complete the 30 day shred

Okay guys time to be honest

The past few weeks I’ve been feeling very low, depressed and lonely.

I’m constantly either out studying, at placment or stuck in my bedroom 😞

Now I know I said I would complete the 30 day shred, but I have instead decided to rejoin the gym as it gets me out the house and forces me to be a bit more social.

My first time back is tonight, wish me luck 😚

yourlovewasalightbulb submitted:

Height: 5’10”

Weight Before: 185

Current Weight: 165~

How long did it take you?: Six months! First 17 pounds lost in an intensive 3-month summer workout/eating plan, then I’ve lost a bit more since while at university (and unable to maintain that same intensity, but still eating right!) I’ve mostly abandoned the scale and have focused instead on how I look and feel.

Diet and exercise strategy?: I began by completing the Couch to 10k app, which was hugely crucial to rebuilding my stamina and muscle mass. I used MyFitnessPal to track my eating and usually ate between 1400-1600 calories a day on exercise days — never did I eat under 1200! Big focus on protein, as well — I tried to eat at least 20g of protein with every meal.

Once I finished Couch to 10k, I kept up the running, oftentimes mixing in sprint intervals to keep my heart working hard. I completed Jillian Michaels’ 30 Day Shred, which I highly recommend! I’ve continued using her videos while increasing the weights I use to keep building up muscle as I’ve got plans to be in the military after graduation.

I’ve never been happier with my body and my confidence level is out of control. I’d like to lose perhaps ten more pounds, but I know it’ll happen on its own time and I’m already so pleased with what I’ve accomplished in six short months! Success is possible and probable if you make up your mind and stick to your guns. Getting healthy has absolutely changed my life.

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Progress Photo!

Thought I’d share a photo update now that I’ve lost a stone! Really pleased with my progress this past 3 months :) 

Before (left) 140 pounds taken in April 2014, and after (right) 126 pounds in July 2014! I’m also 5"4. 

Lost weight through running ¾ times a week (from complete beginner to running 4 miles) and also the 30 day shred, ripped in 30 and now I’ve moved onto yoga and strength circuits at home. Of course this was combined with eating healthily (or at least trying!)