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Figure skating - Is there a downside to quad-fest?

By Pritha Sarkar
HELSINKI (Reuters) - When Evan Lysacek struck gold at the 2010 Winter Olympics without attempting a single quadruple jump, men’s figure skating was at a crossroads.
His rival-in-chief - 2006 Turin Games champion Yevgeny Plushenko - screamed blue murder and accused the American of winning the title by “dancing rather than skating like a man”.
Lysacek had become the first man since 1994 to win the Olympic title without attempting the jump that requires four complete aerial revolutions before the touchdown on the ice.
So would the next generation follow Lysacek and opt for a low-risk strategy that rewards artistry, seamless transitions and flawless displays? Or would they push their bodies to the limit to pull off the high-risk, high-reward quad jumps?
The answers to those questions will be clearly evident in the sheer number of quads on show when Javier Fernandez, Yuzuru Hanyu and Nathan Chen begin their pursuit of the men’s title at the world championships in Helsinki on Thursday.
“It’s mind blowing what these guys are doing technically. We are at a point now where it’s crazy,” summed up Patrick Chan, who won a hat-trick of world titles before settling for Olympic silver behind Hanyu at the 2014 Sochi Games.
“I thought that Yuzu in Sochi in 2014 really had pushed the limit and was hitting that limit, but clearly that has been proven wrong by Nathan. Not only Nathan but future skaters to come.”
Since the inception of the accumulative scoring system in 2004, the ‘Holy Grail’ of men’s figure skating had been the breach of the 300-point barrier.
Japan’s Hanyu smashed that mark in the 2015–16 Grand Prix Final when he amassed 330.43 points with two spellbinding skates that featured five quadruple jumps in total.
Just over a year later, Chen is blazing a trail for the 'Next-Gen’ of skaters after becoming the first man to land four different types of quads – and five in all – in just his free skate at this year’s U.S. Championships.
The 17-year-old American, who also scored more than 300 points as he captured the Four Continents title last month, will be attempting to pull off seven quads over two programmes in Helsinki.

“We are in a very exciting period in men’s figure skating. The pros of the quads being complete (as they are high scoring) but cons is the mystery of the byproduct of men technically pushing the body to the limit,” said the 26-year-old Chan.
“That will only be something we will find out years from now - what damage, or no damage, that we are doing to our bodies.”
Keeping pace with the teenage tyros, a gang that also includes China’s Jin Boyang and Japan’s Shoma Uno, has meant that Chan is having to re-train his body in his mid 20s.
“It does get so frustrating because I am running as fast as I can but they are creeping away from me. It does not help seeing other people have success – being in the spot that I used to be in,” said Chan, who has added a quad Salchow to his arsenal.
“After 2014 I never thought I could add another different quad from a quad toe, let alone train it full time. I have to go with the direction that the sport is going in which is dictated by the top men’s skaters.
"I am exploring the unknown, seeing how far I can take myself technically.”
So, what more is possible technically? Quintuple jumps?
To fit in that extra revolution, skaters would need to jump higher, spin faster and stay airborne longer than the current average of 0.7 seconds - a feat that appears beyond the human body.
For Spain’s double world champion Fernandez, the only way forward is to recognise his own body’s limitations.
“I am one of the oldest skaters right now with Patrick and we are competing against really young rivals who are 17 and 18 who are throwing in many quads in their programmes,” the five-times European champion told Reuters.
“But our bodies are not the same, our bodies don’t react like they used to when we were 17 or 18. We have to be smart,” the 25-year-old added.
“We cannot go and attempt five or six quads and then fail in the competition because we have suffered heavy deductions (for poor execution) so we will end up being worse off. Hence we have to be smart about what we do in competitions.”
For Fernandez, being smart involves sticking to his plan of attempting to pull off five clean quads in Helsinki.

(Editing by Nick Mulvenney)


Kurt Seyit Eminof

Kurt Seyit is the son of a noble Crimean Turkish family. Just like his father, he’s an honorable and successful military officer with a spirit of leadership who serves in the troop of guardsmen of the Russian Empire. Unlike his two brothers he was raised by his father as a soldier. He dreams of starting his life in his homeland after completing his military mission the same way his father did. He’s very loyal to his close friends who are also soldiers. He’s an extremely fair personality, an affectionate and a flirtatious man. Kurt Seyit’s destiny changes completely with the revolution in Russia after meeting Shura. His relationship with Shura increases the danger that has surrounded him. Kurt Seyit’s love and his struggle for his family will drag him to a turbulent adventure towards Istanbul.

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Hey, yeah, please remember that Kankri’s point as a character is not making fun of triggers or earnest, caring people, but is instead a parody of the self indulgent martyr complex (to contrast his life as the signless on Alternia).

He’s a parody of the concern trolls who use SJ methodology and terminology to bully people, and in the process, get off on feeling superior. In actuality he has a very poor understanding of what he’s talking about and very limited understanding that he’s talking over the people he claims to stick up for and ally himself with (porrim, mituna, etc.), not a joke aimed at making fun of very real caring and empathy.

the whole point of him is that he is supposed to contrast the “real sjw” he was as The Signless. It also plays in with the repeating pattern of Seers getting in too deep in their vices and losing their way, but unlike Terzi and Rose, Kankri has stagnated (as is much of the point of the dancestors in the dream bubbles) and cannot dig out of his Darkest Hour vice, he’s stuck too deep in it.

Kankri is the parody of “Doing it wrong”, while his counterpart on Alternia is the example of “doing it right”

remember that he has the personality type to want to care (he’s a vantas), but he’s spoiled, sheltered, naive and (given the culture of beforus), he’s had special treatment all his life and so DOES think he’s better than everyone. Getting into the social justice movement with those other traits was a disaster waiting to happen.

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Top 20 Female Characters (according to my followers)

[6/20] Rue, The Hunger Games
“I did know Rue. She wasn’t just my ally, she was my friend. I see her in the flowers grounded in the meadow by my house, I hear her in the mockingjay song, I see her in my sister Prim. She was too young, too gentle, and I couldn’t save her. I’m sorry.”

  • Inquisitor: *goes to the templars*
  • Bioware: ok so they fucked up but. only some of them, like, a minority among the upper ranks. they are actually good people. look at ser barris, good templar guy. has some agency. actually helps the Inquisitor. and here, take some other good reasonable templars from the lower ranks to help u contain the enemy advance. u can save others as well if u hurry a little, and they are leutenants too! so higher ranks and still not corrupted! like yeah ok the demon was bad but they are totally redeemable right???? ?
  • Inquisitor: *goes to the mages*
  • Bioware: they have no agency whatsoever. they don't even rememeber u. they don't help u. the only one who helps u is another guy from tevinter. southern mages? the ones who actually needed a revolution? completely disappeared. but who cares about them?? ???? fiona doesn't do anything, she's just a defenceless prisoner all the time. I mean who's fiona anyway lmao??? oh look! the world ended. there's literally nothing to save or to redeem. only way to avoid the disaster is to go back in time to the present and rewrite history (yeah time travel ok????? just trust us on that). also leliana?? u know, one of the few people who actually, wholeheartedly supports freedom for mages in Inquisition?? she changed her mind. now she hates mages lmao!!! we hope u'll enjoy watching ur friends die. bc mages amirite???????

Clocks, cars, trains, planes, and more all contain gears. Gears are an incredibly useful mechanical device that power all sorts of machines, or in Klang’s case, might kill it.

Part of a gear’s effectiveness comes with manipulating different sizes, or gear ratios into a machine. If a small gear is attached to a larger gear, the smaller gear will rotate faster than the large gear. For this system where the large gear has twice as many teeth, the small gear completes 2 revolutions for every 1 that the large gear does.

This comes in handy particularly for manipulating time. In your typical grandfather clock, gear chains will be made with several “double gears” that have two parts, a large gear and a small gear which rotate together (much like Klang’s large gear). Chaining these together strategically, you can slow down the rotation over the course of the chain. Instead of having to wind up your clock once an hour, you only have to wind it up once a week.

Now imagine what happens when Klang throws his center mini-gear (the one without a face) at an opponent. Assuming Klang always has to keep rotating, its face-gear will connect to the larger gear. Since the large gear rotates at the same speed as the faceless minigear, but it so much larger, the face gear will rotate faster (about 133% faster due to the teeth ratios). If it rotates faster, you can imagine it as Klang’s aging speeding up, so it will die and it will die sooner.

When Klang throws his minigear at opponents, his face-gear must attach to the larger gear. This causes Klang’s face-gear to spin faster than it was before, causing Klang to age faster and die if his small gear is not returned.

It would also probably make Klang significantly more dizzy.

The Phone List

Turnover has always been a problem in the office. 

I’ve been here a little over a year now, and in that time there’s been almost a complete staff revolution. A few old-timers are still around - the general manager, the supervisor, I think a couple girls in HR - but the people on the floor don’t last long. I don’t know what their deal is. Maybe it’s stress; we have to deal with a lot of customers in high-tension situations, and the pressure can get to you. Or maybe people just find something better and move on. 

Here’s what I do know, though: The phone list is cursed. 

I mean, I don’t think it’s actually cursed. I don’t think someone sat down with some candles and did an incantation or anything. I just mean, there’s this weird coincidence I’ve noticed: Every time the company updates its internal directory, someone else quits. 

We have a bank of offices, and of course each employee has their own phone and extension. They keep a list of all the extensions, so we can easily make calls from one to the next - I guess they don’t want us leaving our area to go make smalltalk if we need something - and obviously it makes sense that when somebody leaves that list should get updated.

But I swear, it seems like every time they update that list to reflect a new hire or someone quitting, another person quits within a week. 

That’s another odd thing about this company, actually. When people leave, they just sort of vanish. You never see them cleaning out their desks, or hear them whispering plans to leave; there’s not much gossip in the break room. 

And when people leave, it’s like they were never here. You might see the manager emptying out their desk, but no one ever talks about the people who have left. I guess management is trying to overlook the turnover - maybe they think we’ll stage an insurrection or something if we get to talking about how bad retention rates are - but the whole thing just feels weird. 

Anyway, I didn’t think too much of it for a long while. Businesses have turnover. No big deal, right? 

And besides - the job itself is pretty sweet.   Dealing with customers is pretty stressful, but the pay is decent, the benefits are nice, and the management is usually pretty good at staying out of my hair. I barely talk to my supervisor anymore, to be honest. I see her walk by with the general manager sometimes, disappearing off into an office to talk about finances or whatever, and I’ll wave - but that’s about it. Normal office stuff. We have potlucks all the time, and they feed us really well. I’ve put on a few pounds this year, from all the shared meals. Even the supervisor has plumped up a bit since I got here. 

So, it’s got its perks. And if people can’t cut it, I guess that’s their problem. 

But once I started making friends in the company, the whole turnover thing got a little more awkward. This one guy, Jake, friended me on Facebook; we used to banter back and forth and share memes. Nothing big, but fun. Then one day he quit work and I guess unfriended me - I couldn’t find his profile anywhere after that. Not a word. That stung a little. 

And Tracy, who had my phone number. We’d text sometimes, meet up for drinks - but when she left the company, she just stopped answering me. It was weird. I felt like some kind of pariah for staying at work here. 

But the worst one by far was Abby, who I really considered to be a friend. We had known each other outside of work before she even got hired here. In fact, she was the one who referred me to the job, after running into me at a high school reunion and hearing I needed work. We weren’t best buds or anything, but we did meet up outside of work on a pretty regular basis to let our kids play and catch up on gossip. 

And then one day she quit, without warning, and I haven’t heard from  her since. I’m honestly not sure whether to be worried or pissed. If there’s something she found out about this job - some reason to leave - she’d damn well better tell me and not be a coward about it. And if she just left for some dumb reason, why would she be so reluctant to answer my phone calls? I even swung by her house yesterday; her car was in the driveway. She must have been avoiding me. How much of a wimp can you be? 

Well, anyway. That’s what’s running through my head today. There’s a potluck this afternoon, but I’m too irritated to look forward to it; the idea is honestly turning my stomach a bit. And I couldn’t help but notice the supervisor as she waddled past - god she has gotten fat - and think maybe I should have a salad today or something. 

But here’s the thing that’s really getting to me right now. I just got the new phone list, the one updated to remove Abby’s number – and I noticed that my name is missing, too. 

That’s weird. 

A shape moves outside my office door - a big, hulking shadow, a bloated silhouette - and I feel the oddest stab of fear. 

Why is the supervisor coming to get me now? The potluck isn’t for a few more hours…

This doesn’t happen very often (or does it?).

Basically, when you say “my sign is leo” or “I am a capricorn”, you are talking about your sun sign, it’s the constellation that was between the Sun and the Earth the moment you were born.  The definition of the sun sign of a person depends on the Earth’s revolution, that means the position of the planet towards the Sun (that’s why there’s one zodiac sign for each time of the year).

But the thing is: our planet doesn’t take exactly the same time to complete each revolution (that’s why some years are longer or shorter), so it might get to the next zodiac sign earlier or later.

Mark Ruffalo and Scarlett Johansson were both born on the 22nd of November, but he was born in 1967 and she 1984. When (and where) Mark was born, the constellation in front of the sun was still Scorpio, but with Scarlett, Sagittarius came earlier.

So, if you were born between the 19th and the 23rd you might wanna check your natal chart with the exact hour you were born, you might have a different sign (or not).

Despite all of it, most people born in the middle (called “cusps”) usually own aspects of both signs.

As the next #BlackoutDay draws closer, we the Blackout team have been working on selecting our newest theme (read about that process here). We are pleased to announce that the country we will be featuring on the September 21st #BlackoutDay is…Haiti!

Haiti occupies the western third of the Caribbean island of Hispaniola, which is part of the island group the Greater Antilles. Haiti has a powerful and unique history; the Haitian Revolution, started in 1791, was the only completely successful slave revolution in history. We thought about what we have already learned and how we can continue to learn from the powerful revolution that gave Haiti it’s freedom and independence. We are still existing in a time where anti-blackness is a global issue. We must continue taking steps to stand up and be heard.

Inspired by the Haitian Revolution, the theme for this #BlackoutDay is “Uprising”.

In addition to showcasing your beauty, we are inviting you to share photos and stories about how anti-blackness is being combated in your life. In the days leading up to the September 21st #Blackout day, we’ll be providing you with more information on how you can support relief efforts for Haiti as well as more information on the Haitian Revolution.

As always,  this is a suggestive theme, and while we hope that you will participate and learn more about the history of Haiti and how the Haitian Revolution shaped black history, you may celebrate the Blackout any way you’d like.

-The Blackout Team (blkoutqeen, expect-the-greatest, nukirk)


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