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The funny thing is, Neda couldn’t care less about being liked. She’s there to win 100%. She’s said repeatedly she doesn’t care if “doing this or doing that would make the fans so happy”. No, her moves are only going to benefit her game. You guys can be mad that she’s making a move that completely benefits her game by getting out one of the only people targeting her. 

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hey is Night in the Woods an easy game? im lookin to play it but i want something less competitive than what i usually play

yea! i mean the gameplay itself is super easy and u dont need any Mad Skills to complete the game, its more story-driven and about interactions between the characters

@ferociousqueak it’s true! I’m a terrible multi-shipper.

@bioticsandheadshots this is the first time I’ve gone into a game completely rping the character. And the first time where I’ve gone in with set ideas about who to romance and realized I’d also like to romance someone else but that someone else doesn’t jive with my character (sometimes I can force it but Quinn is def a lesbian and I wanna check out some dudes ssoo).

@syzara my conflict is that I still love Quinn and still want to do a full playthrough for her but I don’t want to keep playing her if my desire to play a different character at the moment is so strong that I’ll make me like her less, you know? Plus Quinn is turning out to be a complicated character, particularly when it comes to her dad and given my own spectacular issues with my own absentee dad are making me feel more emotionally vulnerable than I am already (with ankle and work and some irl friend stuff).

But I also feel pressure to finish the game quickly since my husband is further than me and I won’t get to play when I’m at corporate in a week.

So it’s a weird converging of multiple things in my brain right now.

The stereotype about bisexual people being greedy is true. In fact, the bisexual agenda is hoarding gold in RPGs then accidentally completing the game without ever spending it.


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