complete oblivion

Addiction (Jiyong-4)

Genre: Smut

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Mino carressed the soft skin on your belly while planting tender kisses on your neck. The action making you melt into complete oblivion. Every problem, every thought, every memory drifted for you mind. His touch even made you forget your name.Every move that he made was to make sure that you knew he loved you. He touched your body like it was a delicate masterpiece. He looked at you like you were a goddess that a mortal like him was lucky to have. He saw no one but you. 

You responded to his touches and laced your fingers through his silky hair, pulling his face towards yours. The sweet taste of his lips made your eyes roll back and made your grip on his hair tighten. You felt the corners of his lips quirk up at the way just a kiss could get you riled up. His tongue swiped your bottom lip asking a silent question which you said yes to. He skillfully deepened the kiss giving you full access to the wonders of his mouth. Although your tongues danced against eachothers it wasn’t sloppy or rough or messy, or anything like that. The kiss wasn’t dirty and expecting something more, your kiss was gentle and passionate. 

Mino pulled away but kept his forehead pressed against yours. The two of you tried to catch your breath. 

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Here I'm disappearing

Here I’m disappearing,
I climb the spider walls,
I’m floating in the air,
One more step and I’m out the window,
One more step and I’m really flying,
One more step and I’m really dying.
One more step to complete oblivion and eternal rest.
One last step to end in scarlet ropes a broken heart.

See, a blue bird flying.
That’s me
and you must know.
I’m here and everywhere
and all the vagabond mountains in the same time.

“After I completed the main quest line for the first time, I was at such a loss and felt so empty and pointless that I went back to a save right before I had to take Martin to the Elder Council Chamber. I’ve been exploring all of Cyrodiil with him at my side, I’ve grown so used to him being my companion that I’m too scared to touch my completed save file.”

Oblivion confessions

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It was an ever present struggle for him…the dark and the light and yet seeing you again for the first time in years rekindled that flame, bright, white, and so very noble that the struggle only grew. You were but the one barrier between him and the dark side, the only barrier stopping him falling completely into that oblivion.