complete savings

I am having so many feelings about Vox Machina doing everything they possibly fucking can to save a complete stranger: Kiki manipulating her control water spell. Percy struggling through the bowels of a sinking ship, listening as hard as he can, desperately flicking through the keys to find the right one. Vax’ildan flying in and picking the lock and quickly as possible, and getting the stranger out with his twin’s aid. Percy catching Keyleth fucking one-handed just before she falls, still holding the spell. 

skjfhsdkfjhsdkhf YOU GUYS

alright im just gonna bring this back briefly 

i rly like,

the trees (they look so full ???? n the trunk looks nice,,)

seriously look at these trees i lov them

the text boxes (there’s something satisfying about the rounded rectangle shape,,)

i know they literally use this text box minus the nametag for the “Saving complete!” thing but c’mon it looks GOOD,

the hecking L shaped dock ?? wtf give me that

i also like the general lighting in the trailer too,, (though it’s not much different from the current lighting aside from the sunset one oml)


There’s so much life living here. That’s what I’m doing.

I’m living here! 

Peridot and Lapis being fascinated about Earth makes me grin like a big dork. I want these two to share exciting new discoveries together about their new home while Lapis makes a tiny water Earth! 


“I understand. I suppose you have no choice but to revolutionize the world.

The way before you has been prepared.”    


Random silly doodles  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Like who he tryna kid though?