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I’m going to take my own advice and remove myself from a “situation” that makes me highly uncomfortable/is not good for my mental health. I really don’t want to go into detail due to the nasty nature I’ve experienced from many people who’ve sent me horrible messages on here. (Mutuals and friends, this isn’t about any of you, as all of you are lovely ♡)

From this point onwards, I probably won’t be reblogging any more tg:re and very minimal tg (even less than already) following this recent chapter. If you followed me for tg and have no purpose continuing to do so anymore, please feel free to unfollow!

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Where is the town of endertale based on?

I call the town Ebott, but I’m not completely sure where I based it out of, though it’s near a mountain range somewhere, most likely the rocky mountains, so I guess there’s a few places it could be

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i actually think all the thb were redrobes.... even though magnus is the only one remembering now they all had stuff missing from their memories and it would explain why they can resist the thrall of the relics!!!

that totally makes sense and I’ve seen a lot of people saying that but we haven’t really gotten any proof of that in the show? unless I’m completely missing something, then someone please let me know.

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Idk if you noticed this but when C@rol and Daryl were hugging during the reunited scene, Daryl started to push C@rol away soon after she hugged him. But she pulled away before he did that. Maybe I'm completely wrong and that didn't happen but I couldn't help but think that he can't stand anyone touching him for a prolonged amount of time except for Beth. Like when she hugged him from behind. Anyway, I might be completely wrong but something to think about

C@rol opened the door and reached out to Daryl. He reciprocated the hug, but he didn’t embrace her as fully as she him. He then said “Okay” and started to pull away first. (You can watch the scene here: X.) While Daryl will reciprocate touch, he was the most physically open with Beth. He let her hug from behind, which put him in a vulnerable position, and for an abuse survivor that is a big deal. Especially for someone who survived a childhood that included physical abuse. It means that he’s very comfortable around Beth, more so than anyone else. I come from just an emotionally abusive family, and I still have a hard time with touch in certain ways. But I crave it, I crave human contact on a very deep level. Once I feel safe around someone, I am all physical affection, from hugs to small gestures like a reassuring shoulder pat. We see Daryl is at that level of comfort and safety with Beth in Alone. He is constantly touching her in small ways. He even gives her a piggyback and carries her bridal style. The way he expresses physical affection for these two women spells out how he feels towards them. He loves Beth romantically, C@rol platonically.


She was there, by his side, when he mourned the breaking up of another short-lived relationship. He watched sad music videos, compounding his already seemingly incalculable misery. He discovered “Alone Again Naturally” by Gilbert O'Sullivan, and he bawled, wailing, “This song sums up my life!“ 

“You’re not completely alone…I’m here, aren’t I?”

He glanced at her briefly, dispassionately, before gluing his glistening eyes back to the screen. “Are you? Are we even real. Nothing feels real anymore.”

She moved closer to him, wrapping her arms around him and resting her head on his shoulder. As he looked down in faint surprise, she softly asked, “Does this feel real?”

He kissed her greedily. She spent the rest of the night doing everything she thought would make him feel better, to help him forget his broken heart and move on.

The next morning, she woke up and instantly sensed it–she was alone. He had gone without a goodbye, without seeing her first-thing-awake face, how it would’ve glowed at him if he’d only stuck around. Instead her face was fallen, as she fought back tears…but failing miserably. She had given too much of herself trying to console a hurting heart, only for him to turn around and leave her alone again…naturally. 

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So imagine a massive, fat, muscular hubull overpowering you, forcing you to breed until you yourself are a hucow with immensely soft flab cascading from every body part and 10 bundles of joy swishing around inside you, causing your body to bloat with milk.

One of my favorite things to think about is being pinned down under someone or something’s massive, heavy bulk as I’m completely overpowered and so overwhelmed I can only accept my place and accept their seed inside me as I commit myself to bearing their young.


Chapter 19: Episode 7

           It was like a shot of sharp lighting, from the tip of my head to the floor; the current jettisoning out in all directions, filling me with the shortest and most sporadic burst of energy, which I used to push him away.

           “Laney?” He asked, looking stunned and I just stood there, wide-eyed, as if the words had physically pained me. And from the way my insides were churning, my fingertips tingling, it seemed as though they had.

           My mouth opened and closed, like a breathless fish, but I said nothing. I did nothing. And he stood, just as shocked, just as confused.

           And my ability to regret was completely gone.

           “I’m sorry. I have to go.” It wasn’t my voice, but my body was the one to move. I crossed the dining room in a few moments time, my vision blurred, and took my coat from the closet near the door. I slid it on quickly, and pulled the door open before he could stop me.

           His figure appeared in the hall, and his voice said my name, but I was out and into the night, refusing to let my mind be changed.

           That was the end to my pastel pink world.

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Company Is Welcomed

Crowley x Reader

Prompt #1: “Please don’t go. I don’t want to be alone.”

Summary: When a hunt turns rough, a certain someone is there to help you through it; will the fact that you almost died be enough to finally admit your feelings for Crowley?

Warnings: Swearing, slight torture, blood, and FLUFF

Word Count: 1706

A/N: This is for @waytooinlovewithdeanwinchester writing challenge. It should’ve been due back in December, but I’m completely horrible. Here it is! This is my first time writing any Supernatural x reader, so I hope you enjoy!

   Vampire nests are always easy to clear. Just stick to the plan, and everything will go smoothly. Unfortunately, working with the Winchesters is almost a guarantee that things will go wrong; and after hunting with them for 3 years, you think you would know this fact before you agreed to their plan in the first place. The plan is that you will be bait and on your word, the boys will jump out and help to take down the other vamps. This is only to happen once Sam and Dean scope out the warehouse to make sure there aren’t too many the three of you to handle.
   At their okay, you walk into the mostly empty warehouse that is basically in the middle of nowhere, keeping your wits about you. You see a shadow appear on the ground next to you and quickly turn to face the bloodsucker. About to give your cue to the boys for them to come and help out, you hear a low growl echo all around you. Turning your body in a slow circle, you see that you’re surrounded by way more than the three vamps that you were told there would be.
“Where are the brothers?” One steps forward from the shadows, lifeless eyes boring into you. With that question, you knew you had to keep your mouth shut.    
Shaking your head, you feigned innocence. “Who?”
With a short, unamused scoff, another vampire creeps up closely behind you. “You can’t expect us to believe that one hunter would attempt to take us on without backup?”
“To be fair, there were only meant to be three of you.” You mumble, trying to keep a quiver out of your voice. “That’s a fair amount for a strong hunter to take on.”
“She’s lying.” The first one states. “Her heartbeat sped up.”
The vamp behind you grabs your arms tightly. “Well we have to get it out of you somehow.” He whispers in your ear.
About to make a snarky comment back, you feel something hard hit your head, then everything went black.

   Coming to, you try to bring ah hand up to your pounding head, but realize that your hands are bound. You blink your eyes open, noticing there isn’t much light in the room.
   “Let’s see if your precious Winchesters will be able to find you now.” A sultry voice sounds from the shadows.
   “You moved locations.” You mumble, annoyed. The monster moved out into the dim light and nods, a smirk on her too overly drawn lips. “Good thing I came on this hunt alone.” You shoot out, realizing immediately how suspicious that had sounded.
   In a flash, the vampire moves right in front of you, straddling your legs and pouting.
   “Oh c’mon, I don’t like when I’m being lied to.” She drapes her arms around your shoulders. “It makes me really,” Her head comes close to yours. “Really,” She bares her teeth. “Angry.”
   Your eyes widen as you realize her antics and as you try to pull your head back, her eyes blaze in joy at the fear in your eyes and suddenly, her teeth pierce your neck.
   Biting your lip to keep from shouting out in pain, you feel a few tears slip down your face.
   “Where. Are. The. Winchesters?” The vampire asks, your blood dripping from her still bared teeth.
   “I don’t know.” You whisper.
   “Liar, liar.” She taunts, bringing her head forward again, this time to suck your blood. In no time at all, you begin to feel a little lightheaded.
   “Hmm, you’re pretty tough for losing so much blood.” The vampire notes. “But how long can you keep it up?” She gets up and circles around you, finally stopping on the other side of your neck. The feeling of her breath on your neck and the tips of her teeth ready to strike again, makes you tense up in anticipation.
   “I’d step back if I were you.” A voice growls.
   Looking over the vampire’s shoulder, you let out a breath of relief once you recognize the brothers. Their eyes widen in shock at the sight of your state. Pale skin, sunken eyes, wounds in your neck, and blood continuing to spill out. You’re losing too much blood, and it’s obvious on their faces that you look horrible, and need help. Soon.
   The vampire glares at you. “You lied to me, you little bitch.” She basically growls. “You’re going to pay.” Her voice turns dark, as she rakes her sharp nails against her skin to form a line, eyes gleaming in what can only be described as evil. “Let’s see what happens when you become the very thing your little pals hunt.”
   With wide eyes, you realize what she means as she brings her arm to your neck.
   “P-please, you don’t have to do this. There’s no point!” You try to reason with her.
   “But you lied to me.” She pouts, sounding sad. “Liars must pay.” She says in a way that makes you realize that there’s some back story behind why she dislikes liars so much.
   “Yeah you said that before.” Dean pipes up, creeping closer at a slow pace so she won’t notice. “What do you mean by that?” He asks, attempting to distract the bloodsucker.
   “Why must she pay? Because liars-” Her voice cuts off as her head is lopped off her body by something you can’t see.
   You let out a breath of relief and open your mouth to thank a Winchester, but your jaw drops at the sight in front of you.
   A certain suit clad, red eyed demon stands tall, a smirk on his face.
   “Crowley?” You breathe, feeling very lightheaded from the loss of blood.
   “Thee one and only, dove.” The smirk on his face slowly falls as he takes in your state. “Darling, look at you…” He walks to your side to detect how much help you need. With a snap of his fingers, the pain from your neck subsides. Crowley works at the ropes on your arms and legs, continuing to study your face. Although his demon mojo healed the wound on your neck, it can’t replace the amount of blood you had lost, and he can’t help but worry about you by the way your eyes keep slowly shutting, only to snap back open to settle your gaze on him.
   “Crowley, thanks for the help, but I think we’ve got it from here.” Dean says stiffly, walking over to pick you up.
   The King of Hell nods solemnly, knowing he is no longer wanted.
   “N-no!” You whimper. “I want Crowley.” You muster out.
   With a soft smile, Crowley leans forward and lifts you into his arms, kissing your forehead before raising his head and walking toward the Winchesters.
   “I’ll take her back to your so-called home, but don’t worry, I won’t harm my little kitten.” He looks down at you, pure adoration in his eyes.
   In a flash, you two are out of the dark room, and in your room at the bunker.
   “There you are, darling.” Crowley almost purrs, moving you into your bed.
   You still feel quite lightheaded, but the realization that you almost died starts sinking in. Eyes flickering to the red eyes demon, you notice your heart speeding up, and your face turning red. You had been falling for the King of Hell since you first met him. Why did the event of you almost dying make you suddenly want to shout it from the rooftops?
   “I’ll leave you to yourself now, love. Remember, just call my name if you need me, and I’ll be here.” Crowley moves to snap his fingers and vanish, but you quickly sit up and grab his arm.
   “Please don’t go, I don’t want to be alone.” You whisper.
   “Don’t fret, darling, those Winchesters should be home soon.” He pushes you to lay down again, stroking your hair softly. “You need to stay still.”
   “No, Crowley. I want you here with me.” You spring onto your knees to place a hand on his cheek. “I-I’m so sorry. I’ve never said anything before, and now I can’t even get it out. Crowley-”
   His gaze stays locked with yours as you lean forward and capture his lips with yours.
   “Dove, you’re not feeling well. We can discuss this when you’re not loopy from blood loss.” His eyes sparkle with what you can only identify as hope.
   “I’ll feel the same then too, just like I have been feeling. Crowley… I’ve been falling for you since you first called me kitten.” You smile, as he lets you guide him to sit on the bed. “I just, I never actually admitted it to myself until tonight.” Leaning forward, your gaze flickers between his chocolate brown eyes, and pink lips. “You show me how you feel all the time,and tonight, I could’ve turned into one of them, or even died and-” You break off, breath quickening.
   “Shh, shh, don’t over-do anything.” His hands smooth your hair, and urge you to lay down.
   “I could’ve died with you never knowing how I feel.” You finish in a whisper, gazing up at him.
   “Oh darling,” His hand caress your cheeks and he kisses your forehead. “I’ve known. I could tell, even when you couldn’t.” His lips curl into a smirk.
   “Then please stay with me. Please.” You’re almost ready to beg.
   “How could I resist?” He kisses you softly, moving his lips against yours in the most gentle way possible, moving to lay next to you and bring you in his arms. “With me, you won’t be alone. I’ll be here whenever you need me, dove, or should I say kitten since it’s what made you fall in love with me.”
   You roll your eyes and curl into the powerful demon who is being so careful with you.
   “Get some rest kitten. I’ll be here when you wake up, and then I’ll take you on a proper date. How does that sound?”
   No answer.
   The only sound in the room is your deep breathing as you sleep against him.
   You stir and clutch his shirt lightly.
   “Sleep well my darling.” He sighs with a small smile, kissing your head. “Sleep well.”

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Hello!! Is there any light, no voldemort au fics without too much drama?? Thnx a lot!!

Hello! So I have a few to recommend to you. All of these are no war/Riddle never existed type stories. For AU stories check out our tags.


Just explore! Our Historical Era tag may have a few stories where there is no Voldemort.

Dance With Me by Enigmaticrose4 - T+, two shot

Draco is bored with his life and not looking forwards to picking a wife. That is, until he bumps into a fetching little cat at his mother’s Halloween Masquerade. - Dramione AU

Love, Animal Style by RZZMG- K+, oneshot

One ancient, evil talisman. One eurasian otter. One albino ferret. Result: a whole mess of trouble for the Head Girl & Boy. FIC CHALLENGE. A/U, 7th Year. One-shot. Draco Malfoy x Hermione Granger. Slytherin-centric:Blaise,Theo,etc. Romance/Humor. COMPLETE

Uninhibited by cleotheo- M, one shot

When Hermione accidentally drinks an aphrodisiac potion, it leads to an interesting afternoon for the Head Boy, Draco Malfoy. Fun, light hearted one shot.

No One Minds by Colubrina- T, 5 chapters, one shot

Hermione and Draco are Head Boy and Head Girl in a Voldemort-free AU world of silly fluffs. Will she let him take her to the Halloween Masque? Will Pansy’s high heels trip her up before she asks her own crush out? And would someone tell Theo that’s not appropriate in public? Winner Best Head Boy/Head Girl fic in the “Something Wicked This Way Comes” Dramione fanfic awards, 2016

This story is from our Regency Era tag. No Voldemort, no war and it’s a Veela story as well.

Beautiful Enigma by mister_otter- M, one shot

When Hermione Granger accompanies her fiancé to the Longbottoms’ party, neither the evening nor her engagement turn out quite the way she expected.

This last story is also a No War, No Voldemort story. In fact it’s based of the film Ever After, which is based off Cinderella.

The Bandit and The Cinder Girl by xfsista- M, 3 chapters, complete

The story of a servant girl and a prince, both with secrets to hide. A familiar fairy tale with added magic and a Dramione twist. AU

- Wynken

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Is it like a bpd thing to feel completely apathetic but to mimic the tone of the person you’re interacting with. I do this with almost everyone I interact with and have almost no set tone for myself unless i’m feeling extra dead inside, then I’m a complete toneless mess.

MMM BOI I do this you’re definitely not alone 😂😭


i tried using lastpass to set up some new passwords, and the shit broke so now I’m completely locked out of my gmail account

the gmail account i use for everything

the gmail account whose account recovery feature is, for some fucking reason, refusing to just send me a verification code via text message like I set it up to do



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Hi so last night I had a complete breakdown because I'm not doing well in my AP Calculus BC class and my AP Physics class and I was feeling like everyone looks down on me for being dumb when it's really just my severe ADHD. I was wondering if you had ways of coping with feeling so bad about having adhd. Like, I'd give anything to not have it but that also makes me feel bad because I know it's a part of me and makes me who I am. Help please!

This post is an oldie but (I like to think it’s) a goodie. It’s all about how to increase your self-esteem.

It’s pretty normal to wish you didn’t have ADHD and to feel conflicted about that wish because you recognize how much of an impact it’s had on your personality. In my opinion, it’s okay to hate your ADHD and it’s okay to consider it separate from yourself, just like it’s okay to mostly like having ADHD and it’s okay to consider it a vital part of your identity. How you feel about your ADHD is a pretty personal thing, and what matters is that you don’t let those feelings have a negative impact on your life.


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Dear herzpalter I just wanted to ask you if you believe that the quality of the art tablet you use affects the artpiece in general?

Hello, Lovely Anon!

If I’m being completely honest, I’ve not tried enough different tablets in my life to know. From personal experience, a huge factor of how well something turned out was also dependent on how well I got used to the tablet. I needed almost a full year to understand my first tablet even a bit, and everything I made with it looked completely awful and it was frustrating as shit, but once I got used to it, my art started to improve as well. 
The second tablet I owned was one I won in a contest and I never would’ve bought myself one like it, it had too many touch buttons and kept doing shit I didn’t want it to do and I needed another year to get used to that one, even though I had been working with my old one for six years at that point. I hated this tablet and I would not ever recommend it to anyone (they’re not sold anymore nowadays as far as I can see), but after many months and much frustration, I managed to draw about as well as I could back then. Which wasn’t great, still isn’t, but art is a process and I know when it stops being the hardware’s “fault” and when it’s my skill level’s. Not a comfortable tablet to work with in my opinion, but in the end, I was able to use it the same as my other one.

The one I own now, I made sure to be more similar to my first one and it was much easier to getting used to than it had been with my second one. So like, I think what I’m trying to say is, a huge factor is how well you manage to work with the hardware, because the best, most expensive tablet in the world is useless if you have no idea how to work with it, and a sort of crappy tablet can be super useful and is capable of great things if you figure out how to use it. 

All my tablets have been Wacom tablets so far and I’ve made good experiences with them. For any other brand and type of tablets, I can’t give you any advice, I’m afraid.

In short, to me, I’d say you don’t have to get the most expensive tablet on the market, get one that feels nice, allow yourself enough time to get used to it. As long as it’s not malfunctioning (and oh boy did my old one start to act up once it got seven years old), I think you will be able to create something good with it! Again, I have only had three tablets in my life, but so far, I haven’t really had a “bad” one, but some of them were more intuitive and took less time to get used to. 

If quality tablets have an influence on the artwork, I genuinely can’t give a confident answer to because I haven’t used one yet that lacked any function I really needed or something. My personal opinion is the one above. I hope this answers your question!

Loss thoughts

I liked Loss a bit better than I thought I would. It showed some cute things from characters we hadn’t before. 

I laughed at the Daigo confessing to Maki scene. That was really cute. I was ecstatic that the Original Chosen Children I had about Daigo and Maki was actually true. Though I was wrong about their partners, obvi. I had originally hoped Hackmon was Daigo’s partner and Maki had Dorumon(Alphamon). But Bakumon is a cute choice and that scene was touching. I hope we get to see the other three kids for the sake of completion. :x I’m a bit OCD in that sense. 

I liked the Digimon interactions. Tentomon and Gabumon were adorable. TRying to figure out what to call their partners. Taichi wanting to be called ‘kun’ XD

Sora’s development hit me hard. Mainly because I was in her situation not too long ago… In fact I had hoped someone would call her annoying so that iI would know what to do. 

But oh man. Seeing her reaction to Piyomon calling her annoying broke my heart more than I thought it would. Sora, I’m so sorry I wished that upon you. 

Even though the answer is vague… I think next time my step mom calls me annoying for trying to help for. I’ll need to be more forceful. Tell her she wants things to be easier on her right, then to let me help. Otherwise she just makes me feel useless. Like I can’t or shouldn’t help because I’m not good enough. 

Meiko was great. I really hope people like her more now that she showed a side to her that we hadn’t seen. I hope people will see she isn’t just a Moe character or crybaby. That she has personality. 

….Her being strangled was really hard to watch. I can’t believe they went that far. Even fake!gennai licking Sora was creepy. and supposedly groping her for the digivice. Ew! I hope they don’t do more of that.