complete home theater

Electronics at Hogwarts headcanon

No electronics work anywhere in Hogwarts… except for the room of requirement. A group of muggleborns discovered this by accident when they had been passing by the room while complaining about not being able to see the latest movie. When they entered the room, the discovered it housed a home theater, complete with drinks and snacks from the kitchen and wifi. The students now secretly have movie nights and game nights. The room has also been known to transform into a internet café-esque setting.

ACOTAR & Disney Headcanons

I got a comment on one of my stories about Mor being a giant Disney nerd and it sparked so many flipping headcanons that I had to share.

The boys are huge enablers when it comes to movie marathon nights.

Rhys supplies the movies and entertainment center. Nothing beats the surround sound in his in home theater, complete with projector and sunken in floor. (Being rich has it’s perks)

Az makes popcorn. He never burns a single kernel, (The secret is air popping) and his butter to salt ratio is of the charts.

Cassian brings homemade chocolate chip cookies as big as your face. It’s the hint of cinnamon that makes it the best.

Amren tries the whole “You guys are total losers. Why do I hang out with you people?” spiel, but Mor busts her for singing along to “I’ll Make A Man Out Of You” from Mulan.

They all snuggle under blankets and pillows and you’re not a true member of the Inner Circle if you haven’t been to Disney Marathon Night.

More blankets and pillows and snuggling are added when the Archeron sisters join the Circle, cause those girls always be cold.

They take turns divvying up the singing parts. This is a long, long debate before each movie, and sometimes if there’s alcohol involved the group swaps genders. Rhys belting out Jasmine’s part in “A Whole New World” is something he’ll never live down.

At some point they start discussing which Disney princess/prince they would be. Which then turns to what Disney character they would be.

Nesta insists Cassian is Naveen from the Princess and the Frog. Full of himself and a playboy. He insists he’s Prince Phillip from Sleeping Beauty, cause he’s selfless and brave and willing to fight a dragon for her, even if that dragon is Nesta herself. In the end they compromise with Shang from Mulan, (fantastic warrior, and decent singing voice) which is only slightly awkward because everyone agrees that Feyre is Mulan.

Feyre is Mulan. It fits. Crippled father, tries to take care of the family. Battles an invading army to protect her people.

Amren is Edna Mode. They have basically the same haircut and she 100% agrees with Edna’s view on capes.

Elain is Gisselle from Enchanted, which though it’s not entirely animated gets a pass because it’s Elain.

Lucian (who only gets the invite because he’s Elain’s mate) is Robin Hood. Originally it was just for the lols because of the whole fox thing, but the more any of them think about it the more it fits.

The group also teases the oldest two Archeron sisters for basically being Elsa and Anna from Frozen. With Lucian being Christophe and a way better fit for her than stupid Hans/Greysen

Nesta is really Elsa, only with fire as well as ice. Especially after she’s turned Fae and has to learn to control her powers/emotions so they don’t hurt her. The cold does bother her anyway and she’s the one who ends up stealing the most blankets out of everyone, and cuddling with Cas, “because he’s warm damnit” not because she likes cuddling. Even though she totally does.

Mor is Rapunzel from Tangled. Spent her life locked up for someone else’s use. Somehow still has a sunny disposition otherwise. And ends up with a pretty good family in the end. Plus the long blonde hair.

Azriel thinks of himself as Quasimodo from The Hunchback of Notre Dame, to which Mor and the rest of the Inner Circle vehemently scold him for. He never suggests it again. If he’s anyone from that movie he’s Captain Phoebus.

Feyre tells Rhys he’s Hades from Hercules which he almost starts to fight, but then she says he’s Hades mixed with Hercules. Sassy and a diva, but also willing to sacrifice himself for those he loves.