in spaces so you have a flat surface for gluing rather than just wefts
- Put hot glue on the second set of magnets, and press the top wig down onto it. Do this one by one, start from the magnets on the sides by the ears, and work your way to the back
- Adjust the top wig hair and blend it with the undercut wig, using your fingers and hair spray
Now you’re ready to join a Korean boy band, ice skate to your own song, and hunt down some titans with this hairdo!
- make sure to press and hold until hot glue completely dry or magnets might fall off, low-temp works better if you have dual setting on your hot glue gun
- you can’t shampoo the undercut wig with the magnets so make sure to wear wig caps ALWAYS to pretect your wig from excess oil and sweat from your natural hair/head (nylon or stocking style of wig caps are great for this, plus it keeps your hair flat)

Wigs used in this tutorial: Rufio in Natural Black (CL-077), Jaguar in Sandy Brown (CL-071), and Caine in Black (CL-078) from Arda Wigs


being hinata is suffering

people seemed to enjoy my actor au post so here’s another one! this time with Hinata feat. Ko™

[More Actor AU!]


Summary: Mickey has a nightmare, and Ian helps.

Word Count: 764

Notes: Loved this request :)

Ian wakes up to his boyfriend thrashing in his sleep. Normally Mickey slept like a fucking rock, as Ian would explain, but he is completely wigging out right now. Not knowing what to do, Ian runs his hand through the Milkovich boy’s hair. “Mick, baby, wake up,” he whispers in his ear in hopes to wake the distressed boy up.

Very rapidly, Mickey starts shaking his head. “No, no, no. Please don’t. Please don’t do it,” he says in his sleep. After a few moments of muttering ‘no,’ he starts shaking. It sort of made Ian think that it looks like he was trying to fight something.

Ian suddenly tenses up at the thought of what was happening in Mickey’s dream. It must be something very displeasing because after four years of being together, this is the first time he’s ever heard such desperation in his boyfriend’s voice. Taking matters into his own hands, Ian straddles Mickey. “C’mon, Mickey. You gotta wake up for me,” he pleads.

Finally, Mickey’s eyes started to flutter. Once they were fully open, a few tears start running down his face, making Ian frown. “Oh, fuck. You’re here,” Mickey grabs Ian’s face.

“I’m here.” Ian says reassuringly and lays down next to him with his arms tightly holding him. “Have a bad nightmare?” He soothingly rubs Mickey’s back.

The sleepy boy nods. “I-It was Terry. It was that same fucking day when he caught us. Ended worse though,” his breath hitched. Without a doubt, that was one of his worst memories.

The name of the Milkovich father made Ian wince himself. “I’m sorry,” Ian says because he didn’t know what else to say— it was always a very touchy subject.

Mickey shutters a little bit before clinging even tighter onto his tall boyfriend. The only place he feels safe was in Ian’s arms so he might as well utilize it. “My mom was there this time though,” he mumbles into Ian’s chest.

“What?” Ian asks in shock. They’ve never spoken about the Milkovich mother before so those words definitely took him by surprise.

“It started off exactly the same,” he said with a shaky voice. “We were fucking around with the Ben Wa beads, and then in comes Terry to attack us. Svet came— it was all the same. Then my mom came in, and told Terry all this shit he’s put us through needs to end—”

“Mick,” Ian says in an attempt to calm him down. His voice was shaking like crazy, so there’s no doubt that he hates talking about this.

Mickey shakes his head and continues. “That fucking bastard pulled his gun out then. He aimed it at her and then moved it to you. I was screaming, Ian. I was screaming for him not to hurt you,” he says as if he’s trying to convince Ian of it. “And then mom tried to come at him to get the gun, but he shot. He shot you and then he shot her. He was fucking laughing the whole time.” Mickey’s voice has sadness and fear in it.

Everytime something comes up about Terry, Ian’s heart breaks for his boyfriend. With pity, he kisses the top of Mickey’s head. “I’m here. Terry can’t get to us anymore now that he’s locked up for good.”

Mickey nodded. “I know. It’s a good fucking thing because I’d fucking kill him. Kill him for hurting my mom so bad to make her OD, kill him for hurting you.” There’s so much hate towards his father in his heart, so much hate that he wouldn’t wish it on his worst enemy.

“I know, Mick,” is all Ian’s says. He wants to press more on the conversation about the Milkovich mother, but he knows that it hurts Mickey’s to talk about because if it didn’t he’d talk about her more. “I’m here though, y’know. I’m here, you’re here,” he kisses the top of Mickey’s head once more. “And your mom. She’s here,” he taps on Mickey’s heart.

A tear strolls it way down Mickey’s face, but it doesn’t go any further than that. “I love you,” he chokes out. Saying those three words is more than any thanks or appreciation that Mickey could show towards his boyfriend.

“I love you too,” Ian replies.

The boys never release themselves from each other’s grip. They breath in each other’s scent for relaxation. Though they’re holding onto each other like lifelines, they fall asleep like that— they fall asleep intertwined. They are here and they are intertwined, no person or thing will ever change that.


A lost BOP from the 80’s. Do yourself a favor and click the damn link.

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The Disguise

You watched your boyfriend Newt, as he sat at his desk. Hunched over whilst he scribbled away at his book draft.
You had met him by chance whilst he was searching for an injured creature, never forgetting his surprised expression when he discovered that you had beaten him to it and had started caring for it yourself. Since then your relationship had grown closer and you now traveled with him, helping him care for his creatures. 
Newt was a tall man covered in freckles, his green eyes partially hidden by his messy reddish brown hair. He wore a light brown waistcoat, white shirt and dark trousers. 

Walking around the work shed you talk to a small creature that resembled a leafy twig, which happily sat in your hand. “What do you think Pickett?” you ask it playfully. “Do you think Newt will actually stop working and join me for dinner?” the bowtruckle responded with a high-pitched giggle as he jumped into the pocket of Newt’s blue jacket, which hung on a coat stand. 
“Ofcourse Pickett would be on your side.” you heard Newt mumble with a smile as he continues to write in his notebook. You laugh at his remark. Walking towards his chair you place a kiss on Newt’s cheek before saying softy “Come up when you’re ready.”

As you are walking away from him, Newt reaches forward and gently pulls on your arm so you sit on his lap. “Just try and stop me.” he says with a smile kissing the tip of your nose. Wrapping his arms around you he draws you into a hug as his chin rests on your shoulder. It was nice just stay there for a few moments, completely content with how happy you were in each another’s arms. Snapping back to reality Newt sighed loudly. 
“What’s wrong?” you asked as you looked at his face in confusion.  He had an expression that reflected worry and disappointment. 

“You know how I built the new water enclosure because there is a kelpie in need?”
You nodded as you remember how excited you are to see the new creature. Newt hesitated for a moment before continuing. “(Y/N),  it’s that kelpie who needs our help. I’ve um… Kind of met this one before and it did not go well. I tried to get it into the case before but I made a silly mistake and spooked it. I really didn’t mean to and you know how kelpies are. It’ll recognise me next time and won’t trust me.” he frowned. 
“But from what you’ve told me, we need to save it.” you say looking at him. You could see a determination in his eyes as he looked at you. “What? Me? Newt, you know I’m not skilled enough to get the creature into the case on my own. I need your knowledge and expertise. Maybe it won’t recognise you.” you say with panic in your voice as you step off of his lap. 
“You know that kelpies have excellent memories. It will instantly recognise me. Besides I have tried a couple of times. I just… I really don’t see another way to capture it.” Newt said turning in his chair to face you. 

Looking around you catch your reflection in the mirror at the other side of the room. You must have been in such a rush this morning that you did not finish your makeup.
“Don’t worry we’ll think of something.” you say, staring at your reflection in the mirror as you put on your lipstick. Your eyes focus on the colour, how it made you feel more confident. The red lipstick would go nice with a green outfit… Green. An idea creeps into your mind as you turned around and focused on Newt’s green eyes. A wide grin spread across your face. 

“What?” Newt said in a puzzled voice as he watched the change in your expression. 
“Well… What if you went as someone else. So the kelpie did not know it was you.” you theorise, walking back towards him. 
“Possibly. Like a disguise?” Newt’s expression became one of curiosity.
“Exactly” you say as you lean forward and kiss him. The red colour of your lipstick transferring onto his lips. You look at his face with this new addition of colour, contemplating the possibility before nodding to yourself. 
“I think I have an idea.” you say excitedly before grabbing Newt’s arm and dragging him before the mirror. 

You both looked in the mirror, staring at your reflections. Newt’s eyes widened with the sudden realisation of your idea. 
“(Y/N) you can’t be serious?” he questioned with a chuckle as he nervously ran his fingers through his hair. 
“Why not. It will be fun. You’d look unrecognisable to the creature but still be there to help me. The makeup and clothes will not restrict you from doing what you do best. Besides I’m going to need a chaperone for where the kelpie is and I am not strong enough to get the bridle over its head.” you explain. 
Deep down Newt knew that you were right. Despite still being undecided he sighed “Ok, I’ll give it a go.“ 

In your apartment, you laid a dark green dress that was too big for you but might fit Newt onto your bed. You had purchased a short dark red wig and organised various bits of makeup on your dressing table. The case opened and Newt stepped out of it, he had just finished feeding all of the creatures. "Are you ready?” you ask smiling at him. Nervously he nodded. Sitting him down you apply the makeup onto his face with great precision. You smiled as the lipstick exaggerated the fullness of his lips and the eye makeup framed his eyes perfectly. “I’ll just go and grab a bridle.” you say as you dash into the hallway whilst Newt put the dress and wig on. 

You froze as you caught a glimpse of him when you walked back into your bedroom. He was nearly unrecognisable and completely gorgeous. The wig suited him perfectly and the dress gave him a slightly more shapely figure. 
“How can you look this pretty so effortlessly?” you ask, giggling with excitement. He chuckled whilst blushing in response. 
“Not as pretty as you. Do you really think that this will work?” he asked nervously. 
“Newt, you know that if you don’t believe it, then the kelpie definitely won’t. Trust me it will definitely work.” you say smiling at him. Feeling a bit more confident, a grin spreads onto his face as well. 

To get to the lake where the kelpie calls home, the pair of you needed to walk through a small village on the very outskirts of the English countryside. You held the case with one hand and your other arm was linked with Newt’s. Some people briefly looked as you passed them. Seeing as you were two pretty ladies, it was more men that stared compared to women. As you walked you could feel Newt trembling slightly with nerves. 
Leaning your face towards his ear you whispered “Don’t worry, you are doing really well.” You gently stroke Newt’s arm in reassurance, causing him to smile. 

Now past the village, you both start to walk through a field. Suddenly Newt tugs on your arm to stop your steps. You look at him and see a look of anger and annoyance on his face. 
“How do you do it?” he asks, his eyes burning into your confused ones. “I don’t know how you do it. Constantly being judged by everyone you pass. Gazed upon by men with their hungry eyes.” You smile as your cheeks start blushing.
“Don’t worry. You’re just feeling self conscious.” you reply. It was obvious that his experience through the village had struck a nerve with Newt. He didn’t realise how much you were looked at in public, by men in particular. You had never seen him jealous before. 

Facing him you look Newt over, paying particular attention to his stance. The walk through the village was a test run. He still moved too much like himself.
“Before we go any further we need to work on your movements. You are still moving the same and the kelpie is going to pick up on that.” you tell him. He knew that you were speaking the truth. 
“What do you suggest?” he asked with a skeptical look. You thought for a minute as you looked at his figure. He still looked uncomfortable as he pulled at the dress he was wearing and fiddled with the hair of his wig. You needed to word your response carefully and in a way he would understand perfectly. 
“You need to move with more grace… Imagine how an occamy moves. They swish and sway with ease. Try to move more fluidly and focus on the weightlessness of your steps. Try and copy me.” you reassured him. He started to copy you as you moved elegantly through the field, both of your dresses sweeping over the spring grass. It looked as if you were both walking on air. Your arms elongated with poise. 
You watched Newt as he then attempted it without your assistance. Smiling at your hard work, you took his hand in his as you said “Let’s go.”

Finally you were at the lake. The sunlight danced on the fresh water as birds sung in nearby trees. However the water was still, and there was no sign of the creature anywhere. You remembered Newt telling you about a large kelpie in Loch Ness that had developed a thirst for publicity. You did not know if this was true for all of its kind but there was only one way to find out. 
Facing Newt you start to speak loudly. “Oh dear, it is such a shame. I was hoping that there was a kelpie here I could show you. It is ofcourse one of the most beautiful creatures in the world.” Newt smiled as you both spotted a pair of eyes and the faint silhouette of horse’s head start to rise out of the lake with curiousity. 

Newt carefully watched you as you slowly began to approach the kelpie as it began to emerge from the water. It stared at Newt, who to make sure he was not recognised, began to swish his dress and produced a high-pitched giggle. You laughed a little at the sound. The plan was working so far. The kelpie thought that it was luring you to be devoured, when actually you were luring it to its own capture. The kelpie’s body was nearly completely out of the water and only about a metre in front of you. 

Out of the corner of your eye, you could see Newt sneaking up behind it with soundless steps. To keep the kelpie preoccupied you reach your hand out towards it, almost touching it. 
Suddenly Newt jumped onto the kelpie’s back, causing it to buck. Using all his strength he kept a firm grip on its mane. However he swiftly put a bridle over its head with a placement charm. You stood ready with the case wide open in your hands. Now more docile with the bridle over its head, Newt steered the kelpie in to case before promptly falling off onto the floor. 
Snapping the case shut quickly, you could now breathe a sigh of relief. 

You looked at Newt and giggled. He was breathless, his wig tilted to the side with frizzy curls out of place and his makeup smudged. The bottom of his dress was ripped in the initial struggle with the kelpie. He looked up at you, smiling with pride. 
“Thank you” he panted. 

I know it’s not Wednesday, but I’m posting some WIP photos of Artemis now in hopes that I’ll have more WIP photos to share tomorrow :P~! (Doubtful, but a girl  can dream). I have been super bad with remembering to take photos with this costume, so I took a bunch over the weekend of what I have done (the top photos, though my wig isn’t completely done) and some photos last night while I was working on stuff! 

I’m hoping to have my Artemis remake done to bring to Colossalcon… I may have to rush some stuff and cut corners (which I had been trying so hard not to do) but ah well - I wanna have her done to wear with my group and I’ll fix stuff up after for when I properly shoot her lol 

Also, Wowie I have been super inactive on my cosplay facebook/tumblr recently (opps, sorry). It’s hard to keep on top of all social media, but I’ve been a little more active on my instagram (@tayduffers) for those who are interested in keeping up with stuff~! And, I’ll hopefully have more stuff to post up here soon :D <3

Even the best wig stylists make mistakes!  Trimming a wig too short is something that’s easy to do, but don’t worry - you don’t necessarily have to buy a new wig!  Re-wefting is a quick way to spot fill mistakes by removing long wefts from one part of your wig and then moving them to a different area that needs more length.  Please note that this works best with isolated mistakes, or additional wefts from a second wig if you need to fill in a larger area.

Tools needed:

  • Your wig (optional: additional wefts)
    Seam ripper
    Duckbill clips
    Wig head
    Tacky glue and pins OR a needle and thread

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Things I have done as a high school teacher that I never knew were part of the job description:
  • safety-pinned a student’s clothing together in a moment of extreme wardrobe malfunction
  • dressed like Marie Antoinette for a day (complete with wig and hoop skirt)
  • provided tampons to probably about 80% of my female students on a monthly basis
  • explained what a “meme” was to both students AND teachers
  • sewn together a student’s ripped clothing
  • untangled a student’s thong strap from her ring (that one was a little bit scarring, tbh)
  • taught a student how to address an envelope and send snail-mail for the FIRST time
  • created embarrassing educational renditions of popular songs in order to help teach concepts, posted them to YouTube for students to access, and then had said embarrassing versions of songs get tens of thousands of views
  • taught students how to play MASH for the first time
  • reinvented every game I’ve ever played to try to come up with fun ways for students to learn
  • done my students’ hair and make-up
  • taught a room full of teachers in an after-school meeting the definition of “shipping” (internet-style, not USPS) and what an “OTP” was
  • taught a student how to old-school waltz
  • explained the difference between persecuted, prosecuted, and prostituted (keep in mind: I teach French)
  • gotten an entire class hooked on watching Supernatural
  • hugged sad students while they cried
  • sewn together a student’s backpack
  • provided an endless supply of granola bars, pop tarts , and fruit snacks to students without breakfast or lunch
  • taken my students to the mall to buy color-coordinated clothing
  • been nick-named “Honeydukes” by a student
  • awkwardly got in touch with a YouTuber who creates videos of a sentient French-speaking red-eyed tree frog, to whom my class then sent a whole lot of awkward fan mail
  • shared my books, my dvds, and my lunches with students on a regular basis
  • created a personality and facial features for my smart board
  • dug a hole with a shovel (as part of my work day)
  • worn fake facial hair
  • dueled one of my students with a nerf broadsword, whilst we were both wearing capes
  • worn matching hard hats with a group of my students AND a construction crew
  • did Zumba with my students
  • painted student’s faces (like for a carnival)
  • acted in several student films as both a murder suspect and victim
  • tried out for American Idol (ONLY as a result of teaching)
  • taught the cotton-eyed Joe dance to a room full of students
  • went onto foreign language forums specifically to find out how you say “cankles” in French

And those are just the first ones that came to mind… and I’ve only been teaching for like 5 and ½ years. 

life is way too short, don’t waste your time.

stop the music, and listen;