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Finally, after a year of languishing in a google doc, I finished this in time for it to exist for a glorious 3 weeks before GRRM and his henchmen joss it entirely.

This is a true example of writing the fic you want in the world–in other words, just give me some Sansa POV and slow healing and springtime metaphors and acknowledgment of Jon’s own PTSD and recovery, and of course massive doses of UST and bed-sharing and marriage of convenience. Plus some porn, because what’s fic without it.

Jon/Sansa, Explicit, 13000 words

In the dark and honest part of her that Sansa is no longer afraid of, she had thought that Jon would die, and she was no sadder than she was relieved. In the months that she ruled Winterfell while the great war of men and wights waged around them, she felt herself growing into her power, sinking her roots back deep into the Northern soil. She enjoyed it, ruling. She was good at it. And at night, she had a wide bed and a door that locked and she was never cold. If Jon died in the war, she would miss him like she missed Robb and Rickon and Bran. She wouldn’t miss her husband.

Seeing him now, she notes the absence of the relief and joy that marked her first glimpse of him at Castle Black. Instead, she feels a too-familiar grief: my brother is gone.

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Hello! This is about a minor bug in the game, completely passable and can be ignored, but I thought I'd mention it to you. In the part whether you can choose which group you want to do, if you choose Germany+Italy and try to go upstairs, Japan's dialogue will speak as if you're leading the Allies (China, England, Russia, and Canada) to the safe spot (before you choose the group). It's really minor, but you might want to replace that dialogue with Italy or Germany. Great game, by the way!

(adm: oooh damn, I can’t believe I let that pass by lmaooo thank you so much for your help, anon! I won’t be fixing glitches anytime soon anymore since I’m focusing on the sequel, but I’ll keep this in mind for whenever I have time to fix it again! Thank you!! <333)


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Edit: since this post has gotten way more attention than I was anticipating I feel the need to say this: the ‘High five Indra’ is completely stolen!! But it’s so good, I think it should be a thing.

Borderlands 3 Unreal Engine 4 Tech Demo

Just like video games have adjustable gameplay difficulty settings, they should also have adjuatable foul language settings. All the violence stays the same, but when the bad guys get shot they just go “OH JEEPERS” or “MY GOOD SIR”

internet and gaming media: “So we’re all in agreement that Mass Effect Andromeda is an unplayable glitched-up turd of an unfinished game?”

me, apparently the only person on the planet who has had a smooth playthrough with few if any noticeable glitches: