complete inevitability


A very real “Creativity Experiment” assignment I am currently printing to turn in.

1) collect listed objects from around the house
2) Describe them in <20 words
3) List 10 alternate uses for the object
4) Illustrate one

All to be done under 2 hours

I know some of you are upset that Daryl won’t find out about Carol in this episode. But just because Daryl doesn’t ask where Carol is doesn’t mean that he doesn’t notice she’s absent.

I really doubt that Daryl will do any talking in this episode, and it doesn’t seem like Rick or anyone else is allowed to talk directly to him. So given that, it’s totally understandable (especially since this is Gimple we’re dealing with) that Daryl won’t ask about where Carol is and no one will tell him.

But still, that does not mean that he won’t see that she’s missing.

If everyone in Alexandria is there except for Carol (and Morgan), Daryl is going to notice. Even if it’s not addressed in this episode.

The time will come when Daryl asks about Carol and where she is, it’s just not in this episode. But I’m confident that moment will come, in the future. It’s completely inevitable that he finds out she left, so it’s just a matter of waiting a little bit longer.

does anyone ever consider the impact ozai’s death would have on zuko, and not aang? i’ve read countless metas on the ‘aang killing ozai’ debacle, but what about zuko? less than several months before sozin’s comet, he was desperate to be back in his father’s good graces; zuko truly thought that ozai could restore his honour. he wholeheartedly believed that ozai’s treatment of him was just, fair, and conjucive to creating an ‘honourable’ person.

we know that zuko’s opinion of his father takes a 180, but ozai will always be zuko’s father. why do we expect him to completely bury the inevitable bond he has with his own blood, while we sympathise with the Avatar, who refuses to carry out his duty by defeating this warmongering stranger?

zuko’s opinion on the whole ‘let’s-kill-my-dad’ debate is likely far more layered than we see, but he is selfless enough to understand that the killing of his father will restore peace and balance in the world. still, i rarely see people sympathising with zuko’s lot regarding his father’s hypoethetical death

for weeks i’ve had this half completed draft of inevitable’s next chapter and god dammit i’m going to finish it, TODAY (hopefully) i basically spent all this time on the WINDUP for these characters its almost time for the Adventure i can’t leaving it hanging now

One-Shot(s) Man

6 Punch: Missing Pieces (or Genos recruits the help of his friends to find something very important)

“It seems like a serious matter…should we find him?" 

At that, something akin to a trigger set off an alarm in Genos’s mind. "Sensei cannot know about this! Absolutely not!”


After gathering himself for a moment, Genos turned to them, face uncharacteristically expressive and unnervingly miserable. "Because…I’m here to ask you all…to help me look for my wedding ring." 

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“Following the July 26 Potsdam Declaration, where Allies outlined the terms of surrender for Japan and promised "inevitable and complete destruction” of Japan if they failed to comply, preparations were secretly under way to make use of the newly-tested Atomic Bomb. Here, the first nuclear device to be used as a weapon, codenamed ‘Little Boy’, rests on trailer cradle in a pit, ready for loading into the bomb bay of the 'Enola Gay’ in August of 1945.“

(National Archives)


I don’t think I know who I am anymore.
I guess I barely did to begin with.

My handwriting is messy and my hands shake and I’m so tired of everything.
I keep writing sad poetry and listening to good music and I’m sorry.

I should be happy.

I’m at a good school with great friends and a family who loves me.
I’m just so angry.

You completely and inevitably confuse me.
You give me shy eyes and harsh words.
Soft smiles and rough hands.
Light steps and dark glares.

I hope you know that my body is no longer my own.
I barely see myself as myself.

One day, I will be put together again.
Whether it be by you or me or someone else entirely.
I know that I do not need you.
But, wanting you this much is painful.

And I want to keep it that way.
Because in my few years of being alive, I’ve learned that pain is better than nothing.


—  Derek M. Nurse, Journal Entry #1
He could feel the melting begin as she relaxed, that odd merging of his flesh with hers.
At first it had happened only when he took her, and only at the last. Then sooner and sooner, until her hand upon him was both invitation and completion, a surrender inevitable, offered and accepted. He had resisted now and then, only to be sure he could, suddenly fearful of the loss of himself. He had thought it a treacherous passion, like the one that swept a mob of men, linking them in mindless fury.
Now he trusted it was right, though. The Bible said it, ‘Thou shall be one flesh’, and 'What God has joined together, let no man put asunder’.
He had survived such a sundering once; he could not stand it twice, and live.

Diana Gabaldon: The Fiery Cross, Chapter 17

I think the people who figure it out have every reason to be incredibly proud of themselves. I think it was Raymond Chandler who said, ‘The perfect mystery is one where the solution is completely unexpected but absolutely inevitable.’ I don’t know if we’re going for ‘OMG’ as much as we’re going for ‘Of course!’
—  Oliver Goldstick